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How do you get started? Just pick a center slide and start writing! •By pressing on the title you will be transferred to the writing instructions.

Instructions: Choose 4 tasks to be submitted at the end of the semester.

. Chose your favorite song and write why did you choose it. 2. Pick two favorite phrases from the song and write two new lines ending or opening the song using the phrase you have chosen. 3. What do you think is the main tense in this song? Quote 2 examples. 4. Who is your favorite singer? Write 6 facts about him/her and add a picture. 5. Write a short poem. Make sure your poem includes: rhymes, two stanzas or more and a course. Give your poem a title and type it on word file. 6. Make a play list of 10 songs you would play in a party. Write a short explanation why you choose each song. 7. Design a cover for your favorite disc. The cover should include: The name of the singer, the names of the songs, 2-3 sentences describing the singer, the singer's photo and a recommendation for the disc. 1

ď‚ž Instructions: Choose one of the tasks

(choose the task that works on the tense you feel weak atď Š.)

Past simple Choose what you would like to write about: 1. What did you do last weekend? 2. Write a short fairytale or story.

3. Describe an important event. Write what makes it so important.

4. What do you know about your family history? (Where your parents and grandparents came from, what they did.)

Past Continuous [was/were + verb-ing] Choose what you would like to write about: 1. List 5 more irritating interruptions. For example: While I was eating my breakfast my mother asked me if I had done my homework. (Mom, don't you think that now it's a bit late?!!!)

2. Write a murder mystery: For example: "The wind was blowing, and a dog was barking somewhere nearby‌"

Past Perfect Continuous [had + been + verb-ing] Choose what you would like to write about: 1. Explain something to me! For example: someone in detention, someone in a wheelchair, a baby bird on the

ground‌ * You can start like this: The kid was in detention because he had been caught lying to his teacher.

Instructions: Choose your favorite player or team and prepare a poster or a Power Presentation

about the player/team.

The poster should include: 1. The player's / team name. 1. A photo of the player/team. 2. 7 facts about the player/team. 3. A description of his/her/their best achievement. 4. The reasons why you picked this player/team.

Instruction: Write a paragraph about 2 topics from the list:

1. Is there a book you've always wanted to read, but you haven't found the time ? 2. Write the name of the book, the name of the author and 4-5 sentences about the book .

3. When you are looking for something to read, what do you look for in a book? 4.What questions would you ask your favorite writer? 5.Where do you prefer to read? Do you have a spot where you enjoy reading?

6.Which author would you like to meet ? 7.Which book do you hate? Is there a book you hate? Is so, why? 8.If you knew you were going to end up on a deserted island, which ONE book

would you take with you? 9.Which character from a book do you most like? Why?


Instructions: Go to this site and choose 1 prompt to write about. The address:

After responding (writing) to the prompt answer these questions: 1. What made you choose this specific prompt? 2. Search for an interesting picture (you can use Google) and write a writing prompt for it. 3. Upload your picture and prompt to our class site.

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