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Dear friends, nowadays ever more frequently appear books that give you joy and inspiration. And we want such books to appear more and more. Now you are holding in your hands a brochure that appeared due to the dreams. It’s not a guidance, not a methodical material, it’s a vivid information. That we hope will inspire you for beautiful creations and help create your life really happy. Into this collection are included the dreams and histories, written by people of different age, living in different places, but sincerely aspiring to make life better, more beautiful. The article of Vladimir Novikov about the forth and importance of a dream precedes them. We wish you a pleasant reading and inspiration! Let the beautiful and perfect dreams always be born and realized for the joy of everybody in the Love harmony!

Happy parents – healthy children In my first two books “The end of the period of evil spirits” and “The science of imagery” I mentioned the topics of the upbringing of a healthy, smart, spiritually educated child. The offered information referred not only to little kids but also to people of almost any age, because for somebody they always stay kids, no matter how old they are. 12 years of work of our Center of Harmony “Rainbow” allows us to offer new methods of work in healing – without contraindications, based on the laws of the universe, on which the surrounding world develops and which allow any person with his sincere wish to help his neighbor. We gave seminars of bioenergetics not only with our friends – medical workers, but also with centers in more than 50 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Holland. In all cases the response and results were only positive and that’s why my first book was translated into Holland language. The essence of the method that we offer to you is very simple and shortly saying is in fact that to any action precedes a thought that predetermines the behavior of a person in different situations. If a thought was harmonious and pointed to the development of not only a person who made it, but also to all the surrounding world, so naturally it is supported by the Universe and all its’ energies. Therefore both a person and his organism (material body) get all the


necessary energy and information for successful implementation of his plans. If there are mercenary motives pointed to the ego satisfaction, so the corresponding warning will follow that will be reflected on the condition of the energy-informational structures (fields, aura) of a person as a signal that indicates of a mistake in his thoughts that must be transformed by all means by a new more perfect thought. In the material world it is expressed as pain in those persons’ organs that could be used in the implementation of his plans. In other words any of us has his own “indicator” of our relationship with all the surrounding world and its’ participants. And now we should think, if we have pain or some problems have appeared: if we should take medicines that relieve the pain or sedatives. Or maybe it’s worth to find the reasons that provoked them? In the first case – with medicines – the disease can become chronic (“chrono” means time) that will be very difficult to get out because a wrong thought is lasting till it is corrected. In the second case the thoughts’ finding and its’ correcting (creation of images in thoughts that make the mistake impossible) will not only bring back the body to the harmonious condition but also will help the awareness of the perfection of the laws. The laws that follow the surrounding world in its development, that loves us and waits for mutuality.

Work with kids As I wrote already, our Center has been working for more than 12 years and of course there were many appeals from mothers with very young kids and those who were older. As it turned out an effort to work with field structures of a child himself wasn’t successful if he was younger than 12 years old: during the diagnostics there was the information coming that all reasons of the disease were on the structures of his mother and in rare cases of his father. The diagnostics of the parents’ field structures confirmed that all the information about mistakes in their relations or their relations with the surrounding world was reflected in their child that is in their future. When we were beginning correction of a mistake, that was made in parents’ thoughts, the positive changes were becoming immediately, and the recovery was swift at that. A woman with a kid appealed for help. The symptoms of developmental lag were clearly evident and there was an issue of transfer to the school for mentally retarded children. After visiting only one lesson in the Center with her child who was sleeping all that time, the mother understood that the life only for sake of herself and her family is also egoism. And the wish to bring joy as it make the Sun, flowers, birds changes immediately her own way of life, that gets meaning and becomes naturally happy. In two weeks she communicated to us with joy, that the issue of transfer to the special school fell away itself. The changes, that took place in the consciousness of the boys’ mother, became apparent immediately in him also…


Another example, although more sad, but with a very happy end. During the seminar that we were giving in Gelendzhik, a mother appealed to us. She came with a boy of 9 years old and she was asserting that he was lagging in development and even the classes in a special school were difficult for him. During the diagnostics on her fields I discovered the soul of the boy – her son – that indicated to a mistake, made by this woman three years ago. Almost immediately she recollected, that when the boy finished the kindergarten a nursery, that worked there, allowed herself an inharmonious statement regards the kids’ development in which – alas – the mother believed. And the kids’ soul remained in the point that was made by his mother. All that brought to the stop in development. The awareness by the mother of the mistake and changing of this situation in her thoughts immediately brought back the kids’ soul that began quickly making up leeway. And for all the parents I think it will become a serious warning: to be very attentive to the words of other people, especially if they concern their own children.

Gift from Uyar I decided to give such title to this chapter because the information about working methods that was ringed over there I got from a woman who was a kids’ doctor and that I really consider as a gift.

After finishing the seminars in Krasnoyarsk we accepted our friends’ invitation from the neighbouring city Uyar to work in their place also and organized meetings with like-minded people. In the first evening after the basic classes to the place where we were living came a woman, asking to diagnostic her field structures, that as it turned out were harmonious, that confirmed her appearance and cheerfulness of a happy person. Of course we wanted to know how in such kind of work, staying in a system, there can be so healthy and happy people. When she said that she was a kids’ doctor it seems to me that I even lost power of speaking because I understood and understand that an effort to treat kids under 12 years old without correcting mistakes of their parents had no prospects. When the power of speaking came back I asked her to tell how she succeeded in kids’ helping without breaking the laws of harmonious world development working in a clinic. And by the way I promised 3

that all information I will put for sure in my next book and of course will offer it in our seminars. Like everything brilliant her methodology was really simple and effective. She confessed that she understood long ago that the reason of kids’ diseases who were their parents’ continuation were those who brought them into life. So the “treatment” she began from them – parents with whom they were looking for, finding and correcting mistakes in thoughts that led to the kids’ indispositions. “And what about medicines?” – I asked. “You have to prescribe them anyway. “Yes, I have to” – she agreed. “But when I’m prescribing I advice not to take them immediately. I say: “Put them into a pocket of your clothes and its’ information will be read by the body. And you will receive evidence that it will function not less effectively. And even more, because there will be no side effects that you have when intake them”. People believe her and their thoughts lead to the successful healing. All of us also are the confirmation of power of thoughts, because our thoughts preceded our birth. Owing to our parents’ thoughts, who fell in love and created us for happy life.

The doctrine of Denis Schastlivtsev Continuing the story how we were studying to help children I think it will be appropriate to tell about kids of any age. And not only to analyze the problems, connected with health, but also negative issues: drug addiction, alcoholism, tobacco smoking, kids’ crime and so on, - which someone was trying to get into our lives and to our kids’ life. I’m sure that many of you know the doctrine of Allen Dalles, a resident of an American reconnaissance, which was published in 1946. As just it had instructions how to deprave, corrupt, accustom to drinking our entire nation, propagandizing all the vile and vulgar in the guise of the taste for “real life”. The relevant answer to an American resident was given by our friend Denis Schastlivtsev. And now I put his doctrine into this book. The doctrine of Denis Schastlivtsev We will use everything that we have with good targets so that a person hears the Creator and understands his destination. People are able to realize the information that everybody has in his soul. Creating in the world Space of Love we will bring back to people the real values. We will find the similar thinking people, our assistants and allies in all


world. Day by day the Sun will rise and light up by its’ light new and new beginnings of the awaken people consciousness. In literature and art there will appear new works that can be reckoned to the culture in its’ real sense (the image of the word “culture” is brain beauty, created by love and indicating development). The artists will paint bright pictures, radiating the light of Love. Literature, theatre and cinema – everything will express and glorify the greatest real feelings. We will help in every way to those who can be called Creators. In all world we will bring back a human treatment of people, the Earth, and by all means we’ll create Patrimonial estates, embodying the Creator’s dream. Kindness, honesty and decency will become natural. We’ll make so that any person could call another one by the word FRIEND (the image of the word “friend” is giving joy to see the harmony). So any person on the Earth will become happy and will realize that he was created in God’s image and likeness and that he owns everything and that he is responsible for everything. Denis Schastlivtsev Search for work methods There were more and more appeals from parents every year, besides many had kids that were older than 12 years and consequently their field structures in a great scale were independent. But regarding life experience that would help them to resist to different temptations was insufficient, that unfortunately was leading not only to conflicts with parents, but also with all the surrounding world, that by-turn influenced badly to their health condition and way of living. We got a very important prompting from our works concerning to our own perfection. We naturally would like to know more and be more able to receive information, that as we understand exists in the other dimension and that we must be able to feel and realize. We know that many abilities and skills kids get from their parents who dream of them and in thoughts already plan their future. Unfortunately many of us who was working at that moment in the Center were confessing that their parents didn’t pay enough attention to a detailed dream of them and sometimes didn’t create it at all, not knowing it’s great importance. As it turned out, this situation can not only be improved but also changed. The optimal way for a “new birth” was mutual wish of our friend from the Center and his conditional parents – a couple of halves who met and recognized one another and create happy life. They were working in images when the couple was implementing not only the child birth, but what was the most important they were dreaming in details about happy future. And the future “newborn” was an active participant of creation of the dream about him, in which he included his own wishes of qualities that were appearing after his birth. Another positive


thing in these works was not only the beginning changes in him, but also the changes in his real parents, who began to read the more perfect information from his field structures, that was put by the halves, which loved him unselfishly and dreamed about happy future. The first and following experiences of such works showed that the results were only positive, discovering of abilities and their display became quicker significantly. There is one more very important thing that I want to indicate. In spite of the succeeding action looks like a game, all emotions and feelings are the same as you have when a real child is born. And not only parents feel it, but a “newborn” begins realizing joy of the whole world that is waiting for his coming. One of the first who decided to help to her son in the way choice was our friend Lyuda. I wrote about her in the first book and now I’ll retell everything briefly. As she told, in the evenings before falling asleep she came back to her past in her thoughts and imagined herself as she was before conception. Then in her thoughts she made a chain of events: her dream of a future child, how she wanted that he looked like, his relationships with people and the surrounding world, his abilities and talents that she wanted to discover in him. The dream as she told later was very bright and joyful and I think that’s why the next day in the morning her son came to her and told that his future he saw in that professional area that she dreamed about. Although she didn’t tell him about it yet… Can you imagine, without violence and persuasions a child makes a decision and goes the way that his parents created in dreams who naturally wanted to see him happy and healthy. What is this dream power that makes real miracles?

