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A d ap tati on of the ob ject to the environment

01 R i carda A d ap tati on of the ob ject to new functions

02 Wo ods

space _

U top i an p r oj ec ts 0 3 F e rmentum 0 4 R ef ugges 0 5 L a pso

R ed es i g n of s p a ces 06 P a rĂ­s




A d ap tati on of the ob ject to the env i r onment


individual project

extensible shelf_ This shelf is made for “La Ricarda�, a house located around Barcelona with a very conservative style and at the modernist times . One of the main features of this house is that all the objects and the structures are dymanic (they move, they see each other and they hide as you want) The design of this shelf is inspired by these caracteristics.



/01 La Ricarda

house drawing _

shelf plans _

It consists of 3 levels each one to diferents funcions. In case the the user need more space there is a second hidden storeroom, who can get out thanks to casters. The materials used are the wood with an oak wood finish for the upper levels and for the main structure of the pine wood with a metal finish (exitron).



02 woods.

A d ap tati on of the ob ject to new f unctions

convertible sleeve_ This is a work of a convertible A4 A3 sleeve. It is made with balsam wood and elastics to allow its smooth operation and ergonomics. The goal is to be able to use it every day in A4 format and when it is necessary to turn it into A3 without having to change the cover.


individual project


/04 woods

DIN a4 _


/04 woods

DIN a3 _



03 fermentum. Utopia n projects.


collective project

first floor_

optics and lactics_ The Project encompasses 3 disciplines of ELISAVA design, product, graphic and space. We have to create a false room to create a laboratory or a cheese shop. One of the characteristics of this room would be the creation of a shelf in order to expose the different types of cheeses.

second floor_


/08 fermentum



/08 fermentum

product / shelf_



04 refugees.

Utopia n projects

reception center in paris_ This project consists of the creation of a reception center for refugees arriving in Paris. The objective was to create a center where all the primary needs were met, to include refugees inside Paris. For this reason we had place the structure utopically in the center of Paris. We found it interesting and functional to place it there, under the subway tracks, because it is an unused space that met all the requirements we were looking for. At the same time we created an economic and functional modular structure that could be repeated and therefore hosting more or less number of refugees depending on the situation.


collective project


/04 refugges


Pr i va te sp a c es: housi n g a n d ser vice s . C o mmon sp a c es: c ommo n r oo ms, ser v i c es, ki tc hen , la un d r y a n d PMR ho mes.


/04 refugges

first floor_

second and third floor_



05 Lapso. R ed es i g n of spa ces.

utopian community through the word “lighting”_ Welcome to the utopian community of Lapso. It is constituted by individuals who are driven by the most creative part of themselves and don’t follow the schedules and mental structure of those who are not used to live with it, that are who set the pace of today’s society. This community is been created to cover the basic human needs but also the most valuable need that all creative people depends on; the time. In order to manage your own time you will have to go to the central point of the society, a poetic and spiritual space where all the citizens gather to collect and transport the light of the plankton that comes directly from the sea. This structure is the only common space in the neighborhood, due to each member have its private space, and therefore it is also the center of community’s socialization. This space is constituted by two large domes made of cement, in order that the exterior light can’t penetrate inside this structure so you can see and appreciate the bioluminescence that there is in the interior.


individual project

exterior render_



/05 lapso




06 ParĂ­s. R ed es i g n of spa ces

redesign of student apartment in Paris_ This project consists of solving a problem very present in the student flats in Paris. The majority only consist of 10 to 15 m2, and the space is very poorly used and distributed. That’s why I did a redesign of one of these floors as work for the university where I had studied there.


individual project

/04 refugges


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