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Doggy needs

a bone!

Shop till you drop.. The Njoy Eleven is by far one of the most elegant and refined sex toys you’ll ever encounter bringing you this luxuriously smooth and perfectly shaped stainless steel toy to fulfill your wildest desires.

These lovely leather shorts with red-leather accent stripe from front to back are bound to keep you cool on those hot summer nights, and with lace-up front pouch they’re fun to remove too!

For those who like to keep their playmates exactly where they want them, this upperbody straitjacket is the perfect solution. Made from the finest soft calf’s-leather and will keep the wearer safely restrained for hours on end.

The eye-catching design of this all leather harness is perfect for those seeking to contrast leather with a darker complexion. Four straps of black and white leather fasten front and back on a black coated steel ring.

This “Lancelot� chastity device is well designed and very safe. Especially good if you are going to be locked up in this for a few weeks or longer, this cockcage allows great air flow and easy cleaning of your cock and balls...

Every man should have a pair of leather trousers in his wardrobe and these made-tomeasure full length leather pants from the MB Leather Couture Range are fashionable and with an optional colour stripe running from belt to ankle are useful too for indicating what you like to those around you.

We’re back and we’re better.


the past few months we have completely redesigned every part of our online presence to provide our members with a more interactive social experience. So much has changed in the online world since we first launched MIRRORBALLS.INFO in 2008. Social sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter encourage people to upload and share their own photos, video and written updates and we wanted MIRRORBALLS members to have the same opportunity to share their news and experiences with other members around the world. "We started from a clean sheet and totally re-thought how we wanted the site to work." says Nhamo, founder of MB Ventures, the company behind MIRRORBALLS brand. "Every line of code driving is brand new and after some exhaustive testing we are now ready to welcome our members back to our radically improved and modernised site." We have introduced enhanced news coverage plus new sections for Fitness, Sports, Music, Video, Fashion, Travel and Adult content meaning there is now always something of new and of interest for regular visitors.

Other new features include a better forum where members with similar interests can chat and exchange views on any and every topic under the sun; from interior decorating to martial arts, butterfly collecting to tattoo design. FIND, MEET AND CHAT WITH NEW FRIENDS Members can now interact directly with each other, search among thousands of member profiles, send messages make friends and, for those with a webcam, video chat.

KNOW WHERE THE PARY IS HAPPENING MIRRORBALLS has always been known for its comprehensive coverage of the global circuit party scene and the new Events section gives partygoers a simplified way of finding exciting events, buying tickets and sharing travel plans. Plus new features for inviting friends, and uploading photos and video from your phone, live from the party.

MIRRORBALLS IS FREE What has not changed, MIRRORBALLS membership always has been and continues to be free. Our site is funded by advertising from carefully selected partners whose products and services we think will be of value to our members. POINTS MEAN PRIZES There are several membership levels within the site. Increased functionality and freedom is provided to those members who contribute the most. So, instead of paying for features as you would with other sites, you can earn privilege points by completing your profile, inviting your friends, uploading photos and video, voting in polls and commenting in the forums. As you contribute more you will soon find new and exciting services and facilities are opened to you the other most active and dedicated MIRRORBALLS members.

In the coming months, stay tuned for competitions and contests featuring some great prizes. From the start there is regular and ongoing photo contest, plus rewards for the member who has encouraged the most friends to join each month.

DIVE IN AND GET STARTED So, whether you are an existing MIRRORBALLS member, or have yet to join our thriving global community, we welcome you to explore our all-new website at

When making a movie about male strippers, it’s nearly impossible to not throw in a variation of The Weather Girls‘ “It’s Raining Men.” As such, this latest clip/trailer from Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper pic Magic Mike highlights Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Alex Pettyfer performing an umbrella-enhanced routine to said song. The dance looks fun and ridiculous, and it’s still hard to believe that Soderbergh is behind the camera on this one.

It’s the unofficial “Year of Channing Tatum” and I’m incredibly interested to see what kind of story Soderbergh is telling with Magic Mike. Hit the jump to watch the clip/trailer that will play during MTV’s Movie Awards. The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Riley Keough and Olivia Munn. Magic Mike opens on June 29th

Standby for the arrival of the next in the long running series of Bond moviesl In SKYFALL, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.” Besides Daniel Craig the cast also includes Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe and Ben Whishaw. The release date of James Bond Skyfall is set for November 9, 2012.

We bring you a very cool interview with Eric Boisvert – President / Designer of Gregg Homme. Every year at Curve I get to meet with Gregg Homme and it’s always a highlight to see what they design. They have always mixed technology and fun. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope on men’s underwear.

