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Year 3 N.9

On the cover: Zoltรกn Jรกnos Kiss









Cornelius Dieckmann won the championship with an average of

That was a nice competition with cool atmosphere and lots of jokes all the time. By Antonie Piau

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Michaล‚ Pleskowicz


German National 2011

Cornelius Dieckmann, German speedcuber, won with 8.52 average (European Record) and he also broke a National Record with his single time 7.15 Text: Maria Oey

Competition Data Date Dec 10­11, 2011 City Gütersloh, Germany Venue Janusz Korczak Gesamtschule Address Schledebrückstr. 170, 33334 Gütersloh Organizer Sébastien Auroux, Ron van Bruchem, Benjamin Brundzats WCA Delegate Sébastien Auroux.

The battle beetween Germany and Netherlands It was a great competition with 101 competitors from Austria, Belgium, French, Indonesia, Italy, Iceland, Rusia, Turkey, China, United Kingdom and Germany cubers. But the battle for the victory of The Final 3x3x3 was beetween German and Dutch speedcubers. Cornelius Dieckmann, German speedcuber, won with 8.52 average (European Record) and he also broke a National

The TOP 5 3 X3X3 1. Cornelius Dieckmann ( Germany)

won with 8.52 average (European Record) he also got a 7.15 ( Single) NR

2. Mats Valk ( Netherlands ) with 9.38 average . 3. Philipp Weyer ( Germany) with 10.04 average. 4. Erik Akkersdijk ( Netherlands) with 10.05 average. 5. Sebastian Weyer ( Germany) with 10.46 average.

The top 3 combined time 27.94 seconds is the second best podium until now, so it was a fast and though competition, with 4 cubers of the top 20 of the world! All 3 Germany cubers got prices from the sponsors and Organizer, congratulations to all the Winners. Also congratulation for the cubers who set a new NR and congratulation to all who got a PB Nice to see how Germany cubers are growing and how many non German cubers like to compete in this competition

What happens with Cubing Dare Club? Maria asked and you answered that:

What was your first method for 3x3x3 ? 20 people answered LBL

From which country are most of favorite speedcubers? And the winner is JAPAN!

Where have you learned 3x3x3 method? And most of you said on youtube

Who is the pyraminx freak of 2011?

And the winner is Oscar Roth Andersen with 22 votes, second is Bruno Bereczki with 15 votes and the bronze is for Owidiusz Pryk with 8 votes.

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Naoned Open 2011

That was a nice competition with cool atmosphere and lots of jokes all the time. Text: Antoine Piau Photos: xxxxxxx

Competition Data Date Oct 29足30, 2011 City Nantes, France Venue Rue de la Barbinais

Address 14 rue de la Barbinais 44100 Nantes Organizer Guillaume Erbibou, Antoine Piau

WCA Delegate Philippe Virouleau

Titular This competition was really awesome and relax. First of all, it was announced lately so only a few competitors were present but it was still fun with the 14 persons there. On Sunday morning, we were 30 minutes early so we took time practising before the OH first round. However, the competition ended more than 1h earlier than scheduled. We took our time.

Regarding the events, we did most of the regular events and 2 French NR were broken.

It was Pyraminx average by Jules Desjardin in 3.90 seconds and 3x3 Blindfolded by Victor Cullot in 53.91 seconds.

Congrats to both of them !

We can notice that Valentin Doussin did a great average at Pyraminx too with 3.96 seconds which would have been NR if Jules didn't break it in the 1st round. Philippe Vrouleau and Antoine Piau

could also have broken the 2x2 NR if they didn't failed their last solve in the 1st round. We also organized some unofficial events such as 2x2 Blindfolded, 3x3 Relay and Team Blind. In the end, that was a nice competition with cool atmosphere and lots of jokes all the time. The same competition will be held next year but we'll announce it earlier.

Compeition for this week 3x3x3 D' L2 R' D' F2 D' B F2 R F2 U L' D2 L' F R' D B' F2 D B L B' U L D' R2 B F2 R U B' D2 F' L2 R2 D' L' U2 B' R U L2 B' F2 R' D L2 U B F U R2 F D2 B F L B F2 L2 U' L B' F R F D L' B2 L D' U' B D'

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New Year with Cubing Dare

This new year Cubing Dare wants to change, wants to improve. For this reason we need you and we will make it up to you with prizes if you help us in our work. Text: Cubing Dare Direction

Cubing Dare Club is a place where you can take some advantages in rubik's cube world.

