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Teacher: María Isabel Lizarralde Project:

Having itchy feet? Shall we hit the road?

Tool: ISSUU Objective: Students will write a magazine with a special design for the front and back covers including articles, reviews, quizzes, leaflets and reports about the subject of travel. These will cover several subtopics, both from an objective and a subjective point of view, thus sharing their impressions with their readers. The magazine will be uploaded to the Escuela UNLP website.

Brief description: Students will work in pairs to cover several subtopics - among these will be: the seven wonders of the world - which they would like to visit and why; a review of our world wonder, the Iguaçú falls; top exotic places; top historical places; top ten attractive places/countries in the world for them to visit and why; top five destinations they would NOT like to visit –why not; learning about other cultures: their language, food, music, customs/traditions. The magazine will be made up of word documents including embedded videos, hypertext, illustrations, different types of font, size, colours, formats. There will be a front and a back cover. As there are nine students, we have estimated about two pages per student, illustrations included. They will use the new linguistic exponents acquired during the year: reported speech, would rather, had better, would prefer, I wish, if only, question tags, the passive, linking devices, lexical items.

J6F 2012 Yearly Project with IT skills  
J6F 2012 Yearly Project with IT skills