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MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Steve Yates rebirth of the figurative form Words: Nhamo

The renaissance of figurative art has a new protagonist in Brighton born, London based artist Steve Yeates. He explodes the concept of the traditional aesthetic through his innovative use of recycled materials such as reconstituted vandalised bus shelter glass & resin or recycled papier mache paper products.

Steve’s use of contemporary materials such as paper had its genesis when, frustrated in grief, he ripped apart unsent letters of sorrow and platitudes of forgiveness that were intrinsic to the grieving process. Hesitantly, he reassembled them as if collecting his thoughts and cast them in figures burying their faces, foetal in positioning throwing away any allusions of coping. “My Sculptures can display an amazing array of definitive states from tragic and haunting to ethereal and dynamic.” Says Steve. “One of the lessons of my life has been that it's transitions can illustrate to me the inconstant energy that is living in today's often brutal society. The violence and its repercussions are shown in the work made of recycled glass, the brutality of the act is magnified by its consequence, I try to transform that anger to something that is generically positive by moulding the glass into shapes of beauty transfixed into statuesque poses reminding us of our inner strength.” Creating reflections of the human body from shattered vandalised bus shelters by reconstituting the glass is just one of the many ways that this innovative figurative artist uses the concept of deconstruct to evolve destructive forces into new constructive aesthetic realities. If the re-genesis of tradition art is proving awkward, its maturation is surely

blossoming with this incisive exploration of the human soul. “My work explores the emotional repercussions on the soul of any individual of any emotional or physical act whether it be positive or negative. Working in figurative sculpture allows me to challenge the preconception of figurative art through the mixtures of media used and their methodology.” “More recently I have sought to celebrate the dynamic energy of life, and the fascination of movement through traditional materials such as bronze and lead crystal whilst still challenging core aesthetic values of figurative art.” Steve’s work brings new life to old materials. This theme of sustainability and rebirth strikes a familiar and welcome note in today’s ecologically aware society. He reminds us of the great circle of life and how nothing is ever really lost. It is therefore no wonder that an artist such as Steve Yeates is enjoying such critical appreciation. For more information contact: Studio 0208 761 3443 Web:

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MikesBliss at Adonis Art Words and Pictures: TheCygnet

Last month we featured artist MikesBliss blank, white walls of the gallery’s whose gallery show opening was a great success. On a cold February evening, the

basement proved the ideal space for showing Mike’s latest collection of stark,

Adonis Art gallery in London’s Earls Court monochrome images . areas provided a welcome shelter and a warming glass of red wine as we perused More details on: the pictures which Mike was showing.The

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Jeffrey Sanker, Party Master Newspapers have dubbed him variously “the high priest of gay parties”, “Circuit Master”, “the sultan of soirees,” and Circuit Noize Magazine simply calls him “the man”. With every accolade, Jeffrey Sanker further solidifies his name as the global gay community’s premier producer for nightlife and entertainment. Jeffrey Sanker is the founder of LA-based Jeffrey Sanker Entertainment, Inc. and creator of such signature events as White Party Palm Springs; New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles, Miami & Rio de Janeiro and the One Mighty Party at Orlando’s Gay Days. Sanker has been credited by the Miami Herald as being “the father of the modern gay circuit party.” Nowhere is this more evident than with Sanker’s trademark extravaganza: White Party Palm Springs, which has evolved into the most widely recognized gay celebration on the planet and attracts more than 30,000 attendees from every corner of the globe. Sanker’s passion for parties began during the early eighties in New York City. Working at such legendary locations as Studio 54, Palladium and Private Eyes, he fine-tuned his skills as a promoter and special event producer. He hosted parties for numerous celebrities, including Keith Haring, Calvin Klein, Grace Jones, Boy George, Madonna, Divine and Liberace. In 1987 Sanker traded cold winter snowstorms for sunshine and palm trees. He relocated from New York to California and set out to work his magic in Los Angeles. Using landmark venues such as The

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Palace, Studio One and Arena as his

world descend on the desert in

palette, Sanker created trend-setting themed events that breathed new life

celebration of its twentieth anniversary Now planned annually on the second

into the scene. He revolutionized local

week in April, (Easter Weekend) White

gay nightlife by creating “Hollywood

Party Palm Springs continues its twenty

Boys Club,” exclusively comprised of his most fashionable, upscale and loyal

year tradition, bringing the picturesque desert oasis alive with the mightiest

clientele, thus adding instant cache to

events of men, music and muscle. 

any event bearing his name. Sanker’s reputation for both Since then, his promotions have

discovering and working with world-

transformed countless other venues across Los Angeles from the Factory

class DJs (including Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez and longtime friend

Nightclub, to the Wiltern and Mayan

Manny Lehman) prompted NEXT

Theaters, to the Abbey, Area, Arena,

Magazine to comment: “the two best

Avalon, Circus, Eleven, Factory, Foxtail, Here Lounge, the Mayan and Wiltern

friends a DJ can have are Madonna and Jeffrey Sanker.”

Theaters, and most recently, My House. In 2004, Jeffrey Sanker helped launch

Jeffrey Sanker has also co-owned several restaurants over the course of

the first alternative nightclub on the

his career, including Chit Chat in Los

world-famous Las Vegas strip, KRAVE.

Angeles, RubiRosa (co-owned with Christina Applegate) in West Hollywood

Superstar entertainment has become a

and 6 Degrees Restaurant partners in

hallmark of Sanker events. Over the

Miami Beach, FL.

years, such legends as Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, Kelis, Anastacia, Natalie

Sanker has proudly produced

Cole, Marky Mark, Grace Jones, RuPaul,

fundraising events on behalf of

Deborah Cox, Boy George and even WICKED’s Edina Menzel have all

numerous charities and community organizations. Along with David Cooley,

performed live for his patrons.

he founded The Abbey’s Oscar party,

With this year’s world-famous WHITE

“The Envelope Please,” benefitting APLA. In recent years, he’s sponsored

PARTY PALM SPRINGS, the crown jewel

fundraising events for Project Angel

of gay getaways, Jeffrey is pulling out all

Food; Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing and

the stops as the hottest boys in the

The Trevor Project.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

White Party Palm Springs This year, White Party features two exclusive host hotels to choose from. First, the magnificent Wyndham Palm Springs is the center of the action, offering spectacular scenic views from rooms surrounding the largest pool deck in the desert. Second, the luxurious and stylish Hotel Zoso has just been added as an additional host hotel for the 20th anniversary celebration. Hotel Zoso’s plush accommodations and fine amenities let you spend White Party Spring Break in style without being too far away from the action! In addition, a limited number of VIP Luxury Hotel Packages are being offered. The ultimate combination of luxury and convenience, these exclusive packages include premiere room accommodations at Hotel Zoso; two Express Weekend Passes valid for entry to all White Party events; access to VIP areas at the Saturday White Party and the Sunday T-Dance, along with airport transportation, a commemorative DVD gift bag and more! Weekend passes are on sale now! White Party Weekend Passes and the VIP Express Weekend Passes are the most convenient and economical way to maximize your White Party experience!  Weekend Passes include entry to the four main events.   Express Weekend Passes include entry to all eight weekend events, plus a variety of extras. 

