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June 2011, number 3

Thanks to: Radu Faciu (Romania) simply the best! Jose Manuel GarcĂ­a Mouzo [Chino] (Spain) for the words he have given us. His imagination is tremendous! Shotaro Makisumi, the short time we spent together was great! Stefano Fingi (iCubik) from now our sponsor! We hope that your sales increase a lot! All the people who indirectly helps build this journal like Alexandre Toledo. Thanks for your support!

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Mirror Reflection June 2011



Romanian open 2011 has taken place last 21th and 12th of May in Cluj Napoca. Radu Faciu returned to be the organizer always with Olivér Perge's help. The competition had eleven events. Milán Baticz and Bence Barát, both Hungarian speedcubers, won almost all these events. Milán won the Rubik's Cube one, 4x4x4, 3x3x3 blind, 3x3x3 OH and 3x3x3 FM. Benece won Square-1 2x2x2, 6x6x6, 7x7x7 and 5x5x5 beating the Hungarian national record with a best time of 1:08,02. Brúnó Bereczki, also Hungarian opened place among the champions winning pyraminx event.


Mirror Reflection June 2011

nian Open 2011

They have been. And you?

Name: Endre Kovรกcs Age: 35 years old Job: No job From: Karcag, Hungary

Name: Milรกn Baticz Age: 20 Job: Student From: Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Name: You Age: ? Job: ? From: ?

"It was not my first romanian competition previously I was in Romanian Open 2010 and Romanian National 2010".

"It was my first time in Romania, and really liked the country. The competition was satisfying, the atmosphere was the most friendly I have ever been."

Send us your experiences about rubik's championships at our web or our mail.

"I had no specific expectations, only have fun and meet friends"

"I expected to win the main events but it was not easy, I had not practiced a lot".

You can appear here next time!

Mirror Reflection June 2011


Short news Kanneti Sae Han won Montpellier Open 2011 with best time of 8.58 and average of 9.63. Second and third were italian Paolo Moriello (avg 11.43) and Tommaso Zoffoli (avg 13.16). Jeremy Fleischman won San Diego 2011 with best time of 10.96 and average of 11.68. Phillip Espinoza finish second (avg 11.91) and Deven Nadudvari third (avg 12.77). Dan Cohen wons the Captain's Cove competition 2011 with the incredible best time of 7.59 and average of 9.69. He also won 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 2x2x2, 3x3x3 blf and 3x3x3 oh!! Second and third of Rubik's cube event were John Tamanas (avg 10.82) and Andrew Ricci (avg 13.40). Xiaobo Jin won Taiyuan 2011, he also won 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 event. His rivar was Yuxuan Wan who also won three events 2x2x2, Magic and Master magic. Yuxuan Wang broke the master magic WORLD RECORD Average with a time of 0,79! Congratulations Yuxuan Wang!! Ville Sepp채nen, Henrik Buus Aagaard and Anssi Vahala are clearly three of the best speedcubers in Findland (and Denmark). Ville won rubik's cube event of Kirkkonummi Open 2011 and also 4x4, 5x5, 3x3 bfl, 3x3 fm, pyraminx, 4x4 bfl and 5x5 bfl. Ville archieve the 5x5 bfl best time WORLD RECORD with 9:48.58. Henrik won 2x2, magic, master magic, and 4x4 blf with Ville. Anssi won 3x3 oh, 3x3 wf and megaminx events almost every podium were them. Contratulations guys!!

For more news visit our webside!


