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Misahara is a fine jewelry house that pays tribute to the warm, shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea, the golden sand of the Sahara Desert as well as other mesmerizing destinations in the world that its designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is inspired by. All Misahara creations are handcrafted in New York and London by experienced ateliers who have worked with some of the world's most prestigious jewelry houses. The collections evoke the feeling of exquisite luxury, offering a modern flare of fine jewelry marked by unique handcraftsmanship and the finest quality gemstones. Behind each and every piece lies a significant source of inspiration and a unique story inspired by the pristine elements of nature.

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Misahara’s retail environment is composed of two boutiques located in prime luxury markets. Misahara’s flagship boutique welcomed guests to the iconic New York Plaza Hotel; the second is located in the heart of the world’s leading marina for superyachts, Porto Montenegro. The boutiques embody the brand’s upscale, avant-garde timeless aesthetic offering Misahara customers the opportunity to discover the brand’s world journey. From ‘Belle’, the customized fragrance created by Lepa Galeb-Roskopp especially for Misahara boutiques to the signature gold brass vitrines and the Adriatic blue color, the brand offers a modern environment in today’s luxury world.


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Retail partners •! Wholesale –! US •! Neiman Marcus (Palo Alto - Chicago) •! Wynn & CO (Wynn Las Vegas) –! International •! Frost of London •! E-Commerce –! 1stDibs –! (Neiman Marcus online shop) –! Elite Traveler e-boutique –! Misahara Website E-Commerce – currently under construction !'"

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Outreach is targeted: Recognizing four distinct entities relevant for Misahara The ‘Femme Femme’ Consumer:

The Aspiring ‘Femme Femme’:

- She is older, chic, classic, a couture customer

- She is younger than ‘Femme Femme’ - She is modern, independent, busy, dynamic, and highly social - She balances her busy “lives” with grace - She read Fashion, Life Style and business media (W. Harper’s. Gotham. Forbes, WWD…)

- Accustomed to the finer things in life - She is well established - She read Fashion, Life Style and business media (Town & Country, WSJ, Harper’s. Forbes…) - She is world traveled


The ‘Homme Homme’ Consumer:

The Aspiring ‘Homme Homme’:

- He is older, chic, classic, a couture customer - Accustomed to the finer things in life - He is well established and successful in his career - He reads Business, Life Style and specialty media (WSJ Mag. Gotham. Luxeo…) - He travels for business and pleasure

- He is younger than ‘Homme Homme’ - He is modern, successful independent, busy, dynamic, and highly social - He is career oriented and a seducer - He reads Life Style, Fashion and specialty magazines (GQ. Details, Forbes…)


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From top tier consumer media to regional publications and business trade, Misahara is featured internationally, nationally and regionally. US, British, French and Serbian Media among others are following the fine jewelry house, embracing the Collections and designer Lepa Galeb-Roksopp’s ongoing quest for inspirations and creations.


A Digital Prescence for a Modern Fine Jewlery House Platforms: Facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Google + - Twitter – Youtube Create 3 announcement types to engage with the 3 following goals: •  Promoting Facebook Page to generate a real and committed community •  Promoting Misahara’s Official Website to create high targeted traffic •  Promoting a specific visual commercial post during targeted events (ex: Launch of a new item to benefit a charity)


•  Optimization of all existing social media profiles with specific web development (Facebook API Insider subscriptions) •  Creating/optimizing relevant content to post for the brand (movie, visual, text, section of trendy article, buzz opportunities, etc…) •  Daily posting of content on 7 platforms •  Benchmarking content to elevate the brand as an industry authority



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Bespoke, intimate, experimental, Misahara engages in unique experiences. From the New York Plaza to the Superyacht Rendez-Vous, Misahara invites guests to dive into a world of wonders, tastes and colors. Misahara events allow guests to indulge in a fairytale setting where gemstones and designs are the epicenter of their encounter.! #'"

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Misahara – Final nominee in Fine Jewelry of the year by the FGI

Misahara – co-winners of the Middle East Jewellery of the Year Awards $+"