For the latest schedule and performance information, visit: Live Performances this year include Lady Gaga jhadlining on Saturday Night with Kat Deluna performing at the Sunday T Dance.

Stellar Squadron of DJs includes; Abel; Ana Paula; Brett Henrichsen; Casey Alva; ChiChi LaRue; Hector Fonseca; Joe Gauthreaux; Manny Lehman; Marco; Oscar Velasquez; The Perry Twins; Ralphi Rosario and Tony Moran.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

DIE TOTE STADT by ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, LONDON COVENT GARDEN Words: Philip Rham Er, Erich who, you may well ask? Mr Korngold, in fact, may ring a bell with those those aficionados of Hollywood films for he it was who epitomised those swooping, lush scores associated with such Errol Flynn epics as “The Sea Hawk” and “The Adventures of Robin Hood” as well as “Captain Blood” and “Anthony Adverse” for which he won an Academy award. His music swashbuckled its way through eighteen films in all, mostly for Warner Brothers during and after the war. In later years he reverted to his stand alone compositions including violin and cello concertos (worth checking out, by the way). Korngold’s dates are 1897 born in Brno present day Czech Republic , studying under Alexander Zemlinsky in Vienna and dying a US citizen in 1957. Like so many of the talents that created Hollywood’s greatness, he was a refugee from Nazi oppression. In so many ways he resembles another composer whose pre-Hollywood work is much more widely performed, namely Kurt Weill. We remember Weill’s bitter sweet hard-hitting collaborations with Berthold Brecht and tend to neglect his Broadway hits such a “Lost in the Stars”, “Street Scene”. It is the reverse for Korngold. Korngold had an auspicious start in life. He was the young wunderkind, an acclaimed prodigy, who was hailed by Mahler (“a genius, a genius!”), was praised by Puccini and whom Richard Strauss, no less, took under his wing. His autocratic father (who wrote the libretto here under the name of Paul Schott) was mightily pleased – oh those pushy show business parents! His son was the new Mozart (not for nothing was Korngold’s

middle name Wolfgang!), a Mendelssohn for our age, he was known as the “Viennese Puccini”. At the precocious age of 13 Erich had written his first opera “Der Ring des Polykrates” (recently recorded) and at 19 another opera “Violanta”, so he was a seasoned 23 when he wrote “Die Tote Stadt” (The Dead City). It opened simultaneously in Hamburg and Cologne in 1920, was an immediate hit and had a trumphant run. Inexorably and inevitably the silly Nazis banned his music and thus Korngold found his way to America. Although he had written a good few other operas later, including “Das Wunder der Heliane”, they never really took off as “Die Tote Stadt” did but then Hollywood interposed and all his pre-war work was neglected. And now The Royal Opera House has somewhat shamefully waited ninety years to revive it and you might well say because it

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

wasn’t worth reviving. After all Korngold’s reputation based on his Hollywood film scores was epitomised in the quip “more corn than gold”. However he has undergone a re-evaluation of late and so this production comes from a 2004 Salzburg/Vienna coproduction and has already been seen in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Barcelona. It is directed by Willy Decker with designs by Wolfgang Gussmann and lighting by Wolfgang Goebbel. Ingo Metzmacher conducts here in London.

hair that Paul has kept as a kind of relic of Marie while another ghostly procession walks by in the street. Paul is so provoked that he finally strangles Marietta and then the Dynasty moment is revealed – it had all been a DREAM, a vision-cum-hallucination in Paul’s traumatised mind. However, as a result, he has exorcised his demons and chooses to leave Bruges, the city of death, and live again.

The period resonances are numerous Vienna and Freud and the interpretations of The story is based on a symbolist novel by dreams, symbolist poets finding their Georges Rodenbach “Bruges-laautomatic inspiration through their subMorte” (Bruges the dead) , very much a conscious. I was also reminded of that classic product of the trauma of the first world war struggle between man’s idolisation of slaughter. In Bruges, Paul, our hero, has woman as the pure divine virginal character cloistered himself in his home which he has as opposed to the wild passionate made into a shrine to the memory of his dead seductress as sex object, the Apollo versus wife Marie; he is inconsolable, obsessively the Dionysus. In a way Korngold’s opera falls contemplating her portrait on the wall. His into the bracket of Berg’s “Lulu” or Bartok’s actor friend Frank tries to revive him, telling “Bluebeard’s Castle” in that it treats such him he has met a dancer who is the spitting similar psychosexual topics BUT Korngold’s inmage of Marie. Paul invites Marietta and her music stubbornly stays in late Romantic friends and Paul is fascinated by the vein , never venturing into atonality; resemblance and the sensuality of the Strauss’s influence is plain for all to see and dancing Marietta. Inevitably he is torn hear. I was expecting those lush richly between his devotions to the memory of the textured melodies but for me it was neither dead Marie and the very much alive and sexy one thing or the other – at least in the first Marietta. She returns with her actor/dancer half. The start has four bars of an abrupt intro friends dessed as clowns and pierrots and and straight we go into a verismo through mockingly re-enacts the resurrection scene singing of the opera as if Korngold was still from Meyerbeer’s “Robert le Diable” which finding his real voice - a Strauss here , a scandalises Paul. She enjoys mocking his Puccini there , here and there even a touch of piety and seductively plays with the lock of Bartok. So I was reserving judgement up to

