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A word from the Managing Director With great pleasure, I welcome you to our 2nd issue of News & Views this year. It has been an eventful few months since the last issue and a period which has seen the company generate some strong news. MIS announced its most profitable year since its establishment with a record FY2010 net profit of US$35.7 million and margin improvements at every level. We made strides in our Iraq strategy where we are in discussions with potential JV partners that will help us deliver the MIS level of service to clients in both the North and South regions of the country; we delivered another one of our rigs, Hull 110, to the MENAdrill team and are now focused on completing the remaining two (Hulls 106 and 108). Most of our new backlog was generated by our traditional businesses but it is pleasing to see that some of this backlog comes from our newer divisions such as Production Services, Rig Metals and Litwin, further supporting MIS’ unique positioning as a diversified engineering and contracting group for the energy sector. Throughout all this, the MIS ‘change for growth’ approach to the business, coupled with the transformation team’s efforts to deliver tangible results for the Group, has paid off. To date, this team, which has been a true ‘agent of change’, has generated cost savings in excess of US$2 million, and has a large list of new target projects, thanks to your ideas. We have now expanded its role to one of mentorship where it will serve as a platform to develop MIS’ base of critical talent and prepare this talent as future leaders. In the meantime, MIS remains focused on continuing to develop the business and to work towards achieving its strategic goals. As always, I would like to thank all of our clients, partners, shareholders, board of directors and our dedicated employees for their support and confidence in this company.

Kevin J. Hudson Managing Director


Key Highlights MIS makes strides in its Iraq strategy Following the announcement earlier in the year about the hiring of Chief Strategist Chris Parker, MBE to head MIS Iraq, the company has seen a great deal of progress in setting up the business there. In fact, MIS has now successfully registered its business to operate in both Iraq and the autonomous region of Kurdistan in North Iraq. With large investments being made to bring the MIS high grade fabrication and contracting services to Iraq, MIS’ operations and ser vices are now available to its clients.

‘Newer’ businesses deliver initial backlog MIS has managed to sustain a healthy backlog in its first quar ter and most businesses are picking up buoyed by the resurgence in investment in oil and gas assets. This backlog is mostly driven through our traditional business but it is pleasing to report that part of our backlog comes from the newer segments within the group, such as Production Services, Litwin and Rig Metals.

Transformation team delivers tangible results

Transformation team

The Transformation team, which was set-up in September 2010 to identify opportunities and recommend solutions to optimise processes and workflows in the Sharjah businesses, had delivered some impressive results by the end of the first quarter 2011. With a broad scope, the multi-disciplinary team adopted a data-driven analytical approach to identify areas for improvement. Reporting to a steering committee, which compr ised of select member s of MIS leadership, the transformation team had to deliver very quickly under pressure.

Buoyed by the early success of this team, which delivered cost savings of US$1.2 million in its first 4 months, management decided in January 2011, to expand this team into an ‘agent of change’. The team’s charter now includes the development of staff talent through hands-on projects implementation, coupled with exposure to wider areas of the Group. It is also to serve as a platform to groom MIS talent through temporary reassignments, with a view that a wider dissemination of commercial, analytical and people-management skills will enhance the competitive position of the Group.

Investor Relations ongoing activities Building on the positive feedback of the Investor Relations programme relaunched in August last year, the MIS Management team continued to engage with its Norway-based investors through several activities: FY2010 results presentation held in Februar y; an analyst road show held in March and a presentation at the DnB NOR Oil, Offshore and Shipping Conference 2011, also held in March. Several analysts and investor s had the oppor tunity to hold one-on-one meetings with the MIS team.


