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Hatch is the third highest earmarker in the U.S. Senate. When I see how wasteful these projects are I’m even more certain that Utah can find someone better, someone who is a real fiscal conservative.

— Michael Jolley Former Utah Delegate, Utah County Resident

What Are Earmarks? An earmark is a special funding request made by a lawmaker to circumvent the usual budget process. An earmark is usually tucked away — hidden — in some large spending bill considered to be “must pass” legislation, and is commonly referred to as “pork-barrel spending.” The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell points out: “Earmarks are utterly corrupt. The fact that they are legal does not change the fact that they finance a racket featuring big payoffs to special interests, who give big fees to lobbyists (often former staffers and Members), who give big contributions to politicians. Everyone wins … except taxpayers.”6 For more on earmarks, see Appendix III. Why Earmarks Are Dangerous. An earmark is not subject to competitive bidding, congressional hearings, or oversight of any kind. Earmarks are often a result of intense lobbying, not bargained for in the free market. As we saw with Medicare Part D in 2003 and ObamaCare in 2010, earmarks are tools that politicians use to buy the votes they need to secure passage of huge 6. 7. sort/amount/type/desc/year/all.html 8. sort/amount/type/desc/year/all.html 9.

expansions of the welfare state. Earmarks grease the skids of Big Government. Hatch’s Voting Record on Earmarks. From 2008-2010, Hatch made 28 solo requests costing $5,109,0007, and a nearly incredible 194 additional joint requests costing $373,627,450.8 Of 100 senators, this made Hatch the 3rd highest earmarker in 2010.9 A few examples: s 2005: Roll Call 118: Hatch voted to increase funds in the highway bill.10 s 2005: Roll Call 220: Hatch voted for the notorious $300 billion highway spending bill stuffed with nearly 6,500 earmarks.11 s 2005: Roll Call 286: Hatch voted against responsibly reducing non-defense discretionary spending.12 10. 09&session=1&vote=00118 11. 09&session=1&vote=00220 12. 09&session=1&vote=00286

Should Orrin come home?


The Facts about Hatch's 36 Year Record  

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has, for over 30 years, held himself out as a conservative. Hatch’s record, however, belies any assertion that he i...

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