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Growth from the core

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A word from the Managing Director It gives me great pleasure to introduce our first issue of News & Views in 2011. 2010 had its share of challenges not just for the MIS Group but also for the oil and gas industry and the region’s economy at large. Despite this, MIS proved its stamina and resilience and delivered solid third quarter financial results showing a 17% growth in net income over the same period in the previous year and a significant drop in net borrowings which stood at $14.2 million at the end of the third quarter. We will publish our FY10 results in a few weeks and we hope to show that this performance continues. We took steps to further support our positioning as a diversified engineering and contracting group for the energy sector: (1) the acquisition of Litwin PEL, an Abu Dhabi-based EPC and engineering services company, (2) starting up Production Services to provide equipment and services for onshore and offshore production and (3) closed the year by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Kavin Engineering and Services, India, to form a long term strategic joint venture to further expand into the engineering, EPC / EPCM market place. In fact, in just a few months since its establishment, Production Services secured its first two contracts in addition to launching its own range of oilfield production chemicals for a range of oil and gas drilling and production applications. On the ‘enablers’ level, both our IT and HR functions are taking a fresh new look at their strategies, systems and processes to make sure they are well prepared for the growth that this company is targeting. All this underscores the consistency and speed with which MIS is adopting change in order to prepare itself for the future. To help manage this change strategically, we introduced a ‘transformation team’ assigned to look at the areas that may impede MIS’ growth and in collaboration with the value stream leaders, help convert them into opportunities. MIS has its work cut out for it this year. The need to be competitive in the market place is even more important. We are confident that, with the support of the transformation team, MIS will continue to succeed and deliver the 2011 targets. As always, I would like to thank all of our clients, partners, shareholders, board of directors and our dedicated employees, for their support and confidence in this company.

Kevin Hudson Managing Director


Key 2010 Highlights

In this issue | Growth from the core In 2010, MIS bolstered its positioning as a diversified engineering and contracting group for the energy sector through a number of strategic initiatives which built on its core business and competencies while expanding into adjacent segments through acquisition and start-up. MIS also capitalised on its communication with the market to clarify this strategic positioning.

Litwin PEL The acquisition of Litwin PEL from Emdad in Abu Dhabi is a move to boost MIS’ engineering capabilities and grow its EPC business. Litwin, with around 200 employees, complements several of MIS’ value streams.

Mansour Alami, GM - Emdad, Kevin Hudson, MD - MIS, Pierre Leretz, CEO - Litwin PEL.

Production Services

Transformation team

Established as a start-up business, “MIS Production Services” focuses on the provision of oil and gas production equipment and services for onshore and offshore developments, thereby dovetailing with MIS’ existing value streams namely EPC and Fabrication.

One of the critical steps taken in 2010 was the introduction of a ‘transformation team’ to help manage the change that MIS is going through. The team was given the task of looking at all aspects of the MIS business to identify areas that may impede its strategies for growth and then to work closely with the leaders of the value streams to convert these areas into real opportunities for the group.

Strategic Enablers | HR & IT As MIS’ biggest corporate enablers, HR and IT also underwent major change initiatives in the latter part of last year to convert them from service providers into strategic business transformers, thereby supporting the company’s ambitious growth drive. News & Views interviewed the heads of these two divisions to get more details.


Production Services

Jason Tyrer – VP Production Services

Lee Turnbull – VP Production Services

Peter MacDonald – VP Production Services

MIS establishes ‘Production Services’ gas compression business Established by MIS last year, “MIS Production Services”, is the start-up business focusing on the provision of oil & gas production equipment and services for both onshore and offshore developments. The business’ scope will cover: rotating equipment capabilities, production chemicals and associated services, early production facilities and consultancy and services. The team consists of industry veterans Lee Turnbull, Peter MacDonald and Jason Tyrer. Lee and Peter bring their expertise in the gas compression industry with a total of 14 and 21 years respectively, including well established relationships with key equipment suppliers in this industry segment. Jason adds his unique expertise to the group with over 16 years’ specialised experience in production chemicals and associated services. The team hit the ground running with Production Services securing its first contract with Ras Al Khaimah Gas Commission (RAK Gas International), for a two-year gas compression maintenance and service agreement. In addition, the group has launched its own range of oilfield production chemicals under the newly formed TECHTREAT brand and has despatched its first shipment late last year - 10 tonnes of H2S Scavenger for distribution to operators in the Kurdish region of Iraq. “This strategic start-up builds directly on the growth and development plans of the MIS Group. What differentiates MIS is its ability to provide contracting services across the full breadth of the oil and gas industry,” said Kevin Hudson, MIS Managing Director. “Now, with MIS Production Services, we are adding an important element to the delivery chain.”