MIS Iraq / Litwin PEL MIS appoints Iraq Chief Strategist to head its entry into Iraq market MIS appointed Chris Parker, MBE as Executive Vice President for MIS Iraq. Parker, an experienced veteran of the Iraq market, will focus on reinforcing MIS’ presence in Iraq’s oil and gas sector which represents one of the largest opportunities in oil and gas production in the coming period. This move sees the company placing additional resources and attention to this growing market, in addition to its existing Sunbelt safety operations in the Kurdish region. Parker has extensive experience in handling complex and large scale projects in Iraq. His experience is complemented with his knowledge of the Middle East oil and gas sector having headed a leading international seismic data acquisition company for the energy sector and delivered oil and gas related consulting ser vices in some of the world’s most extreme regions. Prior to taking on this new position, Parker was Chief Operating Officer of the Terraseis Group, a private US$100 million oil exploration company. He is a well known TV commentator on security and strategic issues having appeared on BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera and many other global media agencies. The Group sees oppor tunities to market all its value streams across the oil and gas sector in Iraq through setting up JV partnerships with established Iraqi companies, to deliver the MIS high grade fabrication and oilfield services to Iraq. Operations and services are now available to all of MIS clients.

Litwin PEL new hires

One of the potential facilities for MIS Iraq Mr. Sunder Singh has been appointed to the position of Engineering Manager

Mr. Shahzad Javaid Butt is appointed to the position of Human Resource Manager

New projects 1. Installation of 14” desalinated GRE line & jump-over to the 8” potable line at OSBL of GUP - 2,500 man hours 2. Evaluate, verify, and determine Borouge seismic parameters, carry out overall project cost estimate for PC color grade project and carry out soil settlement survey on Borouge Plant 1


1. As-Built Verification / Update of Asab 1 Plant - Phase 2 (Instrumentation) - 10,000 man hours

2. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of Habshan oily water sump 72-SU-702

Production Services

MIS Production Services, the start-up established in late 2010, has made significant progress in this short period:

Business Developed Techtreat brand for chemicals and injection skids. First orders for 4 Techtreat branded injection skids for PDO, all of which have been delivered. Set up agreements for Techtreat chemicals with partners in Sudan and Syria to bid on long-term annual contracts with new partners. Ariel – Production Services are in discussions with Ariel and hope to have a packaging and distribution MOU signed shortly. Altronic have appointed Production Services a “Master Distributor” for their gas engine and instrumentation product lines. In parallel, Production Services have also been appointed “Master Distributor” for the Altronic GTi bi-fuel product line – a system that allows diesel engines to be run on a 70 / 30 mix of natural gas / diesel. Waukesha has confirmed that they intend to appoint Production Services a Waukesha “Power Partner” which will allow the purchase of gas engines and spares for packaging. PS fleet compressors 1001 & 1002 have been received and will be fitted with new Waukesha 1450HP gas engines and rented to prospective clients.

Personnel Operations Manager Mark Veale has started compressor O&M with RakGas in RAK and is currently on an advanced Waukesha training course. Jason Tyrer visited Sudan and Syria to develop the Techtreat opportunities. Lee Turnbull visited RakGas with Altronic International Sales Manager and will be proposing compressor panel upgrades to enable remote monitoring of gas compressors.


MIS Arabia Celebrating 10 years of growth & success This is a special year for MIS Arabia. The year started with another MIS Arabia milestone: completing 10 successful years since inception. A quick trip down memory lane shows a wonderful inspiring stor y of dedication, hard work & leadership that drove MIS Arabia to its current position as a leading manufacturer of process equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within such a short span of time. Adhering to its motto of “Emerging, Evolving, Leading”, MIS Arabia has carved a niche for itself in the fabrication world, having served all the major customers in various energy industries throughout the Kingdom. To commemorate this occasion a small ceremony was held during the Board Meeting at MIS Arabia’s office and all the employees serving MIS Arabia for 10 years were congratulated and awarded special appreciation gifts by the board members.

Projects executed MIS Arabia successfully manufactured two convection sections for fired heaters for SASREF, a project handled by Technip KTI. The two sections with tubes built out of the exotic P19 material were a part of the replacement project. MIS Arabia’s scope included the erection of the same at the refiner y and the exper t engineers and skilled workforce completed the challenging project erecting the two sections ahead of scheduled delivery date.

