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DECEMBER 8-14, 2012



Railway PRO terms newly constructed portion of flyover 'unsafe'. Warns vehicular movement on the same may cause the flyover to collapse.

The Issue: Fire stations stand at an inaccessible distance from many important locations.



RAILWAY authorities warn that the newly constructed portion of the Begumpet Old Flyover is weak and may collapse if GHMC continues allowing vehicles to commute on it. Despite that GHMC keeps mum over the issue and is waiting for a tragedy to happen. "We are concerned more about the public safety that is the reason why we have suggested GHMC not to allow commutation on the newly added part of old flyover. The suggestion comes out of the study conducted by our engineering experts that the bridge may not survive if commutation continues on the same. There are no supporting pillars underneath the new construction and it stands in air adhered to the old flyover. I wonder why GHMC is doing this?," said Shakeel Ahmed, PRO South Central Railway. He also said that now the only option is to convert the expanded portion into footpath of mere ornamental value.

The Hanging Road "One can find a twenty meter long divider in the middle of the one way apart from the long divider that separates the road. The stretch between the small divider and the long is the newly expanded portion of the flyover and it extends throughout the length of the flyover. The other new flyover close to it was also constructed at the time of the old flyover expansion, but in no way connected to the old flyover," says a Railway Official, On conditions of anonymity. Begumpet Fly over is the oldest fly over in the city. GHMC in a bid to widen the flyover constructed a new two meter road as an extension of the existing flyover from the side. At the time of construction four years ago Railway authorities warned that the extended portion is not strong enough to encompass heavy vehi-

We will separate the whole extended portion of Old Flyover and it would be used either as a footpath or allow transportation by restricting the entry of heavy motor vehicles. BALA MANI, DEPUTY ENGINEER, TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT, GHMC

Few roads in Prakash Nagar are repaired and few roads are newly built. But there’s still is a lot to do.


The tale of special educators and their student -children with special needs. RISKY: The protion between the reflector and the divider is weak and may collapse.

cles. GHMC responded to it in such a way that the extended portion will be used as a walk way for the pedestrians. But GHMC seems to have forgotten the warnings of the Railways by allowing heavy vehicles to commute on it.

GHMC assures action When contacted Bala Mani, the Deputy Engineer of Traffic and Transportation Department GHMC, he admitted the facts and assured action in one month. "We will separate the whole extended portion of Old Flyover and it would be used either as a footpath or allow transportation by restricting the entry of heavy motor vehicles. The existing 20 meter long divider in the middle of one way which goes from Begumpet to Ameerpet is to be extended from both the sides till the dead end of the Flyover is the one and only solution. We will start constructing it as soon as possible and will be finished it off very soon."

GHMC wasted money "The whole money (seven Crore) spent for the expansion of the flyover is wasted as the construction is not serving any purpose. It is after getting the warning from the Railway Department GHMC realized their mistake. GHMC by assuring the conversion of the expanded portion of the flyover into a footpath is a tactic to save face," said Muraleedharan a resident.


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