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t has been yet another year of change and continuity. We saw visible change in the infrastructural sense – we bade goodbye to the Nanyang Mart and welcomed the hugely popular Shop & Save and a round-the-clock 7Eleven minimart. Kallang Western food stall from Can Two was also painfully traded in for a Thai food stall. But although these visible changes shocked, delighted and enraged us, the subtle and gradual changes we experienced together as a hall are the ones that will stay with us. They will define what this year means to us a decade from this moment. These are the memories we want to capture in your yearbook. Our athletes leaping that extra inch, reaching that extra centimeter, in the hopes of making history. Our rec players and their silent battles in unnervingly hostile territory. We want to know the pain behind every victory so we remember that winning is not a birthright. We also celebrate the friendship behind every defeat, because being forged from stone together means we can rise above it as one. This publication is a humble attempt to document the multitude of experiences we’ve shared in this place we’ve grown to love. Though it will never replicate your journey, we hope it hits close to home.

ECHOES 12/13 EDITORS Miranda Yeo Lecia Yee CONTRIBUTORS 29th JCRC Sports and Recreational Team Managers Dinner and Dance Committee Verve Productions Livewire (Hall Two Dance) Awesomes (Hall Two Cheerleading) Publications Sub Committee DESIGN & LAYOUT Yeo Kai Wen

This project would never have been possible without the help of our tireless sub-commers. Special thanks to Yeo Kai Wen for the new coat of paint he has splashed on our annual publication. We are also grateful for the kind cooperation of all the contributors. Thank you for sticking it out with us, through the late nights, the writers’ blocks and the meticulous selection of photos. We hope our labour of love will find its place in your heart.

Miranda and Lecia 29th JCRC Publications Secretaries




all of Residence 2 was first established in 1957 on the grounds of Nanyang Technological University, which was previously known as Nantah. It was originally built to host students from NTU as well as NUS. However, as the enrolment increased over the years, the demand for accommodation steadily rose. Hall 2 eventually came to be occupied only by students from Nantah.

Food lovers will be delighted to know that the Hall is well served by not one, but two canteens — Can 1 and Can 2. Students all over the campus flock to these exceedingly popular canteens as they offer a wide variety of affordable and delicious food. For sports fanatics, the SRC, boasting a swimming pool, running track, well-equipped gym and other facilities, sits just round the corner. Residents also enjoy close proximity to the following Located right at the heart of the school campus, Hall amenities: 2 is a mere five minutes walk away from North Spine t "5..BDIJOF as well as the Sports Recreational Centre (SRC). t /BOZBOH4VQFSNBSU It consists of 11 double-story blocks which house a t (SPDFSZTUPSF total of 302 double rooms and 48 single rooms. The t 'VUTBM$PVSU open architectural style of the blocks ensure that t 7PMMFZCBMM$PVSU residents enjoy bright and breezy rooms. Notably, t )BJSESFTTFS our rooms are one of the most spacious in NTU and they are all furnished with built-in wardrobes, With its superb central location, spacious rooms writing desks and shelves. and unparalleled amenities, Hall 2 never fails to be heavily oversubscribed year after year. Hall 2 is not Hall 2 is one of the two hostels in school to adopt just a hall; it is a home away from home. the attached toilets system, where two rooms share a toilet, inclusive of sinks, a shower and a cubicle. This unique feature is highly prized among our residents as it provides additional privacy and convenience. Laundry rooms, kitchenettes, readings rooms, music and dance rooms, as well as TV lounges are just some of the common facilities hostelites have at their doorstep here at Hall 2. 5


Hall Song Hall Two’s spirit living on It’s living far and far beyond It’s never gonna die It’s gonna live in each of us And we’ll keep it burning, burning strong The flame of zest lights in us all along Always inspiring us to go on Hall Two’s spirit flying high It’s flying far and far beyond It’s never gonna die It’s gonna live forever more And we’ll keep it burning, burning strong The flame of zest lights in us along Always inspiring us to go on

Hall Crest Spokes supporting the ring Close link & the spirit of camaraderie forged between the 11 blocks Lion Strength & Courage Leaves (SPXUI Colors White, bright red & navy blue represents magnanimity, peace & harmony Shield-shaped crest Upholds the virtues of the traditional arthurian knights: honor, loyalty & valor






s the year draws to a close, I really hope that you have experienced a wonderful year and enjoyed yourself thoroughly. Be it having steamboats with fellow hallmates, training hard with your teammates or mingling around in JCRC events, I hope it has been a year that will take a special place in your hearts. This year, we have achieved mixed results in the Hall Olympiad Competitions we took part in. Our sports faced intense competition as more Halls shifted their focus towards sports. We only managed to get a 4th place despite the hard work and efforts by our sports players. Our recreational games had a slight drop to 12th place despite the committed trainings by our recreational players. These results might be seen as an adversity, but I believe that this is also an opportunity for us to rally together as one Hall 2, to fight back and to come out stronger next year. Our Cheerleaders, Team Awesomes led by Captain Sherlyn and Vice-Captain Candice put up a Moulin Rouge inspired performance that clinched them 10th place. By achieving 10th placing consecutively for two years comes a stability that has been missing in the past cheer teams, which I am sure Team Awesomes will use as a platform to reach greater heights next year. Our Dance team with a brand new name, Livewire produced a magical performance to clinch a 4th spot in the Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony. This is highly commendable considering the outflow of talented dancers and the high standards of the other participating Halls. Kudos to Tiffy and Astrid! Despite the results obtained, I strongly believe it is the blood (literally), sweat and tears that we have sacrificed and the friendships and bonds forged among us during the months of trainings that we will remember and cherish in years to come. The 3 special committees namely Orientation Main Committee (OMC), Dinner and Dance Committee (DnD) and Verve Productions have always been the backbone of our vibrant and exciting Hall culture. Recently, Verve Productions brought us yet another wonderful play, ‘Bred and Barter’ which had residents talking about it even weeks after it concluded. I am sure all of us are also looking forward to the upcoming Freshmen Orientation Camp and our grand Dinner and Dance as we welcome new freshmen into our Hall 2 family. Active participation in Hall requires much effort and time from all residents and I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to Hall 2 in one way or another. To our Sports and Rec players, Dancers and Cheerleaders, may next year bring even better results and greater achievements. To the Special Committees, may all your events turn out well and exceed expectations. To JCRC Subcomms, without you guys nothing would have been possible in Hall. And to all Hall 2 Residents, thank you for your constant support in all our activities.


Next, I would like to thank Mr Albert Yu and Ms Adeline Aw, our Hall Office Staff, for being ever supportive of Hall 2 JCRC and ensuring residents have an enjoyable and comfortable stay in Hall. I would also like to thank our Senior Hall Fellow Prof Lam and Hall Fellows Assoc Prof Teh, Assoc Prof Sridhar, Dr Tan and Ms Li Fang in giving us their full support in running our events and taking time off their busy schedule to join us and be part of Hall 2. I would also like to convey my heartfelt thanks to ex-Presidents Si Kuan, Lawrence, Yu Hao and Yee Hsu for always being around whenever I needed advice and for providing their valuable insights. Last but not least, this year would not have been possible without the 29th JCRC. I would like to thank all 15 of you all for sacrificing your time every Monday night, meeting my exceptionally high demands, taking my criticism positively, your efforts in serving the Hall, teaching me so much for the past year and for undertaking this noble JCRC journey with me. Towards one United Hall 2. Striving in Unity. Parthi


Why do you want to re-run JCRC?” This is the question some people might ask me. Why? Let me tell you why! I would like to share my experiences throughout this journey and everything that I am going to say now is from the bottom of my heart. After giving my heartfelt speech in the rally, I am fortunate that the hall supported me to be the vice president of JCRC. Being part of the top four has been harder than expected because we have had to do lots of important decision-making. Furthermore, we have a lot of behind-the-scenes responsibilities which are often unseen by hall residents. I have learnt how to better manage my time, mingle with people better and understand people better. I’ve basically picked up interpersonal skills which would really be useful to me in the future when I work. This great experience would not have been possible without the following groups of people:

29th. I have no regrets being part of this awesome committee. You guys are not only my committee members, you are also my friends. Whenever I needed help, you guys were sure to be there. You all made my 2012/2013 fulfilling and fun-filled. To my great mentee group (Natalie, Xurong and Willfred), you guys are awesome. Thank you so much, 29th for your cooperation. I love you guys. OMC. You really are a bunch of happening guys. I never fail to laugh when I am around you. Most importantly, through all these laughter and joy, we still get things done. I look forward to a great Camp Yum Yum in the months ahead. Hall office. My year would have been tough if it was not for Adeline who constantly covered my back and tolerated my unconventional requests. The aunties and uncle of the hall offices are always around to ensure things are in place around hall. Thank you so much, hall office.

My beloved block managers. Without you, it would have been impossible for things to done so efficiently. From stuff like daily sms updates during the inter-hall games period, passing documents given by hall office to the residents, block suppers and even for tolerating my constant pressure. I sincerely thank you all.

Residents of hall 2 and friends. Without your constant support and encouragement, I would not be where I am now. Thank you seniors, for always being there to help my friends and I, and for always helping me with my school work. Hope all of you enjoyed your stay in hall this year as much as I do. Special thanks to my girlfriend who always stands by me no matter what.

Committee heads (Weixin, Alvin and Weihong). Thank you so much for working so closely with me. Without your constant support and feedback, it would have been impossible for me to improve and for us to work closely together. It was of great assurance to me that the three committees would support me and I take heart because they are well led by you.

Strive on Hall 2! Regards, Jordan



IF KPVSOFZ PG BO )POPSBSZ (FOFSBM 4FDSFUBSZ XBT tedious yet fulfilling for me. I have definitely learnt a lot throughout my term of office. Looking back, taking VQUIFQPSUGPMJPPG)POPSBSZ(FOFSBM4FDSFUBSZXBTEFëOJUFMZ not an easy choice for me. While the job scope of an Honorary (FOFSBM 4FDSFUBSZ NBZ TFFN TJNQMF BOE GFX  JU FODPNQBTTFT plenty of administrative duties that are vital to the functioning of the Hall. As I am not a person that pays much attention to details, I knew that it would be a challenge for me to take up this portfolio, which requires meticulousness and attentiveness. Yet, this challenge has proven to be worthy to take up as I have definitely improved these soft skills throughout these two semesters. From the weekly JCRC minutes to the compilation of the Hall Admission Scheme list, I have learnt the importance of being organized and proper management of time. As I’m relatively weak in my language, I had a difficult time doing up the minutes initially. However, I thank Parthi for his guidance. With his help, I gradually gained the momentum in doing up the minutes. While the process of keying in the records and compiling all the achievements for the HAS list may be tedious, it was definitely a fulfilling process. In addition to my primary job scope, taking up a senior portfolio was also equivalent to taking up the responsibility to be a good mentor, providing guidance to the rest of the JCRC members. However, it was not a one-way process to me as I have also learnt a lot from my mentees, Benny and Lance. -PPLJOHCBDL UIFKPVSOFZPGUIF)POPSBSZ(FOFSBM4FDSFUBSZ was challenging yet satisfying. Throughout these semesters, many friends had asked me why I have chosen to re-run and take up this portfolio. I always told them that it’s because the journey of a JCRC member may be tedious, but at the end of it, it will definitely be a route that provides satisfaction and accomplishment. These accomplishments did not merely come from the completion of my job scopes but the company of my fellow JCRC members. Hence, I wish to thank the 29th JCRC members who supported me throughout these semesters. I really enjoyed the time spent with them. In addition to the 29th JCRC, I also wish to thank my predecessor, Ping Fang, who had to bear with my constant bombarding of messages. Thanks for always trying to answer my questions patiently. Thanks so much to all who have helped me throughout this whole journey and at the end of this, I just wish to say, love you guys! Regards, Jacie



n the beginning of it all, I mentioned that my experience in 28th JCRC was a beautiful nightmare. Those who know what my journey in year one was like would wonder why I even considered making a sequel. Interview me when I was a Publicity Secretary then, and all chosen words would have tasted foul. How blind I was to only realize ‘it’ in the aftermath; though timely enough to be part of this year’s JCRC as a Financial Controller. Note to all future JCRC financial controllers: Cash is king, and the root of all evil. And by ‘evil’ here, I meant the opportunity cost of settling the money itself. The stupendous amount of paperwork needed to be done after an event, is a real mood killer. I was familiar with the initial job scope. It is one thing to pre-allocate the budget for the year, but another when a fellow committee member pleas for more budget with puppy dog eyes. What do you do then? Obviously, you ask the President! (and then do your job by re-budgeting each time that happens). I would not say I found joy through my receipt collection, but neither did it cross my mind as a bother. I guess being the cause behind the smile of my fellow committee members, when they see the money rollin’ in, is a good enough satisfaction and a reflection of my work done. After taking up this position and performing the contractual handshake, I did not expect to be enthralled by the magnitude of decisions that I was to be bestowed upon. I salute my predecessors and bow to those who made the choice to re-run. I vouch, that it is not all smooth sailing. From the beginning to end, there are many people whom I am thankful for. First and foremost, Elizabeth Poh, for not letting me drown in my own confusion at the start of it all even though you were on exchange. My publicity and publication mentees, who made mentoring much easier, as you took the initiative to perform to the best of your ability. It was a two way street, and I am glad we are sharing on a deeper level. Lastly, the unsung heroes whom I hardly verbally thank – Top 4! Parthi, Jordan and Jacie, I could have never asked for better people to work with or friends whom I can wholly trust and count on. I am eternally grateful to be able to see 29th till the end with the three of you. To 29th; I hope you will stumble on ‘it’ quicker than I had, and realize something so greatly fascinating. It is the new that we seek out most diligently. Even if the academic year is coming to a close, there is so much more that is new. Every year in hall 2 is never the same, may you carry forward this heartfelt journey to a meaningful one. Truckloads of love! Aneza



We have given your request our due consideration and it is with regret that we are unable to accede to it due to the constraints we have, we wish you all the best in your event.”

