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Styling by Liisa Kursnir and Jordan Richings Photography Miriamn MacGeh

Name; Age; Location;


2.0 24 London

Have you always wanted to do music? I haven’t always wanted to do music, I started making music at 19 so I’m kinda like a late bloomer if you want to call it that.

Any special situations etc that made you choose to do music?

I grew up listening to 50 cent and G-unit, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be rapping today.

What you to

usually create a

inspires new song?

Errrm, it’s so random, inspiration just comes and go’s. But at the moment, I take most inspiration from films

Do you have a special place where you get most of your inspiration from?

No special place. I’d like a Bentley though, that would help

What would be the big dream/goal?

The big dream would be to get a Grammy, and then sell millions of records

Do you have a 5 year plan ? I


















His music is just so insane. He’s legendary. He always does some new shxt that’s just super dope. He’s someone I can simply relate too and his music helped me through some hard times.

Someone you would like to see live? Kid











yourself A












What do you do when n Probably






Any fav places to go I



Are you go festivals this summer I’ve entire

never been life! Hope to

to mak

Possible to hear you l I’ll be checking

back my

Do you preforming

gigging social



ever g in front

I’ve never been nervous catwalk once and I’ve never been

not busy making music? a









o/hangout in london?




oing to any r? if so, which one?


a it

festival to one

in next

my year!

live? when and where?

a month or so, networks to find

keep out

get nervous when t of an audience?

performing, but I did a n so nervous in my life (Shrug)

Behind city




R.E B.A.R.E interview

Stacy Wright

Jnr windross

Dorivn Grvy

I manage to meet a few people from B.A.R.E and interview them about the whole concept, ideas and their message. I met up with Stacy Wright, Jnr Windross and Dorivn Grvy at 1001, in Brick Lane. From the minute the conversation started you could clearly see that what they where doing was something they had passion for. Happy, friendly and outgoing people, they started to tell me all about B.A.R,E. They even let me tag along on a little adventure on top of Brick Lane. A rare day with B.A.R.E people.





A religion? That might indeed be the answer from the B.A.R.E crew (was the answer). Underground and music based, being different and mixing things together and creating something original. The concept has been but it was not until a


around for a long time, year ago it started for real.

We use spaces that are not used for events so that the room is ‘bare’, and the event is giving all the good vibes. A perfect way to really let their concept fill the room and the people.


Both Dorvin and I are DJ’ing is all about building energy through Philosophic as he is, JnR continues with; it Is more to life then what is. I like philosophe and have some of the most interesting theories on



The music, it

B.A.R.E concept is is a way of life, a

and it music. so much I think I life! hehe

not life

just style.

Dorivn:‘yea,being trueto yourself,good vibes.Really just about being you. JnR: Good morals, and to see things through every point of view. It is

important to look from other people’s perspectives too. If someone does something bad, think of what you have done that could have had an effect on this.

The concept is clearly not just an event, and it is easy to see that they also want to send out a good message. They all live in north London, but the concept is Shoreditch based.


We want to create more, do everything, art, photography etc.

JnR: Haha,

We yes


are are,




children and


Like peter Pan, living in our own neverland, forever young! But we are serious too (serious, and fun!)

They are all interesting and outgoing people with a lot of good ideas, and energy saying ‘nothing is impossible’. First time I heard about B.A.R.E was when walking past Hoxton gallery late at night, I am used to see the space being used for lots of things, but





used for events?

We were actually the first people using the space for this, and it went really well, so we are still using this space for our events. We also used to be monthly at vibe bar in brick lane.

Do you usually have a big plan on when the next events will be and where? Planning too much won’t work! Not that you should not plan things, but remember to enjoy each one and take it step by step. It is important to live in the present. All of this is the kind of atmosphere B.A.R.E is all abut. And it is exactly the same type of people that will show up on the different events. Sharing the same way of living.

Be A Rare


A rooftop party in an old building in Brick Lane would not have been too bad!

The next B.A.R.E event is the 10th of May.

Do you think you could help filling a bare space with the same atmosphere? Well, then you should check out their Facebook page, and take a trip to Hoxton Gallery.

After talking for a while at 1001, they took us on a little adventure! Managing to get a look at an amazing space at the top of a building in Brick Lane, that would have

been a perfect place for a B.A.R.E happening! And maybe it will be? I would not at all be surprised if they would manage to use the place for one of their events.

Want to figure out more about B.A.R.E? Check out there facebook page; Bare Exception or their twitter page. And of course I guess you want to hear some of the music they play’? Head to JnR’s soundcloud and get a peak on what BARE 1 year sounded like. And the next B.A.R.E event is May 10th. Think you will fit in with the rest of the B.A.R.E’s ? Well, check it out at Hoxton Gallery, I know I will be there.

buffalo, horn and empty sreets Model; Ida Marie Photography Miriam MacGeh

sweater from Romwe Skirt from H&M Necklace from H&M

top from Gina Tricot Shorts from H&M

sk8e gurl


Top from Primark Shoes Nike Air

shirt from Monki Shorts from zara


I met up with Crap and talked about his graffit about all from inspiration too how it is movin out the next pages for more details and some

Name: Krap/Crap Location: London



now, but no one


ti and drawings, witch are awesome. We talked ng to London from home land France. Check great drawings from the happy-go-lucky guy!