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

the first half. Don’t get me wrong when he finally gives a well written melody as in Gerald Finley’s beautifully sung Pierrotslied (Pierrot’s song) or in the well known Marietta’s aria “Glueck das mir verblieb” ( Happiness that was left me), you sit back and enjoy. However by the time the third act started after the interval, I became a complete convert to this work and would heartily recommend it to anyone. The music finally finds its voice and organically connects the characters with their emotions and thrust of the story. Here was Korngold’s authentic particular vision. The design and direction mirrored this wonderfully all the way through the opera. Gussmann’s askew room with its suspended oblique ceiling, haunted, literally, by numerous copies of the portrait of the dead Marie, her pale, mournful face casting a shadow over the whole proceedings. In fact, whether by design or not, the life-size portrait even joined the curtain call the night I went - spooky indeed! The eerie procession and re-enactment of Robert le Diable are brilliantly evoked through a broken frame and diaphanous version of Marie. I really loved Decker’s and Gussmann’s conception and direction .Ingo Metzmacher keeps the schmaltz to a minimum so the tension within the music and the characters is the overriding impression. As to the singing - well , Paul (tenor) is admittedly a hell of a sing. The character is rarely off the stage and the writing is continually high-lying. Torsten Kerl struggled in my opinion and I found him difficult to listen to as he strained to give beauty to his singing line. In his defence he definitely warmed by Act 3. Marietta has a delightful part taken here by Nadja Michael,

perfectly good, especially in “Glueck…” but slightly unsure of her pitching at times. I have to add here my companion had completely the reverse opinion of these two singers!. But we both agreed this was a marvellous production and despite doubts about some of the singing, the superb Gerald Finley apart, the performances triumphantly rose above it. So after ninety years “Die Tote Stadt” and Korngold are revived and will, I trust, have a new life. This is pure gold, without the corn! Recommended Listening

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

A DJ Called Monte artist profile Words: Colin Swan

Miami-based Monte's journey in music started long before he became a DJ. He has progressed to levels beyond the average person in the industry by far. Putting his mind, body and soul into every set he performs, Monte makes an enchanting impact on his audience. With high confidence in his craft, he's able to read the crowd and direct it with perfection using flawless transitions executed in every mix produced. Utilizing his vast knowledge of music ranging from low BPM tracks, that tantalizing move throughout your body, to intense high tech in your face House. Monte is capable of both vocal and non-vocal sets that keep the dance floor pumping for hours. Over the course of Monte's life, a tremendous amount of time was spent educating himself musically. After listening to Chicago radio stations, Monte decided to begin his music career in high school as a DJ. This allowed him to explore the club and music scene. He later furthered his knowledge and technical skills at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. After military service he built a strong foundation and reputation by staying focused and active in his community. His courage, determination

and will to never give up, has made him successful throughout his career. Monte's strong leadership is sure to set the standard with his music worldwide. With nothing holding him back, Monte will be on top, spreading his groovelicious sets across the globe. Monte is most known for his vivacious, funky, sexy house sets, but has more tricks up his sleeve!

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Parlez vouz Polari?

an introduction to gay slang By Les Pratt

“How bona to vada your dolly old eek again!” – a familiar phrase to British radio listeners in the late 1960s, but of the millions of devotees of the cult comedy series “Round the Horne”, how many really understood the significance of what emanated from their wireless on a wintry Sunday evening? The mysterious language propagated by the two outrageous out-of-work thespians, Julian and Sandy (played by Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick), was not just a stream of improvised gobbledegook from the mouths of two comedy actors; neither was it the product of a comedy writer’s vivid imagination. When Round the Horne script-writers, Barry Took and Marty Feldman, hit upon the idea of using this language to great comedic effect in their show, they were actually helping to bring gay culture into the homes of ordinary people nationwide without them even realising it. The language in question is “polari”. It evolved here in Britain during the eighteenth century from certain words gleaned from the gypsy community and circus entertainers. As it pushed its way into theatre-land, and thus into the shrouded gay community, it became a means of helping gay men to go about their day to day business without fear of arrest. In the dark ages prior to our spiritual emancipation, the mere hint of homosexual deviance could have you up before the magistrate in a flash. Those convicted of such abhorrent conduct could face imprisonment, hard labour, torture or worse.

“Coming out” was what educated young ladies did aged sixteen as they were introduced to society, not what angstridden teenagers do over the Sunday lunch (“Mum, Dad? I’m queer. Pass the gravy.”). In Georgian England it was of vital importance to conduct one’s unnatural activities with the utmost discretion, hence many gay men found their satisfaction in the notorious molly houses of London’s shrouded underworld. Using a secret code made it much easier to communicate with likeminded people in safety. So, gradually, “polari” became an integral part of gay armoury. The “love that dare not speak its name” had created an idiolect of its very own: a barrier to shield it from persecution; a mask from behind which it could peek without the risk of blowing the gaffe. (Is that part of the slang too? Ed.) The language itself is not a comprehensive one. Used in conjunction with English, Polari simply replaces important words such as parts of the body, items of clothing, place names, relevant adjectives and certain

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

verbs to disguise any allusion to queerness. It’s a concoction of linguistic styles, too. Some Polari words derive from rhyming slang; some are variations of foreign words (like the word “polari” itself, for instance – from the root of the Italian “parlare” – to speak); some are purloined from the backslang tradition (e.g.“riah”, meaning hair), and some are just examples of gay inventiveness. So, how about that phrase at the start of this article, then? “How bona to vada your dolly old eek again” was always the opening gambit for Round the Horne’s Julian and Sandy to reacquaint themselves with the programme’s anchor-man, Kenneth Horne. “Bona”means nice;“vada”means to see or look; “dolly” means pretty or handsome, and “eek” means face. “How nice to see your handsome face again”. Simple, really! The fact that Kenneth Horne was a sixty year-old balding straight man had nothing to do with it, this is a gay language after all, and ironic bitching is what we’re best at, dear!

up with that word to differentiate the gay boys from the straight ones. “NAFF” simply meant, “Not Available For F@#king”!

One characteristic of Polari still in use today is the replacing of “he” with “she”. This is not just a modern-day way for naff queens to refer to their fellow homos; in a nineteenth century conversation about gay sex, changing the gender of those involved was a good way of throwing any extraneous listeners off the scent.

Luckily for us, there’s no need to practise the old lingo any more, but it’s quite fun to throw in the odd word every so often, just to keep the tradition alive. So, as you prepare to troll Canal Street of a Friday night, zhoosh your riah, powder your eek, don your bona batts and put your best lally forward.

Oh, and that reminds me, the word “naff” comes from Polari as well! This is a word which stems from nineteenth century dockslang. The boys working away down at the docks, as they looked dreamily into the eyes of the sailors recently returned from foreign climes after months away from shore, came

All sorts of words we use in everyday gay life today originated from the polari lexicon many of them from the cloak and dagger London rent boys: blag (to pick up), trade (sexual partner), cottage (public toilet), mince (no need to explain that one!), even “camp” comes from polari. Actually, it was originally spelt “kamp”, and was used to refer to the young men I’ve just mentioned: kamp = known as male prostitute.

There are bona omis galore out there – make sure they vada you first!