Gregg Homme has had a few lines come out this year; could you give our readers a brief overview of the new lines? This new collection is definitively certified provocative: our rubberlike fabrics, our smartly engineered transparencies, our ultra soft microfibers and our intricate trims all make this collection very eye catchy. With collection names like SCANDAL, TEASE, STEAM and KINK , I think that it is clear that we are working towards making men’s blood pressure go up (or it is their partner’s?). The “pièce de résistance” is irrefutably the XCESS collection: an astonishing ultra fine gauge microfiber (goodbye fabric, hello second skin!) with a brilliantly designed low cut front pouch enhanced with three light metal alloy X’s (yes, “XXX”). And for the most impudent, the XCESS collection gave birth to a bolder family member: the PIMP collection recreates a parallel “XXX” world where mesh and transparency work together to create a feast for the eyes.

Did you have an inspiration for this new collection? It is my responsibility (with my team) to stay informed on all new trends within the fashion business. We read a lot, we travel a lot, and we listen a lot. But don’t let it fool you: our best inspirations do not come directly from fashion but from day to day products, accessories and experiences.

Which line was the most fun to create? I have to admit that the KINK was a real challenge: I wanted to push that group very far with that unique fabric that we had developed (a hyper stretch liquid touch microfiber). The combination of that material with the leather like buckles was hours of pleasures. The result is simply astonishing. This is a top arousing collection… definitively.

Gregg Homme is known for making sexy underwear for men, but each year you innovate, how do you keep pushing undies further and further? Men are evolving, getting more and more comfortable with their sexuality so we have no other choice but to rewrite the standards season after season. It is time to give back to men the sexy underwear they have been craving for. The men of today have stronger needs to seduce and they have the guts to express it: they are ready to move up one notch and it’s exactly where we are taking them

I have seen your undies at Curve you do some innovative processes in men’s underwear, why do you feel it’s important to bring new technology to men’s underwear? The fabric and the fashion fields are in constant quest for newness. Bringing technology in fabrics (especially stretch fabrics) is playing an important part in the evolution of underwear. Let’s face it: we need to reinvent the wheel every day with a very small piece of material: it does not give us a lot of options when you get to think of it. Technology combined with the right level of creativity is the right path to deliver the sexiest underwear of the planet.

Is there anything in men’s underwear you will not do, either in style or materials? I love that question! At Gregg Homme, we have no limitations when it comes to materials and styling and that there is nothing that we will not do if we know that our fans need it. Actually, we are trying to think of it before they even know they need it.

Find Gregg Homme at

Kevin Maloney, founder of Rise up to HIV. In March 2010, Kevin learned he had contracted HIV, and one month later with follow up labs was told he has also contracted Hepatitis C. Kevin was not an intravenous drug user. The hepatitis C piggy backed onto the HIV virus. Kevin was seroconverting at the time he found out of his HIV diagnosis, and fortunately caught his hepatitis C early too. That diagnosis was his rock bottom. He had been dealing with an addiction, and these diagnoses gave him reason to pause and reflect on his life. He set in motion a series of action plans to combat his HIV, his addiction, and his Hepatitis C. With treatment, Kevin cured hepatitis C. During the past 2 years he was laid off from his job in NYC, and his mother is currently connected to a respirator, it’s been 7 months now. He’s taken a job in Washington, DC where he has been the past 4 months working for a non-profit that advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS. It’s been a whirlwind of 2 years, but in hindsight he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.




endeavor to give you the best possible training information I can,

from our years of experience within this field. We listen to all our readers concerns and will be prompt, on time and help you to reach your goals.  we will advise you on any queries or your concerns.

MB fitness is aimed for the working professional. For those who have been finding it difficult  with their time in the gym because they are unmotivated or cannot find the time to get there after a long day at work. It is for those who are serious about making long term life changes and who are prepared to make the commitment by investing in their health and fitness dynamically. If you come to me with 100% commitment I will guarantee you I will get you where you would like to be

We  promise excellent training advice and a professional approach that will really make a difference in your life if you are willing to committ to the requirements for you to achive your goals . If you want to make your time training succesful and worth every minute then  email the MB FITNESS  team for support and advice .

Some Health Benefits derived from keeping fit: • Maintain and improve mobility and flexibilty. • Improve strength of bones and muscles. • Reduce the risk of esteoporsis. • Manage type 1 diabetes. • Prevent and manage type 2 diabetes. • Improve cholesterol levels. • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. • Assist with managing blood pressure . • Assist with weight management. • Promote social interaction. • Encourage healthier lifestyle. • Improve sleep patterns and increase energy levels. • Assist with managing stress and deppression. • Improve self-esteem and confidence.

