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WHMIS Certification: An Overview

What Is WHMIS Certification?


Canadian policy requires Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System certification for workers who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals and situations. However, many individuals who seek employment in construction, electrical wiring or maintenance are often unaware of the WHMIS certification process.

What Is WHMIS Certification?


Prospective workers should utilize this guide in order to familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and policies surrounding WHMIS certification.

Training Information • Two individual areas are covered under most WHMIS training courses. Classes consist of an education, or class work, component and an on-the-job training section. Education is centered around chemical identification, hazardous product handling and the importance of certification.

Training Information •

The workplace-training portion is meant to serve as a connection between classroom learning and the actual implementation of policy. A fully certified worker will exit training with the skills necessary to ensure their safety and the safety of their fellow workers.

Why is Certification Necessary? •

Canadian law requires each employer to provide certification, employee information and accurate, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System approved labeling for any chemicals or tools. Regular training for incoming employees will typically assuage each of the aforementioned policy recommendations without creating any drastic work interruptions.

Why is Certification Necessary?


An employer who does not conform to policy standards can expect serious fines and even criminal charges. Each policy recommendation was created by safety and health offices specific to their area of expertise. Any suspected infringement of safety policy, such as inaccurate labeling of chemicals, should be reported to the Labour Branch of Human Resources.

How does Training Improve Worker Safety? •

Each particular job will provide training as applicable to their safety requirements. This coursework is intended to limit the possibility of unsafe conditions for the entirety of the workforce. Certification courses must both inform workers of possibly-unsafe situations and provide best practices concerning the resolution of said safety issues.

How does Training Improve Worker Safety? •

A common example of the previous mentioned policy can be framed around gas exposure. A Materials Safety Data Sheet must be provided to all workers who may be exposed to certain airborne chemicals. Certification courses are not complete unless a knowledge of chemicals is bundled with a proper plan of action. Gas mask inventory locations, proper cleaning techniques and poison control directories are necessary in this particular training situation.

What Should be Expected from Training?


The education section of training must cover the names, types and identifying factors of common workplace chemicals. This portion covers Materials Safety Data Sheets and proper labeling procedures. Workers will leave this area of training with commonsense definitions of basic, corrosive and hazardous chemicals.

What Should be Expected from Training? • Hands-on training will review the proper storage of chemicals and provide examples. Workers should also be training in emergency policies and workforce-specific safety.

What Qualifies as Excellent Training? •

Engaging in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training must leave the worker with the ability to solve four common problems. -Where is chemical and safety information located? -What kind of hazards and I being exposed to? -What safety procedures are necessary to limit hazardous exposure? -What practices should I follow when an emergency occurs?

What Qualifies as Excellent Training?


A worker who does not have these skills following coursework should not be certified.

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Whmis certification an overview