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Mirena Lawsuit Like many oral birth control methods, Mirena does carry a risk of side effects. However, the manufacturer, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., may have been negligent in adequately warning patients and health care providers of the seriousness of these risks. Mirena Lawsuit is now being filed on behalf of those women that suffered as a result of perforation, migration, or expulsion of the IUD. You may be qualified to file a Mirena lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries find out now. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturer have been aggressive in their marketing of Mirena. That they had exaggerated the advantages of using the IUD while downplaying the serious risks involved. These women may feel that they and their doctors were not given the correct information to allow them to make the right decision for their particular situation. We will continue to file Mirena Lawsuit Info on behalf of women who have been affected by the Mirena IUD’s alleged side effects and fight for the damages they are owed. Mirena is a hormonal IUD prescribed to prevent pregnancy and since 2009 has been also approved for use to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. It consists of a T-shaped plastic body with a removal string attached. Once a doctor places the device in the uterus, it begins to release the female hormone levonorgestrel and is effective for up to five years. Many women enjoy the ease of knowing that they are protected against unwanted pregnancy without having to remember to take a daily birth control pill.

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