New orders Building on the great start to the year, MIS Arabia received a few major orders beating strong competition from worldwide fabricators, including some of the projects below: A large order of 19 towers from Daelim Engineering for the Yanbu Export Refinery Project. For the same above project, an order of 10 columns from Tecnicas Reunidas. The columns are of medium to heavy size range, the heaviest one being 600mt in weight and 75mm thick.

Ongoing projects at a glance Xylene Re-run Columns - Samsung/SATORP Atmospheric Columns - Tecnicas Reunidas/SATORP Propane/Propylene Splitters - Technip/SATORP Coker Fractionator - Samsung-Chiyoda/SATORP Raffinate Column - Samsung/SATORP MHC Product Fractionator - Technip/SATORP Pre-flash Column (Monel clad) - Tecnicas Reunidas/SATORP


New Build & Refurb MENAdrill II (Hull 110) MIS’ fifth Super M2 rig, MENAdrill II successfully completed commissioning at the Sharjah facility in March and was accepted for delivery by MENAdrill in April. MENAdrill Investment Company was initiated by Bahrain’s First Energy Bank in 2008 to provide offshore drilling services in the MENA region. This is the second of a pair of identical rigs for the client. MENAdrill II’s delivery marks a significant milestone for HSE in Maritime Industrial Services as it is the first rig to have been constructed without any lost time incidents. This is a great achievement for the project team.

Haffar 1 (Hull 106) Construction of Haffar 1, a Super M2 for Middle East Jack-Up (MEJU) reached an important milestone with the running of the main generators. Due for delivery this summer, Haffar 1 is equipped with a 7,500psi HP mud system using two NOV Hex 240 mud pumps.

MIS’ Hull 108 Hull 108 being loaded out

Due for delivery before the end of 2011, MIS - owned Hull 108 was loaded out in April to Dubai Dry Docks and has now returned to MIS’ Sharjah yard for finishing and commissioning.

NDC Al Bzoom The major reactivation project for NDC’s Al Bzoom reached a major milestone with the completion of the drilling package.

Marine | New team members The project management teams for both New-build and Refurbishment continue to be expanded and enhanced. Recent additions include: Andy Edmondson joined MIS as Manager of Projects Refurbishment. Andy has over 26 years of experience in the oil & gas sector and in particular has a thorough knowledge of the rig refurbishment business. Marine | New team members Richard Taylor has joined MIS’ new-build project management team as Construction Manager. Richard has a varied background, starting as a steel fabricator. Richard qualified as an Engineer before moving into construction management. Anees Sulaiman, a Project Manager in the Refurbishment value stream has background in all aspects of refurbishment including planning and commissioning over a 12 year career. Saji Thomas has joined MIS as Refurbishment Superintendent, responsible for production trades within on rigs undergoing refurbishment. Saji’s experience in the industry spans 22 years.


EPC & Fabrication

Completion of separator and manifold skids for SEPOC, Yemen   The SEPOC project of 5 high pressure separator skids and 2 new production manifolds was successfully completed including instrument installation on skids with system testing at MIS’ yard. SEPOC witnessed the completion and expressed their appreciation to the entire MIS team for making this project a success. Similar skid projects were carried-out by MIS in the past and now, this completed project adds another milestone to the existing continued business relationship with SEPOC, Yemen.

Piles and conductor pipes for Essar Offshore Subsea The first direct job from Essar Offshore Subsea to MIS for the fabrication and load out of approximately 6000mt of piles and conductor pipes is at the advanced stage of fabrication and ahead of committed schedule. The project execution is going well with over 60% completion of the total scope and is expected to meet the time limits and criticality of the project as outlined by ESSAR and ONGC.

Fabrication and supply of 4 manifold skids to ADCO   MIS successfully completed the fabrication of 4 nos. (4, 6 & 8 slots) manifold skids for ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations) which are ready for dispatch. Procurement of 2500# flanges and other items in compliance to ADCO requirement was critical to this project.