For a comprehensive dictionary of Polari visit

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

The Care Factor By Jeffrey Kagan McCann

Hello Readers! I’m so glad and excited to be joining Mirrorballs as the resident Advice Columnist. I will be offering what I feel is common sense advice. I want to a sounding board for you. I think it is easier to talk to a stranger about problems you maybe having than to a friend or a family member. I will be honest with you with my advice to your question as best to my ability. If you want someone to be straight with you, then I am your person. I’m not here to be mean-spirited or campy like maybe some other advice columnists in some other periodicals. I’m here to offer sage advice and answer your questions. We’ve all had some difficulties or know someone who had problems in life such as with Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Coming out, new relationships, break ups, etc. I’m here as alternative to a professional therapist or Psychologist. There will be questions I won’t able to answer and I will help to direct you to organization or someone else that will help you. So I would like to hear from you, if you want to vent, or share your thoughts about anything let me know.

Dear Mirrorballs, I have a secret crush on this guy who lives in the U.S. what should I do? D.S., in the U.K. Long distant relationships are a pain in the butt and not in a good way. If you have feelings for this guy, then tell him and cut through the B.S. If he feels the same way about you, then I’m sure that you will be able to work it out. If he doesn’t feel the same about you, but he wants to be your friend you must decide if this is what you want.

I have promised to marry a Nigerian that lives in Europe, so he can stay in the UK, but I have fallen in love with someone else. I feel I should honour the agreement, but my heart belongs to another. Dear Mirrorballs, what should I do? Anonymous First of all I don’t know the legal system in the UK, when it comes to the same sex marriage act. I would need to do some research, but I heard if you marry an immigrant that person can stay, but again I need to do some more

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

research. Now, getting away from that---here comes the common sense angle. Why? Why would you marry someone else even if it were to keep this person in the country when you have feelings for someone else? I mean helping this person maybe paved with good intentions, but nothing good will come out of it. Also, if your local authorities find you out you will certainly be in trouble. This type of thing is very common in here in the States when a foreign born gay man marry straight women or a Lesbian. Here’s my advice leave it alone. Because if you caught it’s considered fraud and you might go to jail. If you feel this guy is worth you going to jail then Mazel Tov. But I think you should think about this long and hard and factor in the ramifications. My Partner is addicted to Heroin. I love him all the world. But he has started stealing from me. I don’t know where to turn, what should I do? Lost in Philadelphia Okay, this is a tough question, because I have been through this with my Ex. I never been involved anyone with an addiction. He did get me to

turn on to it for a while. But I was sensible enough to get out of it before it took a hold of me. This person actually stole from his family and friends and he had me lie to them to cover his problem. And like an idiot I did it because I thought I was in love with him. It got so bad for him his family and friends wouldn’t allow him to stay in their homes when he was on the brink of homelessness, because they couldn’t trust him staying in their homes. My advice to you is to tell him your concerns. Tell him that you will help him to get help for their addiction. But if they refuse your help, then you must tell them you won’t help them anymore---they are cut off. You will not give them and money or a place to stay unless they look into treatment. It’s a tough decision it make but its necessary, this person is going down a dark path and they are dragging you down with them if you keep enabling them. You have to think of yourself and your well being first. If this person is not going to taking himself seriously. Then you need to let them go they need to hit rock bottom in order for them to pick themselves up.

See ya! Jeff x email:

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009


Rest your body! Recover from injuries! Review your routine! All Words and Photos: Martin Kingston

You got to the gym late and were in a hurry, so you skipped the warm up, right? Today was a day for upping the weights, and you decided to ignore that niggling little soreness on the outside of your elbows because you were well into the swing of your new training programme.

Full of bravado, you swing the dumbbells up and OUCH! A sharp pain runs down your arm and you drop the weights. You have probably strained a muscle. Welcome to the world of gym injuries! A strain is a torn muscle or tendon. A sprain is where you damage a ligament that connects bones, and can take much longer to heal. If you are not sure what is wrong, check in with a medic and they can tell you. Otherwise, what to do? For the first few days, think RICE! This stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation. Rest the area (or at least move it in its pain free range), apply ice (wrapped in a damp cloth) to calm the inflammation, compress and elevate limbs to reduce swelling. Time to lie on the sofa and relax for a while! Frustrated? Hopefully you will have learnt your lesson with a minor strain, rather than a major injury. After a few days, the swelling should have gone down and the pain subsided but you are not out of the woods yet – you have cleared the damaged tissue, but need to build back the muscle. Graduated exercise – start gentle - will help build back the muscle, but remember to be cautious, and pace yourself. Gentle stretching and massage help break down clots and scar tissue,

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

A nuisance, huh? So what are the key messages?

Rest is crucial for training. It is in our rest time that we build up muscle mass.

Warm up before exercise, warm down after, and do slow stretching afterwards, to help recover and avoid building up patterns of tension that might get you completely recovered. This can become injured. repetitive strains – those aches with no specific cause, but gradually build up, and Rest is crucial for training. It is in our rest which only go when we change the habit time that we build up muscle mass. It is that brought them on. Unchecked they important for recovery from an injury can lead on to serious injury, as our story too. illustrated. We often make do with inadequate rest, where our muscles are still tense from training, or even overtrain, where we exercise a bodypart before it is

Massage too can help keep you on good form, relaxed and flexible, and therefore able to rest more thoroughly. It is not clear, however, if massage alone can speed up recovery time between workouts. Certainly a good sports & remedial massage therapist can work with you to help normalise postural imbalances and repair scars and repetitive strains that might make you vulnerable when humping weights.

Want more information? Check out the Links page on the website

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Cape Town Pride rainbow flags in the rainbow nation Words and Photos: Nhamo

On the last Saturday of February the city of Cape Town came to life. Vivid colours filled the streets as hundreds of people joined the party to shout, whistle and cheer on the parade which weaved through the streets with one of South Africa's most famous land marks in the background - Table Mountain. The Rainbow Nation truly lived up to its name and reputation as all races, colours and creeds where well represented in both the floats and the crowds, adorned with a rainbow flag. Under the watchful eye of organiser, Glenn de Swardt, the variety of floats, from small community groups to major corporations provided plenty to entertain the crowds. Prominent among the parade's participants was local boy, Kurt Rogers who is the ambassador for the recently launched Play Nice campaign. This sexy adult film star handed out caps, stickers and condoms promoting the safer sex message. Much loved by the crowd was the Gaydar float, with it's dancing muscular models who engaged the crowd and threw whistles and fans - vital to keep cool among all these hot men. The boys of Cape Town were there in force and as the shirts came off the well defined muscles glinted in the sun under an unbroken blue sky. Not to be outdone were the Dykes on Bikes - the deep

throaty roar of the Harley Davidson motorcycles carrying sexy ladies wearing as little as legally permissible. At the end of the parade the party continued in a school car park. Under the trees were braais (bar-b-qs), live bands and shows and people generally getting chilled out on this relaxing afternoon. Stars appearing at the event included David Furnish and Patrick Peacock, both of whom could be seen casually mixing and chatting with the crowd and joining the dancing to the live music coming from the stage.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Play Nice Launch of safer sex campaign in Cape Town Words & Pictures: Nhamo

