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Rewind Play Miranda Alliance Year In Review 2010

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Rewind Play Miranda Alliance Year In Review 2010

Edited by Miranda Alliance Texts Zuvinova Photography MAPF and Ricardo Faria Paulino Make-up Sónia Pessoa and Sofia Lucas Graphic Design Carlos Gomes/Chair Design Printed by MR-Artes Gráficas Acknowledgements Clube de Futebol “Os Belenenses” April 2011


Agostinho Pereira de Miranda (President) Rui Amendoeira (Managing Partner)


(but certainly not the last) foray into Francophone Africa. At last count, our coverage spans 12 countries and 19 offices. All across our organisation we saw steady growth in all tangible indicators: turnover, earnings, headcount and clients. These results are a seal of approval to our vision, first formulated almost 25 years ago, of building a unique legal services practice that can meet the most demanding international standards while possessing a hands-on local knowledge of the environment in which we operate. We believe that uncompromising quality and integrity are the essential fuels of our growth drive, and clients have embraced our strategy in 2010 more so than in any other year in the past.

As we look back to the world in 2010, what event or series of events come to mind first? The “consensus� response would be to pick an event(s) associated with the struggling economy such as the sovereign debt tribulations of several Eurozone countries. As they affect the everyday life of citizens in the most direct manner, economic themes tend to understandably monopolise the media agenda and stir public debate. But, the economic woes aside, the world keeps spinning round and around and people, north and south, keep on trying to make progress, overcome obstacles, fight adversity and shape a better life. In 2010 we saw remarkable stories of resilience and courage, amazing technological and scientific breakthroughs, great entrepreneurial achievements and inspiring examples of solidarity and human bonding. For every gloomy event happening, there are dozens of positive things mushrooming from everywhere, anytime, so long as we keep our eyes and mind open.

Our 2010 Year in Review is a collection of success snapshots: Of the world and the Miranda Alliance. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Agostinho Pereira de Miranda President

At the Miranda Alliance, we feel proud about our 2010 achievements. Our expansion strategy took a big leap with the opening of a new office in natural-resource rich Gabon, our first

Rui Amendoeira Managing Partner




New Frontiers


FIFA World Cup – South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was the first time a soccer world championship was ever held in an African country. The event was widely acclaimed as a resounding success, particularly as a major contribution in moving the Rainbow Nation forward, as well as the African continent as a whole.

Bruna FĂ´jo (Trainee) Matthieu Le Roux (Of Counsel) Francisco Rebello de Andrade (Trainee)


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International Entrepreneurship The 2010 World Cup was followed with double enthusiasm by Miranda Alliance. Many of our member-firms have, for decades, been active throughout the African continent. Whether investing in legal education and professional training, helping local communities through our CSR initiatives, or even advising public entities in setting up legal frameworks for African nations, Miranda Alliance has applied many of its international entrepreneurship skills in Africa. In 2010, Miranda Alliance opened a new office in Africa. This time, the firm inaugurated its presence in the French-speaking African world, setting up practice in Gabon. Miranda Alliance’s network of African offices now spans Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe and Gabon. We are also present in the US (Houston), China (Macao), Brazil and Timor-Leste. And, of course, in our head office in Portugal.



Miranda Alliance Adds A New International Office: Gabon Cabinet Jules Obiang, headquartered in Gabon, is Miranda Alliance’s most recent member. Our partnership with Cabinet Jules Obiang aims at strengthening client access to first class legal advisory in the region, offering a local team which specialises in oil & gas, telecoms, banking and mining. The partnership with Cabinet Jules Obiang also signals the first time Miranda Alliance has a presence in a francophone African country. Managing Partner Rui Amendoeira said: “Miranda is the first international law firm to have a presence in Gabon through a correspondent law firm. We are an international law firm and Gabon is the first step in a growth strategy in the French-speaking African countries”. “The Gabon project was conceived some years ago, but we needed to find the right law firm before launching. We did. From the outset we recognised in Cabinet Jules Obiang the same values that have guided our organisation over the years”, he added.




Talent At The Top


Longest Sea Voyage – World Record

Ricardo Alves Silva (Partner) Raul Mota Cerveira (Partner)

Reid Stowe set the new world record for the Longest sea voyage, in 2010, having been at sea for 1152 days (more than three years) aboard his 70 ft. Schooner “Anne”, without stopping and without being re-supplied with either food or fuel. Stowe became the first person to sail around the world for over one thousand consecutive days.


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A first-class, diverse, multi-lingual law firm, working closely as an international team is not easy to come by. It is only with a group of exceptional lawyers at the helm that a firm achieves international recognition. At Miranda Alliance you will find more than just a large group of expert legal advisers. We have developed a tightly knit team that prides itself in being always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the client’s goals are met in the shortest timeframe possible. Being promoted to partner at Miranda Alliance means being recognised as a true expert in a specific field of expertise, as well as a sound principled team leader who is capable of carrying the firm forward and preparing it for the following generations.



Portugal Promotes Two To Partnership

Brazil Partnership Stregthened: Three New Partners

Raul Mota Cerveira and Ricardo Alves Silva were made partners in January 2010.

Our Brazil partner firm ‘BBCR - Bichara, Barata, Costa e Rocha Advogados’ has promoted three additional partners in 2010, expanding the Brazilian partnership from 7 to 10 partners.

Raul started at Miranda as an associate, in March 2006, and was subsequently promoted to senior associate. While working closely with São Tomé and Príncipe, Raul also actively participates in our Angolan practice, particularly in public law matters.

The three new partners are: Manuella Vasconcelos Falcão (Tax), Andrea Weiss Balassiano (International Trade, Antitrust and Competition) and Carol Monteiro de Carvalho (International Trade, Antitrust and Competition).

Ricardo, currently in charge of coordinating the Timor-Leste legal practice and of coordinating the Houston and Timor-Leste offices, started at Miranda in September 2004 as an associate. Up until December 2008, Ricardo was head of Miranda Alliance’s US office. He has been at the Firm’s Lisbon office since January 2009. While specialising in oil and gas, Ricardo also collaborates in a wide range of cross-border matters involving Angola and Portugal. Key areas of expertise: Raul Mota Cerveira – Public and Administrative Law Ricardo Alves Silva – Oil and Gas and Administrative Law






Sebastian Vettel Wins F1 World Title

Yolanda Santos (Trainee) Ana Ferreira da Costa (Associate) Francisco Chissende (Trainee)

23 year-old German Formula One racing driver Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion in the history of the F1 racing championship, as he secured his and Red Bull’s first drivers’ championship title in Abu Dhabi, in 2010.


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Fostering Talent

By maintaining rigor, consistency and discipline across the board, we have been fortunate enough to have had an extremely busy 2010 (for more details see ‘99% Perspiration’ below). Despite the global economic downturn, Miranda Alliance has been able to grow its broad talent pool of young practitioners and support staff by 8% in 2010, continuing our expansion at an international level. We are constantly looking for lawyers with a winning attitude that bring in three qualities which the firm values greatly: being reliable team players with good commercial sense and a practical approach to client problems.