Dream power It’s clear that the beginning of everything is a human thought. And our coming into the world, birth were preceding the thoughts of a concrete man and a concrete woman – our parents: not only to be together but also to give Love to each other and one (and the most important) of displays of Love will be our birth. That is at first there was a thought that preceded our coming into the world. It is also becomes evident that the more detailed will be our parents’ dreams about us and our future, the easier for us will be the choice of our following way of evolution. And it’s not accidental the phrase “like father, like son”. And that’s why children of musicians like music, children of actors like art, children of entrepreneurs have abilities to business. In other words by their life, or more exactly by its’ way, parents form and create possible future to which they bring us, their children. Happy living way of parents who wish to see their kids happy will be characterized by thoughts and dreams that they create, planning their future. The more harmonious will be their thoughts and dreams, the more joyful and bright will be space where their children will be born. And I


would like very much this space to be space of Love where the entire world loves and helps to our kids. And all parents that naturally want their children to be happy are united by one wish that their kid will be surely a Creator in any business he will choose for his perfection. Why just via kids is possible our future development and perfection? When two dreams (and these are a dream of a mother and a dream of a father) unite into one, as a result a child is born that witnesses that he will be more perfect, then his parents. Because in these dreams is already taken into account the understanding of world harmony both from the man’s point of view and the woman’s one, from which begins all mankind. In other words on two persons’ harmony depends all mankind evolution. Is it responsible? Very much! And the images themselves that stand behind the letters of the word movement (and movement is life) confirm that it is the wish of two persons. That will be harmonious for sure when parents understand that “of two” means “discovering harmony (wishes) for everybody.

Why just for everybody? And in general if it is possible we’ll see in the next chapter when we’ll discuss harmony, laws of the universe and we’ll start from the word understanding. And now in order to exclude the differences in interpretation I offer to you the next images that coordinate with the initial meaning of the word “understanding”. Of the fact that just these images stand behind the letters of the word understanding we are convinced by the surrounding world: self-developing, selfsufficient, self-restoring, proving its’ perfection for millions of years already. Just that’s why when parents make a dream about their kid it’s necessary to know and understand these laws that don’t break our freedoms, form and support our harmonious relations with the surrounding world, help to perfect these relations. So we would like to live following these laws that we’ll bring us in the future to the creating of happy community for everybody on the Earth. And this is one of the most important conditions that is necessary for our kids’ happiness that must reflect deservingly in a parents’ dream.

Laws of the Universe 7

There is no sense to criticize the laws that the mankind was trying to follow: their periodical replacement, correction, change and addition just demonstrate their insufficient effectiveness and competence. And as all our activity is inseparably linked with the surrounding world, then the laws of our joint development must not contradict the universal laws or briefly saying to be the same. All alive is inseparably linked with the universe. We’ll examine these links on a concrete example. A person planted a tree – its’ leaves will balance the air structure, the flowers will fill by fragrance and beauty of florescence, it will give life and food to the world of birds and insects, the animal world and people will eat its’ fruits. And when the leaves will fall to the earth their accumulated energy will be transformed to the energy of fertility. By their roots trees strengthen banks of rivers and lakes, lift up water of springs from deepness, help to the forming and retention of the fertile layer of soil. The variety of trees is able to satisfy any needs of people. And if you cut a tree? – Rivers become shallow, springs disappear, birds and insects fly away, animals leave. The climate changes, the earth transforms into a desert. Only two possible actions and how big are the changes in the entire world. These changes depend on us and this is one more universal law: future events depend on our awareness today. This thing - our future and the future of our children, the future of the Earth – depends on anybody of us and the main “tools” of a person are a thought and a word. On what we bring to the world (harmony or destruction) depends how we will live and if we’ll live in general. The dictators’ and tyrants’ fates are sadly known and this is the action of the main world order laws: similar attracts similar or a creation creates the creator. Everything foregoing confirms that in the base of development of the whole world there is the infinite joining harmony. The harmony of development, the harmony of relations that every person must perceive by himself. Not to obey blindly the laws, but realize their real significance in the world development and accept them as natural life norms, that ensure its’ happy image. It means that a dogma from without, not realized inside, blocks the abilities of a Man-Creator. And just from the opening of possibilities, talents and skills of every person depends the development of all society. The importance of realizing by all of us of our real predestination is confirmed by one more law: only a man, reflecting by himself the God, is able to create the world by Love. The future of the whole mankind depends on understanding and realizing of the role in the world development. The centuries-old history of development confirms the absence of “higher” and more developed civilizations, whom we could blame for our today reality. That’s why it’s time to realize our perfection and correspond to it in order to take responsibility for the entire world, all the Universe. 8

Dream about a happy child If he is not created yet, then all the forgoing, I’m sure, will help to loving parents to prepare suitably and implement all cherished dreams. And if he already exists and is old enough, but something is wrong in his life, family, health, how can we help him? Because among the applies for help there are mothers of those who have tried already tobacco, alcohol and drugs. A mother asked for help: her son is 20 years old and he has the drugs dependence already. When we examined field structures of a woman it became clear that there was no dream about a child in the moment of conception and she herself confirmed at once that all that “happy days” she and her beloved were in condition of euphoria and they didn’t think about the future. As a result this “future” in person of her son was born and searching for euphoria and “got hooked” on the most primitive way of its’ gaining via the narcotic substances. As it turned out, this situation can not only be transformed, but via the energies of mother’s dream it can give absolutely new life to her adult sun. That was what the mother did: having come back in her thoughts to the past she not only made a dream about her son’s future, but also wrote it on the paper, by other words materialized. It’s also a very important addition that is also called visualization. And it’s good because if your beautiful dreams will be seen by others and they like it then their thoughts will also help to its’ realization in a whole volume, thanks to their thoughts energy. Naturally the mother making the dream came back to her past before conception of a child – that’s one of the most important things that I want to attract your attention for the next reasons. It’s generally known that also before the birth when a woman is observed in the period of pregnancy in maternal clinics and after the birth there was started the dossier of a child she gave birth, then they gave her references, birth certificate and many other “certificates”, diplomas and documents that seemed to confirm his existence. There is even an absurd everyday phrase: “Without a paper you are an insect and with a paper you are a man”. It is also clear who needed it: the system, interested in preparation of training of biorobots, serving it and working in its’ interests. By the way, those new professions that began to appear, were called this way: engineer serving a computer?!! And why not vice versa? Because he is a Man created in Image and Likeness. Why I’m writing about those papers? They are not as harmless as seem. Because via them there was an attempt to include your kid to the events chains that were programmed by the same system. It’s not occasional that both the upbringing and education unnoticeably brought children out of parents’ influence, although a child is their creation, their future, possibility to perfect themselves.