It is the last weekend of Gay Pride in Cape Town, South Africa, and men of all ages are gathered in a robustly industrial space lit with pink lighting and flooded with House Music pumping from large speakers. Atmosphere comes in frosted glass and is served by half dozen shirtless young men. The event is a fetish-themed party to launch "Play Nice", a safe-sex campaign, is the first large-scale campaign specifically geared to target HIV-related messaging to men who have sex with men (MSM). Wherever you look there are posters and screens displaying the projected images of gay men, many naked, carrying messages about HIV, safe sex and treatment. This is a multi-media campaign using the internet, mobile phone technology, traditional media and direct campaigns to reach various groups of MSM in novel, pro-sex ways that will appeal to them. The campaign is run by Health4Men, whose

David Furnish, Trustee of the Elton John Aids Foundation, both spoke at the launch. The MSM community has historically had a very low profile in the HIV/AIDS conversation in Africa, despite having an HIV prevalence rate two to three times higher than the heterosexual population.

co-director and a leading expert on gay Health4Men has collected a database of issues in South Africa, Glenn De Swardt, says phone numbers, and uses techniques like the project could not have come at a better sending out a bulk text message on a Friday time. "Even though they have the night, reminding guys who are "playing" to information, [men] are not practicing safe bring condoms and lubricant. Later in the sex consistently - we know it and they know evening another text message might be it - so we're tying to make safer sex sent, informing recipients that if they have messaging - sexier." had unsafe sex, they have 48 hours to begin post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and giving Zackie Achmat, internationally recognized a number they can contact to receive HIV treatment and human rights activist, and treatment.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Zackie Achmat said that one of the reasons

infections, counselling, and antiretroviral

he is supporting the initiative is the heavy toll and other treatments. that HIV has taken in the gay community. Dr Kevin Rebe, an infectious disease "For a few decades now the leadership of the specialist and HIV physician who will be the lesbian/gay movement in South Africa, the older leadership, have been decimated by

primary medical officer, said the clinic would adhere to all Department of Health

the epidemic," he said.

guidelines, but would be "more holistic". "We're assessing sexual risk in greater detail;

Health4Men’s reach-out campaign includes

we are extra tailored to higher-risk

an office in Cape Town's "gay village" of De Waterkant (The Waterfront), organizing

populations." In addition to physical care, "we deal with psychosexual issues that really

seminars at gay venues, posting articles in the gay media, and distributing messages in

affect sexual activity, like impulsivity, sexual addiction, and the use of drugs and alcohol."

the lockers at a steam bath frequented by

Health4Men distributes free lubricants along


with condoms, a vital component of safe anal sex.

According to De Swardt, the average gay man in South Africa doesn't know his HIV

De Swardt also runs support groups for HIV-

status. Part of the reason MSM do not go to

positive men. "In the next three months I

be tested is because they are embarrassed to go to "normal" clinics. "For the gay

want to have three support groups running: one for people who have just found out their

community, people feel embarrassed to go status, one for those with difficulty to the local government clinic where they are adjusting to it, and a third for those going known. To have sores in your mouth or down

into treatment."

there ... if you can go to a special clinic where you're comfortable and won't be

Also speaking at the launch, David Furnish

discriminated against, that's good," said Prosper Mandy at the Play Nice launch party.

commented: "Africa's HIV/Aids response has been hugely scaled up over the last few years; however MSM have received little of

Health4Men will be opening a facility at the Ivan Toms Centre for Men's Health in the

this attention. The Health4Men and Play Nice campaigns signal a renewed commitment to

Cape Town suburb of Woodstock in the coming months. De Swardt describes it as a

meeting the needs of this community in the Western Cape."

"male friendly" space. "Personnel are all male, though not necessarily all gay," he said. All services will be free, and will include

This launch party is for the first phase of a much larger and further reaching Play Nice

HIV tests, CD4 counts to measure immune system strength, viral load testing to check

campaign. De Swardt commented: "This [first] campaign has been designed

the quantity of HI-virus in the body,

specifically for urban ... gay men. This

screening for sexually transmitted

campaign - the way it exists now - cannot be

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

replicated in the Cape Flats [an area of large coloured townships] or the black townships. You can't just take a campaign from one community and drop it in another." Larger campaigns will be rolled out during the year and Health4Men has set up a process for research among the various socioeconomic groups in the black and coloured communities around Cape Town. "Based on that research, we'll design similar campaigns, but we don't know what they look like yet," De Swardt said. Hoping to reach those communities, De Swardt has suggested that the new campaigns attempt to avoid the stigma of being MSM by providing testing and messaging in places like pharmacies, or even hairdressing salons. "We have more resources for the new campaigns than we've had for the current one - we're investing quite heavily in this preventative thing," said De Swardt. "It's the first time this kind of thing - MSM, multimedia, sex-positive kind of

Contact Details: Office: CIA building, 14 Cobern Street, De-Waterkant (between Beaulah Bar and Bar Code) Telephone: 021 425 6463

messaging - has been done in South Africa, and a lot more money will go into the next

PO Box: 891, Greenpoint, 8051

non-Eurocentric campaigns."

townships around Cape Town, Prosper Mandy said: "The problem is getting the

Clinic: Woodstock Hospital, Victoria Walk Road, Woodstock (take Mountain Road off the Woodstock main road)

message out there to the communities. As you can see, most people here [at the fetish

For more details see

Referring to the black and coloured

party] are middle- and upper-class, so the question is how to get the services out there, and how to get them to come here."

