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Established in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. is a global leader in the development and production of advanced products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify dental implantology. Through our state-of-the-art production facilities, MIS offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge dental implants, superstructures, tools and kits, as well as advanced solutions for oral restoration and health, distributed in over 65 countries worldwide. Standing behind MIS Implants are world-class scientists and engineers, devoted to the continued research and development of new progressive products and technologies. MIS further conducts and supports on-going laboratory and clinical studies, performed in collaboration with many prestigious universities, scientific research institutes and dental clinicians around the world. MIS products adhere to the most stringent international quality standards and regulations, and are cleared for marketing in the USA and are CE approved.

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Conical connection implants The C1 is an advanced implant system with a unique combination of surgical and restorative benefits. Features include a differential thread design for superior initial stability in different clinical situations, platform switching, conical connection with an antirotation index and an exclusive MIS Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM). This advanced technology combines the benefits of high primary mechanical stability with an accelerated osseointegration, achieving rapid biological stability. A convenient color-coding system is built in to every C1 implant and prosthetic components for easy identification during procedures. The C1 design allows the freedom to choose between one or two-stage surgical procedures or different loading options, for long-lasting successful outcomes.


Regenerative solutions

The name 4BONE represents an entire family of quality regenerative solutions for a wide range of bone augmentation procedures. The 4BONE line includes bovine and synthetic bone substitutes, resorbable collagen barrier membranes and resorbable wound dressings. Flexibility is a key feature of the new 4BONE product range. Products can be mixed together in various configurations to achieve more flexible treatment solutions, preferred resorption time and optimal results. Products are packed in varying volumes and sizes, for simple and easy delivery directly to the surgical site. Quality equipment and design control processes ensure high standards of sterilization and safety for all 4BONE products; making it safer and making it simple. CE and FDA clearance for marketing is pending.

Bonding graft material

BONDBONE速 is an innovative synthetic bone grafting material composed of biphasic calcium sulfate, with excellent handling properties. The initial pliable paste is fast setting and is not affected by the presence of blood and saliva. This resorbable, osteoconductive bone grafting material takes the best qualities of hemihydrate and dehydrate calcium sulfate and combines them into one unique product. When used with other augmentation products, BONDBONE acts as a bioactive binder to improve graft stability and to increase volume and effectiveness of the bone graft. BONDBONE can be used as a highly effective material for socket preservation procedures and the augmentation of small defects.

RATCHET TOOLS Ratchet wrench One of the simplest on the market, the Ratchet wrench is designed as a universal tool for placing and adjusting dental implant abutments and screws for a wide range of sizes. This lightweight, durable ratchet is easy to clean and features a mono-block design, with no lever, complex contours or mechanical components that require disassembly and re-assembly.

Torque wrench Designed as a precision device, the Torque wrench achieves controlled torque when tightening abutments, cover screws, healing caps etc.

Ratchet wrench

Torque wrench

SEVEN advanced surgical kit


The innovative SEVEN Surgical Kit contains all the required tools for SEVEN implant placement procedures. The kit is designed to enhance simplicity and safety. A set of lengthbased pilot drills include color-coded visual indicators for both implant diameters and restorative platforms.

The MCENTER provides a comprehensive range of Digital Dentistry services divided into three main categories. The MSOFT: 3D & 2D virtual implant planning software and prosthetic driven planning, the MGUIDE: Exclusively designed 3D printed template and dedicated Surgical Kit, and the MLAB (CAD/CAM): For the fabrication of customized abutments and temporary crowns.

V3 Implant System The V3 implant system is a true innovation in dental implant design. The unique triangular-shape of the coronal portion encourages bone regeneration and the gain of greater volume of bone in support of stable surrounding soft tissues for more esthetic restorations. The triangular neck provides solid anchorage at three points in the crestal zone while forming compression-free gaps at the sides. This design is aimed at high primary stability and the reduction of bone compression and crestal bone resorption; favored conditions for increased osseointegration. V3 prosthetic solutions include concave abutments that feature a smooth surface and round edges, maximizing the gain of soft tissue.




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MIS Implants Technologies Ltd.

Innovatively Simple Flier  

MIS Implant Technologies Ltd. was established in 1995 and has global distribution in 55 countries. Worldwide ongoing research projects in co...

Innovatively Simple Flier  

MIS Implant Technologies Ltd. was established in 1995 and has global distribution in 55 countries. Worldwide ongoing research projects in co...