Miranda Alliance Europe And Africa: 8% Growth In 2010 In 2010, the number of lawyers at Miranda Alliance’s partner firms in Europe and Africa registered an 8% increase. While in December 2009 Miranda boasted 160 lawyers, in December 2010 the total number of lawyers in Europe and Africa totalled 173.

- Francisca Correia (Associate) - Francisco Chissende (Trainee) - Francisco Ramirez (Associate) - Francisco Rebello de Andrade (Trainee) - Gonçalo Perestrello (Associate) - Henrique Sobreira (Associate) - Ilma Rosário (Trainee) - Inês Almeida (Associate) - João Casimiro (Trainee) - João Chambel (Accountancy Assistant) - João Naia (Trainee) - José Miguel Ramos de Andrade (Associate) - Katiana Cordeiro (Trainee) - Marina Oliveira (Billing Assistant) - Matthieu Le Roux (Senior Associate) - Miguel Santana (Trainee) - Milton Inglês (Trainee) - Nelson Sousa (Administrative Assistant) - Osório Sales Lucas (Associate) - Paula Rodrigues (Associate) - Priscila Vaz (Billing Dpt.) - Ricardo Domingos (Associate) - Rita Vasques Alves (Billing Assistant) - Sumila Santos (Trainee) - Susana Barahona Ferreira (Senior Associate) - Tânia Nóbrega (Of Counsel) - Yaeli Oliveira (Trainee) - Yolanda Santos (Trainee) - Zélia Muxixeny (Trainee)

Support staff also grew 15% compared to 2009. In December 2009 Miranda had 67 support staff and in December 2010 the total figure was 77. We would like to warmly welcome our most recent colleagues and wish them all the best at Miranda Alliance! - Ana Ferreira da Costa (Associate) - André Rosseto (Associate) - António Martinho (Trainee) - Bernardo Embry (Trainee) - Bruna Fôjo (Trainee) - Bruno Sampaio Santos (Associate) - Catarina Morais (Designer) - Cláudia Veloso (Associate) - David Arellano (Associate) - Diana Grilo (Associate) - Dora Coimbra (Receptionist) - Eszter Szántai (Accountancy Assistant) - Filipa Gonçalves (Associate) - Filipa Russo de Sá (Associate)



Brazil Growth Figures Brazil has also seen impressive growth figures in 2010. The number of lawyers grew some 55%, from 63 (2009) to 98 (2010); the number of trainees increased 63%, from 52 in 2009 to 85 in 2010. The Firm’s support staff also posted an increase in numbers, from 34 (2009) to 40 (2010).

Miranda Alliance’s Recruitment Initiatives In 2010 •

Miranda was present at the Open Day of Catholic University’s Master Courses in April 2010. This initiative was a great opportunity for students to ask questions and get some answers regarding the University’s broad range of Master Courses and Doctorates. Miranda partner João Luís Traça was invited as a speaker and participated in several workshops, where presentations of the Masters in Administrative Law, Law and Management and Litigation took place.

On the occasion of the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the independence of Angola, the second edition of the Job Fair took place at ISCTE (25 to 27 November). The event was promoted by the Angolan Consulate in Portugal.

Miranda was involved in this initiative, helping visitors with information about Miranda’s several offices across the globe and talking about job opportunities available in each of Miranda’s international offices.

• The Catholic University Law School staged the eighth edition of its annual job shop


in November 2010, bringing together students and employers. A number of leading lawyers and executives carried out debates on several current issues. Miranda Alliance was represented at one of the round tables by partner Luis M. S. Oliveira. “Are law firms and companies two entities of the same kind?” was the main issue. A novelty this year was the meeting “An hour with a partner”, which allowed students to talk with decision makers at law firms.

Consulate organised its job fair, as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of Angola’s independence. Miranda Alliance was one of the firms present. The key objective of the meeting was creating job opportunities, not only for the 5.000 Angolans currently studying in Portugal, which are hoping to return to Angola after finishing their degree, but also for anyone interested in working in Angola. The job fair took place in November at ISCTE – Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa.

For the second consecutive year the Angolan



Lawyers Matter


Facebook Reaches 500 Million Members

Facebook, the number one social network, passed its 500 millionth user in 2010. A College-room project that started in Harvard quickly became the world’s biggest social network in just six years, today connecting people of all ages and trades across the five Continents of the world.

Dimir Coutinho Sampa (Trainee) Rui Andrade (Partner) Agostinho Pereira de Miranda (President) JoĂŁo Afonso Fialho (Partner)


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At Miranda Alliance we really care about what we do, whether it is keeping clients happy or promoting our profession’s core values. We are proud to have been an active participant in many activities and organisations surrounding the legal profession, effectively building bridges between various legal communities, both locally and at an international level. We have not only been promoters and participants in a number of professional events, but each of our partners is proactively dedicated to serve as a true connector of businesses and clients. During 2010, many of our partners were honoured to be appointed to a number of prestigious organisations, having also been involved in key decisions that ultimately affect communities around us and our clients’ business. A major highlight last year for Miranda Alliance was taking part in the first International Conference of Portuguese-speaking Lawyers. The event was a huge success and has literally opened the borders of dialogue between a legal community that encompasses 9 countries and which itself includes a population of some 200 million Portuguese speakers.



First International Meeting Of Portuguese-speaking Lawyers Following the inaugural session, and during the 23rd and 24th of March, the Congress took place at the Lisbon Congress Centre, where over 500 lawyers from eight Portuguese-speaking countries were present. Representatives from Macao were also present.

The UALP, the Union of Lawyers from Portuguese-speaking Nations, promoted in Lisbon, between 22 and 24 March, the first International Conference of Portuguese-speaking Lawyers, where the key issue in debate was “The challenges of the legal practice, for Portuguese-speaking practitioners, in a world without frontiers”. Miranda Alliance was proud to be involved in the organisation of the event. The Firm’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda was elected Coordinator of the Congress’ Executive Committee by all of the Law Societies present.

The Portuguese Justice Minister, Alberto Martins, presided over the inaugural ceremony, which was organised in three separate sessions: “Lawyers’ prerogatives as key citizenship rights”; “Lawyer Privilege”; and “Mandatory Registration”. Justice Secretary José Magalhães led the closing speech in a Congress which was sponsored by some 20 public and private institutions.

The inaugural session, which sold out, took place at the Main Hall of the Portuguese Law Society. Former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio was a guest of honour.

UALP brings together the Law Societies of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe, as well as the Macao Law Society.