Portions adapted from a press release issued by PHRU and Health4Men, 26

Type to enter text

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Cape Town Nightlife

Choosing your perfect night out. Words: Nhamo

Loft Lounge

accommodates 3 sitting areas with Blood red chaise Lounges, Retro White leather couch 24 Napier Street, De Waterkant and red velvet 70’s 3-seater and 10 black T. +27 21 425 2647 glass top tables and Italian Leather chairs. Up the wooden staircase to the second floor, with a softer more comfortable look and feel. The Loft Lounge is a double volume venue Sink into the deep suede and leather couches with a glass front overlooking the majestic in a subtle ambience of deep coulors. To add Table Mountain. The welcoming entrance Hall with its dusted Lilac tint and Blue Crystal to this the wooden floor, dark wood wrapChandelier sets the scene for the plush décor around bar and stunning artwork from a number of Cape Town’s new and up-coming lying ahead. Up the first flight of stairs, you artists add to a comfortable evening out at will experience the Retro-Chic first floor designed around a geometrical black, white The Loft. and red wall hanging. This area

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Bronx Action Bar 35 Somerset Road, Green Point T. +27 21 419 9216

Beaulah Bar 28 - 30 Somerset Road Road, Green Point, T. +27 21 421 6798

The new hotspot for all the ladies and gents in town, Beulah is Gayle – in local queer speak Since acquiring Bronx, Bruno Bunn has - for “beautiful.” This lesbian-owned focused his efforts on 'polishing the jewel' “bohemian-chic” bar/lounge is a breath of that is Cape Town's longest running gay venue. Upgrades have included large screen fresh air for the local gay community. Boys plasma TV's and a beefed-up sound system, and girls drop by most nights, but every revamped bathrooms done in slick metal and other Thursday there’s a true “dyke night” slate finishes. The venue itself has grown as called Lush. Lotsa eye candy and good tunes. well, resulting in an expanded upstairs cocktail bar and the introduction of a sexy private back bar for men only. Open seven nights a week and featuring some of Cape Town's top DJ's, Bronx is internationally known, and referred to as 'Home' by its large clientele of gays and straights. The result of these improvements is a Bronx that is more populae than ever, garnering the attention of the prestigious New York Times, which featured the famed Action Bar recently in its Travel Section, followed by glowing articles in various gay publications around the world.

Bar Code 18 Cobern Street, Green Point T. +27 21 421 5305 Cape Town's men's Leather, Uniform and Jeans Bar, located in the gay village. A popular meeting place, downstairs bar and upstairs cruising - maze, dark room, slings, video and outdoor deck. Check for special events: underwear/leather/pork nights (strict dress code/clothes check available).

Amsterdam Bar 10-12 Coburn street, De Waterkant The bar is a joint venture between Brian Kruger, who is also behind the Loft Lounge and CIA and Michiel Spaapen, from the famous Amsterdam Guest House. Indeed a formidable duo in the Gay entertainment realm of Cape Towm. Amsterdam bar has a real international flavour. This is evident in the name and style of the venue. The feel is friendly, the drinks are well priced and for those looking for something more, there’s the upstairs action area with movies to match. There are host of regular events including Themed Parties, Stripper nights to Pleasure hunts to Drink Specials and happy hour.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Treasure to take home treating your self to some African gems By John Moorcraft

You are going to experience brilliant starry nights in Cape Town. However, if you are looking for something stunning in the warm sunny hours of the day you need not look any further than the many jewellery shops in town. Africa has been a leading producer of diamonds on the international market for many decades. The talented craftsmen of Cape Town have taken their natural native resource and produced a wonderful product that would make an exciting addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

and dazzling as any of the fine gemstones you are familiar with but the deep colour saturation is powerful and unique. One of the advantages of travelling to South Africa and shopping for jewellery is that you are sure to find stones of quality and size that are not readily available elsewhere.

Diamonds are the main resource found in the local shops but the imagination of the local jewellers seems unending. One can find many variations of yellow gold or white gold set with any amount of diamonds your budget can handle. The stimulating discovery here is the use of coloured diamonds and other gemstones. Cape Town has a wonderful selection of fine jewellery pieces created from black diamonds. While black diamonds have been available for many years, they are a relative new addition to fine jewellery fashion design. Set in white gold or accented with other diamonds they make a bold handsome statement. Green diamonds are another wonderful coloured stone that is readily available in South Africa. If you have never experienced the variety of natural colours that occur in diamonds you are in for a treat. You may never want to buy white diamonds again.

When thinking of pearls, Cape Town is not likely to be the first city that comes to mind, however, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. You will find that pearls are plentiful in all sizes and colours. Everything from simple earrings to full opera length necklaces are to be found.

You will also find a magnificent selection of sapphires offered by the local merchants. The rich blue tone will be a constant reminder of the gorgeous clear sky you will find in Cape Town. Attractive rings accentuated with diamonds are found in most shops.

To ensure there is something for every budget and every taste, you will also find unique and exciting hand crafted fashion jewellery. Indigenous stones, fabrics and metals have been utilized to painstakingly recreated tradition tribal style. You will also find similar materials used to create innovative and modern style; something for everyone.

Whether you are shopping for an extraordinary new trinket to take home or you just want to admire the true artwork that is on display in the shop windows – jewellery is Tanzanite is another of the breathtaking another South African stones that is in abundance in Cape Town. Its experience that you don’t brilliant regal colour is a head turner that you want to overlook. could find irresistible. This stone is as strong

Bari Goddard Art & Photography +44 7907 998418

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Ignorance Is Bliss But Fatal

identifying depression in yourself or a loved one By Peter Michael Dedes - Holistic Life Coach

I see more and more people living their lives

internal pressure, which has to go

at such a fast and compressed rate that the somewhere or be channeled in some manner phrase “I am too busy” or “I am stressed” has in order to be dispersed. Mostly this pressure found its way into our everyday language as

is internalised or it may come out in many

a commonality. My response to these utterances has always been that “Your

unpleasant guises such as anger or dis-ease, unless it is not neutralised at source.

relationship with time will directly challenge and impact your health, both in the short and It is a challenge to escape and manage the mammalian and reptilian drivers of the brain, long term”. although not impossible with proper We have an enormous challenge ahead of us in this 21st century. You may think that

understanding, knowledge and practical application.

depression does not concern you. But

In a fast moving 21st century many of us

depression will affect many and tear into the very fabric of our society.

suffer from the stresses and strains of life, and some from depression. Here I am alluding

We live in a society that makes significant demands and many of us buckle at the first hurdle and at a high cost. I did say many and not all, just in case you are thinking, well not me. Well it can happen to you, no matter how strong or durable you think that you are. When depression hits you, you will certainly know that something is not quite right. There are many and varied demands that come into our lives, whether from home, work or family and we may not have the ability or indeed the resources to meet those demands, these can either be perceived as a challenge or a threat. If you have the resources to meet demands that may come from any area of your life,

Some Facts For You The World Health Organisation has stated that depression will become the second biggest disabler by 2020 after cardiovascular disease. [The author believes this will occur sooner] Depression is already common in that it affects 120 million people worldwide and it is growing. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability on many levels worldwide. Depression can be reliably diagnosed and treated with the right care.

then you will perceive it as a challenge. On the flip side, if you do not have the resources or the ability to meet those demands then you will perceive it as a threat. This perception of threat creates and builds an