I have had my fair share of rejections throughout my life, but never have I gotten my heart ripped out and stomped on the floor with such gentleness and elegance. I always joke around saying that the title Business Manager is just a nicer name for a Professional Beggar; it’s just that instead of holding a bowl and sitting by the streets, I use emails and sit behind my computer, shamelessly requesting for large quantities of free items. At one point, I also thought that being the Business Manager was like being a pizza boy. Whenever a pizza boy delivers to a home, he gets the chance to catch a glimpse of another person’s life. Likewise, being the Business Manager gave me a small window of opportunity to sneak a peek into the working life of those I work with. However I think the best description is still this, being a Business Manager is much like courting a girl. You know all your hard work has paid off when you see the delight and smile on their face when they receive your package. By the way, when I say package, I am refering to the goodie bag. When I see someone, especially a stranger from our hall, use an Audible Heart Foolscap Paper or eat the Man Han Eel Flavoured Noodles, it brightens up my day knowing that what I did made a little dent in their life. So I want to take this chance to thank all the residents who came down and receive the goodie bags. And I could not have done it without the help of my 15 fabulous sub-commers. Thank you for always being there, travelling the extra miles to pick up the goods like DHL and UPS; spending hours packing them into goodie bags like the crew assembling burgers in McDonald’s, and finally distributing them to the residents while smiling like service staff working in Takashimaya. Although we don’t spend a lot of time together, I always feel the warmth of having each of you around. Last but not least, I would also like to thank the other 15 JCRC members, each of you have helped me get through certain tough times. Although you may not know, I can recall times where each of you said or did something that made my worst days a little better. I guess it’s always the small things that make the big differences. Every bit can amount to something big! Lance



esitation. It was the feeling when I had to make a choice to join this family of 16. No one said it was going to be easy, but of course, if a journey were to be so smooth sailing, it will never be as fulfilling and enriching, as it would be. Rally, Campaigns and Elections made me feel as though I was going to be a Member of Parliament, but definitely without the waving to residents on a lorry. Running for the portfolio of Cultural Secretary had definitely never come across my mind, as I had zero knowledge and background in the aesthetics field. How would I lead a group of passionate dancers and uphold the culture of Hall 2? This challenging task was accompanied by UXPIBMMFWFOUT XIJDI*XBTQVUJODIBSHFPG )BMM(PU5BMFOU and International Night. )BMM  (PU 5BMFOU  B TJNJMBS CVU TNBMMFS TDBMF PG 4JOHBQPSF Idol, was to provide a platform for residents to showcase their talents. I, together with my enthusiastic subcommers went to all the doors of Hall 2 in search of talents hidden behind the doors. And after a month’s worth of intensive rehearsals, our shy yet gifted performers put up an awesome show in front of the judges and it ended with a high with a special performance by our very own Hall 2 Jam Band, Fourplay. International Night not only served the purpose of bonding the international and local residents within a night. The importance of cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness was the message that was intended to be conveyed to the residents. With 600 odd residents coming from diverse backgrounds, its value is undoubtedly significant in bringing the residents to live together harmoniously. As the saying goes, “On stage 3 minutes, off stage 10 years.” It could take 10 years of preparation to deliver a 3 minutes performance, and being part of Livewire (originally H2D) tested my limits. Rehearsals outside Nanyang Auditorium lasted till the wee hours every single night to perfect our moves as the Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony drew nearer each day. Despite the intense training, we were still not meeting expectations! Moment of regrets flashed through my mind when the sweat and sacrifices I made appeared not to be paying off. And I, being part of HOCC committee, was at a crossroads when there were conflicts of interests between HOCC and Livewire. Thankfully, with the passion and determination of every dancer, Livewire continued the legacy of being in the top 5 every year with an outstanding 4th position. A shout-out to my enthusiastic subcommers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me in times of need with the decorations, painting banners, brainstorming of ideas for events, cutting of flyers, going door to door for publicity, making props etc. I feel very proud whenever I hear compliments about all of you. To my family of 16, THANK YOU for giving me such a memorable experience in this unexpected journey of mine. It would never have been the same without you guys! To each of you, I feel a deep sense of gratitude. Benny




hese past few months have been one tough journey for me. Being reeled into a team of sixteen, at the hall’s service, I had no idea what I got myself into. Despite hearing many things about how busy the life of a JCRC member could be, I went ahead anyway, with a bagful of fear, and hiding CFOFBUI+PSEBOT NZ$(- HVJEBODFBOEFODPVSBHFNFOU Slowly this bag of fear unraveled itself into strength. With each stone turned, each event covered, I find an increasing sense of fulfillment in what I do. With each obstacle that we are faced with, more pillars of strength are erected within the committee. Naturally a “backstageâ€? job, I took some time to get used to this role. All my life I am tasked with front-line jobs, public relations and social interaction. As such, this role is truly out of my comfort zone. After all, posters, banners and t- shirts do not directly affect an event. With or without them, the show can still go on. But how wrong I was. I am the impression setter, the backbone of the event. How excited people feel about an event is 90% based on the impression I create with visuals and typography. The other 10% would be based upon their own judgment and past experience. Recalling what Jordan said to me during meeting, “the double bass goes unnoticed but without it, the piece of music cannot standâ€? (rephrased grammatically) (JWJOH VQ XBT OFWFS BO PQUJPO JO +$3$ ÉĽFSF XBT BMXBZT B constant pressure to perform and meet expectations. But I have learnt that this very pressure builds character and resilience. On top of being responsible for the things that were tasked to me, I wanted and needed to be responsible for the people under me, my subcommers.

They became my other pillars of strength. Watching myself take charge of a group of people, is an experience unlike any other. Even in the teaching sector, the oldest crowd I took were in secondary 4. But this time round, people who were older than me had to take orders from me. Being placed in such a position taught me how to handle my communication skills, to delegate work and work out human relations carefully. Being organized and clear-headed has always been an aspiration that I gear towards. In other words, they have never been my forte. However, the past year has taught me the importance of taking control, hard and soft, external and internal, and most importantly exerting a power that will string things together, and at the same time still lead people to gravitate towards you. I am a thousand times grateful to those who burnt their precious late nights with me, painting banners and doing up posters, the wonderful people who tolerated my disorganization and taught me how to organise my things. My beloved mentor, Aneza who inspired me with her conviction to her work, and her absolute kindness and cheeriness in contrast to my feistiness. Publicity for hall became an avenue for me to practice or execute the things I learn in school. It also became an avenue to meet up with a bunch of creative people, to laugh, paint, talk about nothing and everything. The sixteen of us have grown, in each of our own unique ways, stronger and closer. To do it all over again, I wouldn’t. But I will not regret this path that I have taken that has carved me into who I am today. All the love and blessings, Mindy



/FYUVQ UIF*OUFS)BMMHBNFT *)( XBTBIFDUJDBOEBSEVPVT QFSJPE TUSFUDIJOH PWFS B EVSBUJPO PG  NPOUIT *)( HBWF NF the opportunity to be on the ground, allowing me to interact with many players. It helped me to practice servant leadership while leading my subcommers in providing players with welfare support through humble yet essential acts of service. I would like to thank my subcommers for their initiative, commitment BOE SFTQPOTJCJMJUZ UISPVHIPVU UIF *)( QFSJPE $BSSZJOH ĂŤSTU During my term as the Welfare Secretary, I worked closely aid kits and bottles of 100 plus to the games may seem like acts with the Social Secretaries, Xurong and Willfred, as well as the too simple to be considered laudable efforts, but these very Cultural Secretary, Benny, to provide food for the residents in actions are crucial and they are the foremost needs in every UIFJS SFTQFDUJWF FWFOUT  OBNFMZ /JHIU $ZDMJOH BOE )BMM  (PU match. Hence I would like to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all my Talent. I was also given the chance to organize Halloween subcommers for being Welfare warriors with me. together with the annual Ice-cream Festival and hence decided to rename it the Halloween I-Scream festival. As Halloween is a There are a few people I want to thank, first, my predecessor, new event in Hall 2, I met with difficulties in the initial planning Zi Lin, for always answering my queries and offering advice. stage, however, Jordan was an amazing mentor who provided Thank you for imparting your knowledge and for helping me wise guidance and we managed to pull off the Halloween to fulfill my duties as a Welfare Sec. I would also like to thank I-Scream festival successfully. I would like to thank all residents the 29ths for being an awesome bunch to work with. Thank you for being spontaneous in dressing up for Halloween and it is Jordan, for being a wise and insightful mentor, and Parthi, for your astute leadership as the President. It is indeed my honour absolutely gratifying to see your fervent support. to be part of the 29th JCRC and I am more than proud to have There was also the annual Ice Cream eating competition and served my term with each and every one of you. the response was overwhelming as everyone took a chance at OOZ (Operation: Overthrow Zihao), we even attracted several People say that each one of us is the sum total of every moment exchange students to take part! We set up a Haunted House we’ve ever experienced with all the people we’ve ever known. in the Recreational room and it was a daring attempt as we Serving my term as your Welfare Secretary is something that I had to work within severe constraints of space and resources. would hold close to my heart, for it has been a precious journey In all, I hope you have enjoyed Halloween, alongside ice cream of growth, development and memories. Thank you Hall 2! from Scoopz. I would also like to take the chance to thank all my subcommers who have helped out, for the event would not Natalie have come to fruition without you! he opportunity to run for the position of Welfare Secretary in the 29th JCRC was a precious one. The investment of time, effort and energy in exchange for enriching experiences, cherished friendships and pleasant memories is more than just a worthy trade-off. It is a learning journey of personal growth, development and emotional satisfaction.




e first took on the role of publication secretaries with a sense of mission and wide-eyed optimism. Our backgrounds seemed suited for the demands of the role – one a communications major with experience in publication and another, a lit major with good sensitivity to language. But we soon realised that our combined experiences were not enough to prepare us for the rollercoaster of highs and lows that were awaiting us. Our goals were clear from the onset. We wanted to instill a sense of order to the system, we wanted quality updates, photos and videos and we wanted noticeboards that would be both functional and symbolic. With the help of our insanely talented sub-committee, we were able to somewhat achieve our vision. Nearing the end of our term right now, we feel satisfied with what we have achieved and we dearly hope Hall 2 residents can see and feel the effects of our hard work. Though we had no events to our name throughout our term, every event, in essence, required our commitment. Pre-event videos, write-ups, and event documentation were just some of the deliverables we needed to constantly work on. The consistent workload put our time-management skills to the grind and we learnt to make time work for us instead.

matches all around school – sometimes even in ulu places out PG TDIPPM *)( QFSJPE BMMPXFE VT UP NJOHMF BOE HFU UP LOPX other hall residents better, and being an observer of the games instilled in us a sense of pride as Hall 2 residents. We were committed to capturing the best moments on the field, golden moments that would be lost for good otherwise. We started out as two photography novices with neither the skills nor the knowledge needed to snap and appreciate a good shot. We want to thank the hall for giving us the benefit of the doubt, letting us grow as individuals while serving you. We began to pick up essential photography and video-editing skills. We’re nowhere near pro at the moment, but we’ll do our best to deliver more picture-perfect moments for you. The greatest gift we’ve received though has to be the support of our fellow Hall 2 residents. To all the special comm heads, team managers of sports and rec teams as well as our beloved subcomm, thank you for putting up with our constant nagging for photos, write-ups and noticeboard decorations. We hope that you, too, feel a sense of accomplishment looking at what we’ve worked together to achieve.

No portfolio is an island and we have so much to thank our 14 other comrades-in-arms for. Special thanks goes to our 8F XFSF GPSFXBSOFE BCPVU UIF USBVNB *OUFSIBMM (BNFT dedicated mentor Aneza, who has been patient with her advice period could bring, but nothing could have prepared us for the and kind with her criticism. Thank you, 29th, for coming actual games. It was a period of consistent trial and error, as along on the ride. Every word of advice, encouragement and we experimented with different ways of mobilising the sub- appreciation meant the world to us. committee. We are eternally grateful to our sub-commers for being willing to take time off their schedules to snap shots of Miranda and Lecia



t has been a long year, a year filled with fun and excitement, a year of forging new bonds and making new friends, a year to remember. We hope that this has been true for you as much as it has been for us. We hope that life in Hall 2 has been fulfilling for you through the social events we have planned. We hope that you have experienced how colourful and exciting Hall life can be, especially Hall 2 itself. We hope so, as we have felt it ourselves and would like to share it with you. Hall 2 has always been known to have a strong culture amongst the 16 Halls in NTU and even before entering Hall 2, we have already heard about the crazy stories and the fun adventures that Hall 2 residents have. We signed up and ran for Socials as we wanted this rich culture to be continued, we wanted the residents to experience and relive that culture, to feel that strong bond within Hall 2 that few can rival. Hence, we thought of fresh ideas to spice up the traditional events that we have, breathing new life into them. We tried our best and do hope that you enjoyed them. The journey for us was never easy as there was a constant flow of JCRC commitments, Joint-Hall commitments, schoolwork, projects and personal life commitments to handle and juggle. Many a time, we had to sacrifice our schoolwork and personal commitments to bring to you these social events, but we have never once regretted it. The fulfillment of completing an event and knowing that all who participated enjoyed it was immeasurable. We set out to continue this rich Hall 2 culture and bring fun to all of you and we believe that we have achieved it.

Planning and executing these social events would never have been possible without help, and we would like to thank our Social Sub-Committee for lending us their hands. The effort they have put in has helped to make each and every event a successful one and it is much appreciated. To each and everyone of you Social Sub-Committee members reading this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would also like to thank the Hall professors and Hall office for supporting all these events. Their support has allowed Hall 2 to be what it is today. We would like to thank Parthiban and the other top 3 for choosing us to run with them in JCRC as social secretaries. And to the rest of the JCRC members, we would like you to know that all these events that we have planned will not have been possible without your opinions and help, it was valuable to us and we treasure it. There were highs and lows for each and everyone of us as we struggled with the overwhelming commitments that we had, but we were there for one another. This experience and the bonds that have been forged, we will trade for no other. We might not be in JCRC next year, but we will still be the 16 awesome individuals who had came together and were united as one awesome 29th. To all the residents of Hall 2, we hope that it has been a great year for you. Thank you. Xu Rong and Willfred



IJT ZFBST *)( FOEFE XJUI NVDI UFBST  TXFBU BOE KPZ There’s really nothing much to brag about. Unfortunately, the high hopes pinned on us did not materialize. Even as we kept our eyes on our ultimate goal, dreams were crushed and hopes were dashed. We came in 4th for Sports, tallying a total of 3 Championships, 1 Second position, 3 Semi finalists, 6 Quarter finalists and 7 Preliminary knock-outs. While a trophy carries dust, our memories will last forever. Some say its luck. Well, it isn’t. Basketball female champion was definitely no easy feat. The girls fought hard, trained hard and wanted it bad. Our first game with Hall 7 was agreeably one of the tougher fights. However, it was a good opportunity to polish our teamwork. With Coach Chun Hoe guiding the team, we improved over time. Our captain, Seow Hwee (Xiaohui), constantly radiated positivity and frequently reminded the team to ‘take the shot’. To the team, we hope you enjoyed this journey as much as we did. Here’s to more after-trainingKFCs, lets-name-the-plays-something-cooler, ram-them-down sessions! To our dearest male counterparts, we hope that all the moments shared on and off court meant more than the lost title. Setbacks are temporary and with no better way of phrasing it, the best is yet to be. Under the rays of the merciless sun, our hockey teams fought. Bloody competition. We may not have made it far, but it was definitely an enjoyable journey. Our hall 2 talent and captain, Petrina, thank you for taking time to guide our team. Not only on the pitch, Petrina also blew our minds with her very own futsal-locker concept. Johnson, thank you for handling trainings despite heavy OMC commitments. A little more experience, a little more luck; that’s what our hockey teams need. Hopefully with one season’s experience under their belts, PVSUFBNTXJMMHSPXTUSPOHFSBOEHPGVSUIFSOFYU*)( Our netball team didn’t manage to fill the big shoes left by the previous team; getting knocked out in quarters was a disappointment. That being said, no one ought to question the effort these girls put in. Up against Hall 8 with many uncapped school team players, we believe we lost with grace. Let’s not hope for easier opponents next season; let’s aim to be better netballers instead. Fight on girls. Ever wondered which sport trains at the latest hours of the day? It has to be track and road relay. In order to accommodate the runners’ busy schedules, trainings are usually held at 9pm/10pm. Bryan-Captain-Han and Kiat Yao, thank you for your dedication to this team. With two pageants, Alvin and Edwin, as team managers, it’s a mystery why we still lack females for the races‌ To our touch rugby girls that make out the bulk of the girls’ team, thank you for making the difference. 3rd for track and 6th for road relay; we believe both rankings will improve next year. On a side note, Hall 2’s very own Shukribolt now offers shoe blessing services! Our rugby guys are one fierce bunch. On the field, their usual cheery selves are tucked aside, smiles wiped away. We saw the epitome of masculinity right there on the field. The semi-


final game was interesting. As we entered into penalty kicks with Hall 6, everyone shared an unspoken thought; will it be a repeat of last year’s tragic ending? Thankfully we had people that stood out for the occasion and ensured the ball sailed beautifully between the poles. Asians; we have that special kick in us! Finally, the team made it and faced the biggest opponent, Hall 3. It was tough fight and we’re proud to say that at least we gave them a run for their money. 1st runner up, Champions in the finals (at half-time), whatever you call it; we have a team of winners. Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. What more can we say? Talk about them and swell with pride Hall 2! This team has really proven that determination and hard work pays off. A big thank you to our graduating captain, Ming Long. You will be missed. Indeed, we lost on penalties against Hall 16 during the preliminaries. The team morale was down, the players were injured. Success is how high one bounces when one hit rock bottom. And that’s exactly what happened. 22nd February 2013, while the hall had steamboat for CNY dinner, our dear players had victory for dinner. Here’s a shout-out to good-luck-nic, thank you for blessing our draw! We only wished you had more luck for takraw’s draw. If this were a game of taboo, Seng Kang, mud, sliding, will probably help you guess the word softball. Considering the effort these two teams put in, it is downright unfair that we were out so soon. Zi Hao and Huiting, thank you for caring for this team; you’ve gone the extra mile to arrange for friendlies,

trainings with the alumni and all these have not gone unnoticed. To the team, thank you for committing yourselves to training, even if it meant going to random patches of fields all around Singapore to train. They say people get closer with things in common. Well, we’re all a shade darker now! A famous fish once said, ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.’ And that’s what happened. Say hi to the most dedicated swim and waterpolo team, speared by captains Ray, Daryl and managers Andy, Xu Le. 7am swims, afternoon stroke corrections, evening sprints, you name it. We are proud to say that it was all worth it, as our swim team clinched the overall champion title yet again. To our dearest polo boys, the tides are changing, our time is near. “A moment, a love, a dream. a laugh, a kiss, a cry. Our rights, our wrongs.. An ink carved a scar to remind me whenever i’m walking behind.â€? Remember the bitterness of loss and turn the tables next season. Nonetheless, thank you for putting up a good fight against Hall 11. If you haven’t met our polo boys, look out for the next JCRC elections! Heard they’re sending in a team‌ In this sport, we saw commitment, determination and team spirit like no other years. We witnessed the making of a new generation of volleyball players. The amount of hard work these guys put in, jumping to their best efforts to block powerful spikes, breaking their falls as they dive to save every ball; there JTOPEPVCUPGUIFJSFĂŞPSUT4BEMZ PVS7PMMFZCBMM*)(KPVSOFZ ended prematurely with the guys getting knocked out after a tough battle against Hall 7 in the Quarter-finals and the girls

in prelims. These youthful teams will have so much more to offer in the near future. Their enthusiasm and passion is still evident today, as seen from the many impromptu trainings and organized friendlies held at the volleyball court despite the fact that the season is over. We would like to comment the teams for their efforts. May the volleyball teams bring our hall to HSFBUFSIFJHIUTJOUIFVQDPNJOH*)( Tennis, table tennis. Squash, badminton. Same same but different. No, it’s not because the rackets are different. The techniques, the plays, the opponents are different and that changes things. Lets not have a racket king or queen. Lets have racket kings and queens; lets start a kingdom! To these teams, you may encounter defeats, but you must not be defeated. Rise up, bounce back and remember, champions are made, not borned. This journey as Sport Secretaries has been an encouraging and experiential one. Since the day we were elected, we were entrusted with a lot of responsibilities and faced many challenges. Even so, we held on to our principles and fought against every obstacle to the best of our abilities. Friends, frenemies, we are thankful for all. Our eyes have never left our goal and never will. The oh-soelusive sports champion title, watch out, we’re coming through. Shaowei and Artrillian Sport Secretaries




t was indeed a great honor to be elected as recreational secretaries of the 29th Junior Common Room Committee. The journey as recreation secretaries had not been an easy one. There were challenging moments that taught us valuable lessons to handle school, hall and personal commitments better.