Leading Roles For Miranda Alliance Partners •

Following three long years of debate, the Code of Ethics for Arbiters was approved by the General Assembly of the Portuguese Association for Arbitration, on 12 March 2010. Miranda Alliance’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda was the Code’s main reporteur. The Code now presents a solid base for ethical issues with which arbiters are constantly faced. The new Code ends controversial practices such as the “partial arbiter” and other circumventions to the law which in recent years have discredited voluntary arbitration in Portugal.

The Firm’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda was appointed President of the Ethics Council of the Portuguese Arbitration Association.

The Firm’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda was appointed member of the Arbitration Committee of the Portuguese Delegation at the ICC – International Court of Arbitration.

Luiz Gustavo Bichara, founding partner of Miranda Alliance’s Brazil partner Firm Bichara, Barata, Costa e Rocha Advogados was appointed President of Brazil’s Federal Justice Commission as well as Vice- President of the Tax Commission of the Brazil Law Society.

Anabela Silva and Jayr Fernandes were appointed members of the Luanda Provincial Council of the Angolan Law Society.

• Rui Andrade was appointed Councillor at one of the candidate parties for the Lisbon Council of the Portuguese Bar Association

• Edmar Carvalho, a partner at the São Tomé and Príncipe office, was appointed President of the São Tomé and Príncipe Law Society. • Rui Amendoeira is a member of the Board at ASAP, the Portuguese Association of Law Firms.






XEROS The ‘Waterless’ Washing Machine

Xeros is a washing machine developed in the U.K. that replaces water with tiny plastic beads that suck up stains. The ‘waterless’ washing machine will save sizable amounts of money on household energy bills. The chief executive of Xeros, Bill Westwater, said: “The net saving in water, detergent and electricity and including the cost of the beads, we calculate, is about a 30% cost saving for the user.”

Rita Lufinha Borges (Senior Associate) Carla Mascarenhas (Associate) João Verne Oliveira (Trainee)


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CSR Matters

Being socially responsible as a firm is something that is constantly present in everything we do. It is a part of the Firm’s DNA. Whether we are minimising our carbon footprint, providing free legal advice to low-income individuals and charity organisations, or simply helping out with the needs of the poor and disadvantaged and having a positive impact on communities around us, CSR has been a hallmark of Miranda Alliance since the Firm’s inception.



Rock ‘N’ Fund Raising The second edition of Rock in Law took place in June 2010. ‘Rock in law’ is a major annual charity event which brings together several leading Portuguese law firms for a common purpose: the construction of “Casa Claret – Comunidade de Inserção”, which will serve as a welfare home, providing a roof for and assisting families in need of social and psychological support. Miranda Alliance was actively involved in the initiative, and was represented at the inaugural presentation event by managing partner Rui Amendoeira, as well as by associate Luís Tirapicos Nunes and trainee lawyer Inês Maltez Fernandes. Several law firm music bands entertained some 1.500 attendees at Lisbon night club ‘Gossip’, including “One Night Band” (Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira), “Outlaws” (PLMJ) and “Banda Lhoca” (Vieira de Almeida).



Other CSR Initiatives In 2010 • João Santos and Cláudia do Carmo Santos,

in India. The presentation was hosted by project founder and philanthropist Loek Van Den Boog (former CEO of Oracle EMEA).

from Miranda’s Labour Department, organised a legal workshop on Employment Law at one of Lisbon’s poorest communities, Bairro de Santa Filomena, in Amadora. The event was carried out within the “ENGAGE” project, an international program set up by British organisation “BITC - Business in the Community” and implemented in Portugal by the Portuguese charity organisation GRACE and ACIDI, the Portuguese High Commissariat for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue.

• Miranda Alliance teamed up with Vieira

• In July 2010, senior associates Carla

• In February 2010, Miranda Alliance donated

six personal computers to the Youth Association of Bairro de Santa Filomena, within the firm’s social responsibility programme. The Youth Association is also a member of the above mentioned ENGAGE project.

Mascarenhas and Rita Lufinha Borges represented Miranda Alliance on a visit to several SOS Children’s Villages in Bicesse. The event was organized by the Portugal-Nederlands Chamber of Commerce.

• In 2010, Miranda offered its support

• Miranda has been an active participant

de Almeida & Associados, another leading Portuguese law firm, and founded ENTRAJUDA, a charity association set up with the purpose of providing free legal advice on a weekly basis to a number of charity institutions.

of the Project of Support and Solidarity to “SOS Children’s Village”, which was inaugurated by the Ambassador for the Netherlands to Portugal, Robert Jan van Houtum. The Project is sponsored by the Nederlands Embassy and GRACE, a well-known Portuguese charity organisation. One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of project , a charity initiative aimed at supporting children


to the Association of Support for African Students, an organisation founded in 1999 which aims at furthering scientific, cultural and professional education of African students studying in Portugal and supporting their integration in local communities. Eight Miranda collaborators helped build a new reading area/workshop and training room, at the Association’s headquarters.



On The Move


José Mourinho’s International Victories

In 2010, Portuguese soccer coach José Mourinho achieved what no coach had ever achieved before. In his most successful season yet, Mourinho’s perfect run included winning the Italian league, the Italian Cup and the Champions League, with Inter Milan, confirming his status as the best coach in the world. Following a highly successful career at Portugal’s F.C. Porto and England’s Chelsea F.C., Mourinho received the 2010 FIFA World Coach of the Year accolade for his outstanding work with Inter Milan. He has since been hired by Spain’s Real Madrid.

Tânia Nóbrega (Of Counsel) Patrícia Penberthy Barbeitos (Senior Associate) Nuno Cabeçadas (Senior Associate) João Amaral (Associate)


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Cross-border Culture

Determination, perseverance and unrelenting dedication to client needs have always been three key ingredients in Miranda Alliance’s recipe for success. These values coupled with strong local offices around various parts of the globe have enabled us to collect valuable insights and experience from a wide range of cultures across different continents, and convert them into our own triumphs. Since Miranda Alliance’s inception, we have constantly encouraged our lawyers to take up international assignments and build up their own track record of international achievements. We feel that a strong multi-cultural experience is a key asset for any professional wishing to convert hard work into accomplishments.



Stregthening Our Timor-Leste Practice

Other Relevant International Assignments

Miranda’s Timor-Leste practice was strengthened in 2010, following the arrival of senior associate João Leite. João joins Tânia Nóbrega in assisting local clients on a number of issues, from oil and gas, to corporate matters, tax, banking, labour and real estate.