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Designer and Founder

Lepa Galeb-Roskopp Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is always envisaging art and transferring it into material form which for her takes shape in exquisite rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. With homes in New York, California, South Africa and Porto Montenegro, her creations are reminiscent of every experience she endures. Whether biking, skiing, hiking or relaxing, Lepa’s passion for the out-of-doors is apparent in many of her designs where nature’s bountiful elements co-exist with her choice of metals, gemstones and colors. She has an eye that captures the history, the sea and the landscape of each country and a passionate heart that captures the colors, the textures and the spirit of each location -- all beautifully sculpted in the jewelry she designs. Lepa reinterprets the classical in her own contemporary mode and at the time, proposes new, clear directions for jewelry. “Growing up, the Adriatic region was such a magical place and I loved going there as a child with my family. Now, we bring our children there so they can experience the many natural beauties that Kotor Bay has to offer. It is a place where my soul and inner creative eye comes alive.”


Chief Executive Officer

Janice Winter An industry expert and accomplished CEO, Janice Winter is known for excellence in the fields of luxury, retail and beauty, Her career is highlighted by long-term tenures with iconic brands such as Estee Lauder and Judith Ripka. For more than two decades Janice has played pivotal roles in fundamentally building those businesses with a style that is a blend of intelligence, grace and elegance. In 2007 Ms. Winter founded Luxury Brand Consulting, Inc., a company that specializes in brand building, marketing, business development, Retail Operations, Sales/Distribution, and financial management. She is aligned with best in class retail organizations, luxury companies in fine jewelry, beauty, wellness/spa, fashion and accessories. Her key strengths are in growing businesses while maintaining brand integrity and relevance. As lead advisor and interim CEO of Jose Eber International, Inc., she formulated the business plan, developed the brand positioning, and created one of the most technologically advanced hair care product lines. Most recently, she has consulted with several fine jewelry companies developing and implementing strategic growth plans, and guiding brand development and merchandising. As a business operator and idea generator, Ms. Winter connects her knowledge and understanding of the consumer mindset and what drives purchasing, to brand strategy. She is driven by her passion for excellence and consistently delivers sustainable business models for growth and profitability. 43 Â

Vice President of Operations

Director of Communications

Julia Ferro

Pierre-Antoine Oury

Ms. Ferro has served as Misahara’s Vice President of Operations since January 2016. After a year of successfully managing the company's global operations, and overseeing the opening of two retail boutiques, she was promoted to a Sr. Management role, taking on the additional responsibilities of coordinating Misahara's wholesale expansion, E-Commerce efforts and supply chain. Additionally, Ms. Ferro continues to drive corporate initiatives that advance the company's business systems, processes and procedures which improve the overall customer experience and support revenue growth. Ms. Ferro's commitment to the organization is apparent to all as she supports a global business operating in three time zones. Before joining Misahara, Julia was the Operations Director for a $20MM Southern California technology company. Prior to that she dedicated ten years in the hospitality industry where she cultivated her knowledge of luxury customer service. In 2010, Julia received her MBA from California Lutheran University, with an emphasis on Management and Organizational Behavior.

Pierre-Antoine has worn many hats throughout his career, encompassing the worlds of public relations, fashion, photography, film and art. After serving as press attaché for the French Parliament (Under Roselyne Bachelot term) and Fashion Press attaché for Stela Cadente,  PierreAntoine  moved to the United States from Paris covering pop culture’s largest events including the Academy Awards and Golden Globes along with IMG’s New York Fashion Week. During his career in journalism Pierre-Antoine has solidified countless contacts. After several years working with photo-journalists, he decided to move closer to the fashion industry where he expanded his knowledge of brand creation and identity. In 2007 he opened his own agency called Arsenic 9 focusing specifically on creating brand management in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.  PierreAntoine  has worked with a wide variety of brands, from emerging designer such as Michelle Vale to large corporations such as LMH (Louis Vuitton). Pierre-Antoine Oury has graduated at the EFAP in Paris (Ecole Francaise des Attaches de Presse et des Professionelles de la Communication) as well as NYIT in New York (New York Institute of Technology). 44  

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Both Lepa and her husband Rob, recently started True Cause Foundation in the US to help disadvantaged children get a better education. The triangular shaped Unity symbol that appears on each piece of jewelry represents the relationship between one’s search for greatness in the world through the physical and spiritual journeys we take.

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Julia Ferro T/ 805-390-6326

Misahara Ferrari Presentation - Dec 2016  

Misahara Ferrari Presentation - Dec 2016

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