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Special Meetings Mar 24, 2019 - Ethnic Diversity & Dress Contest 14 Dec 29, 2018 - Meeting @ Al Barsha Pond Park 24 17 JLT Meetings & their Key Takeaways

“The Road to Success,

Promotional Video Mania Did you know...

is through commitment.” 16 18

Articles & Stories Situational Leadership Live today, fight another day. (KING-TREE)


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From the Editor’s Desk

TM Tony Fang VP Public Relations Editor Memory is such a beautiful and magic thing which we record in the past and refer to later when required. Without memories, we would be perpetual beginners for every activity that we perform.

hold onto for our life. These memories are something that will suddenly strike you when you are walking on the street, sipping on a cup of Martini, or just relaxing on the comfy bed‌

Year of 2018 has passed. Memories about our club are left there permanently in our mind. Some took the maiden leadership roles; some delivered the ice breaker speech; some achieved the milestone; and we all made new friends and witnessed our own growth. These memories are treasures that we want to

At the onset of Year 2019, new memories are waiting for us to be created. Are you excited about it? We all will grow up with our club together. Besides, you want to have a look at what our mother club may have in her memory? Check the read we have put up for you!


“The Road to Success, is always under construction.”


President’s Message

TM Mirka Vavrova President January has brought forth a new Executive Committee and it is a true honor to take over Presidency of JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club in its 3rd year of existence. My predecessors, in a sense the founders of JLT, TM Sudhir and TM Rehna with their respective teams, have not just laid the groundwork, but rather built and elevated the Club to an international standard that has earned the wide recognition within the District and beyond.

The first quarter has flown by, keeping everyone on their toes either competing in or organising and supporting club, area and division contests. Together with the new team, I am excited for JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club to reach new heights - both in terms of meeting and speech quality, but also mentorship and coaching, harnessing the unique mix of skills and always celebrating the great diversity within the Club.


The New Executive Committee President Past President VP Education TM Mirka TM Rehna TM Nidhin

VP Membership


VP Public Relations

TM Saurabh

TM Sara

TM Tony




TM Ankita

TM Midhun

TM Vitalii

Club Achievements


New Members’ Welcome TM Happy

TM Suhail

TM Tony

I am Suhail Akhtar working as an engineer in renewable sector.i have joined toastmaster to present my technical skills confidently through seminars and electronic mediums like webinars etc. I joined toastmasters to improve communication skills, have a good networking and help each other.


Tony Fang. Currently a construction professional. And also Passionate about exploring the world. I get up every morning telling myself life is either an adventure or nothing. That’s why I take the TM journey.

TM Joseph

I joined Toastmasters to be part of a positive group of people striving for personal development.

TM Mushtaq

The tree of hope has frailty as it seed. It has taken 20 long years for me realize this fact. I now submit myself to the garden of Toastmasters so that kindred souls can help me germinate, sprout, grow and my fragrance shall pervade and enrich everyone. Hello fellow Toastmasters. I have been in gulf over two decades. I am an Optician with business management degree. I am specialized in contact Lenses. I also enjoy writing motivational articles in Eyezone magazine. Right now I’m assigned as Deputy general manager of Yateem Group. Happy to be a part of you all.

TM Kamal

I am 27 years old, graduated 4 years ago with a bachelor degree in advertising & marketing. I am currently working in the advertising industry & pursue adventures during my free time. I have decided to join toastmasters club in order to enhance my communication & leadership skills, which will have a great impact on my personal & professional life.


New Members’ Welcome TM Janaki

I am Janaki, a teacher by profession and a Mother of two lovely young adults. Married to a lovely person Radhakrishnan in the year 1984 and from then on there is no looking back. More than him, his employers wanted him, so he was always in move. As a globetrotter, lived in Athens, Greece for 7 years in the formative years of my married life. Then moved to Maldives and India before relocating to Nigeria for 8 long years and presently living in Dubai, for the past 8 years. Whichever country I relocated, I tagged along with the kids to join in the same school and hence, have the experience of preparing the students for various boards. 8

As enterprising is in my blood, established a paper cup manufacturing unit in India and enjoyed the status of an entrepreneur. Now in the present school where I am working, I have taken up Entrepreneurship as my subject specialization to teach, and little did I realize at that juncture that the Toast Master club would be great forum and an ideal way to get to know the business world to be in touch with the subject, but realized now that it would not only provide me a overall development but a complete make over. Great to be a part of the Toast Master family. A paradigm shift.