MIS Production Services and Sunbelt | Pursuing business in Kurdistan MIS’ new Production Services Value Stream has been collaborating closely with Sunbelt to pursue significant business opportunities in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. Jason Tyrer of Production Services and Scott Frampton of Sunbelt both visited Erbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq in October. The purpose of the visit was for Jason to be introduced to the key Kurdish Region operators who will be coming into hydrocarbon production in the next 6 -12 months and as such may have need of the services that Production Services can provide. The initial visit was successful and culminated in Tony Derryberry of Sunbelt hosting a customer BBQ at the Sunbelt Staff house. Several customers in Kurdish region of Iraq have expressed an interest in MIS Production Services products and services and Jason is planning a second subsequent visit to follow up on any opportunities.


Litwin PEL

Andrew Calvert, CFO-MIS, Mansour Alami, GM- Emdad, Kevin Hudson, MD-MIS, Pierre Leretz, CEO- Litwin PEL, Murugesu Ramachandran, EVP of EPI-MIS

MIS acquires Abu Dhabi based Litwin PEL | Strong platform for EPC growth In late September 2010 MIS acquired Litwin PEL LLC, an Abu Dhabi-based EPC and Engineering Services company catering to the Middle East and Africa Oil and Gas sector, from EMDAD Abu Dhabi. This move builds on MIS’ strategic initiative to bolster its engineering capability and grow its EPC business starting with the establishment of Energy Projects International (EPI) in 2009. This initiative includes the establishment of a strong presence in Abu Dhabi and other key markets, to enable MIS to participate in the region’s major oil and gas development programme scheduled for implementation in the coming few years. Litwin, with a current staff of just under 200 people, adds to MIS’ existing capabilities in engineering and will continue to be led by its Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Leretz. Kevin Hudson commented, “Litwin PEL is not just an ideal platform for MIS’ entry into the Abu Dhabi oil & gas EPC market, but it also provides synergies with MIS’ recently launched Production Services and some of its value streams such as Fabrication and Technical Services. This move further strengthens MIS’ positioning as a diversified engineering and contracting group focused on the energy sector.”

Recently awarded contracts Litwin has been awarded two notable contracts, a FEED contract from GASCO and an EPC contract from TAKREER.


MIS Arabia MIS Arabia in SAOGE MIS Arabia participated in Saudi Oil & Gas Exhibition (SAOGE), one of the largest Oil and Gas Exhibitions in KSA, which was held from October 10th-12th 2010.

MIS Arabia has successfully delivered 22 production spools for J. Ray McDermott for Saudi Aramco’s Karan Offshore Field. This is a big achievement for MIS Arabia as it was the first of its kind ever fabricated by a local fabricator. The fabrication was performed at MIS Arabia Module yard, adjacent to Jubail Industrial Port.

MIS Arabia is in the process of constructing another fabrication shop, which is adjacent to their current main fabrication shop. They have already selected contractors and issued PO for civil and mechanical works. The new fabrication shop is expected to be operational within second quarter 2011. The total area is 21,000 square metres.

Fabrication in progress for supply of 2 convection boxes for Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery (SASREF). The contract was awarded to MIS Arabia by KTI, USA.


MIS Kuwait The MIS Kuwait Machine Shop Division has successfully completed recent API and ISO audits for the renewal of their existing licenses and the addition of the new ones. Currently the Machine shop holds six API licenses: API 5CT, 6A, 7-1, 16A, 16C and 16D along with Q1, QMS ISO 9001: 2008. The MIS Kuwait Operation is now an API ISO/TS 29001 registered facility. The MIS Kuwait Machine Shop Division has successfully penetrated the growing market in Iraq for their range of API licensed machine shop products. Deliveries of double studded adapters, cross overs and spacer spools, all of which are used in the oil drilling business, have been made to both Halliburton and Weatherford in Basra, Iraq.  

