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about me

Mireia Aleu is an Industrial Design Engineer specialized in product management and materials who studied her degree in ELISAVA, Barcelona. She had the opportunity to design and produce a lighting system and furniture in the CastrogĂŠriz Mbed Hotel, where collaborating with other designers. She has spent long periods of time in England where she has improved her English skills. She can also speak perfectly Catalan, Spanish and French. She is a flexible, creative, reliable and organized person who has improved her skills byparticipating in many competitions and workshops such as Voila, Font Vella, Muji and Natural Machines. In her free time she loves to play instruments and also practice sports like Taekwondo, where has become black belt and built on her self-confidence, determination and personal drive.

ELISAVA. multifuncional fish cleaning tool

multifuncional fish cleaning tool

ELISAVA. workshop “natural machines”

“natural machines� food printer This is a currently developing project by Foxcon. It consists on a 3D food printer system, replacing the raw material (ABS) for food placed in different tastes cartridges. It can make a wide variety of shapes, such as vegetable pies or chocolate bars. Another alternative could be to place some food shapes and the scanner would detect them and the printer could work around the form scanned as a decoration choosed by the user. It is made basically of aluminium and plastic.

multifunctional hanger It is an easy assembly hanger composed of a suction system, a methacrylate bar and two pieces of wood: one to join the two main parts of the hanger and the other one to limit the objects. The suction pad sticks to smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic or wood and then it is ready to support light weights as bath stuff. It is the alternative of the fixed systems because it is easy to move from one to another place. It is also economic for its simple design, easy to produce.

COMPETITIONS “voila” awards

COMPETITIONS “muji” awards

FLIPPING TAVELLING SET Owing to the increase of Globalization, the international interchange between countries is being more common day by day. That involves the need for a person to travel all over the world as a modern lifestyle.

FLIPPING TAVELLING SET is a multifunctional tool for the day-to-day of a traveller. It includes the basic utensils for the cleanliness of a person in a reduced space. It is a “Long Lasting Design for Living” because travelling is being more necessary every day and it includes the infinite and past tradition of the human’s hygiene.

lighting system This is a lighting system made for a hotel located in Castrogeriz, Burgos. It is composed of aluminium, methacrylate and LED’s to contribute to the lenght of its life. Its main function it is to iluminate the halls and to indicate where is every room, with each number iluminated. It is very easy to manufacture and its design is very simple and minimal, fitting into many spaces.

PROFESSIONAL WORK lighting system

modular lamp This is a modular made for a hotel located in Castrogeriz, Burgos. It is composed of many pieces of wood, placed repeatedly, around the axis. Its main function it is to iluminate the room and decorate it with its simple but trendy design. It is very easy to manufacture because in fact it is only one pieces repeated and it can be painted in many colours to be adapted in many spaces.


leather bag It is a leather bag with metal plates around, to reflect the light. It is designed to be dressed during the night but it is also adaptble to be used during the day. It has only one zipper and lateral decorations to draw attention.

HOME MADE leather bag

HOME MADE patchwork bag

patchwork bag It is a bag made with the patcwork method, putting together different tipes of fabrics prints in a squared form. It has a padding inside to protect the objects going inside and it has a very wide capacity.

HOME MADE i pad case

ipad case This is an ipad case to cover the ipad from possible damages. It has a very modern design and also it includes other functions as a pocket to put in, for example a pen or a notebook.

PORTFOLIO Mireia Aleu  

These are all the projects I have done before finishing my Product Design Engineer degree.