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Overview Wildsmith & Sons is a mobile boot-making business that strives to offer personalization and high quality to each customer. Each boot is created by hand, crafted and altered to fit each customer as desired. Using the highest quality leather, time, and hard work, each pair of boots is unique. No two pairs of Wildsmith & Sons boots will be the same. Founded in 1903 by Jeremy Wildsmith , our company has been passed down father-to-son for four generations, all retaining the quality and expertise that Wildsmith sought to provide. We are generations dedicated to artisan cobblery bringing you top-of-the-line boots, both in quality and in style.

Concept Founded in 1903, Wildsmith & Sons reaches back to tradition in modern day. The brand seeks to combine a sleek modern feel, while still maintaining the old fashioned and personal roots of the original company. By using warm colors paired with photographic images and sleek styles, it does just that. It is inviting yet sophisticated, ensuring the evocation of high quality and professionalism alongside a comfortable and personal brand. 2

Positioning Wildsmith & Sons is the only company in the country that comes to you for measurements, creates your boots, and brings them right to your doorstep. Not only this, but the quality of leather and craftsmanship is nearly unparalleled by any other independent shoemakers.

Audience A good boot is hard to come by, whether for work or for show. Quality is highly sought after by many, and rarely available to most. Wildsmith & Sons strives to reach boot-wearers of all ages, inclined to a lifestyle full of walking and adventuring. From hiking boots, to combats, to dress shoes, Wildsmith & Sons makes it a goal to provide quality in all styles of boots according to the needs of each customer. These boots are appropriate in the workplace and in mechanical jobs, making them prime for business people and laborers. They are long lasting and comfortable, hand made to form to your foot, making them the perfect addition to any hikers go-to gear as well.


Mood Inspiration Wildsmith & Sons has been largely inspired by antique signs, cattle brands, and old style photography, giving it a warm, rustic feel, while maintaining a sophistication similar to that of menswear brands, to communicate the height of quality which it provides. Cattle brands are specifically a main inspiration for this company because they are typically rooted in family names. In the same way, using this inspiration for Wildsmith & Sons communicates that this company is family owned and operated, passed down through generations.


Logo Process and Sketches Initially, the logo direction was much different, and displayed a different name, but after becoming interested in cattle brands, the logo transformed into a much simpler design. Here, I have included both digital and sketched iterations.


Final Logo


The final logo is a simpler version of a cattle brand style illustration that is heavily type based as well as all connected. This is the main logo which can be used in any of the three solid colors in the brand, and may be paired with the name in the following orientations.

Custom Boot Wagon




Typefaces in Use For all main titles, American Typewriter regular is to be used. American Typewriter Bold is never to be used in any case, as it is much thicker and rounder. Any subtitle may be Nunito Regular in all capital letters. Body copy is to be typed using nunito regular only. In a case where body is light on a dark solid, nunito semi-bold may be used if necessary for readability.

Color Palette I chose a color palette directly taken from a swatch of leather, as well as a lighter tone that contrasts well with the two main brown colors to maintain that warm western feel that Wildsmith & Sons embodies.


American Typewriter Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Pantone Black 4 C R: 45

C: 62%

G: 34

M: 67%

B: 30

Y: 69% K: 73%


Pantone 412 C


R: 65

C: 56%


G: 49

M: 66%

B: 42

Y: 69%

Nunito Semi-bold

K: 60%

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Pantone 481 C


R: 212 C: 12% G: 189 M: 24% B: 163 Y: 36% K: 0%

Stationery Wildsmith & Sons stationery features the brands main colors, as well as the introduction of our signature leather texture with a leather stamp effect.


Packaging Wildsmith and sons combines natural papers and materials with sepia photographic elements and leather based colors to create cohesive packaging designs that carry on the feel and identity of the brand.


Uniform Wildsmith & Sons employees and owners upkeep the brands image by dressing in distressed leather aprons layered over cuffed denim shirts. These aprons are customized with the Wildsmith & Sons monogram logo.


Truck Wrap As a company on wheels, it is important that the Wildsmith & Sons brand is upheld on the road. We need to be seen in every situation representing the cohesive style that communicates the vision of Wildsmith & Sons to all onlookers.



(615) 674-5465 Custom Boot Wagon

Website A mobile business needs to be well represented on-line to supplement its lack of a permanent location. Our website provides contact information and a quick look at our vision to give customers an idea of who we are and where they might find us.


Miranda Mabery Arts 403 Fall 2017

Wildsmith & Sons Brand Guide  

Brand Guide

Wildsmith & Sons Brand Guide  

Brand Guide