TM Jovianne

My full name is Jovianne Lacsamana. The first 2 syllables were taken by the famous rock star Bon Jovi which my dad’s favorite singer. And I don’t know where they got the Anne. Maybe just to emphasize my name that I’m a girl. But for me, Jovianne means an independent woman full of life who don’t just live, but she is giving meaning to her life.

my sentences. I wanted also to be surrounded with people whom I can learn something to make me a better professional one. And Toastmasters is a challenge for me, an exciting challenge that I believe will bestow me a power of confidence.

I join Toastmasters because I know that I have something to share that is profound but sharing is my weakness because I don’t know how to share it with impact. Hence, I believe Toastmasters will help me to improve my grammar, public speaking and the composition of 9

Participating in the Process...

A Successful Phase 1 - Club Contest

Table Topics contest

Humorous contest

International contest

Evaluation contest

10 just as important as celebrating the victory!

Contest Season Phase 2 - Area Contest

Phase 3 - Division Contest


Situational Leadership Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. - Jack Welch

TM Rehna Immediate Past President

If we want to lead well we have to connect well. We have the opportunity to work with people, leading them to wherever you want to go as a collective. It’s a privilege to do the work of leading and facilitating. To make this happen in the best way possible we need to understand who you lead and adjust your leadership which is suitable for their needs. “Leadership and the one minute manager- increase effectiveness by being a good leader” written by Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarami and Drea Zigarami explains about Situational leadership and simple methodology to adopt this style in professional and personal life. Leadership is not something you do for people but something you do with people. The following diagram explains the process of adjusting the leadership style according to the skill and attitude of the follower in various situations.


Flexibility, diagnosis and partnering are three of the most skills managers can use to become a situational leader. So if you are working to be a better leader I can assure that the above book is a perfect resource to start. Happy learning and happy leading.

When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ - Lao Tzu 13

March 24, 2019 Meeting Theme - Ethnic

TM Ankita guided JLT Club through a magical evening of ethnic diversity with her unique theme and involvement of all club members. A contest for best ethnic wear was awaiting us and a special video with sneak peeks of JLT cultures sweetened the unforgettable experience!

Diversity & Dress Cont

TM Vitalii, TM Mirka, TM Ankita and TM Neeta representing different parts of the world.

(see page 16) TM Joseph securing Best Table Topics! 14


TM Tony and TM Rehna, rocking the stage with Table Topics

The Winners of the Best Ethnic Dress Contest: TM Tony and TM Ankita

TM Sudhir and TM Aliyu looking their best

A mesmerizing meeting, with everlasting memories!


Video - Mania Never before has JLT Toastmasters Club seen so many video productions... Visit our Youtube Channel to see them all! Meeting 24 Mar 2019 - Ethnic Diversity & Ethnic Dress

Scan the Code for the full video!

31 Jan 2019 - Club Presentation

Scan the Code for the full video! 16

JLT Meetings & their Key Takeaways 16 December 2018

20 Januray 2019

24 February 2019


Club Contest: Table Topics & Evaluation

One for all, all for one

TM Aliyu To have successful resolutions, they shall be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Time-bound. 29 December 2018

3 February 2019

If you are happy and you Club Contest: know it International & Humorous TM Rehna When we were children we were full of enthusiasm and creativity, dare to try anything. With this theme my attempt was to bring that child out by playing, singing, telling stories and much more This theme and outdoor meeting helped us to welcome new year with a refreshed mind and body. 13 January 2019

When the axe entered the forest, the trees shouted: Look, the handle is one of us! TM Celestine If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

TM Kiran Be There For One...Another... would be pleasantly surprised; how many would be there for YOU ( be there not because you want someone to be there for you. Be there, because YOU want to be there, with heart & intent. The Manifestation is Spontaneous & Obvious.

10 Mar 2019

Why not? TM Mikel 10 February 2019

Purpose of Life TM Ashish Do what you are doing when you are doing it and Don’t do what you are not doing, when you are not doing it.