If you work with us then you can ear points for each fork and then you can change this points for prizes and discounts.

at the moment there are no prizes yet defined, but you can start earning points. How can you earn points? ­ Writting articles about championships ­ Translating articles on our webpage.

­ Sending photos about current championships. ­ Sending videos about current championships. ­ ...

First of all you have to get in at our club.

1st Go at­in 2nd Fill the form

3td Wait from 24h to 1 week and you will recive your e­CubingDareCard Then you can earn as points as you want, customize your home page, ...


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Michał Pleskowicz

Interview with Rubik's Cube World Champion 2011 Text: Maria Oey Photos: Michal Pleskowicz

"I dream to visit Italy onje day, I have been there once but I did not have enough time so see many iteresting" places. *When you got into in Cubing? and who's inspired you ? I got into cubing exactly three years before I won WC, It happened because of an interview with Błażej Morgała, which I saw in a popular newspaper. * What was your time of your first solve? and what method you used? It was probably around 2 hours with instructions from the internet. I used LBL, of course *What was your opinion at your first competition, about that competition and the first time you have met another cuber and specially if you met your favorite ( at that time IF you had 1) I really liked it because I met a lot of famous polish speedcubers who I saw in youtube videos before. And I got on well with Jakub Cabaj, who got me deeper into cubing world. *When you realized that you are The World Champion 2011, after your 4th solve? or after you won from Feliks Zemdegs on the stage? I think it happened at the stage, because right after I did all 5 solves, I felt like in some kind of an

Name : Michał Pleskowicz Birthday : 28.06.1995 and where: Kętrzyn Live in : Kętrzyn. Poland Civilian status: in ralationship Hobby : Well, I love speedcubing and playing electric guitar Speedcuber : Breandan for his crazy algorhitms, Zane and Marcell for insane BLD skills Favorites events : OH and 3x3 forever Music : Mainly Heavy Metal Number: 3 Color : Green and black Favorite food : Indian food Restaurant : ... Pets : Dog, called "Pina" Your Wishes : I want to wish smashing your own records, and may your dreams come true (like mine last year ^^)

* Is your life changed since you are The World Champion 2011? and can you explain why you like that? It has changed for two or three months, because I was giving a lot of interviews in Poland, and basically everyone who I met was asking about World Championship. I like that, because it was an opportunity to * Do you have many friends requests? Do you confirming them all? and why? I have a lot of friend requests, usually 3­4 per day. I don't confirm most of them, because I don't want strangers to see my personal info and pictures... * What is your reaction if you meet people who you dislike? why do you that? Well, I think that there are no people I really dislike * Do you have more female or male friends? I have probably the same amount of male and female friends. * According to your Introducing, your status you have a girlfriend? Yes, but I can't tell anything more ...

* What is Pina ( your dog) reaction when you solve Rubik's at the front of her? and how many times a week you walk out with Pina? and how many times a week you feeding Pina? and do you like to do that? Usually she tries to take it away from me because she doesn't like that sound. I walk out with her everyday, I can see that she's very happy about it I feed her two or three times a day. * When the first time you got into Electric Guitar? It was a year ago, in February 2011. * When the first time you have your own Electric Guitar? and who gave you? and why? Same as above. I bought it with the money I won at Euro 2010 * What is the color of your Electric guitar? It's called "Tobacco Sunburst" * Who's inspired you till you got into a Heavy Metal? and who is your favorite(s) and why do you like them? It was one friend at a summer camp. He sent me Iron Maiden's album 足 "Powerslave". I fell in love with it at once, and it has been my favorite band ever since 8.72 4th solve final, victory is possible * 3 is your favorite number, is it because you love 3x3x3? or something else, can you explain about it? * Why you let your hair growing? and Do you have Yes, I think that it's because of Rubik's Cube. plan to cut your hair in 2012? or how long you will let * Green and Black are your favorites colors, most your hair growing? people who loves Black is a Mysterious person ( I plan to cut it a little and then let it grow until it'll be they are closed and silent type person), do you like 30足40cm. think so? or is it because of your Heavy Metal * What you doing with all money from World Champs hobby? 2011? (actually I hate this question but members of I don't think that I'm closed or silent, it's because Cubing dare like it ) of the music I listen to. I'm saving most of it for university, but I bought a great * How many cloths do you have with a Black mobile phone and I'm thinking about getting a new color? amp for my guitar Three pairs of jeans and around twenty t足shirts, * If it in the future, you will be a Rich and Famous and a couple of jackets. person in this World, what kind of car do you want to * How many cloths do you own with a green give to your lover? color? Not many, only three t足shirts. * Who will you take to go to Italy? and why? I don't know yet, but probably my girlfriend * Who do you think will take your NR in the future ? and why do you think that? I think it'll be Marcin Zalewski, because his progress is just INSANE! * Are you happy with your life? What kind of question is that? Of course I am