• Following six years working from Miranda’s

Mozambique practice, senior associate Nuno Cabeçadas is now at our Lisbon office advising clients on energy and mining issues • António Ferreira has been at our Cape Verde

office for three years • Ismael Mendes de Medina has been

at our Guinea-Bissau office for three years • José Castro e Solla has been at our Brazilian

partner firm Bichara, Barata, Costa e Rocha Advogados for twelve months • Gonçalo Perestrello was seconded

to Miranda’s Gabon practice last year • Tiago Martins da Cruz has been in Houston

(US) for two years, following two successive international secondments in Equatorial Guinea and Timor-Leste




Always Improving


Apple iPad Launched

Cláudia Leonardo (Associate) Raquel Aço Lourenço (Associate) Marília Frias (Associate)

Apple launched its famous iPad in 2010. This revolutionary touchscreen tablet computer offers a multi-function platform for audio-visual media, including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content. Offering great potential to enhance learning through tactile computing, the iPad has made life easier for everyone, from students to professionals, whether they are studying, making professional presentations or simply surfing the web.


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Quality Learning

Every lawyer or trainee at Miranda Alliance will, from day one, be involved in real client work. At Miranda Alliance we believe in a hands-on approach to professional training. Nevertheless, furthering academic education is the keystone to helping people reach their highest potential. In a fast-changing and highly competitive market place, a successful lawyer is required to adopt a creative, sophisticated approach to client demands and be constantly up to date with current issues.



Kaplan International College Oxford

International Diplomas In 2010 Many of our lawyers and staff have backed their professional experience with academic training and specialist studies.

The Kaplan International College Oxford has received a number of Miranda Alliance collaborators, who are keen to develop their education and interact in an international environment. Miranda’s most recent attendee at the Kaplan International College Oxford was Angolan lawyer Herman Barradas.

A large number of Miranda Alliance’s lawyers boast international specialisations, as well as an impressive track record in international seminars. Some examples include advanced legal courses in world-class academic institutions, LL.M courses in International Business Law, as well as participating in International Energy Seminars. Some of the lawyers that have recently been active in these initiatives include: • Marília Frias: Advanced LL.M – International

Business Law, Portuguese Catholic University, Law School • Raquel Lourenço: LL.M at Duke University • Susana Pinto Coelho: International Energy

Transactions Seminar, organised by Jacqueline Lang Weaver, from the Portuguese Catholic University, Law School

• Maria Paulouro Roque: Comparative

and Uniform Contract Law • João Leite: Modern Financial Products • Cláudia Leonardo: International Arbitration




Sharing Expertise


Solar Impulse Around The World In A Solar Airplane

In 2010, a new prototype for a solar-powered plane that is able to fly around the world was unveiled. Until today, only unmanned solar airplanes had been flown, but the new HB-SIA promises to perform a manned circumnavigation around the globe. The plane has already broken a world record: flying for a whole day, and then through the entire night, solely on solar energy. This was the longest and highest flight in the history of solar aviation.

Jo達o Santos (Senior Associate) Paula Caldeira Dutschmann (Senior Associate) Samuel Fernandes de Almeida (Partner) Ana Pinelas Pinto (Partner)


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Non-Stop Energy

Our energetic enthusiasm in finding new ways to add value to client matters has also led the firm to be highly active in several events across the globe. We have been relentless in our efforts to involve Miranda Alliance’s expert lawyers not only in the legal profession’s key events, but also in major business meetings, which offer a great opportunity to keep in touch with the issues affecting our clients’ business interests. Many of our partners and lawyers also dedicate a fair amount of their time to sharing their experience and knowledge with other colleagues and professionals around the world.



Other Highlights In 2010 • Firm President Agostinho Pereira

Latin America’s Largest Oil & Gas Event

de Miranda was invited as a guest speaker by The Economist to take part in the “Angola Business and Investment Summit”, which took place in Capetown. Agostinho focused his talk on recent developments in the oil industry in Angola and on the opportunities open to foreign investors.

• During the last week of January,

The Brazillian Institute for Oil, Gas and Biofuels (IBP - Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis) organised the XV edition of Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, in Rio de Janeiro – Latin America’s most important oil and gas event. Miranda’s managing partner Rui Amendoeira was present at one of the Expo’s main talks, addressing the topic “Production Sharing Agreements: Contractual Aspects of Pre-Salt in light of Angolan Experience”.

Paulo Pimenta was in Cidade da Beira, in Mozambique, lecturing on Tax Law, within a Programme established by a partnership between the Zambeze University and the Eduardo Mondlane University. The key issues in debate for the 35 participants present were Company Tax, VAT and International Double Taxation.

• Chindalena Lourenço, from

The event was a resounding success, having registered over 1.300 speakers from 26 countries and having gathered some 40.000 visitors.


Miranda Alliance’s Angola office, was one of the speakers at the Seminar “How to Invest in Angola”, promoted by UK WAAG. UK WAAG, which includes the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, is a world renowned key organization for UK professional services companies looking to enter the West Africa oil market.


• UK WAAG organized a conference focused

• Partner Diogo Xavier da Cunha participated

on Angola, in Aberdeen, Scotland. Partner João Afonso Fialho was one of the guest speakers, having focused his theme on “The Right Steps for Companies Looking to Invest in Angola”. The initiative took place at the Hilton Treetops Hotel and was presided by Gary Hance, Director of Group Operational Development, ATPI (The Advanced Travel Partner).

• Firm President Agostinho Pereira

de Miranda took part in the “Access Africa Forum”, acting as an executive commission member of the Portugal – Angola Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Forum aims at strengthening commercial ties between the United States and the Portuguese-speaking African countries, using Portugal as its privileged connection platform. The initiative was promoted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, as well as by the US Embassy in Portugal, having brought together several important personalities from the corporate and political communities in the US, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking African countries. Agostinho was a member of the panel which focused on the theme “Chambers of Commerce – Best Practices”.

in the first-ever “Conference on Coal”, in Mozambique. The initiative was primarily aimed at positioning Mozambique as a player in the global coal market, given that recent production forecasts set Mozambique’s national coal production at 160 million tons as of 2025. The event was promoted by IMM – Informa Mining and Metals and brought together over 200 delegates. Highlights included interventions by Mozambique’s Minister of Natural Resources, a number of members of the Mozambican Association for the Development of Mineral Coal, as well as several national and international companies from the coal sector. Miranda has been particularly focused in advising clients from the coal sector.

• Partner João Afonso Fialho was in London,


representing Miranda at the Legal and Business Forum “Investing in Angola”, an initiative promoted by ‘Iberian Lawyer’ which brought together businessmen, investors and lawyers. At the event, the participants debated the present opportunities and potential difficulties when investing in Angola.


• Partner Ricardo Alves Silva participated

in the conference “The European Oil and Gas Market – Threats and Opportunities for European Players”, an event organized in Madrid, Spain, by the AIPN (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators). Ricardo’s talk focused on “Key Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector in Western Africa, Tax regimes and Legal issues”.

• Firm President Agostinho Pereira

de Miranda and José Miguel Oliveira were in Wassenaar, in Holland, at the conference “Business Summit Nederlands Africa”, promoted by the Nederlands – African business Council (NABC). Representatives from some 200 companies from the Nederlands were present at the conference. The Firm’s President gave a talk on “Realizing the Potential of African Energy Resources”, having also established the basis for future collaboration between the firm and NABC.