EPC & Fabrication 8” Diesel Fuel Oil Pipeline for Fujairah Asia Power Co. (FAPCO) Fujairah Asia Power Co. (FAPCO) awarded MIS the multi-discipline construction of 8” Diesel Fuel Oil Pipeline connection at Fujairah in October 2010. The scope of work includes detailed engineering, procurement, civil work, fabrication and installation of PRMS skid, RTU, 8” pipeline, CP system and associated electrical & instrumentation works. The main goal is for the new pipeline to connect FAPCO to the existing 8” Vopak line for the back-up fuel requirement of FAPCO Operations. The major risk and challenge of this project was to obtain the construction No Objection Certificates (NOC’s) as 14 authorities/agencies were involved. However this task has now been completed and the construction is in progress.

Mechanical construction project for APINA Middle East APINA Middle East, who is executing their first project in the UAE, has awarded MIS a mechanical construction equipment & piping project. The scope covers the installation of four ammonia compressors, nine pumps and a handful of equipment in the machinery building. In addition, it has a 32” cooling water piping erection at 9m high pipe rack plus ammonia and utility piping for the machinery building. The site construction goes hand-in-hand with the engineering drawings issued by APINA with a target of completion before the hot summer sets in UAE. With the successful operational and safety management of APINA’s first project, MIS expects more opportunities to be generated from APINA in the growing and demanding energy market of the UAE.

Digitally rendered image of Rig NB142


Rig Metals General work update Rig Metals is entering the well testing products line and currently finished assembling and testing two ‘trailerised’ packages for one of Rig Metals’ well testing clients. The engineering and projects depar tments are currently preparing to supply full packages for such projects in the near future; which are a combination of Rig Metals’ capabilities of HP piping, trailers, skids, U stamp vessels, manifolds and electrical items.

Rig Metals yard at full utilisation Rig Metals yard in DIP is currently fully utilised for land rig refurbishment projects for various clients. Most of those rigs are being refurbished and re-cer tified to work in Iraq and were awarded to Rig Metals due to its track record of fast delivery, engineering capability and the API 4F certification. The company will be making use of other yards that the MIS Group leases in different free zones, if needed.

Working on the move Rig Metals’ team of welders, fitters, inspectors and painters completed an offshore semi-submersible rig modification as it was being towed to its end destination. The project involved surveys, engineering, pre-fabrication in the DIP yard prior to the crew boarding the rig. The modifications were done under ABS supervision and were completed successfully during the voyage. Multiple projects were involved including LP & HP piping, structural additions and modifications and painting.

“Excellence in Project Delivery” award The Project Deliver y award goes to Vaman Navelkar (Project Coordinator) for successfully delivering one of Rig Metals most challenging projects technically and logistically in 2010. “Vaman’s positive attitude towards our client, subcontractors and suppliers ensured that the Riser Gantr y Crane project is delivered to the satisfaction of our client and their end user.” Hani El Kurd, General Manager, Rig Metals.


MIS Kuwait / Tech Services MIS Kuwait update With the Kuwait market showing strong signs of recovery and with investments being made in its oil and gas sector, MIS is restructuring its Kuwait operation to be more aligned with the immediate and longer term needs of the market and to enhance its position in the oil and gas contracting sector. The business, now in its 20th year of operations, has three revenue streams: an API licensed oilfield machine shop, an ASME certified fabrication yard and a technical services division.

MIS Kuwait recently fabricated two ASME certified cement silos, capacity1050 cft for Halliburton Kuwait.

Four steam oil separation units for Steam Tech Oman have been successfully completed. Also awarded from Steam Tech Oman was a similar project for their new separation tanks. This project is for KOC Ratqa field Kuwait.

3� Oil testing unit for Weatherford (well testing unit) - Kuwait

Tech Services value stream adds EPPCO to its client list EPPCO International Ltd. has selected MIS Tech Services as their manpower suppor t provider, a new MIS client in the manpower support services sector.  EPPCO International Ltd. facilities cater to domestic fuels namely gasoline, diesel gas oil, fuel oil, asphalt & MC asphalt supplies, and aviation requirement of Dubai & Northern Emirates, bunkering, re-exports and strategic defense storage.

