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Globalization and International Affairs Program ​hi this is mark Sutton with Michigan Legion radio i'm here today with julie man she is the CEO and president of j-man consulting group the rock star factory and the newly launched company rock star verified the rock star factory is a professional placement firm specializing in matching companies with rock star quality employees while j-man Consulting Group provides a nun call HR manager services for small medium-sized businesses rock star verified provides candidate employment skills verification services for both jobseekers and employers today we have Julie man with us in studio and in the marched 20,000 2012 Michigan Legionnaire she wrote an article about fight with her finding work series talking about the cover letter so today we want to expand on on the cover letter for those seeking work Julie welcome to the show thank you very much mark for having me how are you I'm doing wonderful don't you doing well so in your article you talked about that your grandfather was a great grandfather was a veteran in World War was that World War one um actually my great grandfather was in the Civil War in the siege of Vicksburg and my grandfather was on the SS to scania in World War one wow yeah that's a long as on the boat when the torpedo hit the side of the hall and it started you know we know the story oh that's amazing so in the in your article you talked about the importance of a cover letter because a lot I think a lot of people focus on the resume because everybody has a resume builder right companies just say hey send us your resume and we'll see what happens what what is the the real importance of a cover letter in association with the resume and how does it you know do they work together a couple of things first of all people say do I really need to do a cover letter anyway is anybody gonna read it why bother why waste my time I'll just submit my resume first thing is you have to do a cover letter so if you're hearing that myth we watch a lot of Mythbusters at home so if you're hearing that myth it's a myth please do a cover letter the purpose of the cover letter is really helping that person who's doing the fruiting make the connection of why you to this job so your resume is going to talk about your skills your background your experiences but the cover letter is going to say okay now that I see that why would you be the one that I want to spend interviewing time with and also from a even just a screening standpoint of view I mean I've been in recruiting since 1984 I've seen another resume I've recruited for a lot of jobs and you know think about it from a recruiter standpoint of you because I want it you know share this visual with everyone so you're sitting there and you have a stack of resumes hundreds of them sitting in front of you you're the recruiter the first thing you do and I can guarantee you this is what just about what we all do our methods may change slightly but we very quickly scan through them all and we create a pile of yes nose and maybes first thing that we do so your cover letter you want to get in that yes pile so you know it's a marketing piece for you it's okay to be slightly different in your cover letter you know one that I used to use back when I was in my recruiting days my first line was you know dear sir or madam or if I had a name obviously I would insert that stop you find the person you're looking for because as the recruiter I know what it's like the cover letters that start to you know to whom it may concern dear sir or madam attached you will find a cover letter we see those all day long be a little bit different because the cover letter again first thing you want to do is get in that yet file and it'll help you get there so it would you say from a with the with my background somewhat in direct marketing in letter writing do you think that using a bold line in front of paragraphs is okay I do i do I mean again it's from an attention-getting standpoint of view you know especially that being your background I'm going to be looking at information coming in if I'm seeking someone with your skills I'm going to be looking at does he know the technical side of how to use this medium right it's that I'm like going on and went from marketing guides the marketing guy know how to market right right um so that would also work for someone looking for welding job or a samsung absolutely i mean the job search process is marketing your marketing the most important commodity that you have and that's you so from your point of view with all these since you know almost 30 years more than 30 years of experience in all this and scanning all these resumes and cover letters what are you scanning for that that brings someone from the the pile to the yes pile and not the bin pile okay you set an interesting word and the word that you said with scanning your larger companies these days do use a resume scanning device so the recruiter may not even see the resumes so when they're scanned in because the scanning device is going to make a judgment call a technological judgment call on your background before the recruiter even sees the resume so i want to point you know the the manual word of scanning is i'm scanning through the document looking for so let's address that on both verticals if we can so the smaller company that doesn't have this scanning mechanism if you want to say they are scanning the cover letter to find out first of all did you read my ad did you make some correlations back to the ad did

you at least take that interest in my job to say i would be good for this part of your posting because i bring this to the table you know have some Bulleit make it a reason i'm the good fit is because you were looking for this I bring this especially when you add in the military side of things where sometimes those skillsets aren't as easily translatable you know it may say you know I'm your resume that i was in this battalion or worked with this group well translate that to me on the cover letter and today i did this and you're looking for that so therefore i'm a good fit for these reasons and make connection so for the smaller company when we say scanning the resume that's their speed reading it yeah to look for those key points so someone who's writing their cover letter they really do want to make it specific for that job because that employer or potential employer is just looking for those keywords that says that yes this person understands what I'm looking for right and quite honestly you then make it easy for the recruiter right i mean think about your marking so think about press releases that get attention versus press releases that don't the press release that gets the