Miranda was one of the main sponsors of the Seminar “Luanda Via Lisbon – Portuguese and German Partnerships for a Stronger and More Effective presence in Angola”. The initiative was promoted by the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as by the German-African Trade Association, and took place in Lisbon. In a time when Angola constitutes an attractive challenge for several German companies, the Seminar was aimed at developing knowledge sharing on the Angolan market, on a broad range of issues from recruiting personnel, to cultural aspects, the country’s macro-economical situation and financing possibilities for Portuguese companies. Partner João Afonso Fialho represented the firm at the event, having focused his presentation on “The legal and technical issues associated to the process of investing in Angola”. Firm President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda and Tânia Cascais were invited to lecture at the third edition of the post-graduation course in Arbitration, at the Law Faculty of the Nova University Lisbon. Tânia lectured on “Specific Issues of the International Commercial Arbitration Regime”. Agostinho lectured on “Arbitration in the Portuguese Energy Sector”.


Managing partner Rui Amendoeira and Chindalena Lourenço gave a talk in Luanda, Angola, on “The Law on Oil Related Activities”, having focused on issues such as “The applicable law on oil related activities”, “The legal framework on contracts, licences and oil concessions”, “The special tax regime for oil related activities” and “The customs tax regime applicable to the oil sector”.

In Luanda, Angola, partner Samuel Fernandes de Almeida and Idalett Sousa took part in a Seminar on “The Angolan Tax Regime”, an initiative which was mainly targeted at General Directors, Board Members, CFOs, tax directors, tax consultants, certified accountants and lawyers.

Partner João Luís Traça was present at RSA’s Conference Europe 2010, in London, having given a talk on “Security Measures and Data Protection: Legal Requirements and Practical Solutions”.


Miranda organised, in partnership with business magazine ‘Vida Económica’, another round table. João Luís de Sousa, the magazine’s Director, moderated a session which included João Santos and Paula Caldeira Dutschmann, from Miranda’s Labour Department, and Luís Gonçalves da Silva, a council member at the Portuguese Media Regulator (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social – ERC). The key subjects were Collective Agreements, Employment Flexibility, Unemployment and The Impact of Recent Changes to the Portuguese Employment Code. The Firm’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda was invited by the Portuguese Geographic Society to be the keynote speaker in a dinner-forum promoted by the Society’s International Relations Commission, where he gave a speech on “Oil and International Relations”. The ninth edition of Portugal’s largest Human Resources Meeting took place on 17 and 18 March, in Lisbon. João Santos gave a talk regarding the main consequences on the new Portuguese Social Security Code for employers and companies.


“Private Company and the Future of European Corporate law”was the main theme of a conference promoted by the Law Faculty of the Portuguese Catholic University. Professor Paul L. Davis, a lecturer for the LL.M – Law in a European and Global Context, was one of the lecturers at the conference, which was presided by Miranda’s President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda.

The Portuguese Law Firm Association (ASAP) organized the third national meeting of law firms, at the Lisbon Plaza Hotel, in Lisbon. Agostinho Pereira de Miranda, the Firm’s President, was invited by ASAP to share his view on the “Internationalization of Law Firms”. Agostinho also published an article on the subject in a book subsequently published by ASAP and legal publisher Almedina.

Miranda Alliance promoted a business breakfast, in partnership with eChiron, focused on “Cloud Computing” and its legal dimensions within Portuguese and the European Legal Frameworks. Given the current financial crisis, cloud computing has quickly become a key topic within the IT sector. Its cost cutting and enhanced efficiency abilities have made the widespread use of this technology inevitable. Also present at the initiative were Jane Kelly, partner at leading Irish firm Mason Hayes+Curran, José Galamba de Oliveira, president of Accenture Portugal, as well as Pedro Colaço, CEO at GuestCentric.

• Partner Paulo Pimenta spearheaded

another Tax Law Course at the Law Faculty of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique.




Deals & Cases


Wimbledon Epic Is Longest Tennis Match Ever

The 2010 Wimbledon Championships will always be remembered for the extraordinary tennis marathon between the American John Isner and the French Nicolas Mahut. The duel lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes of play, over three days, with a final score of 6–4, 3–6, 6–7(7–9), 7–6(7–3), 70–68 for a total of 183 games. The match broke several world records, including the longest match, the longest set, the most games in a set and a match, the most aces in a match and the most aces by a player.

Rita Correia (Partner) Luis M. S. Oliveira (Partner) Diogo Xavier da Cunha (Partner) Mafalda Oliveira Monteiro (Partner)


tt u

99% Perspiration As the famous American inventor Thomas Edison said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”. In other words, hard work is a ‘sine qua non’ for creativity. At Miranda Alliance, we know that in order to achieve creative solutions for our clients’ daily problems, we need to be on the job with unrelenting dedication. We take pride in our firm’s rigorous culture of total commitment and constant availability to client demands. It is through hard work that we have been able to achieve success as an international firm. When searching for innovative and effective legal advice, our hard work is essential and followed up with a creative approach to problems. Being a full-service outfit, Miranda Alliance’s lawyers are able to develop a broad range of skills by interacting with colleagues across the firm’s practice areas and its international network. Some of our best work in 2010 was done across sectors such as: • Banking and Insurance • Commerce and Distribution • Energy • Health • Industry • Infrastructure and Logistics • Mining • Oil & Gas • Real Estate • Regulatory • Technology, Media & IP • Telecommunications • Transports



Deals And Cases Highlights Some major highlights from across our network of offices include:

- Advising a Chinese bank in connection with a loan facility to an Angolan bank;

BANKING AND INSURANCE - Advising a leading U.S. bank on the distribution of financial products in Cape Verde;

- Assisting Portuguese banks on the renegotiation of a finance agreement and related guarantees to an Angolan cement company to allow participation of a new shareholder;

- Advising an insurance group regarding the sale of a majority stake in an Angolan insurer;

- Representing a global banking institution on the share capital increase of its Mozambican subsidiary;

- Advising a leading South African bank in setting up a subsidiary in Angola;

- Acting for a Chinese bank on a credit facility to the Angolan government;

- Advising two leading international banks regarding credit facilities for the acquisition of two aircrafts to be operated in Angola;

- Advising leading French and South African banks on providing loans to international oil operator;

- Advising a Dutch bank on the assignment of several finance agreements to a leading French bank in Angola, Mozambique and Gabon;

- Advising U.S. bank regarding licensing requirements for offering private banking products and services in Angola, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and the Republic of the Congo;

- Advising a leading money transfer services company on various legal aspects of the activity of payment services in Portugal;

- Advising international investors in setting up a bank in Timor-Leste;

- Advising a consortium of Russian and Austrian banks regarding a credit facility to the Angolan government for the purchase of a communications satellite;

