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AIESEC Bucharest presentation


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AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Active in over 1700 universities across more than 110 countries and territories, our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential students into globally minded responsible leaders. AIESEC' s innovative development process consists of unmatched international opportunities and a global learning environment.

leadership experiences,

AIESEC uses an innovative approach to engaging and developing today’s youth. By offering opportunities to build extensive international personal networks and explore leadership opportunities, we provide a platform for young people to discover direction and ambition for their futures.

110 Countries

44.104 Members

1715 universities

1.089.046 alumni 4255 partners


As the first international student NGO in Romania, starting with the 90s, AIESEC Bucharest has constantly helped students and communities fill in the gap between formal education and the market needs.

The aim of our activities has been unchanged in the last 20 years : empowering youth and developing their change agents potential. Nevertheless we adapted our approach at the same pace as Bucharest’s needs changed. If in the previous decade we brought to Romania new concepts at that time such as Career Fair and youth online platforms, the present finds our energies invested in the nests of the future : international youth exchange, physical and virtual learning spaces, entrepreneurship culture among technical students, marketing and new media, sustainability and career planning. In 2009 we facilitated learning experiences for more than 7000 students, out of which 100 were selected to join us as full time members. The brand awareness we have, the success of our alumni , the increasing reach among students and the number of members in international leadership positions give us no other choice than to reach even higher in 2010.

120 members

>1000 alumni

4 major universities

20 years

25 partners





International Trainers Congress 200 Trainers in Bucharest | 20 partners | The biggest training conference in Romania

200 Presidents in Bucharest | 25 partners | 50 Alumni | International Leadership


Access to Leadership

150 participants | 30 partners



12 partners | 60 Participants| Speeches and confessions from leaders of various domains

Bucharest Planning Meeting | Local Training Seminar | Re-Imagine Conference


International Trainers Congress 220 Trainers in Bucharest | 28 partners | The biggest training conference in Romania

140 participants | 2 weeks of planning and preparation


International Presidents Meeting

Bucharest Planning Meeting | Local Training Seminar

National Congress | National Preparation Seminar | Local Training Seminar


800 participants | >60 partners


Bucurestiul Fluiera Fault represents an event that aims to raise awareness throughout Bucharest on issues like social responsibility or social exclusion. During the march, over 1000 people in the last 2 years contributed to create a cleaner and more responsible community. More than 20 partners, volunteers and public authorities joined forces with AIESEC to create a positive impact.

AIESEC Bucharest was honored to be the host of the international conference EuroXpro for countries representing Europe and North America. The 6 dix days of connecting together through workshops, sessions and the close presence of the sea combined, all promise to make a great experience for all the participants there. The Global Village gathered over 30 countries who shared a piece of their culture and traditions with us.

Represented by people like Octavian Belu, Maia Morgenstern or Steven Van Groningen, Romania’s leadership inspired people to take action and to stand out from the crowd. More the 400 participants laughed or shivered during the powerful speeches and confessions of our speakers. The Central University of Bucharest hosted this year an unique event dedicated to leadership.


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