So if loving parents made a dream about their future kid (even now going back in thoughts to the happy past before creation – before conception) then this dream appeared in space. And it will be the first and it means the most important for your kids that will help them to choose the happiest way of development that you dreamed for them. And if besides it is written and visualized, then no other “papers” can lead your child astray. About how they tried to retune a man is in the next chapter…

On what a man is tuned to The concept “man’s mood” many of us know, the fact that it can be different is generally known also. And what it depends on and how affects our life way is worth to think about. The concept “to tune something” itself already indicates that it is a changeable value that submits to the outside influence. On the talent of a tuner and a musician depends how a musical instrument will sound and the quality of mechanisms and tools that are used in everyday life directly depends on the skills of a person who made them and tuned to the corresponding work. Any of us for sure remembers events when our mood was changing for the better due to a good song, good book or just good news. What else influences us, or more precisely, our mood? Of course the conditions in which we live, favorite business that we do, friends close to us and, for sure a beloved person who reflects the level of our harmony. By other words, we can conclude with full certainty that a man also can be tuned to a determined mood, and the “strings” in this case are the basic energy centers that are seven, like notes. And they (centers) are tuned to these notes or more precisely to their corresponding vibrations. The confirmation that it is so we see in the surrounding life: these are the national anthems that sound in the most solemn moments, songs-slogans that rouse people to the fatherland defense, work exploits and new accomplishments. These are psalms in churches where they also try to tune a man to the acceptance of the information that they preach to him. Of the influence of music and songs expressively indicate the performers’ fees that beat all the record of reasonableness and it means that here we also feel the hand of a tuner who settles his matters. The example of the other tuning is the sounding in discos, restaurants, bars and other low dives, which owners are interested in regular customers who pay for beer, alcohol, tobacco and other narcotic poison flavoured with doubtful delights. Because in order to make them buy all this trash it’s necessary to “lower” a person to the instincts level and this is a whole deliberately created system mechanism that functioned the next way. Of the seven basic functioning and tuned to the harmony of the surrounding world centers a man was blocked the following ones, responding for the spiritual development:


4th (heart) center – linking with nature – was blocked when a man was moved to cities, stone apartments that by no means contributed to his love for nature, its’ living creations. 5th energy center – our spiritual relations – tried to block having substituted them by competition, competitiveness, commodity-money relations (“you are giving to me, I’m giving to you”) and other stuff that was not called by chance “defect” (in Russian the word “marriage” sounds as “defect”). 6th energy center – understanding of the universal laws - was blocked by vanity, rush for survival, struggle for the place under the sun, wish to gain a foothold, make money, become famous, using for it the informational blockade in form of advertisement, “soap” serials, actions and various competitions that didn’t let a man to think of who is he, for what he came to this life, what is his real predestination. 7th energy center is our possibility to communicate with the Creator without intermediaries – they tried to block using various doctrines, religions, sects that teached vying with each other the communication with the God. What stayed operating and functioning in a man, what was still working and tuning him to the corresponding way of life? These are instincts, processes of absorption, digestion of food and secretory organism functions that as we understand must not divert a man’s creating thought. What did they try to do with a man, having taken from him the most part of the information, connecting him with the surrounding world? Him, created in Image and Likeness, they tried to retune to the work of digestion and secretory organs. And there the processes of splitting, decomposition and digestion of food and drinks in them, that is the basic energy in them is the energy of destruction (the energy disassembling life). And a man involuntarily was tuning to the same processes, implementing by the energy of destruction, that is there was no need to make him demolish, split, disassemble. He was beginning to work, think and live as his stomach was doing. Is it absurdity? Yes! But it was so. Which conscious man will absorb an alcohol, drug and tobacco poison destroying his organism? Pierce holes in his ears, navels and other places? Paint himself as a clown and finally destroy the environment that creates for him all necessary conditions of vital activity? What else was trying to maintain a man at the instinct level, on the level of stomach and its secretory functions? It’s a theory about the supposed ties of relationship with marmosets of Ch. Darvin, who was able to recognize and correct the nonsense he had made. These are the streams of mud, lie and nonsense that are flowing from the screens, greeting about the supposed freedom of speech, full of criminal, sex, black public relations and horrors. To which energy they were trying to tune a man, feeding him with such production, is clear, and in what moods he was after viewing is also evident. Finishing such a bacchanalia we are communicating that to those who was organizing such shows happened and will happen the same that with food digested by stomach. Because according to the universal laws, the similar is


attracted by the similar. And a man, created in Image and Likeness will always be in a corresponding mood.

Way of development As every of us is someone’s kid anyway, the information that I shared with you is topical for a man of any age. All more, that besides parents we all have our common Father who wants very much to see us happy. That’s why there is another way of development which is open for any of us.

Information about halves Understanding the universal laws and our predestination that is given to us initially by the Image and Likeness, we are conscious of the responsibility for everything succeeding and creating in this world. Therefore we want to make the world better. As it is known, in the first place we must start from ourselves. And here in order to take a detached view, we’ll need the one that they call a half. In whom reflects the harmony of one’s own thoughts, feelings and relations with the surrounding world. Only in this case just through two – a man and a woman are laid all future interactions between people and the surrounding world. Only in this case is possible their joint development and perfection, when HE and SHE are halves. My Soul half My Dream half My Fate half The whole world we’ll create with it Only in this case when they met and recognized each other it gets possible the perfection of their material level. It is generally known that the maternity always contributed to the rejuvenation and renovation of woman’s organism, whose field energy informational structures were linked with a child she gave birth to till he was 12 years old. But the same will happen with a man’s organism if they have common field structures with a woman – his half and they gave birth to a common child. Historical examples when the rich were surrounding themselves with young concubines, in order to save their youth, are evidence of that there was search for the longevity elixir in this direction also, but it was not through the harmony of themselves – that links the halves – but through the occult methods, that as it is known, didn’t give results.


Love The world is created by the Creator for happiness and love. And everybody understands images – they are behind every letter, reflecting the sense and the point. They call from the eternity and lighten the way. They give birth to the image of the best Goddess on the Earth – a Woman – Love that I present to you. There is the perfection of all creations in the universe in it: the mind flight, all tenderness of the world, the spring wind breath. There is a child’s laugh sparkles like stars placer in it and every great beginning gets in delight the joy and success. The image of the beloved caresses the reality levels by her soul movement. In the material level it fills the best of the feelings with harmony and bliss. All fragrances of the world interlaced into a fairy-tale bouquet in your words, carrying Good and Light to the world. And the news about happiness that was born on the Earth flied up and dissolved in the blue. She always lives in your eyes and Love – the Incarnation of God’s Beloved - gives inspiration to the world. Vladimir Novikov

Who is the nearest in the world? Somebody will answer without thinking for such question: “Mother… or father”. Then he will think and say: “…and the kid, of course, the nearest and dearest are our kids”. Yes, I agree, all these people are very near and dear, but there is someone who is nearer. The nearest, without whom our life wouldn’t have sense and happy continuation, without whom we are as if not we are. Only with this person anyone of us can be really happy, only with him is possible to feel that fullness of senses and bliss that are destined to us from birth. Only with this person we can do everything that we dream of, as together we are the one. As it is impossible a person, his body to part in two and wait of him some full-fledged actions, it is impossible to part halves, that together are the one and hope that in such conditions they will be happy and will be able separately from one another to make a full-fledged harmonic happy life. I began thinking, why many people thought that their nearest were parents and children and even didn’t remember about a half. The answer seems to be 13

simple – the lack of information. When a child was born whom he saw in the first moment after birth? The mother. In rare cases the mother and father. And unfortunately not always the mother and father were halves. And I think you agree that it wasn’t simple for them to communicate to the kid the information about something they didn’t know themselves. But this information is in anyone’s soul and the whole issue is in the person’s ability to feel his soul and live following exactly its wishes. Well, and of course it’s important for parents themselves to tell to the children about their halves, how important is this meeting in their life and it is also important to mention certainly this so significant issue in dreams about kids. Of course in the paradise there was no such question. He and she appeared in flesh, born by the dream of God and Love. The man, the woman – only they were on the whole planet of people – of course it was very difficult for them to confuse and not to recognize in one another the half of the soul. The people’s feelings were open and they were creating by feelings and lived in happiness and harmony of love with one another. Who was the nearest to the first man? For the first woman who was the dearest? Of course the one who was close, whom loved he and she most of all. The parents – Creator an Love, although they were also loved by them and were dear for them, but even in the material level, watching in one another their reflection, the nearest for one another still were the man and the woman themselves – he and she. And in our life unfortunately it was frequently that halves even didn’t meet. They were born, lived in different cities, sometimes in different countries. They didn’t feel that connection through the distances, only their souls were communicating in the non-material level. But non-halves created families and children were born by non-halves, but now people fill more and more greatly soul’s aspirations, and many people dream of the meeting with a half. But these meetings don’t happen in discos, bars, restaurants. Unlikely to a body a soul never goes over there. The halves’ meeting is a result of person’s desires, his sincere wishes and light thoughts, his kind actions, disinterested towards the surrounding world, to people and the Earth, and also is a result of the parents’ dream and the dream of a person himself about a future child. It is only possible to recognize a half by feelings. Futile were the efforts through the physical, material nearness to understand and determine if it was a half or not. Only a soul can’t mistake – it is always able to give the right answer. The ability to work with field structures of a person also gives the opportunity to make sure that exactly a half is the nearest and dearest. We know that all information about a person is in his field structures. In the left part there is the 14

information referring to his family and the closest is the information exactly about a half, and then there is the information about kids and parents. So the “structure” of the non-material level of a person indicates that a half is the nearest relation, with whom the family connection is the strongest. Besides, everyone knows the facts, when something occurred to one of halves, and what was going on with he or she reflected to the other in the material level. It is not without purpose the name itself that is generally known as a half. In other words the name itself indicates that one person is like the half of the whole. The word “half” is used first of all referring to the soul – my soul’s half, because physically a person is seen whole, although the material bodies of a man and a woman still also have big differences, but the soul knows that it is important to be together and that only together is possible the full-fledged harmonic development, creation of happy future and that’s why it aspires that meet he and she – among many people the soul aspires to find the one, in whom lives it’s half. When I met my half it became clearer to me why there is such name. I saw, fell myself in him as if he were my second part. Close to him I felt the nearest and that together we are one – he and I. When once my Beloved asked me: why I use exactly the word “half”, isn’t it a division? At first I answered in prose and after the verse appeared:

Conversation with the Beloved - Why a half, - you asked me, I’m whole, why the division? “What should I answer?” - I somewhat thought… And told in inspiration: God created me and you. He loved us very much, We are his long-awaited children. He divided his fraction into two And told: “Be happy together”. He gave one half, my darling, to you At the moment when you were created, And the other he sent with love to me, So that we love each other eternally. Because one half can’t be without the other, Only together everything is possible for them, To fill the whole world by beauty and dream


Is not difficult at all for sweethearts. Only together they will be able to create life Perfect, beautiful and eternal, Only together they can change the world And give happiness to everybody infinitely. So every soul has its’ half, It is very important for people do understand it. So it is in this world that you are me. And only together we’ll be happy! Many people, living in one flat, every day, staying close to each other, never have been really close, not because they didn’t communicate well enough or worked in different places, but just because they were not halves. And it was so that for some period there were common interests and affairs, but days and years passed and the connection was lost. And it is only because the eternal connection had only halves. And we wish so much that anyone on the Earth can feel and get that bliss, that infinite and real happiness when he and she meet each other – two halves of one another, that are one whole for ages. We want that everyone feel relationship and closeness of souls, recognize his second half and make the world around beautiful, for his only, her only. In order to get it of course it is so important to get to feel and live by soul and live in harmony with everything, and of course, with oneself. You can start with simple – make order on the Earth, remove all the litter, plant trees and flowers, clean rivers, springs, establish good relations with people, start writing tales and verses, carry joy everywhere again and again and very soon Love will come to you. But don’t await it yourself, it is not worth, just give your love to everything. And your nearest and dearest will come to make together even more, to create the world happy forever. Very important are the conditions for eternal and happy life of a person, for the halves’ life, their Love. Halves won’t be able to live in a flat, because a flat itself is like a cage for people and for a soul. Living in a flat a person can’t be really happy, can’t be Creator of his fate. Only in nature surrounded by vivid creations halves can live in Love. Because only vivid creations are able to make this Love space for a person, make the conditions for Love to live infinitely. Answering the question: who is the nearest on the Earth, I can’t avoid the item of close relations, in other words the relationships. Somebody decided to call the close relations “intimate”, but if it is really so, you should decide yourselves.


Imagine he and she met for the first time. Love reflected in the look and the heart suddenly throbbed unusually, their eyes shined with happiness. That happens only when Love comes to a man and a woman. And it is good when he and she, having felt it, find common pretty business, that leads everything to inspiration, in which It is realized. That’s good when two halves meeting begin to create dreams about happy future and by all thoughts, affairs aspire to create the world beautiful for everybody. Look, a boy with a girl stroll together in a park. Hand in hand, there is such a relief and heat in heart. They are talking without embarrassment about something important, real, great. Nothing, nobody disturbs their talking, only the sun shines of their love. - You know, Katya, I’m thinking how cosy will be our entire House. Here where we are walking with you – a beautiful park and when you go out – there is the city and cars, the Earth is rolled into asphalt… But you know I’ll try to do so, that the park won’t finish over there. That our loved park continues as a blooming garden. I know that the time is needed for that, but it is not an obstacle for us, my darling. It was not in vain that I was studying designing. Ah Katenka, how happy I am to have fallen in love with you. Love gives me the unlimited possibilities to dream and realize all beautiful dreams. I understood that I want to present to you a beautiful and happy world, where we will live together eternally. Also I dream about a daughter similar to you. In my dreams I frequently see myself walking with her and you in the garden. What do you think if we plant a garden not far from the city, construct a small house – cosy, modest it is in my dreams. I want very much the daughter to be born over there. I saw this beauty recently in my dreams and here the words she told with a smile in that dream. Daddy, I love you so much. And I want so much to be born by you and the mom. Can you make me a favour? And then I’ll be the happiest one. I want so much to be born in the garden that you will create with the mom. I want you to dream about me together, you’ll lighten the way for me by your dream. And the dream passed away and I awakened all in a bliss. I began thinking how to realize the dream. I tried to think over everything perfectly. And now I’m telling you about it. He became silent, excited and gentle look touched her soul, looking for the answer. The nice, fresh wind was blowing, they met the dawn for many times over there.


Katyusha was walking without a single word, she listened to Ilya with attention. She seemed calm, but her soul was whispering: “I love, ah how much I love you”. When her Loved stopped talking she looked at him with love and it seemed that the nightingales sang more riningly, in order to accompany her words with music: - Ilya, my darling, I didn’t know before that it is possible to love so much, that it is possible to dream so and believe, that it is possible to be so happy. You are talking and I am shining by the same dream as you. And I, my Beloved, know exactly that everything will be as you wish. Your wishes are all consonant with mine. Your dreams are able to inspire. I want so much with you, my Loved, to realize all of them. When we met I felt that I am like your part. That you are my dearest and nearest man, that only for you I was created. I dreamed that I can make you happy, I felt myself with you like in paradise. And now in front of you like in front of God, I’m standing happy, in love. Every your look, word are dear to me. Silence with you is dear to me. And I don’t need anything else, there is no more happiness then to be always with you. To love you, touch by gentle look, dream about happy future on the Earth. I’m very glad to be your inspiration, thank you for your dreams! Directed by dreams to the infinity, the sweethearts were creating in reality. Someone of the adult would say to them: “It’s an unconcern!”, but soon would change their word. Only a year has passed and the garden is already set. The friends are around – the neighbours of the gardens. Maybe somebody thinks it’s impossible, but let him imagine himself then. When you are in love, you can everything, when you are loved, you are all-powerful. And it is easy and inspiredly to do everything, the soul is singing: “I love, create, fly!” Isn’t it a miracle when planted the garden and having chosen a warm and spring day, the young created a daughter. How incredibly was blossoming the lilac at that time! All nine months the baby was developing and growing in the mother’s belly. The meeting was happy, long-awaited and gave joy to the whole world. And the father was continuing his work, inspired by the love and the dream. He was showing his care in reality, trying to turn the vivid Home into the garden. He was designing the gardens and parks so that the city becomes a real garden. He elaborated the plan how to destroy the dumps quickly and sent that project in details to the president. As a loving father he was trying to bring back to the Earth the blossoming primordial look. He got the evidence many times in his life 18

that the way for happiness for a person is open through the perfection and Love. So closeness and relationship of the two were becoming stronger every moment and every new day. And the new feelings, dreams were born and were realizing in cleanness and beauty. That relations – intimate, that were called close, in reality were holding away the souls from each other. The Love doesn’t live in the carnal pleasures, it carries the beauty and the light in the common affairs. It is in the dream and the creation of a child, it is in the soul’s aspirations and in the nightingale’s song. It is able to make the miracles and to give the eternal happiness to everything. So the nearest in the world, whom we call the half, and this closeness is felt not by bodies, but by the aspirations, common affairs in Love and it realizes by the beauty everywhere we live. Lyubava Flyorova

Dreams about children A dream making is first of all creativity. And for creativity is useful to get tuned to the harmony of your feelings, harmony of the vivid surrounding world. Let the verse by Vasiliy Lakhtin about sounds help you in that. I hear around many different sounds: The sunrise has a wonderful sound. How many stars there in the sky! What are they talking about? What can tell us the cedar forest? Sit down near a river and keep silent. You’ll hear the whisper of a slow river. The rain starts – ask it: “How could it create such music? There is a sound of a forest with leaves rustle With a nightingale’s song that you hear far away. What about plays the violinist-grasshopper in the morning, And what whispers the ant walking home in the forest? The magic of the rainbow sound – a guitar of seven strings – 19

Still didn’t hear – you should, and who is its singer? The life has many sounds, I’ll hear myself, A nice melody sounds in you, in me. With this music sounds a sincere talk Merges into a single accord, a pattern. The picture on the Earth is made pattern to pattern. Love and friendship have responded greatly inside of me. So, in order to help your kid to become healthy and happy, you, like a loving parent, create your dream about him. In order to fulfill this you come back in your thoughts to the past – to the moment, when your son or daughter were not conceived yet, and begin dreaming about your child, whom you are awaiting very much. Dream about his coming into the world, what a person he will be, what relations he will have with his parents, the surrounding world, with friends, how he or she will treat the Earth, God, how he will meet his half and make him or her happy, how your child by his affairs will perfect the surrounding world, carrying the use and joy to the people. There is one very important item, that we advise every parent to reflect in the dream – that your child will always understand, feel and realize the God’s dream. It’s important to write the dream itself in future time, so that two images: the one that you are creating and the image that already exists not collide with one another, not contradict. To make clear what we are talking about, we give further some examples – the parents’ dreams about the children that were born already. Also we think it is necessary to mention, that all dreams, presented in this collection, are harmonized with the Creator. All of them are perfect. It is one of the important conditions for a dream to work. The evidence can also be the positive changes that started in your child. We sincerely wish you inspiration in your creativity, that will bring joy to everyone and make your kids’ life and your life more beautiful and happy. Dream about the daughter Lena Lena – filled with Love unity I’m dreaming about you, a beautiful child, How you’ll come into our world, where I’m waiting for you. You’ll be the embodiment of the Love Harmony, Care, good and beauty. Beautiful in the thoughts, feelings and affairs, You’ll come to the world to create. Let it be so! You’ll be happy in everything – In the Beloved, in the children forever,