Less than 30% of those afflicted have access to effective treatments and counseling.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

to general depression as distinct from bipolar or other forms of severe clinical depression. Depression takes its toll emotionally, mentally, physiologically and/ or spiritually; in fact any combination of these. How many of you reading this have experienced those anxious feelings that keeps you up at night or that heavy feeling whereupon you are shouldering a burden or are extremely worried about some aspect of your life or your family that does not seem to go away and this feeling seeps into every facet of your life rendering you fatigued, lacking in energy, low self esteem, confidence undermined, inability to cope? The issue here is that we are told and conditioned to tolerate stress on an increasingly higher level without any regard of the primal drivers of the mammalian and reptilian brain and the limbic system which controls our fight/flight responses and emotions. Our way of life weakens our immune system and our ability to stave off the internal

foods that we eat are contaminated or highly processed and many of us simply cannot afford the exorbitant costs of organic foods. This scenario has a cost to it and a

cumulative effect, in that it lowers immunity pressure that gets built up over time and this and decreases resistance to stress and to further impacts our physiology in many ways dis-ease which in turn creates a vibrational and the outplay of this can be devastating. discord in the system and then problems Let’s look at the way we work, eat, sleep and generally conduct our daily lives. We tend to


Depression occurs in persons of all genders, do many of these things in an imbalanced ages, and backgrounds with no prejudice. manner. We work many hours, eat on the run, Depression results when there is a change in eat nutritionally deficient foods especially brain chemistry that affects the level of when we are stressed and rush around like neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically beavers on amphetamines with the sense serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. that achievement is in our sights. But at what This change can be due to a variety of cost? different causes including a hereditary or Many of us suffer from sleep deficit disorder; biological disposition and acute stress that can manifest on a conscious and/or sometimes due to poor sleep hygiene. The

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

unconscious level. Other contributing factors are tragic events, attitudes towards life, social and environmental

What do neurotransmitters do? Simply put, neurotransmitters convey messages from


cell to cell throughout the nervous system.

Understanding the factors that can trigger depression is key and can be helpful in

Let’s take a snapshot of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin has a

attempting to alter the impact of symptoms. huge impact on the brain. It is a bit like a parent. It overseas and sets the levels of This goal can be better accomplished by

including the many natural ways that you can regulation, hence the brake pedal. Serotonin regulates and discourages certain affect your own brain chemistry balances. The Science of Pressures and Relief (SOPAR) unbecoming behaviours and soothes you when you are anxious or you are worried. we offer will show you how this can be Have you ever reached for a nice accomplished. Interestingly, there have been many people of significance who have suffered from this stigmatised affliction from famous biographers to history’s accomplished scientists and politicians like Sir Winston

carbohydrate snack when you are worried or need soothing? That’s because certain carbohydrates boost your serotonin levels and make you feel relaxed and helps to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of well being.

Churchill and Abraham Lincoln both of whom One of the quickest ways to alter your mood documented their battle with mood, misery is to change the foods that you eat. For and behaviour. example if you have a meeting and you need There have been many years and volumes of to stay awake and alert, then you will need a research produced to try to identify the puzzle that is depression; and here I am talking about all forms of depression. One of the most interesting areas of research is

protein rich snack or meal, as this will boost

your dopamine levels and keep you sharp and alert, hence dopamine is known as an accelerator or the gas pedal.

addressing brain chemistry and the anatomy If you are deficient in serotonin you will of the brain’s neurotransmitters, of which display certain behavioral characteristics there are many. The three main ones are such as irritability, or you may reach out for serotonin, which acts as a brake pedal, certain drugs or drink excessively or go on an dopamine which acts as an accelerator and eating binge or increase your sexual activity. norepinephrine.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

These are known bio-markers of serotonin deficiency. We always fear what we do not understand or know. Unless you have had the living experience of depression, then you can only have an academic view of this subject. What needs to happen is to bring about an awareness of this into the mainstream. This is why I am passionate putting this subject on peoples radar. There is nothing to fear about depression, it is a stimulus response. However it is a powerful one at that. Depression does not have prejudice. It has steadily and increasingly made its way across international, cultural and ethnic boundaries. For many of you, who have the ability to deal with everyday stressors, you are able to siphon off some of that excess pressure. It is like a pressure cooker which has a valve to ensure that there is the right amount of

The good news is that there are many treatments that do work over time and there is a huge amount of research into brain chemistry. The fact is that we need to understand that each one of us is unique and so is our brain chemistry. Here at Acadevo we believe, and have empirical evidence to prove it, that a natural approach to the treatment of depression is the way forward. If you know of someone who suffers from depression, be patient, extend understanding and kindness and

ensure that they have access to professional pressure for the food to cook and the right help. This way you can bring a little light to amount to release, so that the food does not their darkness. overcook or eventually explode. If pressure is not released after some time, you may Knowledge is power. The more we know have trouble lifting your head off the pillow,

about depression and how to deal with it, the or losing interest in your career, or feeling soonest we, or a loved one, can move on and psychologically and physically lethargic. You live balanced, healthy and fulfilled lives. may feel that you simply cannot move into the day and that the day moves into you. How does this state happen? There are a myriad of triggers that can stimulate depressive episodes; grief and loss, break ups, trauma, changes in your life and the list goes on and on.

Contact Information and Resources Peter Michael Dedes - Holistic Life Coach BA Hons. NLP Master Practioner. Dip Psych. IFM. Tel: +44 (0) 7932 418 347 Website:

Noon to 6 PM Sunday, May 24, 2009 Wickham Park Pavilion, Melbourne, FL (Just south of Brevard Community College at Post and Wickham)

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

New Zealand the energy conundrum By Richard

It’s probably the 26 hours flying that puts too see if it was a place I might like to live most people off going to New Zealand. at some point in the future. Having completed the longest commercial flight and survived it marks you out as a real world traveller. When your friends complain about flying 6 hours to New York or 14 hours to Hong Kong – you can laugh and deride them as amateurs. From an environmental perspective getting there is pretty horrific, but as this was my only flight for 12 months, and I did it in full consciousness of the damage I was causing, it was a very conscious decision to make the trip. I wanted to visit a growing number of my friends that are currently living and working in New Zealand, I wanted to breath in their famously clean air, to see the landscapes that are so familiar to all those that have watched the Lord of the Rings films, and

The best time to visit New Zealand is January to March – the height of their summer, where temperatures in Auckland regularly top 30 degrees. This summer has been so hot and so many people have bought air conditioning units that they have had to ration electricity, turning the domestic supply off during the day. The fact that New Zealand is running out of power is partly due to its rapid growth over the last 10 years or so, but also its refusal to have anything to do with nuclear power. As a nation it finds the concept of nuclear power totally abhorrent. In the UK we need to have a debate about our energy supply. We need more renewable sources of power to meet our commitments under the Kyoto protocol and European legislation. The sad fact though is that whilst there seems to be a demand for more green electricity in the UK there is equal discomfort amongst our populous as barely anyone wants any form of power generation in their back yard – regardless of whether it is a wind turbine or nuclear plant. With aging nuclear plants going offline – emissions from coal and gas plants

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

contributing hugely to the national output of C02 as a nation the UK is going to have to decide what forms of power supply are acceptable to us – or radically change the way we live our lives. Nuclear power is attractive as it promises to generate large quantities of electricity without producing Co2. Whilst it might not produce Co2 nuclear power does produce highly radio active waste that needs safe and secure storage for hundreds of thousands of years.

