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matters VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 — 2014

my miriam story

The Best Educational Decision for Cody M y 12 year-old son, Cody, is a fun-loving, adventurous, hard-working kid who has had to learn to never give up. He loves to do anything outside including fishing, camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and playing lacrosse.   Cody has dyslexia. The school he attended for kindergarten through third grade tried hard to help him, but the large class sizes and lack of understanding of learning disabilities was very frustrating to him as well as his father and me.  The biggest challenge Cody faced before he started at Miriam was being misunderstood and feeling “stupid”.   Cody started at Miriam at the beginning of fourth grade and stayed for three years. We had him tested privately at the end of third grade and the psychologist suggested we look at Miriam.  Cody visited for one day and loved it so much he started the next week!  He especially loved occupational therapy and the small class sizes.  I think he immediately felt comfortable at Miriam and knew that it would be a safe place for him to learn.  At Miriam he experienced success for the first time in the school setting and realized that he was smart and capable of learning. His self-confidence

Miriam didn’t change or fix him; it helped him accept and embrace himself for who he is.”

slowly began to build. Our older son even noticed and said, “Wow, Miriam taught Cody to read in five weeks, while his old school couldn’t do that in five years.”   I was worried about Cody missing his friends from his old school but he quickly made friends at Miriam and truly never had a bad day.  Every morning he would wake up excited to go to school -- often rushing me and telling me he wanted to get there early.   We were very nervous to start at Miriam but it was by far the best educational decision we ever made for Cody.  Taking the risk was scary but very worthwhile and we have never looked back. Miriam taught him and us so much: he is responsible for his work and his education; he can learn but learns differently and may have to work harder than others; it is possible to be a great kid even if you aren’t a great student; everyone has some obstacle to address and that’s okay; and lastly, that there is nothing wrong with him!   Miriam didn’t change or fix him; it helped him accept and embrace himself for who he is. Our years at Miriam were a huge relief and almost like a vacation for Cody’s father and me. Every single staff person at Miriam gets it and I never once had to explain him.  Miriam is a safe place and you feel that as soon as you enter the building. Cody is the one who told us he felt ready to return to public school for the current school year.  I was worried that he would get lost in the large classes and lose the confidence he gained at Miriam, but he is adjusting to middle school just fine. m

Unlocking your child’s potential.

Giving Back is a Way

of Life


orrie Zimring was reading USA Today in 2011 when he came across an article which extolled the benefits of iPads in the classrooms – especially for students with learning disabilities. Shortly thereafter he was on the phone with Miriam’s Executive Director, Andy Thorp, asking if Miriam School would be interested in receiving iPads for all of its students and teachers. By the fall of 2011 the devices were delivered to Miriam and by spring 2012 they were fully incorporated into the school’s curriculum. “We knew that iPads would greatly benefit our students and they were in our long-term technology plan, but they were out of reach financially for the foreseeable future,” said Andy. “Because of the Zimrings’ gift we were able to immediately implement a complete one-to-one iPad program for all the students and teachers. We are so grateful to them for providing this opportunity.” Morrie Zimring and his wife, Miki, have a long and successful history of identifying and

Our parents have always shown us that giving back is a way of life. We have watched them reach out, time after time, to help others. They have given all of us the gift of knowing how important it is to look beyond yourself. Their dedication to the Miriam School is another example of their endless generosity and kindness.

Scholarship Campaign Donors 2013-2014 RUBY $25,000-$49,999 Stanley & Lucy Lopata Charitable Foundation SAPPHIRE $10,000-$24,999 Lanie & Milton Goldenberg PEARL $5,000-$9,999 Fox Family Foundation The Mildred, Herbert & Julian Simon Foundation Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis AMETHYST $1,000-$4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Anderson Paul & Melissa Belfer



Ruth S. Berg Dr. & Mrs. Martin Bergmann Rick & Michelle Dyer Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Fox Barbara E. Geno, Ed.D. Lynda Higbee Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kalsbeek Ray & Cori Kleeman Larry & Honey Langsam Matthew & Jane Newman Barbara & Art Silver Gloria & Sandy Spitzer Erik & Donna Wendel Fred & Karen Wolff TOPAZ $500-$999 Anonymous - 1 Craig Daily Commerce Bancshares Foundation Linda Estell

Carol Faust Mark & Tamara Friedman & Family Terry & Harvey Hieken Lois Koenen Berry & Thomas Lane Susan & Sam Luten OPAL $1-$499 Anonymous – 4 Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Abrams Audrey Adreon Judy Arnold Dr. Mary Aspedon & Dr. Arden Aspedon Jim & Betsy Backe Sally Balmes Martin & Barbara Barnholtz Gladys Barker (SF) Jeanne Bauer Leslie Becker