(21­3/20­4) While man others are putting their feet up flowing the festive season, you can be powering ahead in high achiever mode. Currently the planets sit high in your horoscope, which tends to place you more in the spotlight. This is a time of command and control, where others are willing to invest greater responsibility in your decision­making.


(22­4/21­5) January is an expansive and positive month for you. It’s a time of realizing and acting upon potential in many areas. Your mind can really be honed in on the future now as you look at life in a big picture fashion. Jupiter, planet of optimism and opportunity, is now moving forward through your sign and seeding new fields of personal and professional growth.


(22­5/21­6) The great trick in life is to have your cake and eat it too, but it’s a disappearing act that we never quite master, and we are forced to make choices. January is that dualistic kind of month for you, where you weigh up between one option and another, one person and another. And you know that until you make a choice you can never truly taste the flavor

Horoscope and to initiate rically speaking. People, or se, situations. Your creative projects are asking for self is unfolding – trust to commitment. original ideas – be innovative – instead of Cancer thinking about doing it, (22­6/22­7) January will emphasize all just do it. kinds of relationships for you, from meeting new Libra people, to co­operative (24­9/23­10) efforts and personal Over the festive season connections. The last New your personal planets have Moon, stemming from been gathering around the Christmas, occurred in your base of your chart, aligned with home, security and house of relating. emotional well­being. They may act as a prelude Leo to a change concerning (23­7/23­8) Last month may have your living conditions, or delivered insight and ideas, family setup. In effect it and January suits taking becomes a time when you action on your inspiration. re­assess the sanctuary You can achieve much this pillars of your life. month through adopting a practical approach, and Scorpio using your planning and (24­10/22­11) organizational skills. It January brings greater promises top be a busy variety and flexibility time as you may be enabling you to break free juggling a couple of things of static situations and put at once, or trying to co­ you increasingly in touch others. The ordinate on several fronts. with communication and educational areas of your Virgo solarscope are strong now. (24­8/23­9) January can be a special month for you as the Sagittarius expressive Sun now (23­11/21­12) spotlights the area of January is a powerful creativity, romance and month for building on children in your solarscope. recent initiatives, and The universe is discovering what is really encouraging you to be working, and whether to more spontaneous. It’s continue in that direction, asking you feel more or make adjustments. It is a comfortable and confident time of consolidation in with your emotional respo­ some respects, where you

are able to prove certain things on physical evidence.


(22­12/20­1) January, being a birthday month for most Capricorns, begins a whole new personal year for you. The Sun now returns to the same place in the heavens that it occupied at your birth, and noting what other planets it brings in tow gives an indication of future prospects. We’ll start with the December births first, but note overall that this month is a time of returning to your own needs, and captaining your own ship.


(21­1/19­2) The solar energy is moving through your house of release and spiritual growth. You are at the ending point in a cycle, perfect for constructive conclusions. Birthdays around January 23rd will especially feel this revolving door atmosphere.


(20­2/20­3) Miracles do exist, just like some lucky people having multiple lottery wins. We’ve either heard of, or directly experienced, something that is way outside the conception of coincidence. A series of seemingly random events sometines fall neatly together allowing someone’s wish to magically materialize.

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