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Travelling broadens the mind When you travel around the world , you can  visit incredible and exotic places . There´s  the possibility of learning about new  cultures and traditions from every country

Pentecost Island  Pentecost is a small island in the Pacific Ocean Pentecost Island has five indigenous languages, Raga (North Pentecost language), Apma (Central Pentecost language), Sowa (a recently-extinct language of south-central Pentecost), Ske(a small and endangered language of south-western Pentecost), and Sa (South Pentecost language). Apma and Sa have multiple dialects.

In this country boys have to do something special when they become of age. Every year in April or May , an importand ceremony is held there. The ceremony is called N´gol. First, Bambo trees are cut down and a Bambo tower , about 25 m high, is built. A platform of leaves and branches is made, and this is laid at the bottom of the bamboo tower. The boys then go into the forest to find veins lianas. Each boy must find, cut off and measure his own liana because the older men will not help him. The boys climbs to the top of the tower, where he ties one end of the liana to the tower and the other end to his foot. Then he jumps from the top of the tower. If the liana tears apart, or it is too long, the boy may die. A boy cannot become a man until he has jumped from the tower. Sometimes, the N´gol ceremony is watched by tourists. A few years ago a group of British people watched it, and it gave them the idea for a new sport called BUNGEE JUMPING .

THE CZECH REPUBLIC The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe, surrounded by Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Its capital city is Prague, the biggest city in the area with more than 1 million inhabitants. There people celebrate many traditional holidays, like St Joseph´s Day on March 19th, The Burning of Witches on April 30th and St Nicholas’ Tradition on December 5th

TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC The last one of these holidays is exciting for children and interesting for curious tourists, as it reminds people that Christmas is coming soon. If you find yourself walking the streets on that day, you may find a group of strange characters: St. Nicholas, the Angel who represents Good, and the Devil, representing Evil. Mikuláš ( St Nicholas’ name in Czech) looks a bit like Santa Claus and it is supposedly inspired by this character. The three characters walk round the streets, stopping children and asking them if they have been good in the past year. Most children say “Yes!” and they sing a song or read a short poem. Then the Angel gives children sweets or other treats. Bad kids will be put into the Devil's sack and taken to hell, or they will only get a sack of potatoes instead of candies. Of course , this is just a myth! This celebrations reminds me of Halloween, but in this case the ones who wear the costumes are adults, not kids, and they don´t ask for sweets !

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