It’s a term that readily conjures images of places like the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam, Fugger Strasse in Berlin, Vauxhall in London, or San Francisco’s South of Market District. In South Africa, that distinction could very well go to the town of Botrivier in the Western Cape, an otherwise sleepy little hamlet situated amid a cluster of wine farms and boasting a single supermarket and turn- of-the-century hotel. But for nearly fifteen years now, Botrivier has also been home to the country’s premiere fetish leather producer whose growing renown extends well beyond Africa’s borders to the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and San Francisco. Withan ever-expanding roster of international clients, and now producing garments exclusively for the MB Retail the MB Leather brand has become more than just a symbol of South African leather, but a vital link between the local community and the association of leather fraternities overseas. Founded in 1996 by Hein Kruger, the company is best known for its bespoke leather gear, as well as its extensive range of portable dungeon/playroom equipment. Utilizing the finest, locally tanned skins and custom-designed steel

fittings, Kruger has made of career out of ensuring the kind of tailored fit one would generally associated with Savile Row. “Personally I hate gear that doesn’t fit like a second skin,” says Kruger. “Pants that don’t accentuate the butt, or waistcoats that gape at the shoulders. Some say that you can’t guarantee a custom fit with mailorder gear, but we’ve proven over the years that you can.” Kruger shop is literally draped in finely grained hides, leather itself is more than just a fabric or medium; it’s an outright philosophy. The decision to start a fetish leather company was forged out of necessity for Kruger. Unable to source quality gear from overseas, he fashioned his first outfit – a leather waistcoat, harness, cap, and a pair of chaps – literally by hand.

Model: Benedict Garrett Photographer: Nhamo

“While I knew how to sew, my experience was really limited to things like woodworking and welding,” says Kruger. “I did a trial run using unbleached linen and when I got the patterns right, I started cutting the leather and assembling the gear, piece by piece. I didn’t even have any equipment at the time, so all the stitching had to be done by hand. It took forever!” But his designs immediately caught the attention of the world's leather crowd and orders soon began pouring in. Equipping himself with a industrial sewing machine, Kruger gradually grew the business, expanding his catalog and capitalizing on the everexpanding word of mouth. In 2009 Kruger began producing leather garments exclusively for the MB Leather brand sold through where you can choose from Kruger's entire range of garments.


Jordano decides to admire the Canadian wilderness from the balcony on his final morning at the cabin. It’s a sight he takes in with quiet admiration, something that Hayden Colby has been doing to Jordano the entire time they were vacationing together. But on their last morning

Hayden works up the courage to finally approach the Latin hunk; Jordano is in no position to say no. Hayden is both cute and hot, with a great face and smooth body, and as they take their clothes off on the balcony they lean in close to warm one another.

Hayden can’t keep his hands off of Jordano’s hard cock -- he takes great pleasure from jerking and playing with it. Hayden warms the stiff meat with his wet, slippery mouth and tongue; Jordano leans back and lets his erection be savored by the hot cutie on

his knees. Jordano turns around and bends over, signaling Hayden to take down his own tight underwear. Out pops his dick, which is alert and uncut.

Hayden eats out Jordano’s hole, who moans and squirms in pleasure. The hot guys move over to the hot tub where Jordano gets worked up and starts worshipping Hayden’s body. Jordano spins around and presents his ass in an act of submission, and Hayden moves in to take what he’s been craving.

He slides into Jordano’s ass and starts to fuck him with the hot water splashing and simmering around them! They hop out of the tub into the cabin’s exterior steam room, where Hayden bends over and opens his ass up for Jordan. Grabbing the bench, he plunges into the hot bottom until they both blow their loads of cum!

Alexander Garrett Alexander Garrett, a.k.a. Hugo Alexander in a previous Badpuppy shoot is at the ClubAmateurUSA Studio for his first erotic massage. In-house Masseuse Chad Brock has been looking forward to this. Alexander is excited and ready, quickly stripping off his clothes, jumping up on the table. Chad begins with some rubbing, moving on to a finger driven prostate massage! Chad heats up, so he removes his tank top! Up on all 4's he begins rimming Alexander, followed by some rubbing & tugging of his cock and balls. Asked to turn on his back, Alexander rolls over for some frontal SeXploration! He is getting so aroused that he cannot keep his hands off of Chad, who manages a little oral action and kissing! Alexander has his hands in Chad's pants, beginning to stroke Chad's cock.

Next thing you know, Chad's nude and mutual stroking action going on. Chad blows his load multiple times on Alexander, who strokes full speed to an eruption of thick creamy cum! Chad cleans Alexander up and both feeling very satisfied, they finish with a passionate kiss!

James Hot 20 year old James Hot comes to us from Prague. This uncut stud has about an hour before his folks get home and he has every intention of utilizing his time wisely, if you know what I mean! Up on his bed, he begins fondling his nipples and rubbing his body. James removes his shirt and his hands go down the front of his jeans, both in and out. He drops his jeans around his knees and rubs his uncut cock, bringing it out of his briefs, where he can get a better hand’s on approach. The jeans come off, along with the briefs, so he can lay back and relax, putting his focus on some firm hand stroking action. Turning toward the headboard, he rubs and slaps his ass, while stroking with one hand and tantalizing his hole with the other. Laying down on his back again, James is getting toward the end of his parentless venture. With some tight and fast stroking action, he squirts a thick creamy stream of cum across is pubes and lower abs.

Next Month.. Join us in July for an exclusive peek behind the scenes at the World Pride 2012 in London. Plus.. read our exclusive and revealing interview with UK Big Brother’s Benedict. Till then; see you under the mirrorballs!

MB Magazine - June 2012