MIS contract employees at ENOC Facilities in Jebel Ali with ENOC and MIS management team after attending safety meeting at ENOC

Mohammed Kunhi, VP Tech Services presents a plaque to congratulate Derek Wilson, (Field Manager - DP Fateh) and his team on achievement of four years without LTI at DPE Fateh. David Kitrel (OIM - DP Fateh), Rana Said & Mohammed Ali of MIS also present.


Sunbelt Sunbelt’s continued success It is very encouraging to see that 2011 is turning out to be even more remarkable in terms of exceeding clients’ expectations than previous years as can be seen by the following: Sunbelt was commended by Noble Marks Burns for providing good professional service for H2S Safety provision covering their offshore drilling activities for Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE). Mr. Philip E. Smith, Vice President & General Manager, received a Letter of Appreciation from Mr. Simon Hatfield, CEO of Western Zagros Resources Ltd., thanking him and the Sunbelt team for the active involvement during the critical time dealing with the well control situation in Kurdistan. Sunbelt’s other operational divisions, including the Support Base and the project sites, have achieved commendable performance with 12 employees receiving various awards.  To date Sunbelt Safety Services, has compiled a total of 1,849,294 man hours worked without lost time incident (LTI).

Management meeting attendees: Philip Smith / Hisham Bader / K. Raman / Hani Tomb / Joel Marantan / Arabico Guerrero / Raed Al Khadrawi / Roy Ghorbania / Mohan V. / James O’Malley / Hatem El Mallah / Tonny Derryberry

Annual management review meeting Sunbelt H2S Services recently held its Annual Management Review Meeting in early March at the Sunbelt Office in Oilfield Supply Center (Jebel Ali). This two day management meeting was established to discuss performance, balanced scorecard system and future strategies.

Congratulations to Scott Frampton! Mr. Frampton has recently been re-certified as a Master Trainer in H2S Safety. He attained a perfect score on the final exam. The course was conducted by CSHI – Real Safety by Real Safety Professionals, Austin, Texas, USA.


HSE & QA/QC Audit for QC The Re-certification Audit for renewal of “U”, “U2”, “PP”, “S” & “R” stamping was conducted by a three member team from ASME. The audit was successfully completed and MIS have been recommended for renewal of ASME Certificates of Authorisation.

Blood donation drive The blood donation campaign, in collaboration with Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center, was carried out successfully on March 15th. The campaign was initiated by Mr. Abderrahim Benrabah. Around 80 employees participated through donating their blood.

IT team’s Rabie Hamdeh and Mohammed Nasserallah taking part in this years blood drive

Safety training for MIS employees MIS believes in providing the highest standards of continual safety training to employees through periodical specialised classes. This belief, combined with our safety culture allows MIS to deliver leading industry performance.

Fire fighting training

First aid training


HR & IT The growth-oriented goals of the MIS Group have resulted in a lot of emphasis being placed on improving the HR systems and tools to enable the organisation to meet these goals. This includes a renewed focus on the identification and management of critical talent, appropriate appraisal systems and development plans and succession planning.

AUS Career Fair MIS participated in the Career Fair that was hosted by the American University of Sharjah on 15th March 2011. The event attracted over 200 students who visited the MIS stand and actively enrolled their names and expressed their desire to be part of MIS. MIS promoted the Graduate Development Program among the final year students.

Graduate Development Program continues The students of the Graduate Development Program completed their 2 nd and 3 rd module followed by their project presentation to the management team and to their mentors. The students presented the project undertaken during the 3 months identifying areas of improvement, findings and recommendations.

New support desk launched IT has launched a new support desk. This new system captures all IT requests or problems received by any of MIS’ employees to make sure they are assigned, followed up and resolved.  We invite MIS employees to visit our support site to see how it can help!