3FDSFBUJPO(BNFT4VCDPNNFST #PPO)PF 4JFX)VJ 8FJYJBOH  Jillian, Jason, Siding, Ricky, Yanping, Jerico, Queenie, Dong Zheng, Sin Yi, Veronica, Silin, Melody, Clarinda, Jia Wen, Crystal, Bhim and Regina): One of the most awesome team of people that both of us had ever worked together with. Thank you for being an enthusiastic bunch and always being here to lend us a helping hand even if there were last minute requests. We kicked off with seemingly achievable goal of bringing Hall 2’s Predecessors (Zong Ting, Yi Ze, Joshua and Yuhui): For guiding *)3(TUBOEJOHTUPUIQPTJUJPOJO*)3(TFBTPO LFFQJOH VTUIF%PTBOE%POUTGPS4OPPLFS*)3( TIPXJOHVTUIFSPQFT in mind that the ultimate aim was to improve the standards of being a recreation secretary at hall level and always giving us across all the ten recreation games equally. To achieve at least valuable advices promptly. 8th position meant that all ten recreational games had to end off with quarter-finals minimally, which was proven not an easy A special group of Rec seniors (Mervyn, Hong Han, Kollin, Zhi GFBUGPSCPUIPGVT*OBMM XFDPODMVEFEPVS*)3(TFBTPO Kai, Tomoko and Yi Fang): Thank you for the periodical reality with a respectable 12th position and we achieved a silver medal check and reminders of what to do in preparation towards in Weiqi for the first time in Hall 2’s history! *)3( XJUIPVUZPVQFPQMFPVSIBMMT*)3(XPVMEOPUIBWFXFOU as far. This challenge and obstacle filled journey had been made possible and even fun-filling with some important people Lastly, we would like to thank all rec players who have taken that both the recreation secretaries would wish to extend our QBSU JO *)3(  TFBTPO BOE BMTP UIPTF XIP DBNF EPXO gratitude to. for recreational games trainings regularly. To those who have 4POH 5FDL $IJFG 6NQJSF GPS 4OPPLFS *)3(  DVN )BMM  helped or supported us in one way or another, I’m sorry if I Alumni), Yu rong & Tyson (Recreation Secretaries from Hall have missed you out because this write up does not do justice to  'SPNDPOWFOJOHUIFWFSZÍSTUHBNFPG*)3(PWFSUIFÍSTU all those who have contributed to the rec scene in Hall 2. weekend of December holidays to finding snooker umpires, all these could not had been done as smoothly without any of you Once again, thank you all for you unwavering support. Let’s all people. Especially to Song Teck, thank you for your guidance IPQFGPSBCFUUFS*)3(TFBTPO UJMMUIFO and patience in imparting your knowledge to us as well as sacrificing precious time in your busy schedule to be our Chief Yangzhi and Kelvin 6NQJSFGPS4OPPLFS*)3(GPSUIFQBTUGFXZFBST














Pirates and Marines, are you ready? Aye aye, captain!â€? Cheers reverberated around block 1, where freshies of camp Aye Aye were gathered for the very first time. Welcome to Hall 2, the oldest hall in NTU, where traditions are kept and passed on (some more painful than others). It is a gargantuan challenge to organise a memorable FOC, but we managed to achieve it with the help of our reliable seniors. A big ‘thank you’ to all our seniors who have helped out in every possible way, it would not have been possible without you guys! What is camp to you? To OMC, we believe in the Hall 2 spirit, the unity, the strong bonds of friendships, the intangible relational satisfaction that all of us seniors and freshies alike get from being part of a bigger Hall 2 family. FOC is the spark that ignites the chain of events that will ultimately lead to our goal; being a family. As such, we feature some exclusive-tohall-2 activities. One such activity is Flavours. Ask anyone who has gone through Flavours and they will all tell you the same UIJOH JU JT VOGPSHFUUBCMF ÉĽJT TQFDJBM TFHNFOU QVUT UIF 0(T in an environment where teamwork and unity thrive on. Well, the clean-up is not that pretty, but Flavours serves its purpose JOCSJOHJOHBMMUIF0(TDMPTFSBOEUIFJSUPHFUIFSOFTTMFWFM VQ a notch. Let’s face it. Everyone loves a good catfight. It isn’t even about the ferocity of fight itself that makes it a highlight, although some might reprove. It is how the seniors/freshies stand behind each other to cheer on their respective sides to ‘win’ and it is how care and concern is shown by the seniors to the freshies after their inevitable demise - with respect to the catfight of course.

through the tunnel of uncertainty that marks the start of a new beginning – hall life. Their role is pivotal to how the new ones will experience what it is like to be in Hall 2. So when it came UPUIF$(-TÍSFEBODFBOEEBODFQFSGPSNBODFT POMZPOFXPSE could sum it all up; epic. No other performance would have garnered more cheers or screams from the freshies or even the seniors.

They say that all good things must come to an end. But we as OMC like to believe that when camp ends, the Hall 2 journey begins. Camp Aye Aye was filled with torrents of emotions no doubt. But it pales in comparison to what lies ahead. Let’s all strive in unity to becoming a single entity, a family. Altogether 0VS'0$$(-T/FFEXFTBZNPSF ɼFFQJUPNFPGÍHVSFIFBE now! Hall 2! Whoosh! — Jonathan Wong leads in camp, the guiding beacon that leads the new ones



a Rue Des Etoiles, or loosely translated in English, The Avenue of Stars, was the name of Hall 2’s Dinner and Dance 2012 event. Prior to the main event, we had an exciting prelude at Soul, which gave hall residents a sneak peek BUXIBUUIFQBHFBOUDPOUFTUBOUTGSPNUIFWBSJPVT0(TIBEUP offer. Emcee-d by Yuhui and Cedrick, our “pigeonsâ€? showcased a short dance segment as well as participated in a casual Q&A session. 0O UIF BDUVBM OJHIU BU 4XJTTUPUFM  XF TBX UIF WBSJPVT 0(T dressed up in an array of costumes to fit the theme of Movies. Characters from Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, Men In Black, (SFBTF  9.FO  4UBS 8BST  %SBHPOCBMM  BOE UIF &YQFOEBCMFT were brought from reel life to real life. The night was fun-filled with stage games and a lucky draw, as well as great food and company. Our “pigeonsâ€? were also given various movie roles to personify in a costumed catwalk, such as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, the Joker from Batman, Rambo, Bella from Twilight, Katniss GSPNÉĽF)VOHFS(BNFTBOE'SPEPGSPN-PSEPGUIF3JOHTÉĽF two spectacular performances they put up certainly showed that the past month spent on arduous trainings did not go to waste. After a formal Q&A session and a final tabulation of the judge’s scores, the night ended with a double victory for Bonkas, with Edwin Leong and Lynette Teo crowned as Hall 2’s King and Queen 2012. This event would not have been possible if not for the DND committee 11/12, led by Shangfei, Travis and Kenneth. The committee would also like to thank all those who helped in one way or another, as well as our sponsors and choreographers. — Lynette Teo




rom the very first meeting, Hall 2 Verve Productions had already established that it was much more than just a committee. Of course, we had a main goal – to produce an awesome play, from which stemmed Bred & Barter. But beyond that, we share an ardent love for food, we judge and accept one another; above all, we are family. 8IBU UIF BVEJFODF TBX PO UIF TUBHF PG (FOFYJT ɥFBUSF XBT the outcome of months and months of hard work. We came together in celebration of our love for stage production. Although most of us took on our portfolios with nary an inkling of the expectations – and, might I add, the bar was set sky high by the committees before us — we were deftly shown the ropes and eased into our roles as the early preparations rolled around. Off stage, Hall Prod quickly bonded during and outside of work. The Events Managers made sure that none of us had all work the smallest details while calmly handling all backstage chaos. but no play: lasting friendships sparked through chalets and Our dedicated Financial Controller played a dual role of loan shark and beloved mentor. Our Director was the mastermind countless supper gatherings (yes, we love food that much). behind the script, fitting all the puzzle pieces together to form Amidst increasingly frequent meetings, we began to discover one brilliant performance. And last but definitely not least, our similar interests, develop inside jokes and, needless to say, Producer, who brought the committee together in every way food was always omnipresent. Laughter was a constant as we possible (especially when she first treated us to supper). drew up the dates and schedules. Remember the beautiful Props & Sets and Costumes & Makeup you saw? Work by our Not forgetting our pillars of support - our dedicated subdiligent portfolio teams began as early as November. Publicity committees who endured through the never-ending Sunday & Publications made our production known to all, glamorously rehearsals with us; our JCRC ex-officials who lovingly brought no less. Not forgetting our cast who rehearsed tirelessly us homemade liang teh to beat the afternoon heat; and of November through February, shifting from deceptively small course: YOU, our audience, and our friends who have supported locations like TV rooms to getting used to the multipurpose us in any way possible. Bred & Barter is so much more than halls. By the end of February, everyone could recite the lines just a play. It is a symbol of everyone’s hard work, as well as by heart. On 2 March 2013, the Bred & Barter you came the bonds that we’ve forged as we prepared to showcase our to support was the collective effort of every cast and crew best. We would like to thank all of you for supporting Verve member. Lights & Sounds illuminated the stage and maximised Productions 12/13, and we promise to come back next year its visual and audio potential. The Stage Managers took care of with an even greater bang.




2 May 2012, the day Hall 2 Hearts (H2H) set off on our overseas expedition. Two weeks before the trip. We were raising funds. We were packing logistics.

We were all prepared to do something for the people in an unfamiliar land, setting off with the intention to help in mind. But little did we know that it was going to be a two-way learning. There were many situations when it poured heavily or there were no materials for the moment to continue construction. In times like this we felt helpless and lazing around just felt wrong. But wise words from Peter Tan, our liaison to the host community, left us with a different mind-set. He said “You guys have the wrong impression of community work. Work and do what you can for the time to work, after that just enjoy. This is how the Lao people behave.” Now the feeling of sitting in the river up the mountains, and having freshly cut pineapple, no longer contains that pinch of guilt. If the Lao people can appreciate our efforts there, why not let us appreciate ourselves for our own efforts then. Despite our limited mastery of the Laotian language, it was easy to strike up a conversation with anyone there with simple universal hand signs. They are curious about us as much as we are about them, even when conversations became awkward, a smile or laugh was enough to ease it off.

doors rarely locked. They had built their community upon trust. It was heart-warming to see such a closely-knitted community. It was a place where hordes of children would tag along with us back to Mr Pong’s house, hand in hand. You’d have to see it to believe it. It’s a pity our home lost such culture to urbanization. Regrettably, while we were not able to see the completion of our construction project, we trust that the other teams will do a good job and one day we’ll look forward to see the completed village market. While the Lao people may not be financially well-off, I believe they are truly spiritually and mentally richer than us. Though we thought we would be giving, in reality, we received more than what we gave. We have learned to help ourselves in helping others. Cultural influence was what we brought along with us, alongside other things. We are definitely not the first group to leave behind some impact, and certainly will not be the last to do so. We have come out of this as a different person in various aspects and on different levels. But what we can say for certain is that Hall 2 Hearts 11/12 grew as a team in an unforeseen way. May we all remember the rough and sweetest through the journey in Laos, Vientiane, Ban Pong Song.

Aside from knowing our host family, we did our fair share of family exchanges through cooking, tree planting or even purely just knocking on their doors to visit. Windows hardly closed,























aleidoscope. This was the theme for the Hall Olympiad $MPTJOH$FSFNPOZ )0$$ UIJTZFBS(JWFOTVDIBCSPBE theme, we could have taken our concept in all sorts of directions. However, after much discussion and contemplation, the concept of magic was born and - magic, we created. Since its conception in 2008, HallIID kicked off with merely 8 members. It has since grown in numbers with an intake of a whopping 26 dancers in total this year. We decided to take things one step further by calling ourselves Livewire and ventured into dance genres- never before seen in the history of HOCC. Yes, we are proud to have injected Steppin’- a dance style which can be traced all the way back to its African-American roots. Choreographed by our very own “nigga� or more endearingly known as the “Nicki Minaj of Livewire�, Aneza has truly taken the standard of this year’s competition to another level. Besides steppin, there was also the quirkiness of our Freaky dance item choreographed by Jocelyn, our alumni choreographer and vicecaptain for 2009-2010. Despite having to travel all the way from the east to the west in order to teach us her choreography, Joc managed to churn out an amazing and fun choreo for the dancers which complemented the death-defying sword-box act seamlessly. The nose bleed-worthy item was choreographed by Wen Xin and Astrid!! Relatively inexperienced as choreographers, the two of them stepped out of their comfort zones and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Although small in numbers, the sexy ladies in the girly-hip hop item really strut their stuff and showed us what divas were capable of! Needless to say, we are extremely grateful for Ryan, the legendary dance captain for 2 consecutive years (2009 & 2010) who took us in hand during this entire journey and choreographed an impactful opening to a timeless Michael Jackson song. And finally, the Finale was choreographed by our ever dedicated and patient Peggy, the dance captain for 2011 and not forgetting, Wenhao, our caring senior who never failed to inject life and laughter into our practice sessions. This fastpaced item will be forever etched in our muscle memory and