Spacer Spool - 20 3/4” - 3K X 20 3/4” - 3K Client: United Precision Drilling Co

Project : Steam oil separation

The MIS Kuwait Fabrication Division has completed the design and fabrication of a steam oil separation project for Steam Tech Oman. This project is for KOC Ratqa field.

MIS Kuwait Technical Division continues to supply pipeline welding staff to the joint operations field in Wafra, Kuwait and has an ongoing relationship with KOC/Chevron lasting over 15 years. The group also provides technical staff to Baroid’s mud plant operations in KOC’s Burgan field in the north of Kuwait.


New Build & Refurb KS Endeavor departs for Nigeria After extensive post-delivery modifications, MIS’ third rig, KS Endeavor left Sharjah port bound for Nigeria. MIS undertook a range of modifications necessary for the rigs role in shallow water off Nigeria. In particular, sponsons were added to the hull to enable the rig to operate in 4m of water. These also increased the deck area of the rig. Other major modifications included an increase in the complement and changes to the cuttings handling system.

New Build pipe installation and testing Over recent months, a tremendous effort has been made by the pipe installation & testing team working on rigs 109 and 110. The challenge, set by Production Manager, Jovo Milos was to increase the speed of pipework completion significantly. The process is measured in pipe test certificates. Each pipe test certificate represents the completion of one stage of the pipe finishing process ready for commissioning (testing, flushing and re-instatement). Â On rig 107, the team was able to produce about 110 certificates per month at peak. On rig 109, the team managed to increase the rate to 165 per month. This has been achieved by spreading the testing over two shifts and creating more testing groups and setting-up the tooling & equipment necessary to keep the job moving at an ever faster pace.

KS Endeavor (Hull 107)

Each day the team meets to review progress against the daily target and eliminate any road-blocks before they happen. On 2nd November, the meeting was a little different as the team had a celebratory pizza as they reached 245 certificates per month on rig 110.

New project for Refurb Following on the heels completing the Super M2 program and as part of the MIS Marine Division focus on increasing the amount of rig refurbishment it will undertake during 2011, MIS have won two offshore jobs for new clients. MIS is now offering, in addition to alongside rig refurbishment work such as special survey, repair and upgrade works, a complete turnkey approach to rig refurbishment which includes a full EPC approach and the offshore execution of the work with dedicated riding crews.

Maersk MIS are providing a four man scaffolding crew to assist Maersk and its contractors to undertake various overhaul works on the derrick and drilling equipment during a planned maintenance period.

ENSCO For Rig ENSCO 76 MIS will prefabricate a BOP Lifting Trolley Bean in the Sharjah yard, stage all remaining equipment and materials onshore prior to the offshore crew being taken to the rig. MIS will also fit the trolley bean and will be undertaking the load testing.


New Build & Refurb MENAdrill I (Hull 109) sails away The fourth Super M2 built by MIS, MENAdrill I (Hull 109) sailed away in December following a small celebration at the company’s Sharjah yard attended by executives from the MENAdrill, MIS and Noble Denton teams. The rig is owned by MENAdrill Investment Company which was launched in 2008 by Bahrain’s First Energy Bank to focus on providing contract drilling services for offshore exploration and Aerial view of the completed MENAdrill1 development in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and others.   MENAdrill I benefitted from an extensive production engineering exercise during the design phase to simplify piping and other details and extensive modifications required by the client were carried out on the rig to prepare it for its first job. The  second MENAdrill rig (Hull 110) is now following hot on the heels of Menadrill 1 and is due in early Q1 2011. The construction of the MENAdrill 1 at MIS’ yard was supervised by a team from GL Noble Denton on behalf of the owner. “The sail away and completion of MENAdrill I further boosts MIS’ credentials in the construction of offshore jack-up drilling rigs,” commented MIS Managing Director, Kevin Hudson. “That it is the first asset we deliver for MENAdrill’s fleet makes it more of a remarkable occasion. We look forward to continuing this successful relationship with MENAdrill.”  

MENAdrill 1 team just before sail away.