Second batch of participants to complete the ITIL training programme


Directors’ News, Meetings and Conference MIS Annual General Meeting 2011 The fourth Annual Ordinary Meeting of MIS’ shareholders was held on 4th April 2011, during which the new Board was confirmed. Details of the agenda items discussed and the minutes of the meeting may be found on the MIS page on the Oslo Børs site and on the company’s website

The MIS Board of Directors representing a rich mix of industry experts consists of: Dr. Karim El Solh (Chairman), Mr. Kevin Hudson, Mr. Charles L. Davis, Mr. Abdul Salam El Zeidy, Mr. Jerry Smith (Special Advisor to the BOD), Mr. Rick Dallas, Mr. John O’Leary and Mr. Fadi Arbid, Mr. Ammar Al Khudairy and Mr. Zahi El Khatib were elected as alternate board directors.

New Alternate Board Director – Zahi El Khatib Mr. Zahi El Khatib was elected as new alternate Board Director for a term that runs until AGM 2012. Zahi joined the Gulf Capital team in 2009 as Vice President in the Investments team, where he is in charge of investments in the Energy sector. Previously, Zahi served as a Vice President at Investcorp International, a leading investment firm based in Bahrain, London and New York and prior to that he worked as an analyst at Citigroup’s Leverage Finance Team. Zahi holds a Masters Degree (MSc) in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Economics from the American University of Beirut.

Analyst road show and FY 2010 presentation Building on the positive feedback of the revamped Investor Relations programme relaunched in August last year, the MIS Management team continued to engage with its Norway-based investors through several activities: FY2010 results presentation held in February; an analyst road show held in March and a presentation at the DnB NOR Oil, Offshore and Shipping Conference 2011, also held in March.

MIS strong attendance at OTC 2011 With much of this year’s OTC schedule focused on strategies and tools for taking the industry to the next level, Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2011 provides a good platform for MIS to meet with key players within the industry. MIS’ large delegation to OTC represented leaders from across its spectrum of businesses. Clients and partners in Houston were invited to an MIS customer appreciation event at The Tasting Room, Houston.

MIS OTC delegates at our wine & cheese tasting event


General News & Social Events MIS in the news


Oil & Gas Middle East spoke with Kevin Hudson, group managing director of Maritime Industrial Services last year when the firm was beefing up its UAE and KSA offerings


stablished in the Middle East back in 1979, Maritime Industrial Services Co (MIS) has seen its fair share of the industry’s peaks and troughs. Emerging from tight times has always been challenging for the upstream industry’s engineering and fabricating firms. However, Kevin Hudson, the man at the helm of MIS as group managing director, is in good spirits - not only is the company hitting new highs in terms of the projects it is taking on and delivering, it is actually in great financial shape too. “We walked into 2009 with U$800 million worth of backlog orders and got busy with those. We posted record profits in 2009, and halved our debt position – so from a financial position it was actually a very good year.” Hudson says the early signs are there that the industry has turned, or is turning a corner, in terms of upstream project investment. “Towards the end of last year we saw activity picking up. You get a fairly accurate feel for the industry and which direction its heading from the volume of enquiries coming in. People have been placing orders at an increased rate – particularly in this region.” There is no question that for companies in the project EPC business, margins across the board have been squeezed extremely tight. Hudson says that though material costs come down, they come down for everybody, so a level playing field has forced competition to address what margins are acceptable, without compromising on other core values.


“What firms can compete on is quality, reputation and price. With price in mind, it’s worth noting that the National Oil Companies here have been incredibly smart. They have definitely taken advantage of a down market to place large contracts at a discounted price. It’s been very good business for those Nationals which have maintained some forward momentum.” Hudson says that upstream project managers actually represent a small community, in terms of clients. “Performance is very important. If you have a reputation for not performing it doesn’t matter how cheap your price is you will simply be written off as unreliable. Performance isn’t just tangible based on finishing on time and on budget, it’s also very much about client feel. It may have been a difficult job, so feeling that he got value for money is vital.”




