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Hand painted porcelain by Anca Vintilă

Una ca Luna

Una ca Luna Artist

One of a kind porcelain

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Una ca Luna is fine porcelain hand painted by the Romanian designer Anca Vintilă.

existing models and motives

When faced with white, untouched porcelain, Anca Vintila’s imagination flourishes:

replicated on porcelain objects at

traditional fairy tale characters, fantastic animals, sophisticated cats and adorned

your choice.

horses that populate her inner universe become drawings that embellish porcelain plates,

Personalise your drawing or writing and order your own

teapots, cups or candy bowls of any sizes and shapes. Flowers, the four seasons and their colours, mysterious forests and sunny gardens, traditional motives and themes – are also sources of inspiration for the Una ca Luna artist. Una ca Luna’s design is refined, contemporary and fresh. Its mood is sometimes playful and humorous, sometimes nostalgic, mysterious and deep. It appeals greatly both to a younger, urban audience, and to sophisticated people of all ages who value hand work, who pay attention to details and like to surround themselves with highly personalized, hand made, beautiful objects. Una ca Luna porcelain objects are the perfect gifts for the special people in your life. That’s because hand work is always personal, and because porcelain can be personalized according to the needs and wishes of the person buying it. The porcelain Una ca Luna paints on is best quality feldspathic porcelain, characterized by translucidity and pure white colour. Depending on the motives chosen, Una ca Luna plates, teapots or cups can be suited for both a very modern, playful table and for an elegant and classical one.

collection: perfect for gifts,

Anca Vintilă is a young Romanian designer and

corporate gifts for clients and

painter who gave up her career as Brand Manager

business partners, special

in a multinational company to follow her passion

occasions (weddings, child birth,

for painting and porcelain. In 2012 she built the brand “Una ca Luna”, which in Romanian means “unique as the moon”. As the name suggests, Una ca Luna’s pieces are indeed unique and “one-of-a-kind”, both because

anniversaries), your own teahouse, coffee house, restaurant or hotel or simply perfect if you want a personalized collection for your home.

Should you have any particular

they are painted by hand and because they can be

theme or motive in mind, you

personalized with drawings and writings according

can brief Una ca Luna to draw

to the needs and wishes of people buying the porcelain.

a customized and personalized collection. In line with your needs and wishes, our designer will

Anca Vintila attended various courses of painting,

submit 2 or 3 design proposals

porcelain painting and jewelry in Romania and

for your approval. Should you

abroad, often working with renowned Romanian

like the drawing, you can order

artists. She is frequently invited to exhibit her work

a personalized Una ca Luna

at the best design fairs and exhibitions in Romania.



Inspiration on white


Inspiration on white


Amazing Horses

Inspiration on white

Romanian Rhapsody

Inspiration on white

Traditional Fairy Tales

Inspiration on white

Russian Stories

Inspiration on white


Inspiration on white

Special Gifts


Inspiration on white

E-mail: Mobile: + 40 723 170 677

ŠAnca Vintilă Dragu Photo cover: Alex Bisi Photo interior: Bogdan Dragu

Una ca Luna - Catalog Spring 2013  
Una ca Luna - Catalog Spring 2013  

Una ca Luna is fine porcelain hand painted by the Romanian designer and painter Anca Vintila.