LPG loading facility & hot oil piping at Fujairah Refinery Co. Ltd. (FRCL) In July 2010, Fujairah Refinery Co. Ltd. (FRCL) awarded MIS the multidiscipline construction of an LPG Loading facility at Fujairah. MIS scope of work includes engineering, procurement, fabrication, civil work, installation of structures, sheds, piping, LPG loading arm, caustic tank, electrical and instrumentation installation with PLC & HMI system testing and commissioning. Other awarded work involves installation 8” hot oil pipeline at the hot oil unit of Fujairah Refinery Co. Ltd. Hot oil piping involves stress analysis, civil work and structural works.

MIS successfully completes Dubai Supply Authority’s Gas Control Station expansion Recently MIS has successfully completed the Gas Control Station (GCS) expansion project for Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP). The US$ 9 million construction project included civil, structural, piping, electrical and instrumentation works and will enable DUSUP to increase supply of gas to its customers. MIS also provided commissioning support to the client. MIS concluded this project ahead of schedule and more importantly without lost time incident (LTI). Mr. Ian F. Prestwich, Project Manager, DUSUP – Pipelines congratulated the MIS Project teams for their dedication and efforts in achieving in excess of 500,000 man hours without a LTI. “ Achieving the project schedule without a single LTI in over half a million man hours of work is testament not only to the focus of the MIS projects group but also to the excellent level of teamwork which the client and MIS personnel demonstrated at all levels throughout the project. I am ultimately proud of the quality of our EPC Projects generally and specifically of our continued relationship in supporting the interests of the Dubai Supply Authority’s goals,” Peter Convery, MIS President.


Fabrication Fabrication backlog on the increase MIS continues to build fabrication backlog: Petrofac has contracted MIS to complete the engineering, procurement, fabrication and supply of 55 pressure vessels and process columns for the end user, QP at the Qatar Petroleum gas sweetening facilities at Mesaieed and Dukhan. The duration of this project is 15 months and the expected delivery date is October 2011. “Petrofac remains one of MIS’ core clients and this latest order reconfirms the mutual trust and historically strong relationship between the companies”, said Peter Convery - MIS President. ESSAR/ONGC - India has awarded MIS with the job of fabrication, testing and supply of 3500 mts of piles and 1500 mts of conductors. This is a big step for MIS and shows its respectability within the business as this is the first project of its kind to be awarded by ESSAR to a Middle East company. Another important project for MIS was awarded by SAIPEM Italy. They contracted MIS with the engineering, procurement, fabrication and supply of 14 pressure vessels for the SHAH Gas Development Project, Abu Dhabi.

* Photos on this page are of previous projects done by MIS.


Rig Metals Critical projects in 2010 One of Rig Metals’ most challenging projects in 2010 was the fabrication of a Riser Gantry Crane structure weighing over 180 tons. The gantry’s elements were built and painted in Rig Metals yard in DIP, transported to MIS’ Sharjah yard, assembled and fitted with electrical and hydraulic components and shipped to Mussafah on a floating barge. The project was technically and logistically complicated but the team still managed to finish and deliver it on budget while maintaining high quality. The RGC is now installed on a semi-submersible rig that belongs to a Brazilian drilling contractor.

Mast Dolly Rig Metals successfully completed a Mast Dolly for a fast moving rig. This project was a challenge as the mobile heavy duty structure with size 36R51 tires and hydraulic systems was a first for the team.

Basic Training Knowledge Rig Metals has launched a basic training knowledge system. The goal of this training is to make sure that each critical position within the yard is handled by qualified and trained employees.

Sea survival training In preparation for upcoming offshore personnel deployment projects, Rig Metals organized a Sea Survival Training course for 40 of its employees. This training is to be done in collaboration with the training center ETSDC in Abu Dhabi.


Tech Services DP Fateh Field achieves four safe years without an LTI DP Fateh Field achieved four safe years without an LTI. MIS is proud to be part of their team in achieving this great milestone and making Fateh a safe place to work. As part of this achievement and in appreciation to the contributions of our workforce, MIS has launched safety rewards for STOP card winners at DPE offshore facilities.

Site safety meetings MIS has launched periodical site safety meetings at DUGAS, ENOC and DPE (Jebel Ali Base) to enhance safety awareness within MIS workforce in the facility.

MIS safety presentation at DUGAS facility MIS conducted a safety presentation for contract employees at DUGAS facility on 28th October 2010 in the presence of DUGAS Safety and Operations personnel.

