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2013 spring and summer sunglasses recommendation Fashion in fact not far from us, and sometimes, just some small accessories, you can lead the fashion trend. In these accessories, the sunglasses can be described as the first card holing essential single product, the street pretending to be cool in the CBD. Recently, foreign media inventory of 2013 the most popular sunglasses, and recommends a 12 year red sunglasses single product, allowing you to easily become fashion. When selecting sunglasses both stylish and practical, this spring and summer was undoubtedly dominate popular cat models, the interpretation of the stars round retro sunglasses, as well as amazing geometric sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses generally use the same lightweight precision and contact lenses made of synthetic resin, synthetic sheets by the seven outermost layers is superhard wear layer; second, six are shatter-resistant reinforcing layer; Third, five is the UV filter layer, the middle layer is the most polarizing filter layer. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out harmful ultraviolet light reflection and have shatterproof, wear and other functions, is the most popular sunglasses. A good sunglasses, depending on the material deformation, not fuzzy, the overall feeling is transparent. You can find a card insert the lens to see the past, the pattern on the card is still the inherent color of the color is blue lenses will not be blue, or purple glasses and purple, is the general good glasses. All the information from

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