Because you are giving happiness And in that the Father’s dream realizes. 10.10.1974 Vladimir Novikov

Dream about the son Mikhail How nice is to dream about a son, Who will come to love and create the world. He will be strong, brave and beautiful, He will realize the Creator’s dreams in full, Because it is my dream of him also. To love the nature, perfect the Earth creations And understand his predestination. He will be just happy, giving happiness to the others To his beloved, to all his friends. A Creator in every his business – To develop infinitely in the happy children, To write verses or sing and create in images The Love harmony, in which people will live eternally. Let the name Mikhail be clear for you – There is your predestination in it and my dream. Mikhail – harmonizing the world by love. 10.10.1978 Vladimir Novikov

Dream about the daughter Alexandra Alexandra – absolute unity, the beauty of the new, giving the joy. I invite you to the world of Love, Good and Light, that we’ll create with you, and all the planet will become a paradise garden. Together with you we’ll understand the universe laws, the link of Everything with Everything and the joy of creativity and the joy of creation.


We’ll hear and feel the Father, realizing by ourselves his dreams. We’ll live in joy and give the joy to Everybody, dissolving Love in space. We’ll realize with you the Unity and Harmony of two Great beginnings and the dream, that God created for all people, invited to Paradise and gave the Eternity of Summer. The Way in the Eternity will become clear for the people, you’ll help me to open this door, in which we’ll enter with you, our Loved, friends. Goddess, Daughter – come and stay with us forever. 10.10.1991 г. Vladimir Novikov

The following dreams were written about the children that were not born yet. It is very important that parents before the baby conception feel and know who will be born – a boy or a girl. It is also important to feel the name of a future child, in which his predestination will be reflected. Because a name is the truth showing the dream, behind every letter there are images that determine the future development of a person. Dream about the daughter Lyubov Lyubov – loved God’s embodiment With you we’ll fill the whole world by happiness, With you the Earth will become a paradisiacal paradise forever And everyone will create like God was creating – Bringing joy to everybody, dreaming in inspiration. In you the Harmony of Love will appear in flesh And will reflect in the Universe as perfection. So that your Loved be happy eternally, So that everyone in the world feel the bliss of Love. You are our daughter, will come to us from a dream, So that to fill the world by the Love Harmony, So that your children live in eternal beauty, And together we can fulfill our dreams. I love you, dear, and I’ m waiting for you very much I want to be your mother and a good Friend, I give my dream to everything around, 22

Where everybody will live eternally with you and God. 1.11.2012 Lyubava Dream about the son Vladimir Vladimir – embodying atlantes, giving truths, born by dreams Volodya – giving the images of the eternal love Vova – realizes Father’s inspiration This dream I wrote when I was 16 years-old. It was a bright warm day. I waked up and felt that that day I had to do something very important… I took stuff and went to the sea, you always can think well outside. When I was approaching the coast, suddenly appeared a thought about a future child. I was only 16 and of course at that very moment I was not going to create and give birth to a baby, but the thoughts about him didn’t leave me and I wished very much to dream how he will be… As far as I began thinking about it – a big many-colored butterfly appeared from somewhere and having whirling just in front of my face flied away, having left a bright inspiration. And I was continuing dreaming. I’m dreaming about you, my son My boy, my sonny Vladimir, once you will come and all life will fill with even more happiness and joy. With your coming the entire world will become more beautiful and we with your father will be your good friends and together will make so many good! It’s truth. Every day we’ll meet and spend in joy and inspiration, we’ll learn and perfect our wonderful world, together with friends we’ll create it by our perfect dreams and affairs. We’ll be surprised and surprise, be glad and make glad. We’ll give our love to everything around infinitely. Your half, sonny, will always be close. She is just like you – kind, gentle, joyful, active, sensitive, attentive, inventive, dreamy and loving very much the life, people and all alive, created by God. Ah, how many happiness you will give with her to the people and the entire Universe. You like we with the father will give to the world the children who will be Creators in everything. Sonny, I’m waiting for you very much. You are our with the father joy and happiness! You are a God’s son and God. You are my loved son. My dream will continue infinitely, opening by the songs, tales, verses and inspiring everyone for the creation together with God and Love.


4th of July, 1996

Everything is for you Look, baby, there are so many colored stars in the sky And with the one that we had lighted, you went down one morning. You know, life is beautiful, unusual and full of the miracles. And you are, sonny, like the greatest miracle in the world! Everything is for you: And the sky in stars, and the Earth in flowers, Everything is for you: And the roses’ fragrances, and the birds’ singing in the gardens, Everything is for you: The smiles of your good, devoted friends. Everything is for you, our son, our angel, believe. Look, baby, there are so many colored stars in the sky. Would you like to light one more, maybe more bright? Then dream and soon you’ll meet a girl, your Love, You’ll grow up and create with her Love Space. “Everything is for you”, You’ll say to her, “And the sky and the Earth, Everything is for you, This entire world, My Loved, Everything is for you I’m dreaming to create beautiful”. “To you, my God”, - she will answer, I will always help!” Lyubava The following part of the book is devoted to that examples, that were realized already and their authors tell how it was happening. But before it we have a small introduction about a man’s role in a baby birth. Let’s suppose you have written a dream about a future child and your actions are harmonic regarding to the surrounding world and directed to its’ realization. And the birth time is coming. We would like to give more information about this beautiful moment.


Birth of a man – Creator Nowadays everyone dreams about something. I’d like to tell about my dream and together with you to answer the question that in my opinion is very significant in everybody’s life. This question refers to the creation of the conditions, necessary for happy family creating, for upbringing of a happy, healthy developed child. This question is about a man’s role in his baby birth. Why it is so important, that the father participate in a baby birth together with the mother? Imagine, he and she met, fell in love with each other, dreamed about the birth of a son or a daughter, began thinking to what world they will bring their baby, naturally they thought what was necessary for them to do themselves – his parents so that their future child’s life was successful and happy. Just the same way I began thinking and dreaming about our future kid and in my dreams I saw the son birth. I saw that the birth was with the father of the child, with my loved. Because it is simple and clear when not somebody strange but just the parents – those, who created the child – meet him in this world. Because the word itself “parents” – in other words those who gave birth – means, that exactly they in the material life at the first time can take the baby in hands, kiss, hug. Only the mother and the father will be able to give everything that is so necessary for their child. I don’t want to look now the variants when the father’s participation they were trying to substitute by somebody else. I offer to think how to make so that every father in the world and, of course, a mother can feel, understand how important for themselves to participate in their baby birth.

A beautiful life A warm day in the spring fragrances Along with the rippling ringing of a nightingale You’ll give happiness to the world by your birth Our with father dear baby. In a glade near a cedar with the flowers Near the slender fluffy birches – Where we’ll have our garden with the trees And with the bushes of pink roses You’ll be born, shining with a smile,


Just to the father’s kind hands, Filling with your love everything, Along with the vivid natural sounds. The father will kiss you gently And will put into my hugs, Seat close, caress us And whisper the words about love. Love will hug us by its’ bliss Carry to the infinite height, The Creator will smile of the happiness = So a beautiful life is created. When I was thinking what could help the parents to become more aware of all the significance of a birth, I understood, that it was very important before the creation for the parents to dream in details about their child – to create and write a beautiful and a perfect dream. When a dream is presented brightly, beautifully in details, then the world will help to realize, that the moment of the birth is so important as the creation. Parents won’t be able not for a moment to allow in thoughts that somebody instead of them could participate in the birth. Because this happiness is predestinated for them. Besides the baby himself is their common creation and their continuation. As it is impossible to imagine creation of a baby without a father, it is impossible to have a birth without him. Because a mother is responsible for the material aspect of the baby, and a father - for his spiritual part. A father gives birth to the baby spirit, and a mother - to the body, so when a baby is born – everything that we see by the material vision – is called material from the word “mother”, and the invisible level, which is approximately 95-99% of a person, that is not seen to the common vision, a father himself gives the birth. This way he gives to his child the information that provides his link with the surrounding world. If a father for some reason didn’t assist in the childbirth, in other words didn’t give birth, so a child was deprived the surrounding world information. And nobody except a father could give this information to a child. Because a “father” means opening the unity of the goals to the creation. When he receives the baby himself in the moment of the birth, then for a child the way is precise and clear and the life goals, and he will feel himself the Creator, he will feel his divine essence. So, a father animates the matter. So in order to give birth to the spiritually animated people the father’s participation in the childbirth is needed. And now for the inspiration I want to offer to you the tale by Vladimir Novikov about the 26

childbirth – his with Yulia son Svetoch. The dream about him was written in advance and the creation and the son birth was a natural realization of that dream. Both the father and the mother were dreaming about a future child. DREAM Svetoch – creating a happy eternity, united feelings Our Son – You are from my dream and from my Loved dream, The same gentle, kind, smart and beautiful. You are God and can everything: create and light the stars. Hug the whole Universe with your Love! When we were dreaming with my Loved about you, Your image were creating eternal. And it means the Love will be also eternal – That girl whom you will make happy again, again and again… And the children will be born from your Love – And since that time the Universe was called the Love Harmony. Novikov Vladimir The following dream appeared approximately 4 years before the son’s birth, just it had formed the events that led to its’ realization.

