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Miryam Alexis Bermúdez González ID: 569408 My experience in New York We arrived to New York on the afternoon, so we had all the day for us to going wherever we wanted it. The first thing my friends and I did was going to Times Square, I felt i was on a dream because is a beautiful place, it was dark so this place in the night is really amazing, you can see a lot of colors all around the place because it has a lot of advertisements really cool. We went for our first hot dog from NY and it was really good because in the airplane we didn´t eat to well. After that we went to all the stores we saw, we went to Disney, Hersey´s, M&M ´s world, forever 21, toysRus and a lot more. I think it was one of the most amazing days of the week because it was the first day. For me all the week was awesome and each day was special because we had different activities, we were walking all the time so there was no time that we didn´t do anything. I am going to talk about the day we went to the statue of Liberty because everyone knows that if you go to New York and you dont visited the statue is like you didn´t go to NY. We went to the Statue of Liberty on Saturday , so it was the last day, when I start to saw the statue more and more near I had an special feeling like happy, excited and all that beautiful feelings anyone can have in a moment, is a really amazing place and we had a really good time, all the generation was taking pictures and everyone was happy and we where walking around the statue just appreciating the place. After that we went to Ellis Island and i felt something very special because you can imagine there the people that arrived just looking for freedom so it was a great experience to stay there. I just want to say it was the best experience I have ever had because I was thinking there, I am with my friends in New York, a beautiful city.

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