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MIRNA MOSAAD Address: 14 El Mohandes Fathy St., Haram, Giza, Egypt. Tel.: 01271465645 Email:

OBJECTIVE Seeking an internship opportunity in architectural design, where I can utilize and further develop my technical skills.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, The German University in Cairo (GUC), June 2020 ● Overall GPA: 2.49 “B” (5 points GPA including German Language) American Diploma, Science, Dar El Tarbiah School (DET), June 2015 ● GPA: 4.0 SAT1:1560

ACADEMIC PROJECTS: Created Shadow box model of city from Invisible cities by Italo Calvino “the book explores imagination through the descriptions of cities by an explorer, Marco Polo “ ● Designed Shelter for the homeless from cardboard material without using any glue materials only by connections in cardboard suitable for 2 persons. ● Designed Hut for couples in the sea and residential apartment for the owners of the resort in Rass Shetan. ● Designed “MORFEMA” residential villa in Al Kalaa “Form, Light and Material” was the main theme of the course and strengthened that the plan, section and elevation are inseparable from each other as they all show the identity of the building. ● Designed Youth center serves the youth of Masr Al Kadema district next to Darb 1718. It contains workshops, auditorium, media library, training, leisure activities, administration and entrance lobby. ● Developed BMW museum and showroom in the new capital aimed to show the circulation of the cars connected to the humans and how to make connection between the cars in the museum with the showroom. ● Developed Tower for community services and female housing in new capital contained Entrance Hall, Service Zone, Outdoor Area, Female Housing, Co-working area at rooftop and Vertical Circulation Cores with Prof. Dr. Tamer El-Khorazaty. ● Extracted characteristics of Egyptian architecture ,Sociology and planning through courses as History of Architecture, Theory of Architecture, Housing, Urban Sociology and Theory of Urban Planning ●

COMPETITIONS: Third place Winner, ENTITY Competition, ZDS Architects, October 2017  Designed a new city in Egypt by developing the master, business, and marketing plans for the city.  Planned “AL ALAMIA” city located in the golden triangle on mountain top on sea view.

Skills: Languages: Fluent in spoken and written Arabic and English. Good knowledge in German. Fair knowledge in French. Computer: Excellent knowledge of MS Office Applications and Google drive sheets, 3D model making. Excellent knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Photoshop, Unity, InDesign. Fair knowledge of 3D MAX, Sketchup.