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Model RB-MD-951 Replacement Main Controller Board Installation Instructions RB-MD-951 Mounting These instructions are for models RB-MD-951-200, RB-MD-951-1000 and RB-MD-2000. Unscrew the seven #8-32� locknuts that hold the existing board in place. Disconnect cable from main entry panel board and remove the min controller board from the backbox of the entry panel. Replace with the new board RB-MD-951, connect the cable and use the seven screws to mount the replacement board in place.

Figure 1: RB-MD-951-100;-1000;-2000 Board Replacement Mounting Screws Mounting Screws

There are seven screws holding the main controller board in place.

Ribbon Cable

Mounting Screws

To replace the main controller board, unscrew the 7 screws holding the board to the backbox and disconnect the ribbon cable from the entry main controller board. Replace with the RB-MD-951-100 or RB-MD951-1000 or RB-MD-951-2000 board, re-connect the ribbon cable and fasten with the 7 screws. NOTE: If there are any small boards fastened over the main controller board, these too must be disconnected and re-connected on the replacement main controller board.

LT-976 Rev 0 September 2009

LT-976 RB-MD-951 Instr Rev 0