Peggy’s voice will occasionally resound in our heads, “Hotter and hotter, sexy and hotter we shut it doooown�. Looking back on this amazing experience, it has truly been an emotional rollercoaster. Despite putting in so many late nights, with pracs ending in the wee hours of the morning, we were still inadequate as compared to the other 15 halls who had similarly, stepped up their game. On top of this, we knew we had big shoes to fill, given that we had a top-5 legacy to live up to. On the eve of HOCC, our spirits dipped to a depressing low after our seniors told us frankly that we were far from our target this year. In short, we had one night to turn things around! Fuelled by a burning passion for dance and hall II, and deciding to set our feet, minds and hearts on our target- the 4thposition, all 26 dancers worked magic onstage with the help of our behind-the scenes supporters: A big shout-out to Ricky, Ryan, Suzanna & Wee Kiat, without whom our lighting plan on paper would have never materialized. The 4 of you are the reason the stage was bathed in shades and hues which evoked the right emotions for the different items. Not to mention, Nicky, our all-rounded music producer who acceded to our countless requests, altering the music cut an unreasonable- 12 times. To Parthi, Benny, Willfred, Aneza & Nat- for being awesome and supportive representatives of JCRC, bringing the oasis to us when we were left high and dry after pracs. Thank you Weggie, Aastrid, Aneza, Dommy, Nicky and all the seniors who have been my pillars of strength. On behalf of the team, thank you all. All in all, Thank you Hall II for all your support. Thank you each and every one of you 26 dancers/performers who gave so much of yourselves to Livewire and more importantly, Hall II. We did it- we got 4th, up one position from last year’s 5th. It has been both wonderful and painful at the same time. We have come so far and worked so hard. The bonds, love and camaraderie forged this year is irreplaceable and is an experience of a lifetime which I’m sure all of us have stored in our hearts and minds. So continue to breathe magic into Hall II, Livewire and let the legacy live on for as long as Hall II stands. With much love and appreciation, Tiffy



e began the 2012/2013 cheerleading season with a risky and challenging start, owing to the fact that the team consisted mostly of freshmen with little or zero cheerleading experience. We had to start from scratch. Basics had to be taught, strength and stamina had to be trained, and team unity had to be strengthened. The prospect of putting up a spectacular performance for HOCC, within a tight timeframe of four months, was nothing short of daunting. Each of us had different reasons for wanting to join cheerleading. Some thought it’d be fun, some joined out of peer pressure, while others simply wanted a new experience. But one thing was clear; none of us were prepared for the physical and emotional challenges set up in our paths. We had the privilege of having the co-founder of Wildcards, Singapore’s top cheerleading team; join our coach in training Hall 2’s Awesomes. But with professionalism comes great expectations, and with our severe lack of experience, trainings were not all smooth-sailing. We were forced to push beyond our current physical and emotional thresholds, expand our comfort zone and put our lives at risk. In trainings, our bases had to ensure the safety of the flyers in all circumstances, while our flyers had to maintain their composure up on stunts even as vulgarities were hurled at them. Injuries were a common sight and the intense rigor of trainings took a toll on our studies as many of us struggled with paying attention in lectures. Each training had an element of risk and danger, yet the thrill and adrenaline rush of hitting a stunt made everything worthwhile. But as a rookie team, the amount of falls we had were alarmingly high and our hit rate was abysmal, to say the least, in our incubation period. Towards the competition, emotions ran high as breakdowns were aplenty and exhaustion killed our enthusiasm. Times when we had to train on concrete led us to realize how important and precious each life meant to us and pushed us

to strive for perfection. To quote a cheerleader: there are two instances when a girl trusts her entire life in a man’s hands when she is about to get married and when she is your flyer. Perhaps it was this trust that helped the team bond and build up rapport. As weeks passed, we grew stronger individually, as well as a team. We went through some pretty tough times, but with constant encouragement and sheer determination, our faith in each other pulled us through. To many of us, cheerleading was no longer just a sport but a family, where our love for the sport could not compare to our love for each other. What we thought was impossible became possible, what we had found unbelievable became believable. Regardless of the results, we entered the hall like Champions to be, and we left the mats as Champions. Sherlyn




rmed with two consecutive championship titles under our belts and tasked to maintain a three year, thirteen match unbeaten streak dating back to January 2010, the pressure was on the Hall 2 Basketball team to achieve a third consecutive championship title. With core players from last year’s team graduating and new players joining, it was an uphill task to both integrate the freshmen and gel the team together on and off the court. Owing to busy commitments, finding a common time to train was tough. However, everyone tried their best to meet up and play ball at least once a week in an attempt to hone our team spirit. Training intensity started to pick up after the exams and we had to lead our own training due to our coach’s absence. Time was not on our side and we had to make every training count in the final 2 weeks leading up to our preliminary rounds. Our first test was against Hall 14. With the absence of core players Chun Hoe, Yong Kang and Zhi Hao, the rest of the players had to step up to fill up the void created by their absence. Hall 14 was not able to keep up with the tenacity of Hall 2 and we led from start to finish with a final score line of 36-26. The match against Hall 12 was one of our closest games this past season. We underestimated them which nearly caused us victory. Despite the close shave, our basketball players managed to emerge victorious from the battle. The final score was 46-45 with Yu Hao’s witty play during the final seconds putting our team on top. With argubly the toughest draw of the quarterfinals, we had an intense match against Hall 10. Losing was not an option. There were some rough plays during the game and the atmosphere was tense as both teams took turns to lead. However, our basketball boys managed to keep their cool and counter Hall 10’s game play with flexible strategies. The strong support from other Hall 2 residents had inevitably encouraged our players to persevere, bringing victory home once again with a final score of 64-52.


In the semi-finals, the Hall 2 Male Basketball Team took to the court to face their Canteen Two nemesis, Hall Six, for a stake in the Finals. For us, victory would cement our place in the history books with an unprecedented three-peat, while for our foes in green, this match represented the perfect opportunity for them to avenge two consecutive Semi-Final defeats by us. Alas, there was to be neither a fairy-tale ending nor a case of third time lucky for our boys as we were on the back foot right from the onset. This represented an unfamiliar situation for the team which had to play catch-up throughout the entire game. Nonetheless, our guys fought back to within 2 points with the score at 9-11 by the end of the first quarter. However, through a series of unfortunate errors and our inability to stop our rivals, Hall Six went on a 17-0 run to end the half-time on a high. Though we were down, we were definitely not out. What we had learnt throughout our years of experience and trainings was that we just had to grind our way and never give up. And that was exactly what Hall 2 Basketball did - we fought till the very last minute, showing our grit and gave our all but were unable to prevail as we eventually succumbed 23-42. 8JUIUIBU JUNBSLFEBOBCSVQUFOEUPPVS*)(KPVSOFZ"MUIPVHI we were unable to deliver the trophy home this time round, we are thankful for all the support that Hall 2 has rendered. To the team, the other Halls might be able to take away our silverware, but they sure aren’t able to take our memories, brotherhood and camaraderie away. It’s now time to pass the torch on to you juniors and we are sure that you’ll make us all proud. Man up, because this defeat will only serve to toughen us, spur us on, and make us hungry for glory again. Let’s show the rest what Hall 2 Basketball is made of as you begin a new dynasty. As (VBO+JFPODFTBJEUP$FESJDL i*ESBUIFSMPTFNBUDIFTUIBOMPTF my friends.� HALL 2, OOSH! Written by Lim Jia Hao Basketball Team Manager 12/13



ooking back on the past year, the times that the Basketball (F) team spent together are truly worth reminiscing. The arduous trainings that we had gone through were nothing but passing shadows in the light of the friendships forged between teammates. It was also proof of the undying determination and passion of our players. This year proved to be particularly challenging. We had a reputation to upkeep as we clinched the silver medal last year. After countless trainings and a friendly match with NUS Eusoff )BMM XFFNCBSLFEPOPVS*)(KPVSOFZ Fortunately (or unfortunately), our first match was Hall 2’s first IH game. Not knowing what to expect of our first competitor, Hall 7, we entered the game with a fire in our hearts. We played our best and emerged winners in that game. Having gained confidence from our win, we breezed through the subsequent games against Hall 11 and Hall 9 and moved on to the semifinals. Our semifinals match against Hall 6 was not an easy one. They had many strong players that had many years of experience. We were also worried as our Captain, Xiaohui, was not allowed to play in this game as she would be having her IVP match the next day. However, the moment we stepped on court, we gave our all. In addition, with our captain screaming instructions from the side and with all the cheering and support given to us from the spectator stand, we won.



The team would like to thank our coaches, Chun Hoe and Shaowei for their patience and guidance, as well as the residents of Hall 2 who have showed their never ending support towards our team. This journey was a really a tough yet rewarding one. May this win bring about more victories in the years to come! Written by Lim Shi Min Basketball Team Manager 12/13

Upon reaching the finals, we were all nervous but at the same time excited as we knew that we had a high chance of winning the title. True enough, under the leadership of our team captain Xiao Hui, we managed to clinch the championship title in this ZFBST*)(BHBJOTU)BMM





he road to the hockey inter hall games was a long and arduous journey for the team. All the late trainings into the night, long and hot trainings at the NIE pitch during recess week and our own stick work practise back in our rooms. Although we did not make it far in the competition, our efforts were not in vain as I believe we have built a team with good numbers, a strong foundation and the potential to reach 1st class standard and yes, by first class I mean the top 5% amongst all the other halls. For the hockey team 2012/13, credits to our defenders Victor, Poon, Jing Hang, Esmonde, Aldrick and Alvin who make up our impregnable fortress. To our midfield, Shaowei, Kuek, Adib, Bronson, Jason, and Sichuan who maintained good possession and pressure on our opponents. To our strikers, Parthi, Yoro and Hancong who always threatened the D-ring of the hockey pitch. A special thanks to our last-minute keeper Weijie who never got to touch the ball during the match, sorry for wasting



your time... kidding! And to our graduating super star striker Dennis, your skills will be missed and I hope you enjoyed your final year training with us. Last but not least, what would we have done without our captain, heart of the defence, all rounder, star player Johnson? Without his patience and guidance we would not be what we are now today. Lets also not forget our inter hall pageant winner Stephen Ang who took time off to come down after work to train the team and impart godly attacking strategies to us, indeed a legend. I believe all of us here look forward to the next season, hungrier for glory and revenge. Looking forward to the next time we all meet again! Kudos for this year guys. Written by Nicholas Tai Hockey Team Manager 12/13



ockey isn’t a very popular sport to begin in. The girls’ hockey team mostly was filled with people who had zero background knowledge on how to play the sport, much less on how hold the stick. However, what we lacked in, we made up for with team spirit. Even though we did not end up with our desired aim, ultimately we all had fun and enjoyed this season, and that’s what I believe is the most important factor. Hockey is a sport that is difficult to grasp, and is an unpopular sport in Hall 2 especially because we have to play under gruelling weather. During our first few trainings, it was evident that most of our team members did not know how to play the sport. For that, we are thankful for Johnson Lo, hockey boys’ team captain, for helping to coach us the basics. I’d like to thank every single player out there for putting their all for this team. Daphne, who agreed to play as our goalie, my line of defence, Angela, Esther, Xue Ying, and Zilin, my midfielders who gave it their all and helped give an advantage in our attacks, Yilin, Crystal, Siew Hui, Jia Wen, Natalie, and lastly my forwards, Mindy and Chantel. Petrina, our captain, played as all three positions and never once gave up on the match even when she was burnt out. A special shout out to Mainisah, Angela Yap and Sok Peng, for their last minute addition to the team. Lastly, Si Lin who cheered us on even though she can’t play for us. Every one of you played a very big role during this

season and seriously, you girls were the best! I’ll never forget the tiring long hours of training at the pitch and under the hot sun and heavy rain, the painful muscle aches and back aches after each training and the fun and laughter we all had. During our preliminary inter-hall games, our first match was against hall 14. We were determined to win this game; sadly, we lost to them with a score of 0-1. Hall 14 managed to penetrate our defence during their penalty hit. Our next preliminary game was against hall 16. Due to hall 16 being a strong hall, our tactic was to defend. However, we accidentally let in a goal in the second half. Hence, this concluded our journey during the inter-hall games. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the sports secretaries for their undying support at our every game. Welfare for their lovely 100 plus to quench our thirst during our breaks, and Hall 2 supporters for their cheers; it really spurs us on when we are on the verge of giving up. It has been a very fun and enriching experience, and it helped forge many bonds between us. This is only the beginning of our journey; it can only get better from here. I look forward to the greater things we will achieve in future. Written by Judith Lin Hockey Team Manager 12/13



THE POtential of the team was apparent and that was the driving factor.



t hasn’t been an easy year for Hall 2 softball this year. The QSFQBSBUJPOGPS*)(TUBSUFEFBSMZJO4FQUFNCFS with trainings on Wednesdays every week. The seniors, OBNFMZ;J)BP +PTIVB %FOOJT "MWJO (VP;IFO .JOH-POH  Parthi, Lian were the survivors of last year’s team which made JUJOUPUIFTFNJÍOBMTPG*)(.BOZPGUIFTFOJPSTIBWF left the sport. Some were due to personal reasons, others have already graduated from the school, leaving the team extremely shorthanded. Zi Hao, the captain, had to work immensely hard to recruit new faces and build a team that is strong enough to challenge for honours in mere months.

The trainings were nothing shabby. Every Wednesday during school term, the team gathered at the field at 5.15pm sharp, all ready for training. Things were usually made complicated by other halls using the field and many times, we had to make do with whatever space we had left to train. Trainings usually ended at 830pm and the team would then head for a nice dinner at canteen 2. The progress of the team was slow but steady and although we were defeated heavily in our first friendly competition, the team rallied and won a couple of games after that. The potential of the team was apparent and that was a driving factor for the team.

Softball is a sport which is not very popular in Singapore as compared to other sports like soccer or basketball. Typically known as a variant of baseball, softball is a sport that is not picked up easily by everyone. However, Hall 2’s brave freshmen did not take this into consideration as they persevered through painful knocks and bruises, determined to master the sport in the fastest time possible. The freshmen (Amos, Yoro, Alvin, Billy, Chern Yee, Victor, Zhen Qiang, Poon) took valuable time out of their busy schedules and came for trainings religiously and for someone like myself, who has a background in softball back in my secondary school days, it was heartening and inspiring to see these group of young men go through hell in order to do the hall proud.

*O UIF NPOUI QSJPS UP UIF TUBSU PG *)(  UIF GSFRVFODZ PG trainings was increased to 3 or 4 times a week, each session lasting at least 3 hours. Most of the trainings were under the hot sun to condition our players for the actual competition. In PVS ĂŤSTU *)( HBNF BHBJOTU )BMM   XF MFU B DPOTJEFSBCMF MFBE slipped away after some strategic mistakes on a shoddy field and lost the game. However, the team regrouped and showed character and class to win next 2 important games at Kallang Diamonds to advance to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals match against Hall 11, the team tried everything they could to win but came up short eventually. Yes, we may have lost, but the foundations have been set for a promising season next year. Written by Lim Jing Wei Softball Team Manager 12/13


//SOFTBALL (F) ONE IS NOT BORN PERFECT. IT ALL LIES ON US WHETHER we want to make ourselves better.


e’ve most definitely come a long way since our very first training in August. We started off our journey as a bunch of inexperienced freshies. Almost all of us were equipped with nothing but the pure interest in trying out a new sport. Probably all we thought about was how simple & fun softball was. Ignorant of just how much tactical skills were involved in this seemingly easy sport. I mean, how hard could throwing and catching a ball be, right? Yet, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Once the training began, we realized just how much skills were involved in merely throwing, catching and batting. And most importantly, the amount of tactical skills involved in the challenging game play. Within the few months of trainings, we picked up many valuable skills from our seniors. And one thing I remember most vividly is that we learnt the need to be aggressive during the game. To decide whether or not to run for the next base within seconds. Any hesitation may just result in the umpire calling a strike out on us. Indeed. Softball is a tough game, for the body and mind. But we persevered. All those trainings under the Sun and in the rain, every bit of effort put in by our team members was recognized in one way or another. We did not give up despite facing tough opponents. We may have lost the match, but I believe all of us had won so much more. We gained invaluable experience, fostered lasting friendships, created unforgettable memories


and of course, we had plenty of fun! That is after all the spirit PG*OUFSIBMM(BNFT Here are some words from our dear team captain, HuiTing: i1SFQBSJOH GPS *)(  IBT CFFO BO BXFTPNF BOE exciting one for me, as I have met a team of sporty freshies, as well as a group of enthusiastic seniors who joined the team again this year. Despite the fact that we encountered strong competitors during the prelims, these girls have shown strong determination and perseverance in winning these games. Most importantly, their strong passion for the sport has given me the strength to carry on leading the team during these few months! Hence, as the captain, I hope these girls would continue their passion for this sport, and fight back for the top 4 we once had! And I would like to say thank you to every single member in this team, as each and every one of you has contributed significantly to the team today! “Remember, practice makes perfect. One is not born perfect; it all lies on us whether we want to make ourselves even better than others.� (P)BMM4PGUCBMMHJSMT Written by Peh Yan Ping Softball Team Manager 12/13



THE TIME SPENT AND THE Camaraderie that was shared left an everlasting impression in our hearts.