– Fran Slutsky

July 1, 2013 through November 15, 2013 Wendy Bell & Steven Werdel Barb & Dan Bindler Susan Bower Edie & Harvey Brown Zelda & Ronald Brown Lyn & Joe Castellano Nancy & Alan Charlson Carol Clift Bob & Donna Cohen Jane Colt Connie, Steve, & Ken Colvis Kyle & Amy Cordes Joe & Mary Ann Crutchfield Gretchen G. Davis John & Lisa Dinga David & Suson Elbert Ellen Eliceiri Mr. & Mrs. Robert Epstein Patricia Ernst-Woo Mr. & Mrs. Norman Farber

Dr. & Mrs. Ed Fliesher Mr. & Mrs. Steven Frank Audrey Friedman Janice Gitt Judith & Joseph Glik Oscar Goldberg Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Goldman Jo-Ann Goldstein Steve & Judy Gorin Susie Grunik Mr. & Mrs. Leo Guenzburger Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hasselfeld Phyllis Heilicher Samuel Heyman Mr. & Mrs. M. Myron Hochman Peter & Laura Jeanmougin Kurt & Michele Johnson Debra & Stephen Jonas Susan Kadel

cultivating opportunities. In their 63 years of marriage the couple has launched businesses including vending machines, coin laundries, security systems, cable television, real estate, and appliance sales. “When you first begin and are not an instant success you always wonder ‘should I give it up?’” Morrie shared. The Zimrings credit their business success to their tolerance for risk, perseverance, and refusal to fail, and have imparted these and many other values to their three children and six grandchildren. Their daughter, Lori Sale, said, “The depth of my parents’ commitment to making the world a better place has been an inspiration to me and to our entire family. Their love for their family is without limits and they believe without question that success must be shared with those who need. They are so proud to support Miriam School and to be able to support the children and to enhance their lives.” The Zimrings’ relationship with Miriam began with a contribution to the 1990 campaign to construct the school building. In addition to the iPad gift, the Zimrings’ recent support has included contributing the score board for the gymnasium in 2010 and the lead gift to renovate the school’s library in 2013. They have also committed to funding the renovations of the school’s entry and

Nancy Kalishman Jeanne & Aron Katzman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kaufman Kennedy Thomas Educational Consultants Robert Kohn Ann & Don Kornblet Dr. & Mrs. John J. Lang Marcia Lange Carol Lasker Debra & Kevin Lawler Barbara Levin & Steven Muchnick Rita G. Levis Dr. & Mrs. David Lieberman Elliot & Cynthia Lippman Ellen Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Loida Richard & Terri LoRusso

Drs. Todd & Cynthia Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lutz Mr. & Mrs. Philip Marblestone Marjorie Ross Martin John H. Mathews Susan Matlof Dorothy Meyerson Suzanne & Chuck Michel Lisa Michele Peter & Debi Miller Margaret Munsen Mr. & Mrs. Jesse S. Myer III Sima & Philip Needleman Steve & Sherri Newstead P.R.P. Wine International, Inc. John E. Parker Parker and Rubenstein Family Fund

multipurpose room which will take place in 2014. Son Randy Zimring shared, “Until the Miriam School Library was renovated in my mother’s name, my parents had been very quiet about their giving. I think it is because they feel in their hearts that talking about others needs might somehow embarrass that person. They instead possess a quiet determination to make sure that their own blessings are distributed to others who do not know they stand behind them, in the shadows, smiling.” m

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Paster Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perlman Miriam Pessin William & Margaret Plumley Karla Radford Beth Ritter Beth & David Rose Betty Rosenberg JoEllen & Len Rubenstein Vida Sax Mr. & Mrs. Philip Schenkenberg Mr. & Mrs. Brian Schnelker Sylvia C. Schulte Judi Scissors Mr. & Mrs. Mark Scissors Samuel Scott Sarah Scott Mr. & Mrs. Marc Semanoff


Audrey Shanfeld Joseph B. Silverman Mitzi Sisson Frieda E. Smith Mrs. Jules Snitzer Chris & Don Steele In Memory of Nancy Steele Arlene Stiffman Karen Suroff Howard & Mary Sutherland The Frank & Bessie Spielberg Foundation Tom & Jane Vickrey Angela Vitale Dr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Wald Anne & Jamie Wansing The Ward Family Sandy & David Washington Marc P. Weinberg Michael & Richelle Weisbrod