Tech Services released its brochure As part of the effort to bring more exposure to Tech Services, MIS has released an exclusive business line brochure. This will mean wider visibility for the services being provided through Tech Services which will help in its drive to secure new contracts. Tech Services is retaining its long term customer base by continuously providing cost effective and highly skilled manpower support to its existing clients.


EPI MIS expanding its capabilities In December, MIS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kavin Engineering and Services Private Limited, India (Kavin) to form a long term strategic joint venture to further expand into the Engineering, EPC / EPCM market place. Kavin, established in 2002, is an engineering and services company providing customised concept to commission services for offshore and onshore oil and gas production and processing facilities, thereby complementing MIS’ strategic emphasis on expanding its EPC/EPCM segment. The joint venture called Energy Projects International (EPI) will operate in the MENA region and Indian subcontinent. It has commenced pursuing oppertunities while it is being incorporated in Panama.

Halewah Gas Plant Block 5, Republic of Yemen EPI was awarded the FEED contract from Jannah Hunt Oil Company (JHOC) of Yemen in July 2010. This contract has been successfully completed on time and the final reports have been submitted to JHOC.

The Halewah project team from left to right: Murugesu Ramachandran - EPI, S. Ramachandran - Kavin Engg., P. Chandramohan - Kavin Engg., Lonnie Ray DeLay - JHOC, D. Mohana Priya - EPI, Art Denmon - Hunt Oil, Mahmoud Saleh - EPI, Prabakaran - Kavin Engg., Suresh Kumar - EPI

The Halewah project team at Atlantis from left to right: Mahmoud Saleh - EPI, Jijoy Gopalakrishnan - EPI, S. Ramachandran - Kavin Engg. Art Denmon - Hunt Oil


Sunbelt Erbil, Northern Iraq In the interest of promoting other MIS Value Streams, Sunbelt recently hosted a BBQ in our Erbil Office in the Kurdish Region in Northern Iraq. Many of Sunbelt’s clients from the area were invited but the guest of honor was Jason Tyrer, Vice President – MIS Production Services. This was an amazing chance for Production Services to make new contacts in the area.

Jason Tyrer, Vice President- MIS Production Services, with several important representatives from Reliance Oil Company

Northern Africa and Mediterranean Sunbelt’s Area Manager, Jim O’Malley, recently made a trip to Tripoli, Libya. While there, he visited with quite a few new prospective clients. As a result of his visit Sunbelt has now signed a representation agreement with Eclipse, a very motivated company. Soon after obtaining this agreement Sunbelt has seen an increase in purchase orders and inquiries. Sunbelt looks to the African office to continue to enhance its position in that market to increase Sunbelt’s market share. We hope to have some very exciting news to share in the coming months.

Sunbelt is continuing development Sunbelt is continuing to develop new clients in the region, including some diverse companies such as the production companies coming to us for equipment and supplies. Recently the American University of Sulymaniya contacted Sunbelt for medical and safety equipment and country manager, Tony Derryberry, will be meeting with them in the near future. MIS Sunbelt is becoming known as the company to go to when safety equipment is required. One final note from the region is that Sunbelt has recently completed its first equipment rental to Weatherford in South Iraq.


HSE & QA/QC QA & HSE under one management As part of MIS’ continual strive for growth, the management of the HSE Department has recently been merged with that of Quality Assurance under Mr. Abderrahim Benrabah. With his experience in Quality Assurance and the natural link between the two departments, this move will further build on MIS’ high HSE standards.

SAFE completion of project – DUSUP MIS received a certificate for achieving 500,000 incident – free manhours at DUSUP site for the project “Gas Control Station Expansion”.

HSE Role Exchange Programme With the aim of continual improvement in safe work practices and to enhance the concept of “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”, we have completed HSE Role Exchange training for about 67 approximately employees. From the third quarter we have started with the implementation of this programme. These employees were involved in the participation of HSE management programmes - hazard identification, risk assessments, general safety inspections, audits, conducting effective toolbox talks etc.

Client Audits In line with our QA Policy for Continual Improvement, Several Clients’ Audit (AMEC, Flare Industries, Saudi Aramco, Total & Technip…) have been successfully handled without any non-conformity.