Dream My loved, my dear sonny, You are so resemble to your Father – Light-blue, fathomless eyes and the smile is full of love. And your soul’s feelings, aspirations To fill the Universe by the Beauty Shine in your eyes as the inspiration again And as the wish to create Dreams. Everything that you’ll dream about you can Realize, perfecting the World And your Loved will help you in it, There is your soul’s half in her. Together with her you will cognize eternity And will fill the World with beauty And our loved and kind Father Will always be in you and with you!..


We all know that there is no limit to the perfection, so being already in a beautiful condition I wrote one more dream–continuation. Our son Our son – you are a perfect creation! All the unlimited abilities are in you, A dream flight and an inspiration. You are smart, kind and beautiful, Talented in everything, industrious. A fine son, a reliable friend, You create happy world around you. You give your Soul’s Light, Of your Devine Dream. In a fit of gentleness, Love We created you, sonny. We put all the best into you, Hoping, believing and loving. Create in ages and be happy With Love, your half And in the immense Universe Let it always be the World of Friends! Yulia Novikova

Son birth A story about a father’s first birth assistance Today at 17:30 my son is 4 days-old. I decided to tell how it was in our case – who decided to give birth at home. Realizing that he is a fruit of our common dream we wanted to stay alone with our creation, that we created and that we had to give birth. I used to listen stories of many acquaintances who also naturally were giving birth at home, watch films about it and read books. There was a lot of information, it was various and usually an author was a woman. So for the full picture I decided to share my experience – of a Father who assisted the childbirth for the first time. We knew for sure that we’ll give birth to a sonCreator and that we’ll call him Svetoch. Because the dream about it was written, we read it to our friends, and the power of a collective thought is generally known. So when in the period of “spring condition” – that before we called pregnancy, somebody of acquaintances was trying to determine by the form of the belly the child sex, his suppositions were provoking no more than an ironical 28

smile. As educational activity of the Center is linked with frequent journeys to Russian cities we had to correct softly the participation in them of the mother Yulia, as already was starting the organism transformation, in which participated all the surrounding world. Yulia’s organism was sensitively reacting to all remarks of a future child, so the journeys transformed softly to the creation of space where his birth was planning. Work in the Center where harmonious way of life and healthy nutrition characterize our everyday life, so Yulia didn’t have change anything in her diet. More attentive relation to the organism wishes suggested when and how it was better to eat, where to go and with whom to communicate. Why I intentionally don’t emphasize these questions? Everyone is a personality and that’s why all needed information you have to perceive by yourself. What I’m writing about are my observations, feelings – the way we had it, and probably the main thing is the wish to share the joy of creation and new life birth, in which I was participated. From the beginning of the son creation we knew already the date of his birth, that he outstripped only for 1,5 days, apparently wishing to meet us earlier.

Childbirth From the night that was preceding the birth the signs of the new appeared. One of them were the urges to go to the toilet, that are the reason of the pressure to the internal excretion organs of a woman, but as it turned out, this pressure was passed to me also, that stimulated these night “walks”. And there was no big wish to sleep – the thoughts of the soon son birth occurred more often. In the morning one more new sensation appeared – it smelled the childhood. That new smell was so evident, that I began to sniff and look for its’ source. Very soon I understood that this fragrance source as if was inside of us. When I was beginning to understand my sensations it was forcing, when no – it just was and was really very nice. As those sensations were new for me, I was recollecting the acquaintances’ stories that in some extent reflected what I was feeling. I remembered that once Stas told me that a mother and a child smelled milk for babies. And also unexpected associations from the film in which Travolta was playing a great angel. The girls with whom he was dancing were saying that he smelled caramels from childhood. Childhood fragrance was soaring under us. When the clock showed 8 a.m. I understood that the moment came – it was time to get ready for the birth. Yulia has already got into a bath with slightly warm water and there was trying to get position in which the birth pangs would be less sensible, although it seemed to me and to her that they will be showed


another way and generally that it was already “birth pangs”. Having eaten a little bit I understood that it was my time to go to the resolute actions. Slight massage – pressure to the points in the waist area was giving some relief. And we were experimenting in which position the birth pangs, and it was still they, would give more joy. Staying in the squatting position, on side, in water and without water, on all fours was showing that everything was ahead. The ability to work with the field structures was giving an opportunity having tuned to a concrete person to feel him and even to live his life. And I tuned to the son. The sensations of gentleness and bliss began rolling in by waves all my being. Nice excitement appeared with new force and then seemed to have disappeared and said: everything is ahead. Having felt that the son understands me I asked carefully when we should wait for his coming from his mother. Scanning the mother’s field structures I was showed that the divine myself would go out in 1.5 hours and then as I thought would follow the body that we were looking forward. Having told it to Yulia I went to the mirror to comb my hair – I wanted my son to like me when we meet. At the pointed moment the divine himself of the son began to show itself in the sensations that I had the baby in my hands. Besides he didn’t just lay, he was changing the position, was half-rising, moving and learning the surrounding world. A happiness condition was becoming more perceptible. Joy tears were coming to the eyes. And the birth pangs became more frequent and were coming every 5-7 minutes. A couple of hours passed and feeling that the expecting was delaying I asked my son: When you will come out? Feeling his divine himself in my hands I’m realizing his answer: -

I’m in your hands.


And the body?


Inside the mother in the cradle it felt so good that it got accustomed and doesn’t want to take apart yet.

It is clear, you get accustomed to the good quickly. There was the time when we were doing work, the sense of which was in the inspiring of the body – every particle of it, because in this case a person always follows his soul wishes and doesn’t slip down to the instincts level, through which they were trying before to govern him. And I am asking the divine himself of the son to go back to the mother and go out with the body, as the force of the birth pangs, their perceptibility began to worry us. The fact that the divine himself went back we realized very soon. New signs of birth appeared, that were called “labour”, that 30

besides were accompanied with Yulia’s loud cries. In order to calm her, myself and the neighbours I forced the sounds of good music and in the loudest moments I was singing to Yulia our Center songs. The solo concert was going successfully and successfully was coming to its’ culmination. As the Yulia’s “spring condition” was very expressive – big belly, listening to the acquaintances’ advices was expecting that any minute he will get down… and there was I completely prepared. The calls to the friends brought a lot of new contradictory information, that followed by a reasonable conclusion that we should perceive the world by ourselves, and that what we began to do. In the apartment where we were giving birth we found by chance a stool with a big whole in the center – it was big, steady and with suitable height. Yulia got on it. We put the pillows behind her back and on that “improvised” birth stool with the song “I didn’t know before that it happens” we reached the new level. There was opening of the “bosom” – it is the harmonic name of woman organs. And at the same time there was no fear, confusion. The certainty was increasing that for sure everything would be good. When there was going out the baby’s head it was very hairy and big, and therefore smart and that’s why it was going out slowly. Suddenly appeared a very strong wish to look at baby’s face. And even flashed an idea to look under the stool to see him sooner, but the importance of the moment and the stool height held back the wish. And appeared the ears, neck and I got prepared to catch him. All the acquaintances that give birth earlier draw much attention to the quantity of the lubricant in a baby’s body, that it was very slippery. In spite of this slippery information I didn’t buy gloves with pimples and carefully received the baby into my hands accompanied with the sound of the birth waters, and they gushed out just after the birth, we immersed in bliss. We just felt good. The son – Svetoch - and it was him, was calm, confident and heavy. After the work he did - going out to the world - he was having rest. I checked his mouth and nose – they were clean, without mucus. The head was correspondingly prolonged for a comfortable birth. The hands, legs, fingers – everything was in its’ places. The fists – so serious – were showing that was born a son-Creator, a real man. I put him to the mother’s breast, so that he suck it, to continue the birth of the placenta. The umbilical cord was just an umbilical cord, it didn’t rouse any emotions. Though its’ length was optimal, but it limited the mother movements. And then – then we put the mother in order, washed her and the baby. And at that moment the son acclaimed by his voice that: “you can wash, treat everything you need to treat, but don’t draw my attention from the inner contemplation”. And in order not to be distracted, he peed and did caca. After putting in order the mother and the


baby, his body became pink, and he, sucking the breast for the first time, ate and fell asleep. And before that he smiled to us. Well, hello, Creator! Vladimir Novikov