IJT*)(TFBTPOJTPOFPGVQTBOEEPXOTGPSUIF volleyball guys of Hall 2. Like any other year, we set out to do the hall proud by bringing home the championship. Things may not have gone all their way, but the volleyball mens team was able to up their game at key moments to proceed to the quarterfinals. During the quarter finals, the players didn’t need pep talks or speeches to psych themselves up, for they already knew how important this game was, and thus stepped onto the court with steely determination in their eyes. With the same fighting spirit, Hall 2 team relentlessly attacked while not forgetting to put up an impenetrable defense. However, a combination of good take, set and spike by the opponents for the next several rallies ultimately proved too strong for Hall 2 to handle. Hence despite a smooth start on the first day, things didn’t go our way and we eventually crashed out in the Quarterfinals. Besides Captain (Ng Wei Hong) and Vice-Captain (Ng Wee Kiat), the team comprised mostly players with little or no background in volleyball. Being able to progress to such advanced stage of the season speaks volumes of the effort that the team had put in to make up for the lack of experience. On a positive note, there is a good number of freshies in the team and with the



experience gained from this season, the team has continuity and an added advantage as it allows us to build towards future TFBTPOT PG *)( "T UIF UFBN NBOBHFS  * XPVME MJLF UP UIBOL each and every member for his cooperation and commitment to the team by taking time off to train consistently, even on weekends and on New Year’s Day. Also, Wei Hong, Wee Kiat and all other seniors for their guidance to us, for we have learnt a lot from you all. Although we did not manage to achieve the ultimate aim of bringing glory to Hall 2 by winning, our main takeaway from this season would be the lasting friendships that were forged. Few would remember the points scored or mistakes that were made; it is however the time spent and the camaraderie that was shared that would leave an ever-lasting impression in each of our hearts. Last but not least, a big thank you to each and every one who supported the volleyball team in one way or another as your support was a huge motivation for us. We’ll continue to work hard to achieve better results next year. Written by Law Han Cong Volleyball Team Manager 12/13



olleyball is a relatively unique ball sport, in the sense that it does not involve shooting, throwing, catching or running. It requires a whole different set of skills which includes digging, setting, spiking, blocking and serving and this makes it slightly harder to master. In order to start playing volleyball the “right� way, there is a need to learn and train for a bit. At the very first volleyball trial/practice, the number of girls that turned up was a lot greater than expected. Even though not everyone knew how to play, it was comforting to see that so many were willing to give it a try. However, subsequently, the number of girls that turned up for training started dropping drastically. Coupled with the fact that the girls’ team did not have a captain at first, it was difficult to conduct proper trainings. Thankfully, with the help of the volleyball boys’ captain and manager, Weihong and Hancong, as well as the boys’ team, we were able to start training slowly but surely. Time went by really quickly and before we knew it, it was time for finals. By this time, there were still insufficient girls to form a complete team yet and that was worrying but there was no choice to leave it till after finals before fretting again. Surprisingly, after finals, a lot more girls turned up for training and there were a few girls that actually had prior experience which made the situation a lot better. However, there was another problem this time round, the lack of training venues. The only place suitable to teach the members about team


formation was at an actual court, for them to have hands-on experience, and the only court available was the outdoor court at hall 2. This court was being shared amongst all 16 halls and despite sharing an online schedule, there were still clashes between the different halls’ training. Not to mention, the limited training slots each hall was entitled to. And if that was not bad enough, the weather played a huge part in whether it was possible for training to be conducted as well. As we all know, Singapore experiences high rainfall in December, and whenever it rainsed, training sessions would have to be cancelled for the safety of all. Despite all this problems, I am thankful that we managed to GPSN B QSPQFS UFBN GPS *)( &WFO UIPVHI XF EJE OPU NBLF it through to finals, at least we won one match and that was an improvement from last year! If we keep up with the improvements, we will do better next year! Strive on hall 2! Last but not least, I would like to thank all the volleyball girls (Elizabeth, Anna, Jiawen, Jacie, Li Ting, Aneza, Xiao Hui, Chin Hwee, Daphne, Shi Min, Kun Yan, Adeline, Zhekang) for making an effort to show up and come for these unpredictable trainings and not complain about it! I would also like to thank Mai for stepping up as the captain and for helping train the team despite her busy schedule! Written by Emilene Thoo Volleyball Team Manager 12/13



TRUTH BE TOLD, WATer polo is grace above water, death under water.


hat is water polo? Is it a gentlemen’s sport? Or is it a violent man’s game? Truth be told, water polo is grace above water, death under water. A match only lasts for half an hour and in that half an hour, trunks will be torn, blood will be shed, and spirits broken. Dedication is something common in every player from our hall, whether they are beginners, or players with 10 years’ experience. When the season begun, trainings became a daily affair, without fail, at 7am the polo boys would gather outside Block 3, and trudge down to the pool together. In that moment, no one would talk, every single person still exhausted. But watching your brother taking the effort to wake up, to put in that extra hour to train in the morning gives you unbridled motivation. Humility is something rare, but yet, humility exists in the most experienced of our players. Players who have trained for


the past 10 years, but still would take the effort to guide you through the basic motions, and encourage the beginners step by step. Players who would tell you they are not the best, and would rely on the newer players to win the game. Trust is something special, knowing someone would have your back in the direst situation, and knowing they would give their all for you. This team is a special team, with each player trusting every single person out there in the pool, to give their very best. The experienced players would direct the game play, and never hesitate for a moment to give the newer players a chance in a game to take an important shot. So what is Hall 2 water polo team about? This is a team filled with dedicated individuals, a team with humble leaders, and a team that has an unbreakable bond of trust. Written by Chua Yuan Pin

//SEPAK TAKRAW ANY BIT OF COMPLACENCY would have seen us crash out in the preliminary stage.


ot many knew about sepak takraw, and even fewer knew how to play the sport. Prior to the inter-hall competition, most of the experience our players had were from the previous inter-hall games, and our freshmen with no experience at all. With all our players coming from the soccer team, it was no surprise that playing soccer at our hall futsal court was always more appealing to the players than heading to the SRC for takraw training. However, with the commitment from the captain to persuade the team, we managed to kick start our trainings. Venue had been an issue as the SRC court is shared by many other activities, but that did not stop the team from making their way out of school to train. Slowly but surely, we progressed from getting more comfortable with the ball, to defending and attacking, and to working together as a regu. Even with a convincing opening win of 3-0 over hall 9, our tournament was not going to get any easier with us facing hall 3 in the second game. Despite giving our best, we came


out second best and eventually lost 2-1 after a close fight. This meant that we would have to beat hall 9 again in the final round to progress to the quarter finals. Having cruised past them in the first game, everything was going according to script as the team did it again. Concentration still had to be of the highest level and as with any other game, any bit of complacency could have seen us crash out in the preliminary stage. Unfortunately for us, we were drawn against the defending champions hall 7 in the quarter finals. With just a weekend to before for the game, the boys had to make full use of the weekend to train. Luck was not on our side as we lost 2-1 again after an even tougher but close fight. However, there were no regrets from the game as each and every player had gone all out and given their best. Although our tournament had come to an early end, the experience gained and the trainings would definitely help our players next year. 8SJUUFOCZ,FOOFUI(BO Sepak Takraw Team Manager 12/13



THIS IS OUR GAME, WE WILL make them play IT and not the other way round.


aving emerged as champions last season, high hopes and expectations were set on the Netball girls to retain the championship for the second year running. With a team largely consisting of freshies who never played the sport before, together with the experienced players each with different playing tactics and styles, we all knew it was not going to be an easy task. However, what we lacked in skill, we made up for in spirit and through hard work. The team’s strong commitment to the sport and the hall was evident in the regular training sessions that sometimes lasted late into the night. It was heart warming to see the team train in the dark even after the lights at the Futsal court were switched off. During the holidays (and even on New Year’s Eve), we played friendly matches against Hall 1, NJC and NUS Eusoff Hall Netball Team, from which we have gained invaluable game experience. It has also helped us gauge where we stand. As trainings progressed, we grew as a team and as individuals in terms of skills. Our season started out rather smoothly, claiming back-toback wins against Hall 16 and Hall 5 in the preliminaries. The challenge came when we were up against Hall 8, a formidable team with much more experienced players, in the semis. For every goal they scored, our morale and confidence level dropped and more mistakes began to surface. “This is our game, we’ll make them play our game and not the other way round.”


That sentence came as a reminder to us, that no matter how strong our opponents were and no matter how big the score difference was we still had a chance at winning as long as we believed we could and kept our heads high. There were no thoughts of giving up. In the last quarter, we went in and each one of us put up a good fight till the very last moment when the whistle was blown. Unfortunately, our IH journey was forced to end prematurely. Though we lost, the bonds forged and memories we had will last forever. The loss only helped us to gain more as we will continue to strive to improve and emerge as a stronger team next season. As mentioned by team Captain Yu Hui, “This team may be new, and many of us started without any netball knowledge, but it is heart warming to know that each one of you gave your all and fought till the very last minute. The team would not be where we are today without guidance and commitment from our seniors. We would also like to sincerely thank our Sport Secs, Shao Wei and Art, for all their efforts and help. To all supporters, thank you for being present at every match and giving us your fullest support! Special thanks to the guys who helped by making up the numbers during our trainings despite being unfamiliar with netball rules. We will come back stronger, faster and better next season. Written by Leong Hui Min Netball Team Manager 12/13

//ROAD RELAY THE BONDS that bind us will always continue to do so no matter how fast these runners run.



he road-relay team has finished a remarkable 5th in this year’s interhall games. It may seem like just another run to many. However it was indeed an arduous journey for the runners who participated as they pushed themselves beyond their limit.

The final result produced by our road-relay team was not a result of chance but one of hard work and countless sweat. Trainings were conducted twice a week and would very often end after midnight while many of us were in the comfort of our bedrooms.

Spearheaded by Captains Kor Kiat Yao & Bryan Han, our road relay team has come a long way from the first training the team had. Remembering how almost all the runners were left panting from the first training, many of them has seen their stamina and mental resilience grew.

A special mention to the road-relay manager, Alvin Lee who took the special effort in coordinating the training schedules so that it does not clash with other activities. Even though the race may have ended, the bonds that bind us together as one Hall 2 will always continue to do so no matter how fast these runners run. Written by Edmund Ng



we did our very best, put our bodies on the line for our teammates.


or many of us, there was no 8am on a Sunday. But our ruggers were already at Saint Andrew’s School for the second part of the rugby tournament. The team could play up to 3 games, if only we won every single game. Any mistake could cause us to go home straightaway. Quarter-finals against hall 5: 7-0 Lethargic and sluggish, the team went into game. It was only after halftime that the team woke up to the game. Full back Jonathan Ong kicked the ball so deep into hall 5’s half, their winger was quickly running back to it but little did he know that our Lim Zhi Hao who was at least 30 meters behind was quickly covering the distance. With lightning bolt speed, Zhi Hao burned their winger and took the ball to score a try. Semi-finals against hall 6: 0-0 (Hall 2 win on penalties) We anticipated that this would be one of the toughest games. )BMMXBTTFDPOEJOMBTUZFBST*)(&Y)BMM,JOH$IJB8BOH Peng was inches away from scoring a try when the ball decided to bounce off his bodybuilder chest. Our team showed resilience when defending against hall 6 in the dying moments of the extra time. Nil nil, we went on to penalties! Hall 6 fired both the penalties wide while Arnold Wee and Teo Yu Hao scored their kicks in style. We were through to the finals! Revenge couldn’t be sweeter as Hall 6 beat us on penalties last year. Finals against Hall 3: 14-21 They are the reigning championship holders for many years. And for the last 2 years, no team has scored a try against them.



Our ruggers knew how much they had to work to win this. We were all tired from the two games before this, while Hall 3 only played ONE game (Some Hall walked over when they knew they would be playing with Hall 3). Despite the fatigue, our ruggers went into the game strong-willed, hoping to dethrone them. 3 mins into the game, NTUconfessions-famed Kenryu Wang feigned his opponent with his super acting skills and he sprinted 50 meters to score the try! 7-0! Seven minutes into the game, Arnold Wee took the game to 14-0 with a run down the wing with his short legs sprinting quickly. With half of the team in IVP, the reigning champions were shocked. As the game continued, our players grew increasingly fatigued. Hall 3 then came back to score right before half time, and twice in the second half. We lost. We may have lost the finals, but we walk tall after the game ended. We did our very best, put our bodies on the line for our teammates. Special thanks to our supporters who came down early in the morning and Our Captain Tan Wei Qiang, whose nagging brought the team to another level! Silver Medalists: Tan WeiQiang, Teo YuHao, Lim ZhiHao, Chia 8BOH1FOH  .BUU (PI  ,FOSZV 8BOH  -JN 4IBP 8FJ  )BSPME Teo, Malcom Lin, Haikal Yahya, Jacob Ng, Willfred Lim, Jon Ong, Jonathan Eggy Wong, Chang Chern Yee, Joseph Lou, Arnold Wee, Poon Kip Mun, Nicholas Tai and Lee Weijie Written by Lee Weijie Rugby Team Manager 12/13

//TENNIS OUR TENNIS TEAM has achieved the true essence of being a team sport.


he journey the tennis team took wasn’t a smooth sailing one; we had our fair share of misfortunes and difficult pre-existing circumstances. However it was definitely an enriching experience for all of us and there were many positive takeaways. Despite not achieving the expected results in the competition, I believe that our team still won as we have been working together as a team, forging new friendships, developing a passion for tennis and most importantly, having a great deal of fun. All in all, our tennis team has achieved the true essence of a being team sport. The challenges we faced were present right from the beginning. The most worrying issue was a lack of players of both genders as a bulk of our key male players last year had graduated and the female team was left with only one player, our very own Racquet Queen Choo Zilin. Thankfully there was a new wave of experienced players amongst the freshmen; Lee Ziyang, Ong Zi Quan, Chin Jia Hui and a fourth year resident; Alvin Chin who was participating in the team for the first time! However the female team was still relatively weak in numbers. Through the tennis clinic initiative (which was disrupted by the most-annoying-ever rain many a time) that was conducted at the beginning of the first semester, I managed to recruit the likes of Ang Weixin and Queenie Key to the females team. Previous year’s team manager Derrick Koh and a personal friend of mine, Miyuki Saito joined the team as squatters too. One major difference this year was that we had an emphasis on integrating the female players into the team, something that did not happen the previous season. It was a formidable effort by beginners such as Weixin and Queenie who attended the many training sessions we conducted to impart them basic

strokes. They, along with rest of the team were so very patient with team captain Eugene and I as we had little coaching experience. It was very touching to see every player have a high level of dedication to the team and sport despite the need to juggle their UJNF XJUI TDIPPM DPNNJUNFOUT  PUIFS $$"T BOE PUIFS *)( sport/rec games amongst many other things. The team waited together for the much-hated showers and thunderstorms to pass, trained under blazing hot sun and even sacrificed their weekends for sessions. And on top of all that they had to endure my unpleasant militant-style coaching. Even more commendable was Ziyang who made himself available for most sessions and supported the team throughout even though he did not get the chance to compete and also Miyuki who doesn’t have a place in hall but travels all the way to SRC to train on weekends and late nights. It was definitely more enjoyable working with such people who share the same dedication and passion for the sport. I’m ever so grateful for the bunch of people we have this year. Without the efforts of every individual it wouldn’t even be possible to compete. Whether you are a benchwarmer or a captain, the whole experience would not have been as fulfilling as each player made a significant difference. I believe all of us did not regret being a part of the team, as we became champions on our own terms. Let’s build on the momentum and continue to work for better things to come next season! Written by Dominic Mak Tennis Team Manager 12/13



THE TEAM was made up of champions and they played like champions too.


he Hall 2 Badminton team comprises committed and talented individuals managed by team manager, Chen Jie Hui. The team trains together twice a week to hone and sharpen their skills. They had only one goal, and that is to trail blaze all the other halls that stood in their way to victory. The training frequency was further increased during December CFGPSF UIF *OUFS )BMM (BNFT %FTQJUF JU CFJOH UIF TFNFTUFS breaks, there were no complaints as everyone was willing to make the small sacrifice for the team. All the sweat and blood spilled during the long hours of training were definitely not wasted as the badminton team faced their first opponent, Hall 11, during the group stage. With great tenacity and confidence, the team, led by the captain, Brian tore the Hall 11 team apart and took the game with a result of 5-0. It was an emphatic win and a great boost to the morale of our badminton team. During the following match against Hall 15, the players showed the same fighting spirit and hunger for victory. One match to note was our female doubles, Theresa and Jiehui, who despite being down 17-19 during their second set, steeled themselves and came from behind to defeat their



opponent and win the match with a score of 22-20. Our team swept Hall 15 aside with a score of 4-1 and made it into the RVBSUFS ĂŤOBMT (PPE KPC UP UIF QMBZFST #SJBO DBQUBJO  ;IF kang, Jie Hui, Louis, Theresa, Zheng Xian, Adrian and Ika!! For the next match, they faced the badminton powerhouse Hall 13. However the team was unfazed and took the challenge with an eye only for victory. The team managers held their own for the first set but lost the match due to fierce opposition from their opponents. Brian Koh came up against a strong opponent, narrowly losing 2-1. Adrian and Ika made a strong doubles team, clinching a close victory of 2-0. Theresa put up a good fight but was unable to defeat her daunting opponent. Our hall unfortunately lost the very tight competition with an overall score of 2-3. Though Hall 2 badminton did not achieve top standings, the team was made up of champions and they played like champions too. Well done, Hall 2 Badminton! Written by Chen Jie Hui

//SQUASH we have to thank our captain, edwin, for committing his time to train the team.