We live only once, so why not to live it to the max, take chances and enjoy.

24 Mar 2019

Ethnic Diversity TM Ankita See special on page 14-15


Did you know... The JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club “Did You Know...”-Series reveals relentlessly, the quirkiest fun facts about its members.

Did you know,... that Skydiving is one of the top activities, JLT members have always wanted to do..?

TM Sudhir


“Fear does not stop death, but it stops life” . This quote made me plunge into Toastmasters to get rid of my fear of public speaking. Now I realize how foolish I was, to have not joined earlier. Now I have another two fears to conquer its Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and Acrophobia (fear of heights). After being inspired by my fellow TM , I feel I should try out sky diving to let go of my Acrophobia and I am building up my courage for it. The guidance I have received from my wife is “before going for sky diving, keep your heart at home” as she is sure prior jumping my heart will fail there. Any guidance on how do it

But some....have already tried it!

TM Ankita

TM Swapnil

Sky diving has turned out to be more of a self awareness activity for me than just being a bucket list item. Reason being, I had no idea how will my mind react at 13,000 feet height and for my surprise, I enjoyed the thrill so much that my body was way more relaxed and I was smiling and screaming throughout. I literally surrender in that moment so to speak! The best moment was when u just leave your feet from plane, that split second when you realise there is nothing beneath you coupled with roller coaster ride of emotions you are going through! And just then u discover,

you are actually enjoying, screaming and just breathing ! Pure bliss ! I have never been so mindful of life ever then in those few seconds. One of my best memories to cherish forever! 19


TM Celestine

He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day. Those were the last words of the last man that entered Apollo 19 spaceship as they escaped planet earth after a devastating loss to trees. November 24, 5017. Homo sapiens have just lost the war and the last families of mankind fled to Mars. It is hard to believe that 3 centuries ago after almost going extinct that trees would bounce back and send humans out of earth, partly as punishment for polluting the environment and destroying virtually everything in the ecosystem. In commemoration of their victory, trees decided to have 30 days of celebration and coronation to mark their freedom from their colonial masters Homo sapiens. To kick start the celebration and coronation, 20

arboreal habitats were invited to join. The Monkey is a highly talented and hardworking animal, doing 2 jobs to make ends meet (a bartender in the day and an MC at night during ceremonies) Testing …1..2 Mic test 1..2 says Monkey who was using a solar powered microphone. Now that we have got rid of the bad eggs called humans from our planet, shall we give a big round of applause for ourselves for the incredible job we’ve done since the eviction of humans; everyone present started clapping. And now, Shall we all rise as I welcome to the podium an elder ‘states-tree’ who is a bristlecone pine from California’s White Mountains, the oldest non-clonal tree in the world; a big round of applause for Methuselah. Methusaleh cleared his throat

and said in his deep voice: Thank you Monkey for that wonderful intro. As one of the oldest trees in the world, I have lived most of my life dreaming of a day like today, a day when no tree will be cut-down and used by humans to wipe their ass, a day when no tree would be used to make fires, a day when no tree will suffer from fat humans seating on them all day long watching NETFLIX, a day when no human will pollute our air with gases and our ocean with plastics, a day… that I will stand before my people and shout in my loudest voice saying I AM PROUD TO BE A TREE!!!!! (The trees roared YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Methusaleh continued; now to move on we need a captain, a strong, healthy, wealthy, wise and visionary leader that will take us to the next level. Someone

who will be a good example to the younger generation of trees, someone that is selfless and not selfish. As an elder states-tree I have a tree in mind; he displayed incredible leadership and team spirit during his days as an NBA player for GOLDEN STATES WARRIOR in the land of Oaks California, during which he won 3 championships before retiring. This tree is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who has in many ways influenced our ecosystem positively. He is the owner of the clothing line known globally as Timberland and by now ladies and gentletrees I believe we know who I am talking about, it is none other than the Oak tree known global as Oakley…!!!! All the trees roared and applauded Methusaleh for his choice because without an iota of doubt Oakley has been a generous guy and all the trees admired his courage and exemplary lifestyle and for this reason they all unanimously agreed to crown him KING TREE; the only problem was that Oakley is timid even from his days as an NBA player, he cannot stand and talk before more than 5 trees. However, after the first night of celebration, Methusaleh advised Oakley to join a Toastmasters club to hone his public speaking and leadership skills. Oakley was finally crowned KING TREE on the last day of

