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Absara Spa

Facial Express Starter Beauty Treatment: specific treatment for each type of skin (that our beautician will determine once he sees the client). It has two variants: apply the treatment as preparatory for other specific ones or as a single treatment for the skin. 30min.- 30 € Intense Masculine Care: Facial treatment focused on the improvement of the masculine skin. 60min.- 50€ Intense Bio Firming Repairer Treatment: firming facial treatment for mature and fragile skins. 60min.- 55€

Corporal Delight of rice (softener): corporal treatment made up of creams of rice. It leaves the skin soft and helps to attenuate the orange skin. 60min.- 58€ Anti-age wine treatment: corporal treatment that consists of three steps, an exfoliation with grape pip, application of the anti-age wine product and the final massage with oils. 75min.- 60€ Moisturizing Chocolate Treatment: treatment for a complete hydration with components of cocoa. Applied in three steps, the exfoliation with the pip of ground cocoa, wrapper by moisturizing cocoa products and massage with the oil of cocoa. 60min.- 60€ Pressure Therapy: last generation in pressure therapy, system of boots, armbands and belts with pneumatic chambers where air is blown, producing a controlled pressure on the zone of the body that we want to treat. 30min.- 28€ 50min.- 36€

Corporal Green tea: lipolytic and firming treatment that consists of exfoliation based on diverse micronizations, essential oils, algae, application of the cream of Green Tea, wrapper based on green Tea and massage with specific oil. 90min.- 68€ Corporal and Facial citrus fruits energizing: energizing and revitalizing cutaneous treatment. The whole wealth of the Sun contained in the citrus fruits to return the light and the vitality to the skin. 90min.- 85€ Corporal and Yogurt: an invigorating and moisturizing excellent treatment where yogurt, muesli and honey are mixed creating an aromatic touch that you will not be able to forget. 90min.- 70€ Hydromassages bath with essential oils of wine chocolate: hydromassage made by the water coming out of the yets of the bath positioned on different parts of the body. 25min.- 23€

Massages Massage Anti-stress: corporal relaxing massage, the manipulations are slow and superficial. 25min.- 28€ 50min.- 48€ Massage with pindas: corporal massage realized with bags filled with aromatic grasses and with essential oils warmed with steam. Balancing, relaxing … a pleasure for the senses. 50min.- 58€

Physical therapy Sports Massage: therapy based on the application of manual techniques performed by our physical therapists. The manipulations are deep and energetic. 25min.- 30€ 50min.- 50€ Session of Physical therapy: application of different technologies of the physical therapy (massage, mobilizations, appliances, stretchings, etc.) under the criterion of the physical therapist and in order to recover, to improve or to support the good functioning of the organism). 25min.- 30,00€ 50min.- 50,00€

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Absara Spa  
Absara Spa  

Absara Spa. Complete detail of treatments and masages.