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It's often difficult to maintain your fat loss nutrition regime whilst away from home - whether you are away on a business trip or simply having dinner at a restaurant, the temptations to break the discipline can be tremendous! It needn't be all bad, however. With some simple steps, discipline and by making some polite requests to the waiter, you can still enjoy most of the benefits of a meal out without having to feel guilty. 1. Don't be Dictated to by the Menu. Have some confidence in yourself by customising your menu order. If your meal comes with a fatty source - ask to have it without. Instead of fries - ask for a baked potato. If they don't comply (and why wouldn't they?), simply walk out of the restaurant and remember not to go there again. Who's the customer? Is there anything wrong with "no sauces", "extra vegetables", "steamed instead of boiled", "extra egg whites"? Just remember to say please and thank you. 2. Skip on the Appetiser. How often do you have an appetiser at home? I don't know about you, but I never do. So what's so different when you are out having fun? Do you really need one? If you need anything to graze on whilst your friends are consuming their chicken wings, have a saucefree salad. 3. "Undress" your Food. This is crucial. I know it's easy to order that chicken sandwich with mayonnaise. Instead, just ask them to hold off it and have some mustard instead. This will significantly reduce your calorie intake. Better still, ask for the sauce to be brought to you on a side dish. Then it's up to you as to how much you should 4. Ask for Steamed Vegetables. Raw vegetables are the most nutritious - period. Unfortunately, cooking destroys much of the nutritional content. Whilst eating out, ask the waiter to steam your vegetables instead of boiling them. Did you know that boiling your veggies removes up to 75% of the nutrient value? Considering vegetables are not cheap, this is a horrible way to throw your money down the toilet. 5. Eat Slowly. By eating slowly, it will ensure that you don't over eat because it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you're full. If you eat fast or even gulp your food down, then you can eat beyond the point of fullness. This leads to unhealthy weight gain (as well as indigestion!). Whether you want to pack on muscle or lose fat fast, enjoy your food and eat s-l-o-wl-y. 6. Grilled or Baked? Do your best to order you food grilled, steamed or baked. Grilling and baking food removes the fat as the cooking takes place. Avoid any kind of frying or deep-frying of your

food - this adds so many unwanted extra fat calories. 7. "No Thank You!" You need to get into the habit of saying this when the waiter brings along the basket of bread before your meal. I know it's difficult to say "NO" to anything that's free, but have him take it away to avoid the temptation. Remember that nothing in life is "free." Your over-fat belly will "pay" for it later! 8. Avoid Dinner after 6pm. This is a little controversial.By booking early, it means that you're not going to bed late with food in the stomach. I am sure that you have heard the theory that eating late causes weight gain. Even if you don't believe this, I'm a firm believer that going to bed on a full stomach causes disturbed sleeping patterns. 9. Pass on the Salt. Yes, your body need some salt to maintain optimum cellular activity. You'll get more in your diet than necessary, however, without even trying. Two slices of bread, for example, supply more than your daily requirement for salt. Too much salt can cause a whole raft of health problems including heart and kidney diseases - not least it can cause water retention and a bloating appearance. 10. Ask for the Fruit Bowl Instead of the Dessert Menu! You know what the dessert menu will look like - full of delicious calorie dense cakes, pastries and other goodies. Not great for your fat loss nutrition plan. So the best response is to ask for the fruit bowl instead. If you really need anything after your main meal, ask for an apple or some strawberries. You'll feel better for it! 11. Save the Alcohol for Special Occasions. Alcohol can be so overpriced in restaurants. Not only that, but it also costs your waistline 7 calories for every gram (vs. 4 for proteins and carbs). If your goal is to get fat-free then be prepared to cut back on your alcohol. Limit your intake to just one drink of red wine if required (at least there is some nutritional content here). Another problem with alcohol is that it very quickly impairs your judgment - making you likely to order more deep-fried foods, extra bread and dessert. So there you have it - 11 simple fat loss nutrition steps on the road. As you can see they are not impossible. All you need is some discipline along the way.

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==== ==== We have just put the finishing touches on a BRAND NEW 1-week program that promises to deliver the greatest amount of fat loss the human body is capable of producing in a 7 day period (of course while still being safe and without the pointless rebound weight gain). ==== ====

11 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips On The Road  

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