- Representing a Dutch pension fund in litigation proceedings for recovery of withholding tax paid in Portugal;



- Advising a global payment institution on regulations applicable to advertising of financial services in Portugal;

- Advising a leading international clothing and accessories manufacturer regarding the termination of an exclusive distribution agreement in Portugal;

- Acting for a bank consortium on local loan to oil operator for development program in Equatorial Guinea;

- Assisting a Portuguese telecom operator in connection with the distribution and marketing of mobile network and ICT products and services;

- Advising a major U.S. bank on the regulatory framework applicable to investment in Mozambican financial assets;

- Advising a Portuguese developer of information systems and software in staff redundancy program;

- Advising a South African bank on the potential acquisition of a Mozambican insurance company;

- Advising a global consumer products company on anti-counterfeiting campaign in Angola;

- Assisting a LNG operator on the structuring of an employee housing program in Equatorial Guinea;

- Representing an international oil company in the disposal of its downstream business in Mozambique;

- Assisting a Portuguese bank on the legal structure for marketing non-life insurance products;

ENERGY - Advising a South African electric company on the renegotiation of tariffs for supply of electricity to aluminium smelter in Mozambique;

COMMERCE AND DISTRIBUTION - Representing a Portuguese retail company on the site acquisition and construction of large commercial complex in Angola;

- Assisting natural gas supplier in drafting various agreements with Portuguese consumers and agents;

- Advising a major Portuguese retail company on the restructuring of its operations in Angola;



- Advising a Mozambican energy company on land aspects relating to development of coal-fired power station;

- Assisting a U.S. insurance company on the provision of health insurance coverage to expatriate staff in the Republic of the Congo;

- Representing an international investment bank in the drafting and negotiation of legal documentation to support the development of a coal-fired power station in Mozambique;

INDUSTRY - Representing a global firm specializing in agricultural products in the legal structuring of a fertilizer project in Angola;

- Advising a major energy group on legal solutions to support the implementation and finance of a new electrical transmission line in Mozambique;

- Advising a major U.S. defence contractor on the sale of surveillance equipment to the Angolan government;

- Assisting international lenders on the legal requirements for the commissioning, construction and operation of electric power lines in the Democratic Republic of Congo;

- Advising an international beverage company on structuring a joint venture for the construction of a brewery in Angola; - Advising a global engineering and construction services company on the negotiation of agreements related to the implementation of a refinery in Angola;

HEALTH - Representing a pharmaceutical company in the negotiation of a contract to conduct observational studies in Portuguese hospitals and clinics;

- Assisting an international supplier of automotive and computing components on the restructuring of its Portuguese activities;

- Advising a multinational pharmaceutical company on the legal regime applicable to the sale of products in SĂŁo TomĂŠ and PrĂ­ncipe;

- Representing a multinational mining services company on the acquisition of a Portuguese explosives company;

- Advising an international medical services company on the legal regime governing healthcare in Gabon;



INFRASTRUCTURE AND LOGISTICS - Advising a European Union lending institution on the financing of a high-speed rail line in Portugal;

MINING - Advising several international mining companies regarding gold and phosphate licences in Guinea-Bissau;

- Advising an investment firm on a project for the design, build and operation of an airport in São Tomé and Príncipe;

- Advising several international mining companies on the negotiation of agreements for exploitation of alluvial diamonds in Angola;

- Advising a Portuguese construction company in its participation on an international open tender for road rehabilitation in São Tomé and Príncipe;

- Representing a Brazilian company on the renegotiation of multiple concessions for exploitation of industrial rock in Angola;

- Advising a Portuguese public rail company regarding its potential participation in two limited tendering procedures;

- Advising an international mining group on the negotiation of multi-mineral concessions in Angola;

- Representing Portuguese rail networks manager regarding a line closure to rail circulation;

- Assisting an international mining company in carrying out due diligence on its Mozambican subsidiary for purposes of stock exchange listing;

- Representing the shareholders of a Mozambican port concessionaire on the setting up and financing of a new company dedicated to dredging activities;

- Representing a Norwegian energy group on the negotiation of security contract with Mozambique navy to protect its oil operations against acts of sea piracy;

- Advising an Angolan port concessionaire on the preparation and implementation of a project for infrastructure rehabilitation;

- Advising the concessionaire of a Portuguese wolfram mine on a financial restructuring program;



- Advising a South African mining group on various legal issues related to metals exploitation licenses in Gabon;

- Acting for a U.S. oil independent on the negotiation of a production sharing agreement in Equatorial Guinea;

- Advising the Mozambique government in developing legislation to implement the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme;

- Acting for a U.K. oil company on the negotiation of a production sharing agreement in São Tomé and Príncipe; - Assisting an international oil company on the negotiation of risk services agreements for operations offshore Angola;

OIL & GAS - Assisting an international energy group on the disposal of its downstream activities in Cape Verde;

- Advising an international oil company on the acquisition of a Floating Production Storage and Offload (FPSO) unit for offshore Angola;

- Advising a leading international oil company on several legal aspects related to drilling and boring services agreements for operations offshore Mozambique;

- Advising multiple international oil companies in farm-in / farm-out transactions in petroleum concessions in Angola;

- Representing an international seismic company in obtaining geophysical data from Brazilian Petroleum Authority;

- Representing several international oil companies in tax litigation procedures in Angola;

- Advising a major international oil company on the award of contracts relating to drilling platform offshore Brazil;

- Advising several international oil companies on legal aspects of obtaining pre-salt acreage in Angola;

- Advising a major U.S. oil company on the legal structuring of a development plan in Equatorial Guinea;

- Advising a Spanish energy group on various legal aspects relating to a gas development project in Angola;

- Advising an international oil company on the legal implications of the abandonment of operations in Equatorial Guinea;

- Advising a major oil company on the tax implications arising from farm-out in the Nigeria/São Tomé and Príncipe Joint Development Zone;



- Advising a German energy company on various legal aspects relating to oil licenses offshore Portugal;

REAL ESTATE - Assisting a Portuguese developer on the implementation of a residential complex in Timor-Leste;

- Advising an international oil services company on the tax optimisation of its activities in the Republic of the Congo;

- Representing a Dutch real estate developer on arbitration proceedings in Portugal;

- Advising a leading U.S. oil services group on the tax structuring of its activities in Gabon;

- Advising a Portuguese construction company on the legal structuring of its Cape Verde activities;

- Assisting a leading U.S. oil services group during a strike of its national staff in Gabon;

- Advising a leading Portuguese developer on the implementation of a luxury condominium in Angola;

- Advising a global oil services company in connection with the transfer of land rights to the public domain in Gabon;

REGULATORY - Advising multiple U.S. companies on FCPA aspects of activities in Angola, Gabon and Timor-Leste;

- Assisting multiple international operators and oilfield service providers on the import and export of vessels, rigs and other equipment to be used in operations offshore Angola;

