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Proposed Safeway Gas Station Washington Square Shopping Center, Petaluma The Benefits of a Safeway Store and Gas Station Since 1926, Safeway has provided Petaluma families with high quality produce, meat and groceries at fair prices. Your Safeway store employs over 160 local associates and proudly funds local children’s programs, including the Petaluma Valley Little League.

Project Responding to customer demand, Safeway has plans to build an eight-pump gas station, a format commonly found in many communities, including Petaluma. Through Safeway’s Gas Rewards program, customers can accumulate points that can save them up to $1.00 per gallon. Since a Safeway gas station does not exist in Petaluma, a substantial number of local residents are fueling at Safeway’s Novato and Santa Rosa stations. Today, over 50% of the Novato gas station’s customers do not live within the city limits.

Environmental Benefits to One-Stop Shopping The convenience of having both a Safeway grocery store and gas station in the Washington Square Shopping Center means shoppers will burn less fuel traveling to neighboring communities for affordable gas – less driving means less traffic, and better air quality.

Economic Benefit The gas station is expected to generate up to $400,000 a year in local tax revenue for City services. When Safeway customers buy fuel in neighboring areas, they are funding another community’s road improvements, public safety programs, parks and neighborhood services. The project is also critical to increasing economic activity for existing local merchants within the Washington Square Shopping Center.

Adhering to the Finest Building Standards Safeway gas stations are designed to adhere to the highest architectural, environmental and engineering standards to operate safely, ensuring customer satisfaction. To ensure efficient service, the gas station will provide our customers with easy access and a sufficient number of pumps so that the internal circulation of the shopping center is not impeded. Rendering of proposed Petaluma gas station


Proposed Safeway Gas Station Washington Square Shopping Center, Petaluma Traffic Analysis A comprehensive study indicates that the proposed gas station configuration, combined with infrastructure improvements, will result in a project that does not harm traffic flow in the center or in the neighborhood. The study concludes that the minor traffic increase due to the proposed project during the a.m./p.m. peak hours is not expected to impact pedestrian safety. Safeway has designed the stacking area and alignment of the fuel pumps so there will be sufficient space to accommodate simultaneous fueling of full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. There will be adequate spaces to allow queuing of a minimum of 12 passenger vehicles outside the fuel canopy area and within the shopping center. In addition, the bus stop on Maria Drive will be modified with a bus turn-out area that will provide a safer line of sight. The turnout will be attractively landscaped and provide a comfortable seating area.

Landscaping The project will include a dramatic enhancement to the landscape at frontages, expanding and upgrading trees and plantings, which will drastically improve the appearance and environment of the S. McDowell and Maria Drive intersection.

Current Use The current retail building is located on a land parcel that was not originally part of the shopping center and has insufficient vehicular and pedestrian access that will be corrected in the new site plan. The owner of the shopping center worked with tenants displaced by the project by providing reduced rents and assistance with relocation, including opportunities within the shopping center.

How Can Supporters Help? Only with the support of the City of Petaluma can we bring you the benefits of affordable fuel in Petaluma and a one-stop shopping experience. Please have your voice heard by contacting the City Council at 707.778.4360 or For additional project information, you can join over 1,000 project supporters by following the project’s progress on Facebook:

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2 13 14 final fact sheet