Drawings and grafitti by Krap/Crap Photography by Rob Fulwood







knows for how long (especially not me)

For how long have you been doing graffiti? Well, most of graffiti

artists begin to paint on walls and then do their stuff on canvas. I did the opposite: I began with graffiti since at the moment, papers and canvas seemed to be too small to do what I wanted to do. So, I have been drawning and painting for a long time, and have made some vandal graffiti for quite a long time as well, but I think I began to do some « serious » graffiti something like 5 years ago.

Any special things that give you the inspiration to draw the things you do? I just try to put on paper, walls or canvas the images I have in my

head.. Lots of things are inspiration for me, such as music, comics, and Art in general. I just try to transcribe an universe I have in my thoughts. Beer and weed help a lot as well.

When did you move to London? I arrived in London something like one month and a half ago, and I’m ready to kick up the ass of this city! For how long are you staying ? I really have no idea. Maybe 6 months, maybe 6

years. I’ll leave when I’ll be bored of this city and want to live somewhere else and discover something new. But for now it’s ok, so I’m staying here. How is London

compared to France when it comes to graffiti? In France, there

are a way less CCTVs. So, vandal graffiti is everywhere, and it’s also easier to do some street art. Even if you still have the pressure to get in trouble with the cops, in France it’s way more easier. In London I saw a lot of tube stations which in France would have been totally painted by vandal graffiti artists. In London, you can’t do that. But anyway, there are some cool graffit and street art spots, like in Shoreditch or Brixton.

Do you have any special Favorite artist? Actually, a lot. But that would take too long to name them all. But basically, my inspirations come from underground comics (artists such as Gilbert Shelton or Robert Crumb,...) Mexican Art (antique and actual), illustration, fine arts and graffiti. I try to be always aware and ready to discover new artists and new concepts, so that changes all the time.

a drawing?

How long do u usually use on

Depends on the subject, the idea, the technic, and, some-

times, on how much I’m paid... (just kidding eh!)

What do you like

best with London so far? Defintly the London nights athmosphere.

Where do you work? Actually, I work in Covent Garden’s Camper shoe shop, but I’m also a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Do you have any plans for the summer? Travel as much as I can, and go to as many festivals as I can as well. What’s your next step when it comes to your art?

I did several exhibitions in France, now I’m trying to show my work in London. So, I’m currently looking for a gallery I could work with, for exhibitions and graffiti murals. Previous education? I studied marketing for 2 years, but I hated the way of thought back there ‘(even if I managed to get that fucking diploma), and then I studied in art school for 3 years and I now have a graphic designer diploma as well.

pampa Drawings by Pampa Louzao Photography by Miriam MacGeh

I met up with Pampa Louzao at London west bank gallery where his art is and his huge drawing Indigo is almost the first thing I spot when walking in to the gallery , the big black and white drawing have so much going on and so many details so I have to ask; So what is this drawing about? Well, the title Indigo is a color, a color vibration, same as the earth has vibration. So really what you are seeing is the planet changing its vibration. Everything is alive, the earth is vibrating feel it and listen to it.

There are so many details different bodies, figures, animals and everything is connected. It is really an interesting drawing to look at, because you will discover new thing all the time. Pampa ‘If you step back, you can see that the part down on the left side is a body’. You can see legs, connected to the earth, a pregnant figure, nipples and other body parts all mixed in a beautiful mess. How long did it take you to finish this drawing? 6 month, you can see the date when I started drawing and when it was finished at the bottom of the drawing, together with the title. From 15/12-12 to 6/6-13

When did you move to London? I arrived here around Christmas Where in London are you living at the moment? After a lot of moving around, I am now based in Hackney Wick. So what do you do besides drawing? I work as a construction worker and I am in a band where I play the bass . The band is called The ‘Silvestre y la Naranja’ and we play folk music. They are still back in Argentina, however, they will be coming to London soon since we are going on a tour, playing at different festivals here in London. So we are really stoked about that. Hopefully we might manage to get a few gigs around London. I really love music, could not make drawings without it, haha you might say I love music more, however, I am better at the drawing. So how was it moving to London? Well I came here alone, and it is not that easy in the beginning, I have been moving 5 times and some of the places where really not in a good area!

Where do you get your inspiration from? I like to draw animals, so if I want to draw a specific animal I will look it up and gather as much information as I can. Same thing if I’m looking at a different cultures and stuff, then I will listen to the same music as they would and etc to really set my mind to it. Do you have any new projects going on? Actually I do! I am working in a donation. It is an organization for saving white tigers. So I am now making a new drawing that can be donated. So I am mostly just working on that now. But it is fun to be a part of this exhibition. Do you know for how long you are planning to stay in London? I am not sure, I will be travelling with my band this summer on tour, and then I will be travelling around Europe, so have to wait and see what happens after that.

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