A Six Sigma Green Belt Project closed out At MIS quarterly town hall meeting Mr. Kevin Hudson presented a Green Belt Certificate to Mr. Chimbu Vazhoor of Commercial Affairs Department following his completion of a project on Devising Accurate Methods for Bidding… Mr. Vazhoor is one of 13 participants in the first wave of Six Sigma Green Belt Training, an initiative introduced by the QA Team and led by Mr. Abderrahim Benrabah, QA Director. Mr. Vazhoor’s project focused on Improved Chances of Bid Wins, Improved, Accountability from Bid Team, Improved Visibility on Bid Status and Electronic & Central Server Based Data Archiving.


HR News and Views caught up with the HR Manager, Sheeba Jennet, to hear about some of the initiatives of one of MIS’ biggest enablers. Q1: MIS is a fast changing and evolving company, how do you feel the role of HR is changing in MIS and the industry? A1: As MIS evolved, HR evolved along with it, supporting the change by moving from being just an operation driven department to a strategic one. As a strategic partner, we help in developing the goals that clearly support the change and execute plans that are authentic and sustainable, and which have the commitment of the senior leadership team. We do however, continuously strive to improve our operational procedures in the company as a whole. We are constantly mapping processes, seeking out the inefficient ones that get in the way of MIS excelling, identifying bottlenecks and suggesting ways in which these can be removed and implementing concrete processes. Q2: What steps as a leader have you taken to help MIS’ growth into a $1 billion company? A2: To support MIS’ growth to a $1 billion company, HR’s strategy has been to: • • • • •

Identify critical talent and potential leaders and implement the retention and development plans. Work closely with the Value Streams to measure and develop the core competencies, determine how to best provide competency development training and provide a continuous learning process. Constant development of identified potential successors. Hire the right person for the right job. Process map each function, automate processes and have the right size work force.

Q3: What are some of the trends that will benefit you in in the long run? Trends and changes in HR philosophy and schools of thought. A3: Emerging trends in HR call for HR professionals to take the lead in рlаnnіng for the future and becoming strategic business partners in thеіr organisations. Trends that can be beneficial will be: • • • • • • •

The influence of social and professional networking media on recruiting. Continued emphasis on talent management and retention. Organisation’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The importance of globalisation and integrating markets. Political and government implications. Other trends of the future can be the impact of the global recession on business strategy and employees, a shrinking talent pool, increase in outsourcing etc., to name a few. Strategic Planning will be the foundation for HR to meet the changing needs and demands of the organization in the years to come.

Q4: We see that you have recently performed two batches of Project Management training. How will this benefit MIS? A4: MIS is known for providing its employees continuous learning and development opportunities and PMP is one such opportunity. We would like our project managers and senior engineers to be up to date on their skills and knowledge and be aware of the best practices in managing projects as their main task will be to plan, track and control the time, cost and scope of their projects. To run their projects efficiently and effectively, such training is ideal. The benefits are not only seen on the projects they run, but it also serves as a retention tool as it lets our key people know they are of value to MIS. From the client’s perspective it is further reassurance that their projects are in reliable hands. This in turn gives MIS repeat-orders from our clients.