What this means is that when you do visit New Zealand you are unlikely to find a whopping great power station obscuring the view – maybe just a few wind turbines here and there. And those views are more than worth the day it takes to get there.

It has been suggested that the UK needs 7 new nuclear power stations - but how about 4 nuclear plants plus a massive increase in the number of wind and wave generators? Is that any more palatable or are we as a nation and indeed a planet And as far as burning huge quantities of ready to change our lifestyles to suit a aviation fuel to get there, well that's less energy intensive future? something my conscience can live with, if I only fly every once in a while and I have, New Zealand has a natural abundance of what in my head at least, are valid and not hydro-electric, geothermal and wind frivolous reasons. power means that it has a greater range of alternatives than we do here in the UK. For many New Zealand is a once in a life Indeed in the New Zealand press there time trip – but I hope that I can spend a have been articles that suggest that the significant part of my future life power transport system in New Zealand enveloped by their clean air, green couldn't cope with the huge amount of electricity and awe inspiring landscape. electricity that even the smallest nuclear power station would supply. So it seems Richard that their energy future lies along a very different path to ours here in the UK. If you have any comments or would like to Probably more wind power and the suggest ideas for future articles, please development of power from their contact me at abundant tidal and coastal resources in the form of wave power seem likely. Maybe there is something that we can learn from them?

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Che a man for all seasons Words: Richard Photos: Jamtrash, Nhamo & Library

We spend a lot of time beneath the MIRRORBALLS looking for the best of the best to put on our pages. Imagine how we felt when between clubs we saw Che walking bare chested down London’s Old Compton Street, on a cold winters night! I am not sure what caught my eye first, the huge pecs, the tight waist, the chiselled features, the blue eyes, the tattoos, the tight jeans…a feast for the eyes. Che is quite the package. What is really impressive is that not only does Che have stunning good looks, a deep gravely voice and a body to die for, but underneath the uber-masuline exterior this man oozes charm and charisma. Perhaps this is because Che not only works his body in the gym but exercises his brain in the art galleries and theatres of London and cultural centres across the world. But let me tell you first about the physique that caught my eye. Standing 5ft 7 (170cm), Che is almost as broad as he is tall. A full 13 stone (83kg or 182lbs) of thick muscle bulging muscle cladding his stocky frame. Always in competition shape, in 2008 Che competed 8 times on the national and international stage – representing the UK. If you love muscle or want to get a muscled physique for your self – Che is your man. Che could be the personal trainer of your dreams. Working with you on both your body and your mind – Che could train you, so that you can achieve the body you have always wanted. Che has been training his body since 1993 so has many years of experience. He believes that it is just as important to train your mind as it is to train your body. “Most people stop working out because they don’t get the results they expect. Results take time and dedication. Most people give up before their body has the time to respond to training so it is important to maintain motivation especially when starting a new programme. My clients not only learn to train effectively but they receive my support and advice. Motivation is not just about what happens in the gym. You have to eat right and think right all the time. When I go to the supermarket I know how good some things taste, but I also know the affect they will have on my body. Knowledge is power, so I ensure my clients have this knowledge too.” Che will not only work your body but he can work your brain too. He is stimulating company. In any situation whether you are prince or pauper, Che is comfortable. “I love art and theatre. I think it began when I was a kid. I was so inspired by David Bowie’s music and his image. ....... continues

© Jamtrash 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Some of my friends went to art college and introduced me to the works of Warhol, Hockney and Bacon. Theses guys are rebels in their own way, troubled souls. I have had a few hard knocks, just like them, so I feel as though I understand them and their works.” Not only does Che love the arts, he has become art too. Photographer Tom Biacci invited him to America to model for his new book “Men in Blue Water”. You will find some of Tom’s pictures on Che’s website. “It was an amazing opportunity to work with Tom. He gets hundreds of emails every day from guys asking him to use them as models. You have no idea how surprised I was when he asked me to model for him. I flew to the states and over 12 days Tom took thousands of images. It was such an honour to be photographed by Tom. One day we headed in to the Joshua Tree National Park. The scenery was stunningly beautiful and just for a few moments I was part of this landscape. The pictures are amazing!” Che first took to the competitive bodybuilding stage 15 years ago. Success after success has followed. Last year Che competed 9 times. Won his class twice and placed in the top 3 every other time. Has he competed at the highest levels in the UK and at World, Universe and European Championships. “I love competing, I love being on stage and showing the world the body I have created. After years of hard training and following the strict diet that keeps me in competition condition, the best reward is to hear the crowd roar in appreciation when you take to the stage. The diet is the hardest part of my training. I can walk round the supermarket and think I would love one of those, but then my next thought is I know what one of those will do and I will pay for a moments gratification tomorrow and the day after that too. It is hard but worth it to look this good.” Perhaps Che’s greatest talent is to make the people he is with feel comfortable “I think this makes me a bit different. For me its not just about having a good time, I know I can make my clients happy in that respect, but it is important to me to make people feel good about themselves. I love sharing my body with those that really appreciate a real man. I love talking about my body and bodybuilding too. I am dedicated to providing 110% satisfaction no matter what situation I am in. It is a matter of mutual respect. I have a lot of life experience and can relate to people.” You may get the impression that Che has an ego to match the size of his muscles, but you couldn’t be more wrong. He is simply good company, very modest and very easy to talk to. Definitely a man for all seasons.

MIRRORBALLS - March 2009

Risque, Johannesburg - March 2009 Photos: Nhamo

Model/Actor : Tony Grecco +44 (0)7780 856 651

Risque, Johannesburg - March 2009 Photos: Nhamo

QN Speakeasy London - Feb ruary 2009 Photos: TheCygnet

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H20 Party, Johannesburg , March 2009 Photos: Nhamo

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spirit energie conviction

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MIRRORBALLS - March 2009  

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