IFTRVBTIKPVSOFZUIJTZFBSXBTOPUBOFBTZPOF(JWFO UIF GBDU UIBU XF FNFSHFE SVOOFSVQ JO MBTU ZFBST *)(  there was an expectation to perform as well this year. While the expectation grew, the ease of maintaining that expectation did not. Many of the good players that led us to achieve the position of runner-up had left or were on exchange. It was a struggle finding someone to take up the challenging role of captain. However, by a miracle, we found Edwin Ong. Edwin was a very dedicated captain, who took great pains to coach every player whether they were experienced or not. He would even set aside time for special individual trainings. A patient man he was, who taught our newer players squash techniques and gameplay from scratch. In the end, we managed to gather a group of players who were trained very hard in order UPDPNQFUFJO*)( However, we had to go against many strong halls in our prelims. We faced off against Hall 16, who were the champions this year, in the first match. Even Zhi Rui, Hall 2’s strongest player had to concede defeat when he met the IVP captain in hall 16. In our other matches, Edwin played against another IVP player. Edwin fought his hardest, but still wasn’t able to overcome his opponent. In the last match, Zi Lin was able to overcome her opponent with credits to our hall’s supporters’ loud cheers.


Our next match was against Hall 10. Our players Casper, Edwin, Zhi Rui, Zi Lin and Yan Ping fought hard to win Hall 10, four games to one. Our players rejoiced at this win, which put us back into the game of a chance to advance to quarters. By a twist of events, we had to face Hall 16 once again in the third match, instead of Hall 6. There was low morale among the team, however we pushed on and gave our best in the last few trainings. We managed to get Louis, a badminton IVP player who regularly plays with Zhi Rui to aid us in our fight against Hall 16. In the end, he managed to win his match against Hall 16. Overall we lost to Hall 16, four games to one. This marked the end of our squash journey. Even though we were disappointed at the results, it was still a fun and fulfilling year with the team. Most importantly, we have to thank our captain, Edwin for committing the time to training the team. Moreover, we have to thank our players who came for trainings SFHVMBSMZ‰(VP[IFO +Fê +JF)VJ :BO1JOH ;J-JO $BTQFS  Zhi Rui and Hui Shan. Written by Choo Zilin Squash Team Manager 12/13



WHATEVER WE LACKED, we made up for in passion and commitment.



s a team with relatively new members, Hall 2 Table 5FOOJTQVUVQBHPPEĂŤHIUUIJT*OUFSIBMM(BNFTTFBTPO Whatever we lacked, we made up for in passion and commitment.

really showed the dedication and commitment we had to the team. Though practice was not always fun and easy, we managed to stay upbeat with support from one another, and no one was left out from the big table tennis family.

As early as October, the table tennis team began our intensive training sessions at the SRC. Led by our dedicated captain Jia Chang, veterans and freshmen alike were put through gruelling drills. We understood the importance of the basic techniques, and the repetitiveness did not deter us a single bit. Through the months we progressed and we were excited for our trainings to begin including simulated matches.

Unfortunately for the team our captain Jia Chang was not able UPQBSUJDJQBUFJOUIJTTFBTPO*)(EVFUPIJTFYDIBOHFQSPHSBN in USA. Even when he was far away in US he would discuss the match strategy with the team, and stand by his phone for live updates while the match was on going. His strong dedication to the team further fuels our fighting spirit.

Each training session was a unique learning journey and experience for every one of us – we focused on individual honing, team telepathy, and most importantly built on our camaraderie. Despite the busy schedules and heavy workload from school, every member took time out for practice. That


*)(NBZIBWFFOEFEUIFNFNPSJFTBOEFYQFSJFODFTXJMMBMXBZT remain. Hall 2 Table Tennis will continue to grow and strive for CFUUFSSFTVMUTJOUIFOFYU*)( 8SJUUFOCZ(P5JPOHTFO Table Tennis Team Manager 12/13

//SWIMMING behind the scenes of our success is the huge amount of hard work and dedication.


t has been an exciting and victorious season for Hall 2 swim UFBNBOEPODFBHBJO XFFNFSHFEBTUIF$IBNQJPOTGPS*)( 12/13 Swimming Championships! However, behind the scenes of our success story is the huge amount of hard work and dedication that each swimmer in the team has put in to retain our champions title. It all started off after school starts for my first semester in NTU, and I was tasked to be the Team Manager for the swim team. Together with Ray as the Captain, we spent countless days and weeks to recruit swimmers and eventually we managed to form Hall 2 Swim Team. Team members comprises of Melissa Choo, Artrillian Ng, Cheyenne Ching, Jocelyn Chng, Wu Zhe Kang, Leong Huimin, Toh Zhi Hong, Chua Hong Qian, Eugene Tang, Kenryu Wang, Daryl Lim, Chia Wang Peng, Lui Jian Long, Alvin Teo, Chia Bing Xi, Chang Chern Yee, Amos Toh, Ng Keng Yang and Yu Ming. First few training sessions were focused more on endurance training and stroke correction during the school semester and majority of us were struggling to keep up with the pace as it had been a long while since we last swam. But we persevered and our endurance and strokes improved gradually. When the December vacation began, training frequency increased to twice a week and with higher intensity. This was a tough period for the whole team. Training from 10am to 12pm under the scorching sun and with a much more intense training


program is really tiring. But the team held on together and the dedication by the swimmers to come down for almost all training sessions were truly impressive. This shows the amount of fighting spirit that we all had in us. With encouragement from one another, we pulled through the tough months of USBJOJOH BOE XFSF BMM HFBSFE VQ GPS PVS ĂŤOBM ACBUUMF  UIF *)( Swimming Championships. On the competition day, all of us were nervous before the start of each race, but with the huge crowd of supporters from Hall 2 gathered to support us, the atmosphere was electrifying and it was a boost to our confidence. The moment we dived into the pool, we gave our very best effort to every single race and all events we took part in made it to the finals! Eventually, XF FNFSHFE BT UIF PWFSBMM DIBNQJPOT PG *)( 4XJNNJOH Championships. All our hard work paid off and it was a job well done. What a moment to remember! During this season, we worked hard, played hard and most importantly enjoyed the whole process of not only the competition, but also the journey that brought the whole swim team together. We were able to strive together in unity to achieve our goal. It has been an awesome time training and competing with the team. Congratulations on being Champions BHBJO-PPLJOHGPSXBSEUPUIFOFYU4XJNNJOH*)( Written by Andy Leong Swimming Team Manager 12/13



the hard work and immense effort paid off.


POUITCFGPSFUIFDPNNFODFNFOUPG*)( PVS track team of 20 set out on its journey with a common goal in mind — to do Hall 2 proud.

Burdened with school work and their respective school and hall commitments, it was hard to come to a consensus on a training schedule whereby everyone was agreeable to. Eventually, everyone compromised and trainings were decided to be held at night twice a week, which often extended till midnight. With tough and strenuous trainings leading up to the competition, injuries were commonplace and inevitable. Overexertion caused one team member to sustain a knee injury and he had to sit out of trainings for almost 2 months. The hard work and immense effort put in by the track team paid off when the guys placed 2nd and 4th respectively for the 100m and 400m events while the girls placed 2nd for both. %FTQJUFUIFSPBEUP*)(CFJOHGSBVHIUXJUIEJïDVMUJFT  our track team persevered and rose to the occasion on 16 February 2013, achieving an overall placing of 3rd. Written by Cheryl How


//SOCCER this is just the beginning of a great legacy.

Team Captain, Chai Ming Long: Since this was a special year for us, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have all 23 voices featured here as a memento of our achievements. Presenting to you the team of the year 12/13:

� The stabilizer, YongKai: Thanks for the memories it will always be a part of me.

The residential Thai citizen, Lian: It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you run the race. My undisclosed vice-captain, Yuhao: Even though the latter is true, the former is just bullshit that 8JOOJOH UIF *)( BGUFS B GPVSZFBS XBJU XBT FYIJMBSBUJOH CVU losers say to console themselves, and it’s what we had said to what I will really miss about soccer is the countless number of PVSTFMWFTGPSUIFQBTUZFBST(FUUJOHLOPDLFEPVUJORVBSUFST tiqiu sessions we had knowing that after a tough day in school twice in a row was especially painful, when we knew we are we can we can always count on each other for a game of futsal! more than capable of reaching the finals. Even at the start of the season there was a strong sense of dÊjà vu, being drawn in My undisclosed team manager, Haobin: the group of death along with hall 6 and 16. And then losing To me, our hall soccer team is like army all over again with a Yen and Chin to injuries, it just seemed like history was going to different goal in mind this time. We were all hungry for success, repeat itself. I’m glad this year we left ourselves with no regrets. eager to win, determined to prove our worth. To all my soccer With half the team filled with graduating students, there isn’t a bros, thanks for everything. more appropriate send-off gift than this title. Special mention has to be given to Captain Constant, Chai Ming Long, for his My unofficial team advisor, Xiuxiu: patience and leadership, as well as his unparalleled efforts to I love hall 2 soccer and ti qiu everyday. Ti qiu made us champions. put together a winning team for the past 3 years. I believe this championship means more to him than anybody else on the The reason I am still around, Parthi: team. It has been an amazing journey for Hall 2 Soccer team this ZFBS'SPNRVBSUFSÍOBMJTUTGPSUIFQBTUZFBSTUP*)(4PDDFS The Not-so-good-luck Chin: Champions. It has also been a great experience to have played I must say some of the best as well as quite literally painful under Captain Chai’s leadership. Thanks to all those that memories I’ve had in hall was with the soccer team. I choose to contributed especially our graduating seniors. Hope we can take away the happy memories, friends and the championship, keep our friendships going by playing weekend matches or along with a long list of injuries. I believe it was our undisputed GVUTBM SFHVMBSMZ BMUIPVHI *)( IBT DPNF UP BO FOE 'PS UIF camaraderie that won it for us. freshies, this is just the beginning of a great legacy. "OEUIF(PPEMVDL/JD The one who man-up, Bryan: All of our fitness match trainings, futsal meet-ups and weekend It is without doubt the sheer determination of all the soccer matches have paid off. Us juniors have really learnt a lot from boys to break the 5 year- curse that propelled us to be crowned the graduating players and will indeed train even harder to do champions this year. I am really proud to be part of the soccer them proud. Needless to say, it is not all about winning the team and I hope we can go from strength to strength and championship but the bonds we form as a family, as gay as it continue the winning legacy. sounds, true story.


//SOCCER 0VSTFMGQSPDMBJNFEHVBSEJBOBOHFM (MFO It’s an honour to be one of Hall 2’s custodians for the past two TFBTPOTPGUIF*OUFS)BMM(BNFT8FBSFUIFMBTUMJOFPGEFGFODF and the first line of attack. Thank you for believing in us and having us on this road to victory. The golden boot winner, Sim: After 4 years of playing for hall 2, the soccer team finally has something to show for. I’m very proud of my team mates. They’ve worked very hard to achieve what they have set out to do! The one who never gave up, Clement: Some measure success by what they achieve while others measure success by how they achieve it. This year we must have be damn awesome because we bagged the gold and had a good run at it. It is a fitting end to all graduating students’ time in hall. The happypill, WangPeng: 3 years have gone by so quickly. I want to thank everybody especially Minglong for giving me a chance to be part of this wonderful journey. The little rascal and Yuhao’s personal pup, Billy: Champions are made before competition. Winning this year’s *)( KVTUJÍFE UIF BNPVOU PG FêPSU XFE QVU JOUP QSFQBSJOH B championship team. Thank you, seniors, for showing us the ropes. For the remaining bros, let’s continue to train hard and retain the title. The one that got away, Terence: -POH CFGPSF *)( TUBSUFE  UIFSF XBT B TPDDFS UFBN NFFUJOH * recall the serious team talk in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone knew that the squad had talented players and the ability to be champions. But that night forged the attitude and mentality of champions. You could sense our hunger, especially the graduating seniors who had one last shot! This was carried onto the pitch, where I was so proud of my teammates for giving it their all. Three cheers to all my champion bros, and special thanks to all the graduating seniors for their guidance. The Weeping Bay: Having won something with the collective effort of every member in the team, I thought that feelings of jubilation and ecstasy would completely drown me. Instead, what struck me was a complete utter sense of voidness. It felt good to have won. But what’s next? I would be removed from my comfort zone and be thrown into a world so real it slapped me so hard I teared. I felt an arm across my shoulders. Then two. I wasn’t alone. It’s you guys; the ones who have stood by the entire season that saw me pull myself through. Days of titans playing together are coming to an end. Let’s cherish it while it lasts.


“And it was all.. yellowâ€?, Arnold: A throw-in into our danger area, a sliced wayward clearance that hung in the air for what seemed an eternity. Time stood still as we could only watch it fly past us and into our own net. We defended like warriors as we hung on for dear lives and alas, it was written in the stars that this would be our year. The journey was long and arduous and we could have blown it all in the preliminary stages but we pulled through. With graduating players making up half the team, this championship belongs to them and I am proud I could be part of the team. The one who stepped up, Weekiat: $IBNQJPOT PG TPDDFS *)(   UIJT JT QFSIBQT UIF HSFBUFTU sporting achievement in the last 24 years of my life. It might be the only achievement. The amount of blood, sweat and the moments I came close to shedding tears over this season makes this championship also a personal achievement and a lesson in life. This would not have been possible without the support and motivation of the leader and core of the soccer team, our captain constant. Our team is the secret to our success. 22 unique individuals, coming together for the sake of a singular objective. ÉĽF(BZT JOFWFSZTFOTFPGUIFXPSE (BOBOE(FOH Due to other commitments, we were unable to attend trainings with the hall team as often as we liked. With the effort put in by the team, we were able to get out of one of the toughest groupings in the preliminary round. In the finals, it was the extra hunger, determination and teamwork, as well as the support from the hall that let us come out top. The one who got away, halfway, Yen: Well done everybody! It has been a long wait but we finally did it! Our belief was key. Thank you everyone for making this happen! The silence(r), Kenryu: Hall 2 soccer started off this season with a mission, burdened by the memories of previous seasons’ achievements that were a far cry from what the team deserved. This was a team that our graduating seniors nurtured from the start and we couldn’t ask for a more befitting result for everyone. Last words from Captain Constant Ming Long: For me, the long awaited championship would not have been possible without each and every individual featured here. Everyone, in one way or another, be it on the pitch and off the pitch, contributed to this accomplishment in equal measures. Not forgetting those working hard behind the scene, the two sport sects Shaowei and Art, accommodating my every single demanding and outrageous request, this championship belongs to you as much as it belongs to us. Also, to the supporters who have been with us throughout, you kept us going and you made it easier with your unwavering support. On behalf of the Hall 2 Soccer Team, a big THANK YOU to all of you out there. We did it.

