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Intrauterine Device: Is it the Best Birth Control Option for You?

In the modern times, people employed the used of birth controls, according to media. Any one may choose which birth control he or she wants to use. Intrauterine device (IUD) is making a hit among birth controls. Mirena is one of the popular brands for IUD. Mirena is the brand name for the small, flexible, T-shaped intrauterine device (IUD) which is fixed into the uterus. This may potentially used for as long as five years and is 99.9 percent efficient in preventing pregnancy. It releases progestin which makes the uterine linings thick and unsuitable for the sperms.

Although the IUD is different from other your menstrual cycle to get pregnant again

highly effective, it is completely reversible if you want to get pregnant. It is birth control methods because there is no waiting until a certain point in or waiting an extended period of time for it to be effective. You are ready as soon as the IUD is removed.

Moreover, there are medical professionals who are worried that using IUDs may trigger fertility problems, increase infection risks on women, and perhaps not fit properly. It is proven to be an effective tool in protecting women from pregnancy; it has been reported to have various health complications. The side effects of birth control differ from woman to woman. The irregularity occurs in the menstrual cycle due to IUD, which puts the woman at the higher risk of anemia.

IUD does not amount more than $500, which is not much compared to the price of a monthly birth control prescription. Whatever form of birth control you choose to use, you need to bear in your mind that it is crucial that you analyze all your options and make an informed decision with the help of your doctor. This benefits to enjoy the device while avoiding potential complications.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already released its warning to Bayer, manufacturer of Mirena IUD, because of its implausible advertising (marketing) claims and failure to disclose the product’s potential adverse side effects. The Mirena IUD Lawsuit Center provides more information about this matter.

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Intrauterine Device: Is it the Best Birth Control Option for You?