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User Manual Ball Anchor Angulated Abutment (MB-AN152/MB-AN252)

A definition of the product. The device is intended as an intra-oral abutment secured to implants onto which a multiple unit prosthetic restoration is screw-retained ■ Standard impression procedure ■ Standard restorative components ■ Low profile, allowing a wide spectrum of insertion possibilities for correction of up to 50° ■ Advanced solution for rehabilitation on implants in total edentulous patients ■ Use of supplemental standard MIS ball attachment system components.

The Ball Anchor Angulated abutment assembly components: Ball Ø2.25


Abutment. MB-AN152 MB-AN152- Ball anchor 15° angulated abutment.




or Ø4

Ball Ø2.25

MB-AN252 MB-AN252- Ball anchor 25° angulated abutment.

Gripping Bar. MM-PG250 The gripping bar indicates the direction when positioning the ball anchor angulated abutment and supports the abutment when screwed onto the implant.


25° 3.5mm 1.7mm

Operating Procedure. 1

In cases where ball anchor angulated abutment is needed, select abutment according to the implant's angulations (15°/25°).


Place the Ball anchor angulated abutment (15°/25°) on the implant by the gripping bar. To screw the abutment to the implant, position the Hand Hex. Driver (MT-HHR13) through the gripping bar’s opening. Recommended tightening moment 30 Ncm.





The Ball anchor angulated abutment is now positioned in place and secured to the implant.

Characteristics The Ball anchor angulated abutments are made of titanium Ti6Al4V ELI â–  The Ball anchor angulated abutment can be connected in one of 6 possible positions on the fixture head.

Extensive insertion path Maximum angulations for varying insertion path:



30° The Ball anchor 15° angulated abutment allows a maximum 30° insertion path. Recommended tightening moment 30 Ncm.




50° ^


The Ball anchor 25° angulated abutment allows a maximum 50° insertion path.


15° 15°

Recommended tightening moment 30 Ncm.





25° 25°

Sterilization - The device is not sterile. - The device must be sterilized before use by autoclave, at a temperature of 134ºC (273ºF) during 6 minutes. Do not exceed 134ºC during sterilization.

Key to codes used: Attention, see instructions for use Batch code By prescription only

Catalogue number Manufacturer

MP-UI026 Rev.4, Sep. 2014

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Ball Anchor Angulated Abutment User Manual