Dream power Certainly you would like to know what changes in life of a person who created – wrote a perfect dream about a child. Here I’ll give several small examples. Besides I want to tell you that when a dream realizes many things depend on how much a person himself is sure in his dream, how much it is coordinated and is supported by the surrounding world and how much a person himself is coordinated with it, what he is doing himself for its’ realization. It’s not enough just to write a dream, it is very important to live by it. “The power of a dream about a child is unlimited! It can be realized in real life examples. My daughter Diana had difficulties in communicating with her classmates. She had just changed the grade and there was(!) misunderstanding and the consequence – conflicts. It even led to her refuse to go to school. Our long conversations with the daughter about that gave insignificant results. After I wrote a dream about my daughter the situation began to change literally the next day! She ran from the school with shining eyes and very excitedly told me how good her classmates were and how many friends appeared there in her class! And I just dreamed that everybody would love my daughter for her good and tender character and she would have many good friends. A dream power is great! Alsu, Izhevsk city


years ago our grandmother fell ill with oncology, after an irradiation added stenocardia, diabetes, hypertension, she is 54-years-old. A vegetable garden helps her. When I wrote a dream about my daughter her (her grandmother’s) pressure normalized, the oncology diagnosis they don’t take off, but there are no exacerbations. My grandmother’s relations with her son, my daughter’s father, became better and he moved from a rented apartment to her place, began to help her. My daughter decided to be an ecologist, helps me to make right decisions, paints her estate, creates beautiful verses, paints pictures with good wishes for people. I met my half. I noticed the influence of a dream about children to my half, there is more understanding and unity in the world


perception – before a harmonic dream creation I didn’t have it. The daughter herself sometimes asks me to add something to the dream, I detail it and add”. Nina Kapustina, Novosibirsk city

Story from Voronezh Friends! I would like to tell you a story that happened in our family. We hope that it will help people to believe in miracles, as we believed. The first spring day we together with me loved husband Sergey went in the evening to the ice show by Ilia Averboukh. Probably many people watched it by TV and with a sinking heart were observing the passions on the ice, difficult numbers. So we are in the show. The first part of the show passed in a burst of inspiration, the show was opened by a 8-years-old figure skater from Voronezh Danil Butenko, who showed the best results in the master-class that took place a day before. I watched him and at heart I was regretted a little bit that our son didn’t skate so.(!) In the second part I had a slight pain in my stomach, but I forgot about it and watched the show with big interest till the end. Always applauded and I think at that moment my palms ached more. The show finished and we went home. We came to our place around 11p.m. and my stomach ached a lot already. I was trying to fall asleep all night long, I got it just a little, but because of the pain I was awakening several times, I had fever – 37.8. My loved cared about me and thanks to him I slept a little bit at night. In the morning I felt relief a little bit, but still I had pain. Seryozha wanted to stay with me, but I told him it was not necessary. There was no panic and fear, it seemed that it was some usual intestinal infection. I’ was laying on the bed, trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t do that, because the phone was ringing all the time, all acquaintances and relatives were worried. In the afternoon the pain didn’t go away and I was feared with that situation already, because I already had pain in my right side. The father brought me to the hospital. 3 doctors watched me and all of them 33

without doubt told I had appendicitis. The first reaction was fear feeling, once I was operated, it was not too nice. I called to Seryozha and communicated to him the news – he was shocked. When the mind prevailed over the feelings, we began trying to solve this situation. Fortunately in January 2012 we had in Voronezh a bioenergetics seminar, that was carried out by Vladimir Novikov with his friends. Seryozha visited the whole seminar and I only had an opportunity to come the last day, but every evening after the seminar he told me everything. And at heart we were suspected that we should look for the reason in some inharmonic thought or an action, but it wasn’t simple to sort it ourselves. Seryozha accompanied with asking looks of his colleagues every now and then left his work place, phoning to the friends in search for the phone number of Vladimir Novikov, but at that moment he couldn’t get it. Fortunately we found the phone number of Lyubava and with her help we communicated with Vladimir. The operation question was solving several minutes, but a hope appeared for the better situation solving. I do tests and at the same time talk sometimes to Lyubava and sometimes to Vladimir. After the talk with Vladimir it became clear that around a year ago I had an inharmonic thought about our sonny. And now I had to recollect what concretely was wrong. At first nothing occurred to me, what concrete thought it could be, so many events are connected with children, and if it happened in the past it is a little more difficult to remember. I’m phoning to Seryozha, maybe he will give me some hint. He thought also, but could suppose nothing. A little bit later I still remembered, told Vladimir, he told me: “Yes, it was that situation!” Then I had to imagine an alternative scenery of this situation development, in other words, to start another thought, imagining myself at that moment. I did everything as I was told. Vladimir told me the process began. I’m sitting on a couch and thinking how long will take this process, how long I have to wait? I can wait, but the appendicitis – I don’t know if it can wait. Well, now come what may! The thoughts were changing one by one, and at that time I was sent to the surgery department. And on my way to the department I thought that there was no pain already when I was walking. I thought that it was interesting what was going to happen 34

further. I’m sitting in the surgery department, waiting for the doctor. The doctor is coming and I’m telling him that I feel better; maybe we should wait, not to operate for a while. He looked at me and told me I had appendicitis and sometimes they died because of it, but then he told, that it was necessary to examine once more. I laid down on the sofa in the lounge, he began examining and a little bit surprised told that the situation was completely another. We are waiting. Another doctor is coming, he also watched me before. After the repeated examination he also confirmed, that the situation had changed, but still told there were some doubts and if in an hour there would be doubts during the examination, they would perform the operation. I felt better and better. They didn’t operate, but left me in the hospital under observation, so they could operate on me if I would feel worse. I spent in the hospital 3 days, there was a jolly crowd in our ward, the time passed quickly and I recovered very soon. And since then I understood that miracles happen not only in fairy-tales, but also in life. I would like to wish everybody to take very attentively all their thoughts and, as minimum, believe to the miracles! For us these are clear evident things! We sincerely thank the Creator, Lyubava Flyorova, Vladimir Novikov, all friends and, of course, the doctors, that were not in a hurry with the operation. Your friends – Lilia, Sergey, Yaroslavchik

How they gave freedom to a person Who gave freedom? From what and why did they give freedom? Natural questions, that appear when you are reading the title of the article. Because it seems that we are free and even the constitution guarantees us inviolability and the guarding of our freedoms. And here appear unexpected questions: if it is possible and necessary to guard freedom? Imagine yourselves – how it is possible to guard the freedom of conscience, freedom of belief and freedom of


love. Because for guarding something this item must be restricted by limits, borders, so that – God forbid! - with one’s freedom of conscience not to pass other’s territory. Thinking over this topic I met the next contradictions. From one side – the freedom of choice and from the other – the obligatory educational program, the freedom to love the Motherland and at the same time an honourable obligation to protect it, the freedom of movement and at the same time – obligatory residence – citizenship without which you won’t be transported anywhere. And finally the freedom of love, put into chains of Hymen to the law limits about the matrimony and the family. Besides all the freedoms limits were made seemingly with our voluntary agreement: voluntary insurance, treatment and so on. Still when did it start?? Understanding that you can’t put a human soul into a cage, we’ll look for the reasons on the material level. We’ll start from the very beginning – from the life creation. And now we get to know that the thing from which we started materially is cold for some reason an “ovule” and immediately we think about: houses staircases, squared notebooks, squared sky of windows frames, food – cellulose, and even the agricultural planting by square-nest method (in Russian language all these names include the word “cage”). It seems that someone tried to rob the seed for materialization (also play on words in Russian). Out of everything I told above we can conclude that somebody “cheated” with the names of man and woman particles. Correcting and transforming the error, I want to communicate the joyful news for everybody, that the material base for our birth is our parents’ dream. And this is the main thing. And the information about it realizes in a man’s particle, that names Svetik (affectionate diminutive for Light). In which on the genes level, material and all existence levels there is a program of development, that guarantees a happy eternity, creating by beauty. And in order to realize this program in our one and only chosen and to get the necessary development support, a woman’s particle is called Tsvetik (affectionate diminutive for a Flower), that in all informational levels and the material level knows precisely their joint purpose to Create Beauty Together. The words power and images power and their influence to the water are generally known. The fact that we consist of more than 80% of water is scientifically proved. Therefore, what a beautiful picture we have when a man’s particle svetik meets a woman’s tsvetik! And how beautiful as you understand yourselves after this meeting will be children. Because “a ship will go the way you name it”. And our way with you lays to a flouring garden, that we together


with you and our beautiful children will create in the most beautiful Universe planet, the name of which is the Earth.

Vladimir Novikov

Our happy parents The Universe is a thought, a dream was born from a thought. It is reflected in the material by the Love Harmony. We are materialized dreams of our parents. Our life depends on the level to which we understand and realize their dreams. Every parent wants to perfect himself together with his children and in every new child sees a hope for a new and beautiful creation. For dreaming about our children’s future it is certainly very important to feel and understand our parents – those first parents, who created our beautiful world and us and also those parents who were the first in the material level. So now I want to share with you the stories, that I wrote when I wanted very much to feel, see like what was the birth of first people on the Earth, first man and woman, and also their first child, and what preceded it.