Mirror Reflection June 2011

Championships in June! 4th

3Mola Open 2011 website Pier-Brzezno 80-363 Gdansk, Poland Organized by Adam Polkowski

Aplicarubick Open 2011 Ricardo Cumming 21-29 Santiago, Chile Organized by Jorge Oyarce Romo Arizona Open 2011 13430 N Black Canoun hwy Phoenix, Arizona, USA Organized by Christopher Milburn canadian CUBING CUBEcentric 2011 1750 Finch Ave. East Toronto, Ontario, Canada Organized by canadian cubing Cubik Box Cup 2011 155-1, Sec. 2, Linong St., Beitou Dist. Taipei, Taiwan Organized by Yu-Luo-Hong and Hung Lo 11th

Alania Open 2011 Süsterfeldstraße 30 Aachen Germany Organized by Aachen Speedcubers Dixon Open 2011 205 W 5th st Dixon, Illinois, USA Organized by John Brechon Instituto Nacional 2011 33 Arturo Prat Santiago, Chile Organized by Javier Santa Cruz

Big CubingItaly Open 2011 Via Sant'Uguzzone 8, 20126 Milan, Italy Organized by Cubing Italy

18th Ohio Open 2011 1739 N. High Street, Columbus, Columbus, Ohio, USA Organized by Mitchell Romito Tallinn Open 2011 5 Rotermanni St. / 10 Roseni St. Tallin, Estonia Organized by Ivo Kruusamägi River Hill Spring 2011 12101 Clarksville pike Clarksville, Maryland, USA Organized by Felix Lee Vårgårda Open 2011 Tånga Hed 447, 22 Vårgårda, Sweden Organized by Claes Hedin Henan University of S&T Open 2011 No.263, Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong District Luoyang, Henan, China Organized by Hao Han Yingkou Open 2011 No. 102, Qiwen Road, Zhanqian District Yingkou City, China Organized by Hongyu Bay and Ychen Chou

see the full agenda on our website

Cyber Open 2011

Jalan Multimedia, Universiti Multimedia Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia Mirror Reflection June 2011



Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has a population of 1.3 million people. It is the largest industrial city in Italy that has many different industrial sectors. It is a magnet for designers, artists, photographers and models. The city has an ancient historical center with important buildings and buildings of great interest to tourists, accounting for because so many people from all over the world want to come visit the city of glamor. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a covered double arcade formed of two glass-vaulted arcades minores, with the right angles that intersect to form an octagon, a covered walkway that connects Piazza della Scala, Piazza Duomo, Via Silvio Pellico and Via


Mirror Reflection June 2011

Ugo Foscolo . Named after Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of united Italy, was designed by architect Giuseppe Mengoni in an eclectic style typical in Milan in the second half of the nineteenth century. Currently, the four-story arcade includes elegant shops selling any kind of object, from haute couture to books, restaurants, cafes and bars. The Gallery, along with Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga is one of the most important centers for shopping in Milan. It is one of the most beautiful covered galleries in Europe. If you like the Mediterranean culture in its purest state do not hesitate to go to BigCubing Italy Open 2011, 11th and 12th of June at Ludoteca "La casa dei giochi".


Hostel California is a new hostel located in center town of Milan, 5 minutes walking from Corso Buenos Aires, very famous street for shopping. The hostel is located so as to be distant 10 minutes from Central Station, and 5 minutes walking from Loreto Square, which is one of Milan’s nerve centres and the intersection of two of the city’s underground lines (Red and Green) which take you easily and swiftly to all areas of Milan (Central Station, the Cathedral, the Sforza Castle, the Fiera Milano City exhibition centre and the new Fiera Milano exhibition area in Rho Pero. The service includes free luggage room where you could leave your stuff for free after check out, free wi-fi access, free Kitchen, daily house keeper, hair dryer, TV and reception 24 hours. And you can have breakfast for only 1,30€! Price per night is 15,00€ - 16,00€



Have a walk

When everything is closed you can have a nice meal in this place. Ciao is an Italian fast food restaurant where you can eat a lot of different kinds of meal: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta... and the very best are undoubtedly desserts!

Blevel is a pub - club that combines live music with lively DJ. It is the ideal place to go because the atmosphere is one of the best in town. Another reason to go is its price, since it is one of the least expensive places, especially the happy hours.

