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7 Useful Electronics

Sound Machine For Sleep This machine has 24 primary sounds (ocean surf, spring rain, etc.) that can be combined with soothing sounds, such as song birds or thunderstorms, to create 145 combinations.

Talking Wrist Watch This talking wrist watch announces the time distinctly in a male voice. It can also announce the day and date. Automatically synchronized every night with an atomic clock.

Hand Reflexology Massager

This reflexology hand massager massages trigger points on the palm and back of hand using a mechanical air pressure system.

Voice Clarifying TV Speaker This TV speaker amplifies voices above other sounds so words are easily discern. A powerful microchip amplifies human speech above background noise.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Using water and 46,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves, it restores shine and luster more quickly. It removes almost all residue.

Garment Steamer It removes wrinkles from all kinds of fabric and garments two times faster than other models. It uses much more steam for removing wrinkles from clothes.

Foil Shaver This Panasonic electric foil shaver is extremely good at providing an extraordinary close shaves. Great for men with sensitive skin.

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Sound Machine For Sleep Talking Wrist Watch Hand Reflexology Massager Voice Clarifying TV Speaker Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Garment Steamer Foil Shaver

7 Useful Electronics  

Several really great and valuable electronic products that lots of people can take advantage of.

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