//WEIQI behind the scenes of our success is the huge amount of hard work and dedication.


his year, Hall 2 Weiqi team had a slow and humble start but burst out strongly, emerging 2nd overall in this ZFBST *)3( ɼJT BDIJFWFNFOU JT SFBMMZ DPNNFOEBCMF for our players, as it is a new level of accomplishment we once dreamed of. We had all worked extremely hard and we are more than happy with what we have achieved. The best part of all is how we all grew as a team, and nurtured each other to become a better player throughout this entire journey. There were few players initially, and the newcomers were inexperienced, and had to be nurtured. We spent long nights every training reviewing matches, and practicing life-or-death questions, which placed us in situations where the first few moves are critical to ensuring victory in a certain area on the board. Seniors took their precious time to stay back and coach, even into the wee hours of the night. Seldom do you see anyone else but the Weiqi team in the training room in the late night. Every member took their own time out of training schedules, to practice and learn on their own, reading up on strategies from books, online forums, and competing with online players to boost their skill level. Many also attended trainings held by the school club, which is a strong boost for them as well. After exams were over, everyone doubled up their efforts to train for long intensive durations almost every other day, reviewing each other’s moves, and also exploring other possible moves that could be way more efficient in bringing the opponent down. Seniors imparted their techniques and thought processes to analysing the opponent and countering them. The passion of each player could be felt every training, as we all bonded and help each other grow.


%VSJOH*)3(JUTFMG UIFBUNPTQIFSFXBTFYUSFNFMZUFOTF BOE there was definitely some sense of nervousness and anxiety within us. However, with careful planning of the placement of our players, all the games we had were very smooth victories, mostly 5-0 against other halls. Some matches were really intense, with opponents that were extremely skilled and experience. Thanks to our players giving their utmost concentration and careful play, we cleared even some of the tougher matches. During the Semi-Finals, it was an exciting match-up with Hall 6 and there was a huge sense of accomplishment, when we realised that we had cleared the Semi-Finals. However u against the Hall 9 giants, they proved too strong for most of our players, but Rui Xiang our star player, managed to clinche a victory from Hall 9, denying them of a perfect win, bringing us our first medals in Hall 2 Weiqi history. Special thanks to our team manager, Si Ding, who planned trainings and took care of administrative matters, as well as UIF QMBZFS MJOFVQ EVSJOH *)3( XIJDI QSPWFE DSVDJBM GPS VT And to our freshies as well who put in the extra effort and time to train. A big applause to Mervyn our dear coach for power MFWFMJOH FWFSZPOF JO UJNF GPS *)3(  BOE UP PVS TVQFSC UFBN  Honghan, Esmonde, Lin Wei, Yu Ming, and Wen Ling thanks for all the commitment you’ve put in for Hall 2 Weiqi. There will be more of us next year, and this is where we start shining for Hall 2. With such a dedicated team, “How to lose?� Written by: Jason Tay and Si Ding Weiqi Team Captain and Manager 12/13


//DARTS training was less of a chore when we increased its intensity nearer the ihrg period.


he darts team kicked off with a good start as we unearthed new talent like Philip, Shao Wei and Queenie during the holidays. They managed to grasp the technique and could throw accurately with just a few days of practice. Several seniors also made an effort to coach us despite their busy schedules. For instance, Kollin Seah who was last year’s darts captain, along with Tomoko and Yi Fang. We were really grateful for their help as most of us had no previous experience. To make the training more enjoyable, the seniors introduced games like Cricket. These games trained our accuracy and motivated us to win as the winner of the game would be treated to Teh-peng. With their coaching, many of us saw great improvement and developed a greater interest in darts. As a result, trainings were less of a chore when we increased its intensity nearer to the *)3(QFSJPE


they were throwing their darts. However, thanks to Jiahao and Shaowei’s pep talk (“Don’t care about your opponent. When your opponent is throwing, just look away.�) our players were able to curb those nerves and persevered through the day.

The second day was critical as it was a chance to earn a place in the quarters. Furthermore, we were also going to face Hall 8, one of the strongest halls in the competition. As such, we did not give up and played to our very best. And true enough, we made it to the quarters!!! After the competition, our players’ interest continue as we gathered together to buy their own dart sets BOEBHSFFEUPEPFWFOCFUUFSJOOFYUZFBST*)3(/FXUBMFOUT have been uncovered, new darts have been bought, sweat has been shed and the bonds have strengthened! Lastly, we would like to thank our rec secs, Kelvin and Yangzhi, and everyone who has contributed to the darts team for their tremendous UIoUI+BOVBSZ PVS*)3(DPNQFUJUJPO0VSQMBZFST support and faith in our team. finally got to put their hard work into practice. From Kollin’s past experiences, he strategized the order of the players to Written by Dong Zheng and Sin Yi, match against the different strength of opponents. By doing Darts Team Captain and Manager 12/13 so, it maximized the chances of winning each board. The first day came as a shock and an eye-opener to some of our players as it was their first time participating in the competition. Some players were so nervous that their hands were shaking when




I believe we will do better next year with new seeds we have planted this year.


NJOYABLE. It is the right word to describe the whole contract bridge this year. We had 2 major aims this year: to get more people to enjoy contract bridge as a recreational game and to maintain our position as quarterfinalist. The latter, sadly, we did not achieve. However, I believe we will do better next year with new seeds that we have planted this year. This year, our team started from scratch and I was the only player who left from last year. Starting out as a completely new team is never easy. Picking up Contract Bridge is not an easy task for any one of us; it requires a lot of determination, effort and time. Like my seniors used to tell me, bridge can easily be a 3 AU course for 1 semester. It has a lot of terms and rules which requires a lot of time to understand and remember.

1IJMMJQ "OH  5BO +JOH )BOH  %FCCJF 4JN  $IBO (VP ;IFO * double checked your name already), Jordan Ang and Zhong Yang Zhi for being the part of the team. I know contract bridge is not an easy game that can be picked up overnight. In the time you guys spent with me to learn contract bridge, I hope you guys had plenty of fun like I did. I am really glad that you guys came down for practice every week. Most people would probably quit learning Contract Bridge by the 2nd week but you guys stayed till the very end. The effort that every single one of you had put in made us much more bonded. Thanks to Zack Ang for being there to coach us and supporting me despite choosing not to play this year to focus on other games. We really appreciate the effort you put in to teach us the basics of Contract Bridge over and over again.

Most halls had improved their Contract Bridge skills this year and our chance to rise up the rankings were slim. During the competition, I took the risk of sending our players who were really new to Contract Bridge to give them more exposure. I treated it as an investment for the future of the Hall 2 Contract Bridge team. We did not win any hall teams that we played against, but we did better than halls that were on par with us in terms of ranking.

We would also like to thank people who came down to support us. Please continue to give us your support next year because with your support, we will be motivated to perform better. Thanks to our awesome Recreational Secretaries, Jian Wern (or Kelvin) and Yang Zhi, you both have worked so hard and given us endless support. Last but not least, thank you, every single one of you who is reading this or have supported us in one way or another.

This new team is made up of a group of people whom I really adore. Thanks to Peh Yan Ping<3<3<3 for bearing the burden of being team manager with me, as well as Chow Wan Xuan,

Written by Ricky Koean and Peh Yan Ping Contract Bridge Captain and Manager 12/13




was a luxury for us this year. we did not have enough time for intensive training.


ime was a luxury for us this year. Being the second game UPDPNNFODFGPS*)3(UIJTZFBS XFEJEOPUIBWFNVDI time for intensive trainings. However, even though the time was tight, we managed to conduct regular trainings despite our busy schedules. We appreciate the effort and the BNPVOUPGUJNFPVSQMBZFSTIBWFQVUJOGPSUIJT*)3( Our team this year was almost completely new. Although most of the players have basic knowledge of Chinese chess, being a competitive player doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come by chance. Being able to persevere throughout the trainings and taking the effort to correct the kind of playing style weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been used to for years took us lots of time. The most basic and important skill we picked up was to be stable in our gameplay, but tweak our strategy according to the nature of the game. Every move is important. Other than training among the players in the hall, we also arranged friendly matches with Hall 3 to expose our players to differently skilled players outside the team. This exposure allowed our players to experience playing with many different types of opponents.

we have Rayden, he always the vision to see far ahead, allowing him to counter different moves in any situation. Our only female player was Natalie. Her surprise moves always caught her opponents unaware, turning the game to her advantage. Finally we have our manhunt Yu Hao, whose stable and strong gameplay always gives his opponents a tough fight.

We would like to extend our appreciation to last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s captain Hong Han for his support and guidance for the team. His skills and experience are valuable to our team. We would also like to thank our beloved team members for the effort they put in GPS *)3(  TBDSJĂŤDJOH UJNF PVU PG UIFJS CVTZ TDIFEVMFT .BOZ thanks go to the rest of our Chinese chess players, Yi Chong, Liwen, Seow Hwee, Jing Yun, Sam, Esmonde and Sian Yin for their interest and for coming down for every training. We would also like to thank 29th JCRC for their great support and the president, Parthiban for coming down to support the team. Last but not least, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to thank our Recreational Secretaries Yang Zhi and Kelvin for their endless support UISPVHIPVUUIF*)3(QFSJPE8FBSFHSBUFGVMBOEXFIPQFUIBU the team will be stronger next year, taking Hall 2 Chinese chess %VSJOH*)3( PVSQMBZFSTQMBZFEBUUIFJSWFSZCFTU0VSCFMPWFE to greater heights! Cheers! TUBSQMBZFS+PSEBO BSFUVSOJOHQMBZFSJO*)3( IBTOFWFSGBJMFE to amaze us during the critical moments. Next up we have Written by Chua Boon Hoe & Tan Siew Hui Xurong whose confidence in every game should never be under Chinese Chess Team Captain and Manager 12/13 estimated. Also, we have Jason. His stable and calm character makes him an unpredictable opponent in every game. Moreover,



our passion

for boggle was not built overnight.


y time with boggle has been an interesting experience, full of uncertainties and not knowing what to expect most of the time. Silin and I are very new to Hall 2’s Boggle team, together with most of our players and it didn’t take us long to realize that being in-charge of the team encompasses more than just shaking the dice. Our passion for Boggle was not built overnight. Truth be told, Boggle has always been a leisurely game for me and I couldn’t imagine how 16 halls can come together to compete in a game I’ve been playing since I was a kid. And so, with whatever limited resources Silin and I had, we tried to groom our new fresh batch of “Bogglers”. Training was inconsistent in the beginning but this state of affairs didn’t last for long. Each training was filled with laughter as we shared the number of rubbish words that we could think of and most surprisingly, they actually did exist in the dictionary.

graciously to those we couldn’t hold a candle to. All in all, it was a good experience for all of us, especially for Silin and I as we felt our players forming a sense of camaraderie among them despite the fact that we couldn’t make it past the preliminaries. We were as proud as any mummies would be. To my fellow Bog-girls (and 1 boy), thank you for sticking by Silin and I throughout the course of the competition. You guys have been a joy to be with and I hope this competition has been a memorable one for you. To Silin my Team Mag, you’re the best team mag any captain could ever have. Thank you for the support and commitment you have given me. I couldn’t have done this without you. To anyone reading this, a potential member of the Boggle team, if you ever contemplated joining the Boggle team, it’s enough of a sign that you should join us. Written by Veronica Neo and Kok Silin Boggle Team Captain and Manager 12/13

Then came the day each of us had been training for. We were full of energy and it didn’t matter that we were fighting against the stronger halls. We just wanted to give our worth. And boy, was it a good fight. We won whoever we could and lost


//SNOOKER yes. we are game for the next season.


he year started out as a challenge for the snooker team. Being the dark horse and emerging as semi-finalists last year meant that there were high expectations held of us. However, it proved to be a daunting task with the absence of 3 former key players. Both of us felt the urgency to build a team GSPNTDSBUDIFWFOCFGPSFUIF*)(TFBTPOTLJDLFEPĂŞ The initial challenge was to gather passionate players. Besides setting out with the goal to aim high, we were more so looking forth to create a strong bond among our players, who would enjoy quality recreational time from our rigorous academic timetables. As much as an encouraging number showed up for the clinic sessions, it took several weeks for the committed few to establish themselves. Slowly but eventually, the focus switched to improving everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gameplay. Snooker is a game that requires high levels of mental concentration, even for the experienced pool players. Training sessions were held about thrice a week, often lasting for at least 4 hours each. With that, we aimed to hone mental endurance, as well as to improve basic techniques before proceeding to gameplay practices. No doubt, it was heartening to see our players putting in hours of effort, and rewarding to see the vast improvements in every individual. As the competition dates drew nearer, there was a need for weekend night trainings given the limited availability of the Billiard Room. As always, we were grateful for this committed group of players who were sincerely keen on improving their skills, and our worries of no-shows proved to be unfounded. As we continued to forge closely knitted bonds with each session, trainings were serious when needed but never dull. Expectations grew with improvements and for a moment, we



believed that the semi-finalist position was well within reach if we managed to put up a good fight. However, victory was not meant to be. An early loss against Hall 5 meant that we had to face Hall 8 with 2 IVP players, who eventually overpowered us. We could all blame bad luck, inexperience, nervousness, insufficient skills and wrong line-ups for our early exit. Regrettably, there were many occasions when we lost by a handful of points. But nonetheless, we definitely knew that our players have exhibited a great deal of effort and did their best in every match. As the team returned with low spirits from Nanyang House, we had an impromptu maggie party. We spotted a few disappointed faces, but the laughter was quick to drown the sorrows. It was then when we realised that we had achieved what we set out initially â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to build a closely bonded team of passionate snooker players. The journey itself has been a very fulfilling one, and we are even more touched to see our players taking the initiative to continue training after the competition has ended. YES, we are game for the next season and we aim to come back stronger as a team. We are grateful for all the support, feedback and most importantly, friendship, as we dedicate this message to all our players â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Alvin Lee, Lee Ziyang, Lim Jia Hao, Vicki Chng, & Soh Pin Xuan. Not forgetting our recreational secretaries who were there to tide through the difficult periods with us â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Yangzhi & Kelvin. Thank you for sticking through with us. Written by Jerico Lee & Queenie Key Snooker Team Captain and Manager 12/13

//CARROM my players fought well and gained experience. we learnt new techniques and methods.



eing the captain of Carrom was a fulfilling experience, bonding the team together and training with the team members. The journey was fun as everyone started out without any experience in the game and we trained together from scratch before we took part in the inter-hall recreational games representing Hall 2. My players fought well and gained experience during the 2 days of competition and learnt new techniques and methods. I still remembered the night before the first training session. Being an inexperienced player myself, I knew I needed to improve on my skills in order to guide my fellow team members and bring the Carrom team to greater heights. That night, I went to research and read up on the many different strategies and techniques of the intellectual game. I wanted to be well prepared for the first training session. During the first training session, we had a short introduction of ourselves and some ice breaker games for everyone to know each other. A lot of the players shared that they had no knowledge of the game. I assured them that as long as the team stays bonded and help one another, we will be able to do Hall 2 proud. During the subsequent training sessions, I imparted my skills and knowledge to the team. They were all fast learners and managed to pick up the skills within a short period of time. Experienced players like Zi Hao, Zi Lin and Jia Hao also helped to mentor and guide their fellow team members. If not for them, I do not think that I would have been able to manage this alone.

A few days before the actual competition, we trained especially hard and most of the players took the extra effort to come down for extra trainings. It was heartening to see everyone putting in so much effort. As the captain, I felt the need to encourage my team. During the few days of intensive trainings, Regina and I provided welfare to the team members. We showed the team members our appreciation by buying them drinks during every training session. Regina and I hoped to spur them on for the upcoming competition. Finally the day has come. Everyone was nervous. I talked to the team before the official start of the competition and everyone went ahead and put up a good fight. After every round Regina and I talked to the team to see how we could improve on our techniques and what we need to look out for. With that we improved every round but unfortunately we were not able to advance to the next round. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all my players- Judith, Xue Ying, Chang Yuh, Zi Hao, Jia Hao, Wei Hong, Pearleen, Jessie, Zi Lin, Keng yang, Carol, Alyssa, Natalie, Suzanna and Regina. Thank you for making our team such a wonderful team. Without any one of you, our team would not be complete. I would also like to thank Regina, the team manager, for arranging training sessions faithfully and managing the team. Written by Bhim Sen Kumar Carrom Team Captain 12/13


//INTERNATIONAL CHESS the team has come a long way since our first training session.


he I.Chess team has come a long way since our first training session. From a group of strangers who knew nothing about each other, we ended the IH season as teammates and friends. During the December and January holidays, amidst other commitments, we came back to the school for trainings and to practice with one another. During these sessions, we challenged ourselves by playing against strangers online as well as against each other. Despite the long hours of training, we enjoyed ourselves. The improvement and enthusiasm we saw in some of our players was truly admirable.


match. We managed to secure all 3 wins against the first 3 halls on the first day, even against hall 10 which was one of the strongest halls in our group. Even though we were unable to make it to the last 8, we were quite close to achieving our target of making it to the quarter finals, winning a total of 4 out of 7 halls (15 boards). We greatly appreciate the people (seniors, alumni, hall residents and rec secs) who have helped and supported us at any point throughout this period, and are particularly grateful for our players, who were always cooperative and helped us out when we had difficulty gathering a team to field in the competition. We hope we can do better next year.