Shirley Weiss Marilyn Werner Susan Werstak Mr. & Mrs. Mark Whalen Keith & Joanna Wheeler William B. Wilson Sandon & Karen Wool Joseph E. Wuller Margaret & Larry Zapf Jim & Vicky Zimmerman Lon & Judith Zimmerman

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Boeing Macy’s Monsanto Wells Fargo

Honors and Memorials IN MEMORY OF WILLY AGATSTEIN Gladys Barker (SF) David Frank (MS) Judy Gall (JG) Linda & Jeff Kintz & Family (MS) Susie & Sam Luten (MS) Sis Mange (MS) Dorothy Meyerson (MS) Susan & John Murphy (AG) Barbara & Art Silver (AG) Don Steele (MS) Judy & Jerry Zafft (MS) FRANK ANTOINE Gloria & Bill Thomas (AG) BETTY BERG Jeanne & Aron Katzman (MS) JOANN BOBBITT Kim & Rick Nazaruk (MS) JANE HESTON CLINE Rick & Kim Nazaruk (AG) HARVEY FROHLICHSTEIN Judy Gall (JG) Carol Lasker (MS) Judi Scissors (AG) DR. IRA GALL Audrey & Leonard Adreon (JG) Dr. Martin & Jackie Bergmann (JG) Fran & Marvin Cooper (JG) Bernard & Marilyn Edison (JG) Gail & Charles Eisenkramer (JG) Ilene & Burt Follman (JG) Dr. & Mrs. William Friedman (JG) Lois & Alan Goldberg (JG) Judy & Al Goldman (JG) Thomas R. Green (JG) Albee & Jerry Guttman (JG) Donna Hanlen (JG) Larry & Honey Langsam (JG) The Laskers (JG) Marcia & Gary Levinson (JG) Sheal & Brenda Lisner (JG) Barbara & Michael Newmark (JG) Margie & Herschel Price (JG) Rosalie Scallet (JG) Karen Schechter (JG) Benjamin M. Schulein, Jr. (JG) Lauren & John Schwab (JG) Helen & Julian Seeherman (JG) D. J. Serkes (JG) Mary Beth & Allen Soffer & Family (JG) Sondra Spalding (JG) Eleanor Steinbach (JG) Karen Suroff (JG) Dr. Stuart & Marlita Weiss (JG) Susan & Richard Weitzer (JG) Tine Weitzer (JG) Gene M. & Marlene D. Zafft (JG)

July 1, 2013 through November 15, 2013

PATRICIA LINHOFF The Mark & Tamara Friedman Family (AG) Miriam Board & Staff (AG) LUCY LOPATA Peggy & Joe Maccolini (AG) STEVE MARGLOUS Drs. Lisa Ring & Gregory Storch (AG) WILMA RECHTER Suzanne Pass (AG) LAWRENCE ROSSEL Dorothy Meyerson (MS) DELORES SAKS Miriam Board & Staff (AG) JEROME SANDWEISS Sis Mange (MS) GEORGE I. SERBEN Nicholas Serben (MT) CELESTE SINGER Susan Rich (AG) NANCY STEELE Jim & Betsy Backe (AG) MOTHER OF DR. FRANK WASSERMAN Steve & Karla Rosenblum (AG) SISTER OF STEVEN WEINREICH Judy & Jerry Zafft (MS) BARRY WILDERMAN Richard & Donna Shatz (JG) KAY WILSON, JR. Jane Wilson (AG)

IN HONOR OF ANNE & JACK BADER Daughter’s Wedding Judy & Jerry Zafft (MS) BARBARA BIANCO Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) ALAN BRODDON Happy Birthday Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) ELISSA CAHN Birthday Matthew & Jane Newman (AG) LINDA ESTELL Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG)

JACK GUENZBURGER Leda Sander (AG) Barbara, Art & Steve Silver (AG)

MARILYN FOX Honor Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Fox (AG)

STANLEY HOFFMAN Steve & Karla Rosenblum (AG)

SAM & MARILYN FOX 60th Anniversary Danny & Jill Fox & Family (AG)


DR. & MRS. JERRY FRIEDMAN Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG)

THOMAS LASKER Jean Agatstein & Les Loewe (MS) Judy Gall (JG) Barbara & Art Silver (AG)

MARY GILLOOLY Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG)

MICHAEL LEVINSON Carol Gall (JG) Judy Gall (JG) Celia & Tim Hosler (AG)

JOAN GOODMAN 90th Birthday Gladys Barker (SF) Estelle Garden (AG)