Hudson says he is proud of much that much has been achieved since he came on board in 2009. Looking ahead, Hudson says that although timeframes have shifted from when he first arrived, his ultimate goal has not changed. “MIS has the potential to be a billion dollar company by 2013 or 2014. We have built an expertise in newbuild and our reputation in terms of refurbishment work has grown over the course of the last 18 months.” He says to that end the company is facing a massive opportunity in terms of regional activity expectations. “It’s about timing. A lot of big jobs have been awarded on very tight budgets. There is still lots more work in the Middle East to come. Perhaps the pot isn’t as big, but I think there is a niche opportunity out there today because other yards will be busy with lower margin work accepted at the low point in the cycle.” Now that oil has settled around the US$80-plus mark, and OPEC predictions of demand increases are back on the table, MIS, and it’s KSA arm MIS Arabia may indeed be well placed to step into the fray just as project prices begin their cyclical climb north again.


In March, Hudson was able to announce a US$55.4 million contract with Abu Dhabi’s National Drilling Company (NDC) for the refurbishment of jack-up drilling rig NDC Al Bzoom. The contract, which is MIS’ highest contract to date in its refurbishment value stream, will cover the Rig Integrity Assurance Programme (RIAP) as its base scope for the modification and refurbishment work on the rig. The signing ceremony attracted special attention as it was held under the patronage of His Excellency, Mr. Abdalla Nasser Al Suwaidi, chairman of NDC, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) deputy CEO and explo-


ration & production director, with the contract being signed by Mr. Abdalla Saeed Al Suwaidi, NDC’s general manager. The company had extra reason for good cheer when Al Suwaidi confirmed more work would be coming their way. “We enjoy a solid business association with MIS. This is not the first time that NDC contracts MIS for its specialised rig

refurbishment works, nor will it be the last time,” said Mr. Abdalla Al Suwaidi at the signing ceremony. “We look forward to a continued strong relationship with MIS.” “The experience we gained on Hulls 104 and 105 helped MIS in the final stages of the KS Endeavor’s progress, although we faced a few challenges during the process. We were particularly pleased with this achievement and 1 the delivery of the rig on schedule,” The MIS engineering Hudson adds.

and fabrication yard NEW HORIZONS in Sharjah, UAE. 2 Finishing touches are put to the jack-up rig KS Endeavour as testing begins by the owners. 3 Kevin Hudson, group managing director, MIS

Offshore EPC contractors across the world have been waking up to an alternate use of their talents in recent months. As global governments seek to reduce their reliance on carbonbased energy, offshore wind farm licenses have been popping up in littoral waters the world over. The latest round of concessions in Europe has prompted a spate of wind farm installation vessel contracts which are currently up for grabs. “We are actively tendering for that wind farm installation work right now, and we expect that business stream to be cyclical in nature,

“Performance isn’t just tangible based on finishing on time and on budget, it’s also very much about client feel. It may have been a difficult job, so feeling that he got value for money is vital” Kevin Hudson, Group MD, MIS largely based on the projected volume of work coming out of the European license rounds.” Essentially the marine and jacking structures are very similar to traditional drilling rigs, but the installation equipment is very client dependent. “Increasingly we are seeing more complex installation equipment being proposed, but in many ways that is similar to the drilling packages on drilling rigs, because that configuration is totally client dependent too.”






MIS’ OTC 2011 customer event MIS’ OTC 2011 delegation held a wine & cheese tasting event while in Houston for the conference.

MIS yard | A picture perfect setting for world renowned industrial photographer David X. Tejada, renowned US industrial photographer, led a group of students from Gulf Photo Plus in the UAE on a professional industrial photography course at MIS’ yard for the second year running.


A diversified engineering and

contracting group for the energy sector

The MIS Group (Maritime Industrial Services) is a leading contractor in the oil, gas and energy-related engineering, construction and services industry. MIS delivers a broad range of onshore and offshore products and services including, engineering services, drilling rigs refurbishment & new build (onshore & offshore), early production & compression packages, H 2S & safety services, complete EPC projects and O&M services, among others.


MIS Corporate office: +9714 4462857

News & Views May 2011