"TUIF*)3(DPNQFUJUJPOUPPLQMBDFBUOJHIUEVSJOHUIFĂŤSTU week of semester 2, we sometimes felt tired or had difficulty Written by Wei Xiang and Jillian coordinating our schedules. As a team, we made it through the International Chess Team Captain and Manager 12/13 highs and lows of each day, and tried our very best for each




eld right after the New Year holidays on 3 Janurary  0UIFMMPXBTUIFĂŤSTU*)3(HBNFPGUIFZFBSUP be held. While many were still enjoying their holidays, our Othello players woke up early with strong fighting spirits, ready to begin the battle at Hall 8. The team fielded this year comprised of mainly freshies who have picked up the game in a short period. Special mentions goes to Zi Hao, who rushed down after this softball match to help us out as one of the players. Also not forgetting Wen Yuan, who gave up his leisure time and selflessly came down on both days to give us last minute crash courses and advice during the competition. Many of our victories were a result of his tactical crash course, notably the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;eat as little as possibleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; move and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;forming of L shapeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to play the game to our advantage. The Othello team started the first day playing against Hall 4, who proved to be a worthy opponent as we had a taste of defeat after the first match. However, this was insufficient to dampen our fighting spirit. Instead we became more determined to win the remaining match against Hall 10, Hall 1, Hall 11 and Hall 7 who all proved to be admirable competitors. We would like to commend Jason Lee, who was the strongest player of our team and the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;sole survivorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of most of the matches. Kudos to Jason and Wanxuan who continuously played all 5 matches on the first day and displayed their apparent skills while defeating some of their opponents. We are also grateful to our recreational secretary, Kelvin, who helped to substitute our players at times when they were too brain-drained from the continuous matches so that they could take a break and be refreshed enough for the upcoming matches.

The second day was a rather short one as there were only 2 games remaining till the end of preliminaries, against Hall 6 and Hall 8. Despite the defeat the day before, our players were still determined to display their â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;never say dieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; spirit and continue fighting on. We were not disappointed as our players eventually won a round, against Hall 8! This victory certainly brought about some consolation to our players for their hard work over the past 2 days. Although the Othello team was unable to advance on to the semis, we were still grateful for the experience and exposure UIBUXFHBJOFECZSFQSFTFOUJOH)BMMGPSUIF*)3(8F would like to thank our players, Jason Lee, Wee Sam, Chow Wanxuan, Zi Hao, Team Manager Crystal Ong and Captain Chin Jia Wen for their sacrifice of time that they could have spent with family and friends to come back to help out. Many thanks to our recreational secretaries, Kelvin and Yangzhi who have constantly took care of their players welfare and DPPSEJOBUJPO GPS *)3( -BTU CVU OPU MFBTU  XF XPVME MJLF UP thank supporters who came down on any of the days. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure these fond memories will definitely stay with us for life! Written by Chin Jia Wen and Crystal Ong Othello Team Captain and Manager 12/13


//SCRABBLE we were unfazed by defeat. we put up a good fight and managed to win an entire round.


ithout a doubt, our Scrabble team is spanking new and chock-full of inexperience. Fresh faces came together to make up a group whose sole common denominator was our avid love for this mind-boggling and challenging recreational game.

in our weaker and stronger members alike. Despite our relative inexperience, we were passionate about our game and determined to learn no matter the outcome of the competition. Of course, none of this prepared us for the actual experience.

The training sessions were nothing compared to the heat we faced on the battleground – fierce opponents who made moves in split seconds, national players who could score above eighty points in one move. It would be a lie to say that we were not initially intimidated by our strong competition. However, our members displayed flexibility and adaptability by bouncing back up on their feet and fighting competitors head-on. We strived to learn from our mistakes, and to pick up tips from our opponents’ strengths. We were unfazed by defeat. We put up a (SBEVBMMZ  UIF JOUFOTJUZ PG UIFTF USBJOJOH TFTTJPOT JODSFBTFE  good fight, and managed to win an entire round at the end of and they entailed hard work – memorising 2-word and 3-word the day. combinations was only the minimal requirement. Instead of casual games, we were drilled on different playing techniques, Although we did not win a title, Hall 2 Scrabble team conquered and learnt about the board arrangements such as the open board the competition. We emerged unscathed, and as the Interhall and the closed board. We practised timing, memorization, and 3FDSFBUJPOBM(BNFTSPMMBSPVOEBHBJOOFYUZFBS XFXJMMDPNF how to make use of tile placement to maximise our scores. back as the same team, and put up a stronger fight than ever before. As the competition date drew closer, our team trained harder than ever before to remember all that we had taught by our Written by Melody Tan and Clarinda Ong dedicated senior players. Our games became more competitive Scrabble Team Captain and Manager 12/13 and it was heart-warming to see the undeniable improvements During our first few training sessions, we warmed up slowly by playing friendly games against one another. Each of us had our fair share of expertise that we gladly traded with the others. Through these early games, we discovered different playing styles and strategies among us. Veteran players expounded for us wisdom gained from previous competitions, and we eagerly took all the information in.


//SPECIAL AWARDS //28TH JCRC Name Fong Yee Hsu Joshua Lim Wei Jian Elizabeth Poh Wan Qi Koh Ping Fang Edward Liauw Jian Xiong Parthiban S/O Mathevanan Ang Jing Yi Jordan Tan Wei Qiang Ng Kuan Boon Joel Peh Zong Ting Lee Yi Ze Jacie Ong Yu Ling Choo Zi Lin Neo Ching Leng Frederick Kho Sue Ying Jacelyn Aneza Ramzeen

//29TH JCRC BEST SUBCOMM Position President Vice President Financial Controller )PO(FO4DSFUBSZ Business Manager Social Secretary Social Secretary Sports Secretary Sports Secretary Recreation Sec Recreation Sec Cultural Sec Welfare Sec Publication Sec Publication Sec Publicity Secretary

Name Bhim sen Kumar S/O Thritraj Neo Wen Ling Ang Xue Ying Woon Tian Huang Ianson Low Wei Shan Sim Ping Ting Chew Cherng Shyang Jason Tan Jun Rong Peh Zong Ting Tan Jing Hang Lee Wei Da Jerico Wang Siding Lee Ziyang Low Wee Sam Alvin Lee Ze Xian Law Han Cong Chia Si Chuan Poon Kip Mun

Position Block Manager Block Manager Business Manager Business Manager Cultural Cultural Publication Publication Publicity Publicity Rec Subcomm Rec Subcomm Social Social Sports Sports Welfare Welfare


//SPORTS AWARDS Abdul Adib Adelene Tan Wan Ting Alisa Chua Nyap Lih Alvin Bay Teck Koon Alvin Lee Ze Xian Aneza Ramzeen Ang Jing Yi Jordan Ang Shu Fen Jasmine Ang Wei Xin Ang Xue Ying Angela Ng Pei Qing Angela Yap Xue Qi Anna Yor Siew Fung Bhim sen Kumar S/O Thritraj Brenda Teo Yan Ling Bronson Cheng Wei Liang Bryan Teo Cedrick Lee Chai Ming Long $IBO(VP;IFO Chan Li Zhong Chang Chern Yee Chen Jiehui Chen Yufei Chen Zhengxian Cheng Kiang Yung Terence Cher Jia Hui Clement Chern Hui Shan Chew Cherng Shyang Jason Chew Si Qi Cheyenne Ching Pei Jie Chia Bing Xi Chia Chong Long Chia Si Chuan Chia Wang Peng Chin Han Liang Alvin Chin Jia Hui Chin Jia Wen Chng Si Lin Jocelyn Choo Zi Lin Choon Hao Wei Chua Hong Qian Chua Yuan Pin Chua Zhiquan Adrian Daphne Tan Su Yin Debbie Sim Su Jin Derrick Edmund Ng Wei Jie Edwin Ong Hong Xi Ee PeiEn Elizabeth Au Rui Lin Emilene Thoo Shu Ping Eugene Tang Wei Da (BO+JOH)BO,FOOFUI (MFO"CSBIBN-JBOH:VYVBO (MPSJB/H:V:BO (P5JPOH4FO (VBJ8BO-JOH


(VP9JV;IBO Haikal Yahya Han Bingxun Bryan Ho Hong Rui Lucas Huam Wen Yuan Natalie Jacie Ong Yu Ling Jaclyn Lau Peilin Jacqueline Chuah Kai Chin Jonathan Ong Junjie Jonathan Wong Tze Hou Joseph Lou Shu-Tian Kee Xurong Kenneth Hor Key Li Jun Queenie Kho Sue Ying Jacelyn Koh Ming Chong Brian Kok Si Lin Kor Kiat Yao Kuek Yong Wei Alvin Kwok Han Sheng Jeffrey Law Han Cong Lecia Yee Yu Ling Lee Kun Yan Lee Wei Da Jerico Lee Wei Jie Lee Xue Wen Lee Yilin Lee Ziyang Leong Hui Min Leong Kar Ming, Edwin Leong Yin Yin Leong Zhan Wen Andy Lew Hui Jia Natalia Lian Huai Li Lian HuiTing Lim Jia Chang Lim Jia Hao Lim Jian Wei Mark Lim Jie Min Lim Jing Wei Lim Ming Wei Daryl Lim Shang Fa Ivan Lim Shao Wei Lim Shi Min Lim Shiyan Lim Wei Jian Joshua Lim Yong Jun Lim Zhi hao Lin Shirong Dennis Lin Xiu Judith Lo Bing Cheng Johnson Lo Zhen Chiang Loh Shell Chi Loh Wan Jing Chantel Low Wei Shan Low Zi Hao Lui Jian Long Mainisah Binte Buang

Mak Jian Yao Dominic Malcolm Lin Shi Jun .BUU(PI2J2VBO Melissa Choo Yan Jie Melody Tai Kwan Yi Michelle Sara Cheong Ming Rong Mindy Chow Miyuki Saito Nabil Tasnim Neo Hao Bin Neo Sian Yin Ng Jian Wern Ng Jie Long Jerome Ng Jin Hao Jacob Ng Keng Yang Ng Ray Lim Ng Wee Kiat Ng Wei Hong Ng Wei Kang Ng Xin Ying Adeline Ng Yuan Ping Artrillian Nor Fuad Bin Ab Rahim Nur Sahira Binte Kamsani 0OH(VBO+JF Ong Jun Liang, Victor Ong Li En Crystal Ong ZI Quan Parthiban S/O Mathevanan Pearlyn Chiang Qin Wen Peh Jin Zhuang Peh Yan Ping Petrina Anne De Souza Poon Kip Mun Seah Hui Ting Suzanna Shen Liwen Sim Yikai, Kenneth Siow Wai Kit, Aldrick Soh Pin Xuan Sreedhar Sagaana Poongothai Sri Vathsavai Neelima Stephanie Yeo Tai Wei Ming Nicholas Tam Bee Ting Tan Chun Hao Tan Jing Hang Tan Jun Rong Tan Li Ting Tan Seow Hwee (Chen Xiaohui) Tan Shao Hui Esmonde Tan Siew Hui Tan Ti Fen Tan Wei Kwang Elgin Tan Wei Qiang Tan Yen Hao 5BO:POH(FOH Tan Yong Kai Tan Yuan Chong Tan Zhi Rui

Tan Zi Jing Louis Tay Yu Hui Teo Chin Hwee Teo Chun Hoe Teo Han Wei Alvin Teo Xue Jun Teo Yu Hao Tessa Tan Yi Xin Theresa Ong Hui Jie Toh Yu Heng Amos Tong Xu Le Victor Ong Wang Xianlong Kenryu Wee Chuan Wen Arnold Wilfred Lim Jian Min Wong Hoe Yong Wong Sok Peng Wong Wai Hang Casper Wong Wen Xin Wong Yong Kang Wong Zi Hao Billy Wu ZheKang Yu Ming Zhong Yangzhi


//REC/DANCE/CHEER AWARDS REC GAMES Alvin Lee Ze Xian Alyssa Poh Sze Chee Andre Wang Hong Wei Ang Chern Heidi Ang Hian Lee, Philip Ang Jing Yi Jordan Ang Xue Ying Ang Zhi Kai Astrid Wong Siew Me $IBO(VP;IFO Chew Cherng Shyang Jason Choo Zi Lin Chow Wanxuan Ci Ruixiang Clarinda Ong Yanyu Debbie Sim Su Jin Foo Chang Yuh (P5JPOH4FO (PI:J$IPOH Hendrik Lee Jie Hao Huam Wen Yuan Natalie Jeffrey Kwok Han Sheng Jillian Liew Qiao Yan Juliet Neo Yuan Yue Kaira Tan Jia Ling Kee Xurong Key Li Jun Queenie Kok Si Lin Kor Kiat Yao Kwan Xin Yi Lam Kit Man Lee Wei Da Jerico Lee Zheng Hong Jason Lee Ziyang Lew Hui Jia Natalia Lim Jia Chang Lim Jia Hao Lim Shao Wei Lin Xiu Judith Low Wee Sam Low Zi Hao Malcolm Lin Shijun Melody Tai Kwan Yi Mervyn Lim Wee Chuan Miranda Yeo Siu Hui Neo Boon Yik Neo Sian Yin Neo Wen Ling Ng Jian Wen Ng Keng Yang Ng Wei Hong Ng Xue Ting Olivia Tay Hui Wen Ong Zhi Yuan Poh Weilun Seah Hui Ting Suzanna Seah Sheng Zhi


Shen Liwen Sim Ping Ting Soh Pin Xuan Su Zargyi Lwin (Carol) Sun Linwei Tam Bee Ting Tan Junhui Jessie Tan Li Ting Tan Seow Hwee (Chen Xiaohui) Tan Shao Hui Esmonde Tan Wei Hong Tay Chee Shan Teo Aixin Teo Jing Yun Teo Yu Hao Toh Honghan Toh Yu Heng Amos Tse Mun Hing Jasmine Vicki Chng Wei Qi Ang Wei Xin Wong Mei Qing Wong Wen Xin Woo Zhi Er Tomoko Yeow Hui Shi Elizabeth Maria Yu Ming Zhong YangZhi 3JDLZ"CEJ(VOBXBO Koean DANCE Aneza Ramzeen Chia Peng Yang, Nicholas Chia Si Chuan Chin Jia Hui Clarinda Ong Yanyu Foo Chang Yuh Key Li Jun Queenie Kwan Xin Yi Lim Shang Fa Ivan Lim Swee Leong Vincent Lim Wei Jian Joshua Lim Zhi Yu Mak Jian Yao Dominic Nay Zin Tun Ong Li En Crystal Regina Lim Rui Qi 3JDLZ"CEJ(VOBXBO Koean Tam Bee Ting Tay Chee Shan Teo Kok Xin Benny Tse Mun Hing (Jasmine) Veronica Neo Zu Yi Willfred Lim Jian Min Wong Wen Xin Astrid Wong Siew Me

CHEER Alvin Lee Ze Xian Amanda Tay Boon Luan Chang Chern Yee Chua Hong Qian (P5JPOH4FO How Sze Yin Kho Sue Ying Jacelyn Koh Qing Hui Lee Ziyang Lim Hong Chow Lin Shirong Dennis Lo Zhen Chiang Loh Wei Xiang Lynette Teo Wei Ling Malcolm Lin Shi Jun .BUU(PI2J2VBO Ng Chee Kian Peh Dong Zheng Rachel Tan Hui Sian Tan Chun Hao Yeo Yuan Ting Sherlyn





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