SAMANATHA & MARLEY HERMANN B’not Mitzvah Jeanne Bartling (AG) JONI KARANDJEFF Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) RACHEL & ANDY KATZMAN Mazel Tov on Ellie becoming a Bat Mitzvah Kim & Steve Goldenberg (AG) MICKEY KAUFFMAN 90th Birthday Lenora Sachar (MS) JILL KOENEN Birthday Lois Koenen (AG) LOIS KOENEN Birthday Jill, Derek, Jackie, Emily & Jeff (AG) LARRY & HONEY LANGSAM Honor Carl & Fay Simons (AG) SYLVIA LINDER Happy Birthday Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) CHRIS LYSS Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) SIS MANGE 100th Birthday Gladys Barker (SF) Bliss & Gene Comroe (MS) Judy Gall (JG) Rick & Sherri Goldman (MS) Betty & Jack Grossman (MS) Jeanne Hartz (MS) Jane & Lawrence Kahn (MS) Suzanne Lasky (MS) Rich, Dallas, Mike, & Ken Mange (MS) Rose Mass (MS) Miriam Board & Staff (AG) Marilyn & Gary Ratkin (MS) Bettye Rosen (AG) Lenora Sachar (MS) Mickey Sachs (MS) Betty & Al Schneider (MS) The Soshnik Family (AG) SHELLEY MARGLOUS Honor Drs. Lisa Ring & Gregory Storch (AG) DOROTHY MEYERSON Special Birthday Stanley & Ann Abrams (AG) Jean Agatstein & Les Loewe (MS) Doris Dardick (AG) Leo & Kay Drey (AG) Lois & Bob Friedman (AG) Joseph & Carolyn Losos (TW) Miriam Board & Staff (AG) Larry and Shirley Schermer (AG) Barbara & Art Silver (AG) Marilyn Werner (TW) Mike & Suzi Wieser (AG) Marian & Don Wisnev (MS)

KIM NAZARUK President, Friends of Miriam Barbara Sharpe (AG) PATTY PADAWER Speedy Recovery Steve & Karla Rosenblum (AG) MITCHELL PODOLSKY Speedy Recovery Carl & Gail Lang (MS) LESLIE REBY 65th Birthday Steve & Karla Rosenblum (AG) HERB RIBSTEIN 95th Birthday David Frank (MS) DOROTHY RIEMER Birthday Sis Mange (MS) CAROL ROSENBAUM Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) STEVE & KARLA ROSENBLUM In Appreciation for Our Friendship Sherilyn & Barry Krell (AG) JUDI SCISSORS Honor Eileen Schneider Edelman (AG) SARAH SCOTT Thank You Zelda & Ron Brown (MS) ART SILVER Happy Birthday Susan and John Murphy (AG) HANNAH TENENBAUM Happy Birthday Dorothy Meyerson (MS) HENRY & SUSAN WARSHAW Honor Lisa Ring (AG) SANDRA WOOL Thank You Esther Lyss Greenstein & Harvey Greenstein (AG) ADRIENNE YAWITZ Birthday Sis Mange (MS) JUDY ZAFFT Special Birthday Carol & Steve Latz (AG) Miriam Board & Staff (AG) Barbara & Art Silver (AG) MIKI ZIMRING Miriam Library Lee Bohm (AG) Barbara & David Boxer (LR) Sharon & Barry Friedman (LR) Judy & Al Goldman (AG) Terry & Harvey Hieken (AG) Peggy Ross (LR) MORRIE ZIMRING Speedy Recovery Barb & Dan Bindler (LR) Judi Scissors (AG)

KIM NAZARUK Birthday Barbara Sharpe (AG)

Funding Key: Miriam School Tribute Fund (MS) General Operating Fund (MT) Jeffrey Scott Gall Memorial Scholarship Tribute Fund (JG) Tesse B. Werner Music Fund (TW) Stella M. Freund Educational Equipment Fund (SF) Sidney Goldenberg, M.D. Technology Fund (SG) Annual Giving/Scholarship Campaign (AG) Miriam Learning Center (LC) Library Renovation Fund (LR)