celebration in the presence of every living tree on earth. The time came for him to give his first speech as King Tree and having listened to Methusaleh’s advice and joined a Toastmasters club, it was time to prove that he has conquered one of his shortcomings which was glossophobia. As the great Oakley stood, a thunderous roar went through the planet as the trees cheered on in excitement and as he raised his branch (hand) in a blink of an eye there was absolute tranquillity, then he began; my people, the joy in my heart is unspeakable. I never dreamt of becoming KING TREE, and it’s such an honour to be loved and selected by all of you to lead. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility, and I wish for every single tree, young and old to be fruitful and productive. But as we all know, a tree is judged by the fruit it bears, not the one it wishes for, not the one it thinks about, not the one it dreams about, not the one it speaks about. A tree is judged by the fruit it bears. When my time is done I will only be remembered by the things and results I achieved as KING TREE so I will try my best to leave a great legacy. Oakley’s voice suddenly became shaky as he continued; My only regret is that my wife is not here to witness this amazing occasion (Oakley’s

wife was an Olive tree named Olivia, she died of pulmonary irritation in the California wildfire during the fight against humans) Even though I have never seen a king or kingdom without a queen I will be the first of such, out of love and respect to wife because no one will ever take her place in my heart. Before the drop of tear reached his cheek, Oakley gained control of his emotions and said once again thank you all for choosing me, and let us all merry and celebrate a planet hygienic and free of parasites, Thank you. Monkey took over the podium to conclude the ceremony as trees cheered, roared and some waved their branches for their new King Oakley, the great Oak tree. June 11 5028, almost 11 years as King, Oakley the great king orchestrated the creation of a new planet earth where trees advanced in science and technology with creation of solar powered machines that are eco-friendly, to rid the oceans and land of plastics and other materials that are not beneficial to the planet. However, as they rebuilt, humans were also planning on retaking their lost planet. So the humans decided that the first step to reclaiming earth was to plant a mole, so they chose none other than the tallest man that ever lived Robert Wadlow. Robert being one of the 21

greatest astronauts with a wealth of experience in skydiving and aerodynamics, was disguised as a tree and sent to earth, and how he landed without any tree noticing is still unfathomable to humans and trees. In the years that followed, Robert being a highly skilled spy, infiltrated the trees by studying their modus operandi and looking for a weak spot. After many failures, finally Robert found a prospect. It was at a Palmers Bar, where all trees go to relax and have a drink, on this faithful day a pine tree named Pino was intoxicated after consuming too much palm wine started cursing the king and saying what he Pino would have done better were he The King Tree. Robert Wadlow being an attentive listener from his days as a Toastmaster, eavesdropped on Pino’s soliloquy and concluded immediately that Pino will be his accomplice. As Pino was on his way home from Palmers Bar, Robert still dressed as a tree appeared out of the dark, seized Pino by the throat and promised not to kill him, then slowly released Pino before uncovering his mask. Pino was stunned, even in his intoxicated state and couldn’t believe his eyes (a human in our midst wow!) And for Robert Wadlow it was now or never. Robert quickly told Pino I will make you King over all trees if you promise to comply with me. Pino’s nerves relaxed as he realised that the human will not kill him because he is valuable 22

to the man alive than dead. Pino replied Robert, how will you make me king? Robert said the world is big enough for humans and trees to live and thrive in, we have developed nuclear weapons in Mars which can destroy all the trees in a blink of an eye, and right now we are ready to take over the earth. But, if you work with me, when we take over, you will be ruler of trees, and we will spare you and your family. Pino thought for a while and said I will help you and you will help me. All my life I have dreamt of becoming King Tree and finally my people will say ALL HAIL KING PINO, The great pine tree, Robert interrupted and said and now your dream will come true. First things first, we need to make an axe from and the handle has to be made of pine wood. After the icebreaker meeting, Pino and Robert became good partners as Robert started making axes from Pino’s body. Pino was so hungry for power that he never thought twice about the several lies Robert had told him which includes the threat of launching a nuclear weapon. King Oakley has been having nightmares about a spy and a human, and called for a meeting with all the elder-statetrees. When they all arrived at the palace, Mr Palmer, a palm tree and owner of Palmers Bar served drinks. Then the king began; brothers the reason I have called for this meeting is that there is an enemy in our midst, and we must find out who

