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Alarming Dangers of Leaving a Rehab Center Early

Addiction is one kind of condition cannot be suppressed instantly. Though the patient may be willing to undergo a rehabilitation process, the challenge of killing the need for substance intake becomes higher upon their admission. That is why centers are keen on diverting the patients to maintain sobriety even outside its premises. What if the individual who is subject to the process leaves out of the center without completing the programs intended for them? Alarming dangers and results can truly arise and make the patient in trouble.

Recurring addiction Being unable to finish the program will make the patient less susceptible of familiar temptations he/she once becomes addicted of. Although he/she may have learned the way to control the addiction, without the completion of the program, the patient will surely go back to the same routine of using drugs and alcohol.

Wrong decisions Even who are under their natural thinking are likely to incur wrong decisions what more for those who are not yet gaining the full composure to be free from alcohol and drug addiction. Because they haven't completed the program, their way of thinking is irrational that they only consider what their current feeling is. Loss of control emotionally and psychologically, the addicted leads to a life full of tragedy.

Impossible reunion with the family Even though the family of the addicted individual may not be physically present during the process of the program, their trust and support has always been there. But when the patient seems reluctant and insists in leaving the rehab early, the family's trust may be broken or much worse the addicted may not regain it again that results to a non-unified family.+

Self-efficacy declines More than anyone else, a patient's belief that they can live a sober life is needed to finally be free from addiction. But upon failure to comply with the procedures of the program, a person's will and ability to believe in oneself that they can be sober may merely be just in their wildest dreams.

Sobriety cannot be attained without pursuing it up to the end. Although there were times that you will be discouraged, remember that you cannot escape addiction with just merely quitting and ignoring the sense of each procedure in a drug and alcohol rehab. Treatment centers will just be your way and certainly it is still up to you if you will want to move forward or be imprisoned with the addiction for the rest of your life.


Alarming dangers of leaving a rehab center early