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Get Familiar!!! MIRK and the New Familiars have officially arrived This 7-piece group churns out a futuristic sound blending numerous genres that result in rich vocal harmonies, colorful tasteful instrumentation and catchy, memorable tunes you’ll find yourself singing even after the music’s off. They’ve got a fresh new sound that continues to captivate fans, concert goers, news media and industry reps. Mirk and the New Familiars are well on their way to the national level.

It Only Takes one

Live Person Fan to Turn a


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Mirk and the New Familiars

on stage? It’s an experience when you come out to see a show, large or small. They are professionals that connect with the audience through their music, vibe and the all around fun they create. Depending on the show they’ll play covers like Outkast’s Hey Y’all or a Michael Jackson jam, but it’s the original music that get’s the crowd going… They have played 100’s of shows including CMJ Music Festival / Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Conference in Miami / Crash Mansion in NYC (taping for Nationally Syndicated Fearless Music TV) / Musical guest on Playboy TV (Dre and Snoop were also musical guests!) / and many, many other venues, colleges, festivals and benefits.

the release of their Live Album The Album Release Party was huge! The album, Love/Live a 2 Part Trilogy is the live version of the group’s debut release, Love. Basically, it’s all the songs people Love, played Live. At the release over 250 email addresses were collected from new fans that are willing to help the band by opening up their social networking, handing out flyers, sending emails, etc. Avid Artist Management has been working diligently to keep up with the eager fans who are looking to GET FAMILIAR by finding projects and promotional opportunities for these newly welcomed Band Ambassadors. The entire Love/Live album is available free on the group’s website,

Mirk is all over the place. He’s the guy who produced the much talked about Jay-Z track ‘Crispy Benjamins’. writer James Montgomery said “…crispy Benjamins is produced by someone named Mirk from the New Familiar Music Group — spread like wildfire across the parched topiary of the blogosphere…” It was also called “…perhaps the most convoluted entertainment news story in recent memory…” There are similar news stories regarding the Mirk/ Jay-Z collaboration on Hip-Hop Kings, Rolling Stone, Hip-Hop Press, MTV UK, VHI, Paste Magazine, etc. More on what this means for Mirk and the band, later.

The lead singer of the band, Mirk is no stranger to the music business. His resume in fact, is quite impressive. Working with a Masters degree in Studio Composition, Mirk pieced together the hip-hop group FCM that was managed by Anthony Rich, current Manager of A&R for Jive Records. While on tour with FCM Mirk produced a record for Grammy Nominee and Gold Recording Artist Petey Pablo. The song, ‘What You Know About It’ was placed on his Gold selling album, ‘Still Writing in my Diary’ which reached to #4 on the Billboard charts. Along with Mirk there were other producers on that album such as Lil John, Kanye West, Timbaland… Mirk was also secured as a Producer and Performer for Eamon’s ‘F*ck It Remix’ which was released internationally and received Platinum selling rating. These led to more ma jor work including a Mirk Dance Remix produced by Mirk for Ciarra’s ‘Never Never featuring Young Jeezy’. Along with the band keyboardist, Andy O’Brien Mirk is currently involved with creating music for platinum recording artist and 2009 Grammy winner, Anthony Hamilton. Mirk and the band still receive tremendous support from Ant Rich @ Jive Records. In fact, Rich continues to create new opportunities for the group by working in tandem with Avid Artist Management.

If Brands Can Do It...

This is independent music marketing of the future and Mirk and the New Familiars are

Mirk and the New Familiars have recently teamed up with Avid Artist Management to get to the national level. Avid is working with working with the Band to turn brand strategies into band strategies. “We’re looking to truly marry music with marketing in a way that creates excitement throughout the industry that ultimately benefits the band, and our agency.” Says Michael Corts, Managing Partner at The Avid Agencies. It’s a tough road for an independent band but these guys are utilizing technology in a way that not only ensures a large reach, but technology that just might revolutionize the independent music industry. The team worked diligently to release this Electronic Press Kit (EPK) that will truly set the standard for independent musicians. Remember when artists/ groups sent t-shirts, CDs and 8x10 glossy autographed photos to showcase music and create attention? Today you have to go above and beyond what’s expected and acceptable, and that’s what Mirk and the New Familiars have done with this EPK. Not only is the music amazing, the business end is there as well…Those 2 qualities are what set this band way apart from any other.

setting the standard -Michael Corts

The Avid Agencies

through, or just watch amazing footage of the band while at the kiosk. “We’ve worked to implement numerous new strategies that help us connect with potential fans and listeners. The approach we’re taking has and will continue to persuade music lovers to attend band events as well as purchase band merchandise..... but this EPK piece will be huge.” Corts continues. This is independent music marketing of the future, and Mirk and the New Familiars are setting the standard.

fans have the ability to utilize an Interactive Listening Station

Another way Mirk is setting himself apart is what you’ll see aside from the music when attending a Mirk show. Right about where the band sells their CDs and T-shirts, fans have the ability to utilize an Interactive Listening Station which includes monitors and headphones to watch streaming video and music to help enhance th--ooc eir potential to purchase. Fans can navigate

Bands Can Do It.…

Russell Mirks Recognizes

Simmons Global Grind

Fame-ish is what you are when you’re kinda famous,

but not really


irk recently was given a celebrity blog on, Russell Simmons’ website that receives over 1 million unique views every day. Mirk’s celebrity blog is fittingly between Mike Tyson and Ms. Jones. Mirk connects with readers by sharing his successes, struggles and overall grind. Industry pro Pharell also posted a feature on Mirk recently on his website,

From “ I am many things, but a celebrity is not one of them. At least not yet anyway. What I am is a father, a son, a husband, a singer, a rapper, an engineer and a composer. But what got me up on this blog is the hat I wear when I’m making beats/producing records. If you google my name you might have to add a couple other names in to the search engine to find what I did to become fame-ish. That’s not a typo... Fame-ish is what you are when you’re kinda famous, but not reall y. Like more people know who you are than the average joe, but in the grand scheme you’re still an unknown.”

Mirk Interactive Press Kit (IPK)  

Mirk, an Hip-Pop/rock/R&B band from upstate NY's press kit.