attention is one that's pretty much did all the work for them it was very easy for them to pick up that press release and run with it they didn't have to do homework right right okay so take that to the cover letter make it easy for the recruiter to say aha this is exactly what exactly who I'm looking for and they just happen to it then they get thrown in the yes pile yeah and then when they go through the resume they just happen to see oh here's all the this is where he got his experience from absolutely great absolutely so that the smile now go live to the other vertical of the big company automated system automated system and maybe big company I mean bigger companies are the ones who tend to have but don't think don't big companies also like subscribe to like a and stuff like that and ask them to send them the scanned skin possible maybe were they may but what they probably have internally if they have any form of a resume tracking system is they have it's every resume goes through a scanner there's somebody who tire to feed these things through or however they come through right and the scan the recruiter identifies keywords teamwork leadership welding whatever the skills are great so the recruiter gives the scanning system a host of keywords 50 keywords let's say until the computer don't send me a resume unless these 50 words are included in the resume hello and so it doesn't auto scan and you know electronically figures out first pass who would go into the maybe pile ok so again the adept recruiter the good recruiter is writing they're posting to mock what they've given the computer to look for ah so really pay attention to that ad yes and and correlate those words incorporate those words they use in the ad in your cover letter yeah so that you're hitting the bullet points that they are actually looking for yes ok now I'm going to share everyone get your butt you think they'll fun this is a very interesting new tip that's out there that I find absolutely fascinating and I don't know how many people are using it or even aware of it but I read it very recently so there's this new thing you'll love this mark there's this new thing called white words okay okay I wish you all could see the way his forehead just crinkled so there's this thing called white words so what people are doing is they're taking a whole sheet of paper just typing keywords a whole page of them teamwork leadership communication every skill that you can even imagine right then you highlight that whole page turn the words white and drop a text box over top with your actual cover letter oh so then when this document is scanned into the computer this sees all the what computer doesn't the recruiter can't see the white words the computer can see it oh my god in that crazy that is crazy i'm just starting to read about that and I I don't know how much is this I mean but it this is for people who are submitting it electronically or I mean actually electronic it would be electronic submission but it worth noting document you take a word document you write everything all the keywords and add a ton of keywords in white text yes then take an in text box and cover it mm-hmm and put your actual cover letter yes so you get the benefit of what's in the text box also the benefit so you're actually sending in two pages which is a no-no right right but you're getting the benefit of two pages because of the way you're doing right isn't that brilliant that is brilliant I just read that but i don't know i mean i know it works from a practical standpoint of view as far as how the scanner things and it works as far as getting to recruit the technical aspect of it is it's important I don't know how many people are doing in practice but I thought it was absolutely if I was looking for a job right now I'd be doing it I can guarantee you because it's going to up your hit ratio which isn't exactly what it is that's right right go there there's a tip that I don't think is it gut it's not out there that much you're not seeing a lot about it but I read an article recently and thought wow ok so in closing so look at the ad yes that you're seeing in the paper online and write your cover letter so that you're incorporating every single keyword that's in that ad yeah so that when they scan it into their system that is going to grab your resume because they're scanning in the cover letter and the resume yes do they make sure that a lot of those keywords are also in their resume body if or does that matter if they have that you know I mean how many times are we all gonna rewrite our resumes you know I mean so they should they be paying attention to those keywords in the ad and then just kind of review their resume every absolutely okay so we'll cover resumes in another issue perfect and thank you for coming no thank you this is great okay and and how long is rock star factory been around um rock star factory has been around since 2009 and I tell you it's just been fascinating and wonderful helping people understand some of these

things that sometimes you think how everybody knows that but but they don't and it helps you know we've got to get people employed and understand some of those tips behind the recruiters eyes well and for your services for the veterans that the person seeking work there's no charge to them or what is there an are there's not a charge to the person seeking work so it so there's someone listening to this and they're seeking work they can get ahold of you at ww a rock star factory calm is where they could submit a resume or again email is Julie at j-man Consulting Group JMA NN consulting group com is a great email place to have that submission the rock star factory is a j-man company okay that's so you're so you get these resumes and you're actually looking for your you're building your database of people that are qualified to do work yeah or what qualifications they have and then companies come to you looking for i need so and i need a specific type of person or skill set and that way they have you and they have the veteran in the database you can pull them out ok have a look at this guy right and I will tell you my guy in the last 45 days I've had three companies call and say I want a hire a vet for skill reasons you know yet the right thing to do but they say we need someone who needs the skilled the skilled of skill in this skill and so I think companies we're doing everything we can to educate them on that value and they're saying a hot we understand all of the things that everyone did and it's translating into the workplace I'll stand yeah good stuff thank you very much Julie thank you doctor again soon ok this is mark Sutton with the Michigan Legion radio thank you for listening and we're at ww Michigan Legion org /r a do Wesleyan.