Love Dream God created the beautiful world By his ardent dream And this world he gave To all around and to us with you. He believed, that his dreams Will be realized in perfection, And after – the new in love And inspiration will be born. He was ardent and beautiful, And Love shined next to him, Illuminating by itself the world, She inspired him more and more: “I’m dreaming with you, my God About the happy eternity for everybody. I’m giving my Love to you, So that the world become even more beautiful. Your dreams call to the flight That lasts infinitely, The soul sings of joy,


My love is forever with you! Let the bliss be everywhere And the beauty of your aspirations, My dear, I’ll help to you In everything in inspiration! I dream just like you About our loving planet, That we’ll create with you, So that children live in an eternal paradise. Our son and daughter will continue again All our good aspirations, He is Svetoch and she is Love – The creation will be beautiful. My loved, how beautiful is the world, I give my Love to everything and everywhere, So that you are happy eternally I’ll always be with you. The Earth is our common alive Home, the star of the Single and a loving mother. We all live on it, and do we know, feel, what she dreams about and always dreamed, what wishes our beautiful Earth?.. Once I wanted to feel, hear Her dream, her soul’s wishes. My soul was talking to Her soul and a verse appeared:

The Earth dream When God with Love created our planet, He approached her and asked gently: -My loved Earth, What are you dreaming about? -I’m dreaming To love and be loved infinitely, That people’s hearts beat in unison, I’m dreaming to see happiness in their eyes, That everybody live eternally in my gardens, To meet always by tender dawn, To fill the air by the flowers fragrance, To give my fruits and the cleanness of lakes and rivers, That everybody – every person in the world Increase the Love Harmony,


That dream with me about the eternity, That we realize the dreams together, In which you’ll always be happy, my Creator! I’m dreaming by the beauty of my gardens To make happy your Loved – the Love, That you embody in one of them, That you bring up your children in joy. I’m dreaming to open the new with you And give happiness to the entire Universe, That all planets bloom in divine gardens, That love music sound in mouths, That the world gets perfect with us And that a human inspired by love create the eternal paradise. -Earth, my loved, I dream together with you. Tell me, how do you want to get perfect? -I want the people to feel all my dreams, I will give all myself to them And for you, my God, I will shine in ages. Everybody has his star, I am your guiding star, I’ll help you in the happy way, So that the way always be joyful With your Loved and only And in a kind surrounding of children and all friends. I will get perfect through you – The Earth continued the talk And it sounds in our day till now – In the sun dawn, In a dewdrop in the grass, In a brook purl, And in a leaves rustle, Flowers blossom out with the dream. Soul with soul the Earth is talking to everybody today, And its’ dream eternal light shines in the eyes of everyone of us.

God’s birth on the Earth When for the first time on the Earth he and she appeared in the material level, their looks, full of gentleness, united and their hearts were beating in unison, a


new beautiful dream was borning. They were learning together the world that God gave them, and were dreaming together about happy eternity. - My Love, - once told a man to a woman. – You know, I dream about a birth of a son. I want, my dear, our Father to be embodied in him. I want so much the Creator to be happy! I was thinking how we can make him glad, still He gave us so many things! All this beautiful world, he created with Love, me and you for everybody’s joy. I want to be his worthy son and to give to God the joy of embodiment. - You are my Eyes Light, my Svetoch, my man. Ah, how great is my wish to give birth to such a son for you! I like your dream, I live by it already, just like you. She approached him with a smile and hugged gently, tenderly with love. So, inspired by the dream about a future birth, they were creating. The universe was shining by inspiration. The entire world was getting ready for the joint creation, and God was shining of happiness and love, of course, he would be happy to be embodied in the material level! Days and nights were passing by, the loved were creating the dream in an inspiration flash. They were imagining in details the son’s future and painted bright, alive images of happy life. When they saw, how the boy will grow up, they wanted very much to dream that a girl would come to the Earth and give many joy, inspiration. In that girl the Love and God’s half would be embodied, they would meet in the material level. Oh, how wonderful their dreams were, so that even flowers smelled specially, as if a new exquisite fragrance was added to space. The Earth herself was preparing, her decoration for the meeting and the birth of the Creator and clouds were floating in the sky in a special way, and birds were singing more clear and beautiful. Of the new thought and dream all world immediately became happier. And this happiness was lasting infinitely. In a great Love and inspiration fit the creation was made for everyone’s joy. For the first time an earthly woman felt new life, knowing, how wonderful will be a new life embodiment on the Earth. Her wonderful ringing laughter was everywhere, when the baby was kicking slightly in the belly. It happened when the father – her man got on an elephant and was somersaulting jumping from him. It seemed that their son was learning everything from his father. Happy days with happy moments were passing. And gradually the day of his birth came. It seemed that the space was filling with the contentment, the Earth herself was smiling. The man felt as the woman was giving birth, still he was giving birth together with her, as the love bliss was surrounding them, before he


didn’t know such feelings. He was singing, she was shining, and this happiness was everywhere. When the baby went out the mother’s bosom, the man was excited by their creation. He took with love into his hands the son-God. Probably, for the first time he felt by entire himself how many happiness there were in life! He was watching with delight, trembling to the baby, then to his loved and his lips were whispering with gentleness: “I love. Thank you. For this happiness of birth, for happiness of new life and joint creation!” He passed gently the son to the mother and having hugged them both, he kissed them. His Loved Love was shining and this shine was touching all planets. They called the son Svetoch, so that the happiness continues forever.

The first step Days were passed swiftly in the alternation with nights. Nobody counted happy hours and years. Everything was singing and blooming and was very glad. The Creator was growing up in Love space. The child-Human – the world haven’t seen that yet! And near on the Earth the babies were given birth. An elephant’s calf, tiger’s, wolf’s. All animals’ calves. How pretty are the children! To play with a big elephant is nice for sure, but Svetoch wanted to play with a small one. He was closer to him and was running clumsily, and it was simpler to get to the trunk by a little hand. When the Creator grew up and got to creep, there was a little wolf – calling him to play. But the animal turned to be too quick so far and he got to catch up with Svetoch and leave him behind. But the boy was persistent and didn’t lose the hope. He by himself, not knowing how, suddenly stood up on two legs. And the mother at the same moment, having seen that miracle, called to the father: -Darling, look! Our son already stands up without help, without request. What a fine young man. He makes everything himself! -Yes, he is a real talented man! He is capable and handsome, like me, beyond his years! The ringing laughter of happy parents sounded, and Svetoch at that moment was making his first step. His first step in the paradise – confident, beautiful, so that to open the new in the divine dreams.

With a dream about Love Once before falling asleep the child asked his father: -Tell me, my father, when Love will come?


That girl with whom I’m in love forever, With whom I’m ready to realize all dreams? The father thought with a smile in his look And tenderly touched the grass by his palm. The night was coming down in stars, like in finery. -What a good question you found for me… -The matter is that I once was playing with a prentasaur. I was riding high – it was so nice! And after plays with him – behind a chestnut tree I saw on the ground a beautiful egg. And not a one, but two! The prentasaur’s girlfriend was hatching them. Do you understand, dad? -So it is wonderful. What is special about that? Sonny, I’m very-very glad for prentasaurs. -Father, don’t you understand me? But if only I will go to fly, you know, That the second prentasaur will miss very much. And Svetoch looked at Father’s eyes with a shade of sadness. -Sorry, sonny, I didn’t understand immediately. For sure, it’s very important to be together with your half, Like me and your mother – my Loved. So the talk of two men: a father and a son Passed to the sleep and Svetoch was falling asleep With a dream about Love – a girl-Universe, Whom he wished at heart to meet.

Love in Love The night was magic for Svetoch with Love. With the dream about Love not only their son was sleeping. With the dream about a daughter the man with the woman in love Were creating the new life – the world was rejoicing by happiness! The Earth didn’t see more beautiful dawns, And Love didn’t know more miraculous nights. How grateful was the man to her for that! To that woman who was the nearest in the world. How to describe in words what was feeling the man, When he was creating in love with Love his daughter? How to describe beautifully in words that alive bliss, 42

In order that express all that feelings, that were there that night! The dewdrops were shining by the bliss, The man put his palm on the belly Of his Loved and darling, with whom the happiness is eternal, With whom the flight would never finish. The new life is inside, Love in Love and everywhere. The Goddess-Mother is singing the tune of her Love. And the daughter grows up and every new morning The Love’s belly gets more round. Here is Svetoch – the son came and leaned by his little ear. -Mom, how good feels the baby girl in the belly! You know, I fell in love more with her. It seems that she is in you and in me here at the same time. And the boy put his little palm on the breast And looked ahead, creating life by dream. And after without hurry and like for fun Kissed the belly and looked up. Two swans were flying in clouds above them – So smoothly they were spinning above the Earth. And near the nightingales were singing in a blooming garden. “How nice is always to be with you, my Loved” One couldn’t hear the words – they were not pronounced, But the boy got to feel them by his soul. It seemed that they were pouring in all space like light. And Svetoch answered: “I’m happy to be with you!”




Happy parents – healthy children  
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