- Advising several international oil companies in assessing maritime boundary delimitation issues in Angola;

- Advising European and U.S. oil companies on potential farm-in transactions in Gabon;

- Advising an international bank in relation to Portuguese data protection issues and cross border transfer of data relating to outsourcing contract for IT and call-centre support services;

- Advising the Timor-Leste government in drafting downstream legislation;



- Representing an international record label on intellectual property issues in contracts with a number of artists in Portugal;

TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA & IP - Assisting a videogame and console manufacturer on intellectual property laws, including anti-counterfeiting and anti-circumvention of technical protection measures in Portugal;

- Advising a leading multinational pharmaceutical company on patent law issues related to the protection of its products in Portugal;

- Representing an IT solutions provider on the negotiation of a contract with the provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for cloud computing services in Portugal;

- Representing an Irish biotechnology company on the applicable regime for the experimental use of patents in Portugal;

- Advising a telecom operator on the review and negotiation of a contract for the marketing of cloud computing services, analyzing relevant regulatory issues and drafting contracts to be entered into with end-users in Portugal;

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Advising a U.S. satellite data company on the registration of a private telecommunication network with the Mozambique telecommunications authority;

- Advising a global mobile phone manufacturer on the legal regime applicable to the implementation of social networking features and tools in its devices in Angola;

- Representing a mobile phone operator on numerous matters related to the detection of fraud in roaming using Premium Rate Numbers in Portugal;

- Advising an international satellite television provider on drafting and reviewing numerous partnership agreements with satellite TV and internet content media operators for the development of technology, content and integration of operating systems and equipment in Angola;

- Advising a U.S. telecommunications company regarding the provision of IP and local access CPE services in Portugal; - Acting for an international bank on the negotiation of contracts for the provision of telecommunications services to its offices in Portugal;



- Advising a Swedish telecommunications company on the establishment of a mobile and satellite services operator in Equatorial Guinea;

- Representing a leading Mozambican airline company in the renegotiation of an aeronautical agreement between Portugal and Mozambique;

- Advising Portuguese cable companies on setting up an Angolan company for satellite transmission of television content;

- Advising a leading Mozambican airline company in obtaining a license to operate an international route;

- Representing a major Portuguese telecommunications company before the Portuguese tax courts on proceedings regarding income tax and value added tax;

- Advising a major U.S. airline company on legal issues relating to planned operations in Angola; - Advising a Portuguese ship management agency on tender for technical management of passenger transport fleet;

- Advising a new Mozambican mobile operator on licence negotiations with the Mozambican regulatory authority;

- Advising a global oil company on the legal framework applicable to the procurement of vessels to support its Brazilian operations;

- Representing an Israeli telecommunications company on tendering procedures in Portugal;

- Representing foreign owners in litigation relating to confiscation of vessels and fuel in Guinea-Bissau;

TRANSPORTS - Assisting a major U.S. airline company in establishing a legal presence in Angola, including in the licensing procedures before the Angolan regulatory agency;

- Advising a Portuguese railway infrastructure managing company on track access for train operating companies in relation of safety issues;

- Representing a leading Mozambican airline company in the acquisition, leasing and charter of several aircraft from a Brazilian manufacturer and other entities;

- Advising a Portuguese rail freight operating company on the performance regime and the effects of train delays and cancellations.




Awards & Honours


Chilean Miners Greeted As Heroes

In 2010, a cave-in left 33 Chilean miners trapped 700 metres (2,300 ft) below ground. The miners survived underground for a record 69 days. Their dramatic rescue ended safely, in a flawless operation that exceeded expectations and captivated the whole world. President Barack Obama said the rescue had “inspired the world.”

Paulo Trindade Costa (Partner) Alberto Galhardo Simões (Partner) Catarina da Cunha Távora (Partner) João Luís Traça (Partner)


tt u

Success Story

The news of the miraculous rescue of the trapped Chilean miners was received with enormous joy throughout Miranda’s worldwide network of offices. In a year filled with successes for us, the fortune brought to those 33 mine workers was probably the sweetest one for the firm. It is with true admiration for their endurance and heart-felt relief that we dedicate our professional achievements in 2010 to all of the Chilean miners, as well as to all of those that helped bring them back to their families.



Top Ranked In PPP And Project Finance

Other Distinctions And Accolades

Miranda Alliance was ranked 11th in IJ Infrastructure Journal’s overall ‘PPP Project Finance West Europe’ league tables, for the first semester of 2010. The Firm was also ranked 12th in the same category, specifically for the Transport sector. IJ’s league tables are published twice each year and rank legal advisers worldwide in ‘PPP – Project Finance’ according to accumulated transaction values.

• Miranda Alliance participated for its second

consecutive year in the study “Best Companies to Work For - 2010”, a project developed by Heidrick & Struggles and Portuguese magazine “Exame”. The study carries out an extensive analysis on several companies’ human resources practices and acknowledges those that stand out for their best practices in this area. The Firm was ranked in 17th place overall, having achieved a score of over 72,46% in the employees’ satisfaction index (an increase of 0,43% compared with 2009). In its fourth edition, the study selected 85 companies according to three categories: the best large enterprises to work for; the best mid-sized firms to work for; the best small-sized companies to work for.

• Each year, the Legal Experts directory


distinguishes some 3.000 lawyers across: Banking and Finance, Commercial Property, Corporate and Commercial, EU and Competition, Employment, IT and Telecommunications, Insolvency, IP, Litigation and Arbitration, Private Client and Tax. In 2010, twelve of the firm’s partners were distinguished as experts: Rita Correia and Samuel Fernandes de Almeida (Tax); Agostinho Pereira de Miranda and João Afonso Fialho (Dispute Resolution); Rui Amendoeira


and Diogo Xavier da Cunha (Corporate and M&A), Luís M. S. Oliveira and Alberto Galhardo Simões (Project Finance / Energy); João Luís Traça (IT and Telecoms); João Santos (Employment); Mafalda Oliveira Monteiro (Banking and Finance); Paulo Trindade Costa (Construction and Real Estate).

• Luis Mendes Leal took part in the

• Firm President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda

was hired by the Mozambique Government to assist in the drafting of legislation regarding the country’s diamond industry. Agostinho was supported by Associate Nuno Cabeçadas. The new legislation will regulate the prospecting and production of diamonds and will also enable Mozambique to join the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources which are free from conflict.

celebrations of Saint Raymond of Penyafort, patron saint of all lawyers, in the National University of Equatorial Guinea. Two of the firm’s lawyers were distinguished during the ceremony: Hilário Ballovera and Cristian Ngua. Hilário received a special thanks certificate for his outstanding work at the University. Cristian won first prize for his Law School dissertion.