it is. Some trees sighed and said that is bullshit there is no enemy in this land, they are in faraway Mars they cannot come here. Then they started murmuring, if only I knew this was why you called the meeting I would have gone to watch my team playing cricket instead of coming here. King Oakley stood up and said you all should think about what I just said and get back to me on how to find these enemies, this meeting has been adjourned, and so every tree dispersed and went home. Saturday 15 September 5028, Robert Wadlow had already passed all the intel he got from Pino to his human brothers via a secure telecommunication network known as WHATSAPP, and they decided that Saturday morning is the best time launch an assault because virtually all the trees will be hungover from partying and drinking on Friday night. As the time ticked 4:00am, thousands of spaceships started appearing in the sky and at exactly 4:53am, all the spaceships touched down, and the war began. Because the trees were asleep, humans avoided using heavy weapon to kill the trees to avoid making noise and waking other trees, but as they tried to kill a Mahogany, the tree resisted and started shouting and screaming help!!!! Help!! They are here!!! Help!!! The trees were caught flatfooted and they couldn’t withstand the humans this time around. Oakley was devastated

and shouted retreat!!! Retreat!!! Retreat!!! As the trees ran for their life. However, as the king ran with other trees, the injured trees were limping and lagging behind so one of the injured trees, an apple tree looked over her shoulder and saw something that will hurt trees till eternity; the apple tree saw the handle of the axe used by humans to slaughter them, then she shouted my king look, the handle‌ the handle is one of us, look.. Then the king turned and saw that it was true, the handle of the axe used by humans was made of pinewood. Then the king roared NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! But the trees kept running because it was already too late to fight back. The trees journeyed for 5 days until they arrived at a safe haven in Amazon, then Oakley asked everyone to stop, we are finally in a safe place, at least for now. As they rested, suddenly there was a huge cry, every tree mourning their loss, some were inconsolable. At last, Oakley stood up with so much anger, pain, bitterness, grief shouted why did we lose? Why? Why did we lose? The humans were not smarter than us, the humans were not stronger than us, why did we lose? There was absolute tranquillity because no tree had ever heard Oakley talk like this; out of the silence an apple

tree named Granny Smith said we lost because of the enemy within. On the first day of the New year (January 1, 5029) 4 months after the attack by humans, King Oakley while giving his first speech for the year said, time they say heals all wound. We have been bruised and scarred but most importantly we have learned a very hard lesson. We have learned the art of winning and losing through the pains of yesterday. If anything, our loss has taught us that if there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm. Whether you believe in leave today and fight tomorrow or you believe in live today and fight tomorrow, remember that if there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm. The child was already asleep before Celestine finished telling the bedtime story, but the neighbours heard every single word he said because the walls separating his and apartment and theirs was thin, and the lesson from the story resonated in their mind. The enemies within could be procrastination, envy, hate, indiscipline, indifference, indecision, doubt, fear or guilt; but remember if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. The End.


December 29, 2018 Meeting @Al Barsha

Pond Park

1- It all started with...

2- The Toastmasters procedures are lurking...

a collage of our childhood memories...

...a mandatory drawing to be granted entry to the speaking area...

3- NOT so fast!!

4- Finally, entry has been granted...

First, 24you need to show the secret hand signal!

The grass is so much greener on this side...

5- The Acting President spoke...

6- And the crowd was happy...

And the long-awaited meeting started...

7- Not to forget what we’re here for...

8- The End

No meeting, without an icebreaker...

A tired, but happy bunch said, see you next year JLT!!


Nurturing Confidence Fostering Leadership


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JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club Newsletter - Mar 2019  

The 6th issue of JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club Newsletter.

JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club Newsletter - Mar 2019  

The 6th issue of JLT Dubai Toastmasters Club Newsletter.