Navigli was the main river port of Italy in the late nineteenth century when in 1300 the marble to build the Duomo sailing on these stones.

Here you can eat a good piece of meat for 10-11€. address: Piazza Duomo and Via Fabio Filzi, 8

address: Via Alseiro, 3 web:

On Saturdays there is a market of regional gastronomy, books, curiosities... and the last Sunday of the month is the grat ocassion, with an antique market on the banks of the canals. Mirror Reflection June 2011


Shotaro Makisumi When and why did you started with speedcubing? I was taught a basic LBL method when I was about 9. I averaged about 2 minutes with that until 2002, when I discovered CFOP on Jessica Fridrich's website. At the time I found it hard to believe that someone could solve the cube even in under a minute, so the claim of 17 seconds blew me away. The difficulty of the system only motivated me even more. With the spare time I had in middle school, I was looking for a challenge. I found a great one in speedcubing.

What do your family and friends think about it? My family never expected me to become so successful with speedcubing, but they were always supportive. Especially at the prime of my cubing career in 2004-2005 (though I've since improved!), they let me travel a fair amount to compete. My close friends have all gotten used to my peculiar hobbies, not just cubing.

Are much different Occidental Speedcubing World from Oriental one? I actually have no experience competing in Asia. The biggest difference I found between European and U.S. competitions is that even the local European competitions (well, your countries are relatively small) often last more than a day. That leaves room for more bonding time and random adventures, though of course that also happens at multi-day U.S. competitions.


Mirror Reflection June 2011

Name: Shotaro Makisumi Alias: macky Age: 20 Job: Student You are from: Japan You are living: United States/France Civil state: Not married Hobby: Piano Colour: Bluish Number: e Food: ma-bo-do-fu Drink: coke Pet: cat Music: Radiohead Movie: Reservoir Dogs Book: All the King's Men Cube: F1, F2 Speedcuber: Mats Valk Championship: German Open 2010 A travell: what AvG is doing A concert: Eliott Smith (but he's dead) Restaurant: at the end of the universe Expectatives: be good at BLD again

Which cube do you prefer? I started out more as a slow-turning lookahead cuber, so I like tight, gooey, and somewhat solid. Right now it's a tie between F-I and F-II. I think F-I is amazing out of the box. F-II starts out too slippery for my style, but with 30-weight shock oil and some wear, I like it as much. Since F-I degrades, I use an F-II as my main cube. My style is still evolving to incorporate new fingertricks and the recent trend towards faster turning speed, so I'm still considering other cubes like Alpha-V and Guhong, or even F-I and F-II but with different lubricants.

What is the thing or the moment you like the most of a championship? If you don't count the random off-stage adventures, it definitely has to be watching amazing cubers do amazing things. When I'm watching Rowe Hessler dominate, for example, I always feel like a little kid in a candy shop. SO BOSS.

Next month the interview will be with MARIA OEY. Ask her what you want on our website

Mirror Reflection June 2011



From what cube xCube created?



The xCube is created drom a 2x2x2 Rubik's, actually is built on one of them, we can say that the 2x2x2 is the core of the puzzle. Which idea or form inspired you to creat it? The idea came to see the 4x4x4 cube x, in which the edges are cut off. But in the 2x2x2 if you truncate the interior part of pieces, you short part of the sliding guides, and as I like that was curved forms I did it.

How many hours it took you? For the truth is I can not give an exact figure because I do not usually count the days of creation, but I can assure that more than 60 hours in total, is completely built by hand on the 2x2, and stickers are also cut by hand. What tools do you use to cut the pieces? This question has made ​me for a lot of people, my tools are simple, a "mini" hand saw, cutters, small files, sandpaper, and for a time a dremmel.

When you make mods, you're wrong or always go right the first? Well so far I finished all them to the first, except a couple of them that I never finished, they are in the trash. To avoid this I dedicate some time the study before, for calling something, all the possible problems that may arise, and once I see it is viable is when I begin construction.

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