Batch 1 of the PMP training

Batch 2 of the PMP training


IT News and Views caught up with the Group Head of IT, Michael Skairjeh, to hear about some of the initiatives of one of MIS’ biggest enablers. Q1: IT & HR are perceived as the biggest enablers to help MIS restructure itself to become a $1 billion company by 2013. In light of that how do you feel the role of IT is changing within MIS and also within the oil and gas industry? A1: MIS has been changing and growing very fast in the last couple of years, financially, organisationally and so forth, and its IT systems, which served us well before have not kept up with MIS’ evolving business needs and this is in part due to some internal challenges. However, we are making significant changes, the key one being the introduction of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system will enable MIS to use more technologically advanced tools and therefore become more productive and also more secure. Q2: What steps have you taken to help MIS’ growth? A2: As I said before, 2011 will pretty much revolve around implementing the ERP system. The launch is expected to take place in January 2011 and we expect to go live by December 2011. All our initiatives will involve the ERP system. So we will be looking into new and existing document management and collaboration tools. We already have OmniDocs in place but will be taking an in depth look at Sharepoint and maybe a couple of others. We will also aim to improve our intranet to make it more accessible and user friendly, with access to forms, reports and other important information. Another major initiative will be surrounding data storage and its ease of access. We will also be looking to update our new hire process, obviously in collaboration with our HR department, which will hopefully improve our response time all the way down to deployment of new computers. Q3: What are some of the trends that will benefit IT in the long run, they be new technological trends or trends in the oil and gas industry? A3: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is something that we have implemented within MIS. Both the training and certifications have been completed by many of the IT team and it is already showing improvement. ITIL drives the view that everything IT does is added value to MIS; there will be more solution providing rather than firefighting. It provides best practices, policies and procedures that help with IT’s goal of running like a business rather than a department. One major item that will help with this is the service catalogue that we plan to implement towards the end of 2011/ early 2012. This catalogue will mean that MIS and its clients will understand exactly what services IT provide and what value IT adds to both. It will mean that employees and clients will know where to go for a specific service, how much it is, and how long it will take to complete. Hopefully it will help IT run much more efficiently. Q4: Any other comments? A4: Thank you for the interview, it is such a good opportunity for me to share this information with the end users and manage expectations. A lot of what we do is behind the scenes and is therefore invisible to everyone but we are working very hard on building the foundation of a better IT department and people will start to see the fruition of our plans during 2011.

Paticipants in the ITIL training programme


MIS Conferences & Investor Relations MIS strong participation at ADIPEC 2010 MIS’ presence at ADIPEC 2010 (Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference) was in line with its strategic move to strengthen its presence in the Abu Dhabi oil and gas sector as well as build on its presence to customers in the rest of the region. Its stand focused on portraying all the different aspects of MIS’ business; its value streams, as well as highlighted the recent acquisition Litwin PEL and start-up MIS Production Services. MIS drew interest from prospective and current customers, partners, vendors as well as industry media (see MIS in the News).

Investor Relations programme update Following the relaunch of its IR programme last year, MIS is building on its strategic effor ts to bring it closer to its international shareholders, specifically those based in its listing home, Oslo and will present its FY 2010 financial results in Norway on February 14th. The leadership team will also be available for one or more meetings as needed. More details to be announced on and on the Oslo Børs site

EGM MIS recently held an EGM on January 15th at the MIS corporate office. You can find the minutes of the meeting at


Community, People, General News MIS in the news

Executive Development Programme second batch completion ceremony The second cohort of students attending the MIS’ Executive Development Programme’ at the American University of Sharjah, completed their course in December last year. The six month programme, which is tailor-made to suit MIS’ development needs, focuses on modules in leadership, strategy development, innovation and financial management. Fifteen MIS executives representing MIS’ various value streams and enablers, completed the programme. “In today’s market, it’s becoming more important to continually develop one’s knowledge and skills and we are delighted that MIS has continued with this programme at the AUS”, commented Dr. Richards, AUS’ Dean of the School of Business and Management. “We hope that you integrate the learning from this programme into your work at MIS.” The completion ceremony was also attended by Jerry Smith, MIS Advisor to the Board of Directors, Dr. Robert Bateman, AUS’ Director of Graduate Programs & Outreach, in addition to MIS executives, Peter Convery, Ossama Bader, Rana Said and other executives from MIS HR team. Mr. Smith congratulated the executives with some encouraging words, “I am honoured to be here today to see this new batch receive their certificates. This programme gives you a strong foundation to build on for making your future decisions. We thank AUS for the calibre of the programme they have put together and look forward to a continuing relationship with them.” Ossama Bader, MIS’ VP for HR, Admin and IT and a participant in the Executive Development Programme’s first batchcommented, “I am proud and honoured to be here today to recognise the achievement of MIS’ second batch of graduates from the EDP programme. With your success in this programme, you contribute to MIS’ emphasis on continual learning – a strategy that includes developing and retaining its critical talent, future leaders and potential successors. All this goes to show how dedicated MIS’ leadership team is in investing in the development of its people.”


Visits and Social Events

MIS at the Cameron 2010 Golf Tourtnament

MIS presence in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi during the Grand Prix 2010

Kevin Hudson and Jerry Smith presenting award during the MIS golf tournament in Nov 2010


Maritime Industrial Services Group (MIS) MIS is a diversified engineering and contracting company providing a broad range of services to the energy sector. EPI












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