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Indications for using 4BONE RSB:

Due to its optimal initial rigidity and defined stability, 4BONE RSB Resorbable Collagen Barrier Membrane is the product of choice to prevent soft tissue ingrowth during healing in defects that lack bony wall support. The semi-permeable properties of 4BONE RSB permit the exchange of essential nutrients for healing, while the porosity qualities effectively hinder epithelial down growth, preventing gingiva connective tissue cell migration into the treated site. Optimal resorption time allows for sustained function during the healing process.

Extraction sites

Periodontal defects

Versatile ▪ Either side may be placed against bone/tissue ▪ Can be used in dry or hydrated state

Sinus augmentation

Safe ▪ Sterile ▪ Engineered from highly purified Type I bovine collagen

Effective ▪ Total resorption time 6-9 months ▪ Ideal rigidity ▪ Semi-permeable ▪ Guides healing of bone and surrounding tissue ▪ Fully resorbable

Peri-implant defects

Easy to Use ▪ Non-friable with excellent handling properties ▪ Easy to trim and shape Ridge augmentation

4BONE RSB Indications  
4BONE RSB Indications