M I R I A M S T L . OR G | M I R I A M M AT T E R S


Miriam is a Family



Lois Erber Kendis

fourth generation Miriam member, Margie Kendis Horowitz credits her husband with the idea to start an endowed scholarship at Miriam School in memory of her mother, Lois Erber Kendis. “Merle thought my mom would be pleased to know she is still helping the children at Miriam School, and I agree,” Margie shared. Lois was an accomplished artist who attended Washington University’s School of Fashion Design and, in addition to fashion illustration, sculpted marble and painted watercolors. Following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Lois was an active Miriam member for all of her adult life. She lent her many talents to Miriam as an Miriam Louise (Levi) Arnold active volunteer at the Switching Miriam founding member Post, a member of the Sewing Circle, c.1910-30 and an enthusiastic dancer in many Emma (Arnold) Erber benefit shows. Miriam member Lois also traveled extensively c.1910-25 with her husband, Dr. Joseph Lois (Erber) Kendis Kendis, who was a pioneer in Miriam member c.1940-2008 the treatment of alcoholism as a Margie (Kendis) Horowitz disease and spoke internationally Miriam member, present to advocate the cause.

Giving for Generations Named Scholarship Endowment Funds Miriam’s Named Scholarship Endowment Fund (NSEF) provides a meaningful way for donors to help financially needy students through the scholarship program. The NSEF allows donors to personalize their contributions of $25,000 or more while also honoring or memorializing a person(s). Arthur & Helen Baer Foundation Scholarship Fund Fred & Elsie Block Endowment Fund Caro-Ritter Scholarship Fund* Diane Goldsmith – Simon Cohen Scholarship Fund Katherine S. Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund George N. & Myrtle B. Diederich Memorial Fund Chester M. Flegel Trust in Memory of his Mother, Esther Flegel, Scholarship Fund* Suzie & Bill Florent Scholarship Fund* Stella M. Freund Educational Equipment Fund Jeffrey Scott Gall Memorial Scholarship Tribute Fund Sidney Goldenberg, M.D. Technology Fund Lois E. Kendis Scholarship Fund Eleanore T. Kenney Memorial Scholarship Fund Hannah & Larry Langsam Scholarship Fund Timothy & Michele Liebman Scholarship Fund* Hazel Loewenwater Scholarship Fund Stanley & Lucy Lopata Scholarship Fund Clarence Mange Endowment Fund Michael & Noémi Neidorff Scholarship Fund Barbara & Art Silver Scholarship Fund* Tesse B. Werner Educational Fund Alan A. & Edith L. Wolff Endowment Fund *new in 2013



inside: My Miriam Story: Cody

Miriam Foundation 501 Bacon Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63119

Miki and Morrie Zimring Lois Erber Kendis

Our Mission Miriam improves the quality of life for children with learning disabilities and their families through innovative and comprehensive programs.


Gather up your friends and join us

for Miriam’s Third Annual Trivia Night on

Saturday, February 22, 2014! All proceeds will benefit the Miriam Scholarship Campaign. For more information and to register contact the Development office at 314-962-6059.


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Paul Belfer Barbara Bindler Lloyd Bruce Amye Carrigan Christopher Elliott Linda Estell Matt Fisher Todd Gentry Lanie Goldenberg Colleen Hogan Raymond Kleeman, PhD Susie Luten Kim Nazaruk Barbara Silver Don Steele Anne Tolan Sandy Washington Donna Wendel Trish Winchell Harry Witte Carolyn Zacarian Judy Zafft Morrie Zimring

President Elect Bill Florent Vice-President of Programs Lynda Higbee Vice-President of Development Berry Rounds Lane Vice-President of Administration/ Treasurer Craig Daily Secretary Laurie Caro At-large Michele Liebman

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Advisory Committees Professional Advisory Committee L. Louis Albert Dr. Alyson Aviv, Ph D, ABPdN Lee Bascom, MSW, LCSW Kathy Bingley Melanie Bloom Lynn Christopher Jean Deasy Steve Doll Ann Dunn Ben Essenburg Kathy Fitzgerald Gery Gremmelsbacher, MA, NSCP Dennis Guilliams Dr. Patricia Kopetz, Ed D Kari Kraichely Belinda Leatherwood Ed Maggart Mike Malone Kevin Navarro Terri O’Daniel Dr. Sunny Pervil, Ph D Rev. John Roberts Dr. Jim Russell, Ph D, LPC Dr. Paul Simons, MD

Dr. Zinia Thomas, MD Anne Tolan Georgi Walczyk Ray Wren John Viser John Yunker, MS, LP Carolyn Zacarian, MSW, LCSW Community Advisory Committee Gladys Barker Jacquette Bergmann Marcia Broddon Gretchen G. Davis Marilyn Fox Julie Frohlichstein Judy Gall Bettie Gershman Kathy Hartmann Mary Ann Lee E. Bry Lefton Bernice “Sis” Mange Bert Melchior Noémi Neidorff JoEllen Rubenstein Marlene Zafft

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