• Firm Chairman Agostinho Pereira de Miranda


was invited to be a member of the renowned organization ‘International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP)’, a Washington DC-based NGO that provides pro bono legal services throughout the world. ISLP assists institutions such as the United Nations and The World Bank with legal advice on equitable economic development and human rights. Agostinho was recently in Mozambique as part of a four-member UNDP expert team in connection with a regulatory project for the local diamond industry which was also sponsored by George Soros’ foundation Open Society.


• Our Brazil partner firm BBCR - Bichara,

• IFLR 1000’s 21st edition distinguished Miranda Alliance’s Mozambique partner firm as one of the best in the country in finance and corporate law.

Barata, Costa e Rocha Advogados was shortlisted by International Tax Review as “Brazil Tax Disputes Firm of the Year” and “Latin America Tax Disputes Firm of the Year”, following a vote cast by Brazil’s 500 largest companies. Partners Luiz Gustavo Bichara, Maria Victoria Costa and António Augusto Reis were present at the awards ceremony which took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

• International legal directory Chambers

and Partners ranked Miranda Alliance’s partner firm BBCR - Bichara, Barata, Costa e Rocha Advogados among the best law firms in Brazil across six practice areas: Tax Disputes; Tax; Employment; Corporate Law; Real Estate; and Environment. Many of BBCR’s lawyers were also distinguished as leading experts across several practice areas: Luiz Gustavo Bichara, Maria Victoria Santos Costa, João Pedro Eyler Povoa, Guilherme Fortes Ferreira, Antônio Augusto Reis and Sandro Machado dos Reis. Chambers and Partners ranks law firms annually across several practice areas, according to proprietary research carried out with law firms’ clients.




Sports & Leisure


Paul The World Cup Octopus Oracle

Paul, the octopus, became internationally famous after correctly predicting the winner of each of the German national football team’s seven matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as well as the outcome of the final.

Rodrigo Rendeiro Costeira (Associate) Mafalda Portocarrerro (Associate) Rui Nascimento (Associate)


tt u

Enjoying Life

Apart from offering many opportunities for lawyers to develop their professional skill set, Miranda Alliance is also well-known for managing an excellent work-life balance. Many of our lawyers and staff were involved in several leisure and sporting activities throughout 2010. Keeping our people happy and healthy is key to the firm’s success in the future. Speaking of the future… Our own private octopus has predicted that in 2011 Miranda Alliance will not only enjoy many more successes, but that it will definitely continue to be a great place to work and to savor those victories! But we will let you know all the details in next year’s Year In Review!



Silver Medal For The Miranda’s Women’s Soccer Team

More Fun And Games

Our women’s soccer team won the silver medal at the 2010 Soccer Summer Tournament – Women Lawyers All Stars League. After going through the Groups stage, the brave “women in blue” reached the Grand Finale, having however been outplayed by law firm Garrigues’ team. In a breathtaking final, Miranda Alliance’s team ultimately lost the match 3 – 1. Following a well balanced first half, Garrigues managed to score 1 – 0, before the half time whistle. In the second half, Miranda Alliance’s team returned to the pitch filled with determination and tied the match 1 – 1. The “women in blue” followed their first goal with another incredible opportunity to score, but the ball went wide. Better luck was had by Garrigues’ team when, taking advantage of a brief distraction of Miranda Alliance’s goalkeeper, it scored 2 -1. Garrigues’ third goal immediately followed (3 – 1), in what was widely considered to be the afternoon’s best tactical move. Even though they were two goals behind, our brave players never gave up and reacted with great courage and spirit, offering the fans a fantastic football afternoon.

• The EDP Lisbon Half Marathon and the Vodafone

Mini-Marathon gathered once again thousands of runners on 21 March 2010, in Lisbon. Miranda Alliance could not miss this opportunity and was represented by its athletes: José Miguel Oliveira (half marathon), Sheila Camoesas and Isabel Cabaço (mini-marathon). Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea was the afternoon’s gold medalist, smashing the World record in the Half Marathon clocking 58:23. The Half Marathon World record was well within reach when he crossed the 20Km marker in 55:21 (27 seconds faster than Haile Gebrselassie’s World record of 55:48, set in 2006).

• The 1st edition of the Legix Cup took place

on 24 April 2010. This regatta, sponsored by Portuguese publisher Priberam, brought together sailings crews from 18 law firms. Miranda Alliance was proudly represented by the sailors: Filipa Andrade e Silva, Mafalda Portocarrero, Marília Frias, Luís Tirapicos Nunes, Saul Fonseca, Rui Nascimento and Nuno Antunes. “Winds and Currents” was “Miranda Oilers Yachting Team”’s main competitor, having ultimately blocked our access to the leading pack, but the teams spirit and companionship was always at its best!

• For the third consecutive year Miranda Alliance


sponsored the classic bicycle event “Two Bridges”. Each year, at the beginning of the summer, the boldest amateur roadsters in Portugal, ride their bikes along a 84km


stretch, from Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, to Vila Franca de Xira (first bridge), Porto Alto, Montijo, Alcochete, Ponte Vasco da Gama (second bridge) and return to Parque das Nações. The Firm was represented by its President Agostinho Pereira de Miranda, who pedaled throughout the entire stretch, sweating it out while trying to keep up with a client in better shape, and with impressive effort achieved the most difficult task: skipping the taxi ride back home from the finishing line at Parque das Nações.

• Miranda Alliance sponsored the first

• Brazil – Portugal was an amazing match,

played at the 2010 South Africa World Cup. While some of Miranda Alliance’s collaborators and partners were far away from the vuvuzelas, suffering for each respective national soccer team, others who were close by in Mozambique (Paulo Pimenta, Maria João Dionísio, Nuno Cabeçadas, Francisco Silva Santos and Henrique Sobreira) crossed the border to South Africa and watched the game at the stadium, taking advantage of Mozambique’s national Independence Day bank holiday. The final score was Brazil: 0 Portugal: 0, a result which carried both countries forward to the final stages. The party was memorable and… in Portuguese!

“Golf & P’Leisure” Tournament”, which took place on 8 October, in Aroeira Golf, and was organized by the Portugal-Nederlands Chamber of Commerce, as well as by the Portugal-Sweden Chamber of Commerce. Partner Ricardo Alves Silva was present at the event.

• The New York marathon was founded

• Portugal Telecom’s affiliate company,

Portuguese portal SAPO was thus finally launched in Timor-Leste, for the first time in two languages: Portuguese and Tetum. SAPO will organize information on Timor-Leste, with proprietary content, adapted to the local reality in Timor-Leste, and will also include content from local partners. João Leite, who had recently arrived at Díli, and Ricardo Limas were both present at the launch party.

Timor Telecom, celebrated on 18 September the official launch of its web portal SAPO TIMOR. Following its official launch in Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola, the famous


in 1970, having started out with 127 participating athletes. 40 years later, in 2010, over 30.000 athletes participated in what is today considered one of the most reputed long-distance running events in the world. Some 2 million spectators followed the athletes last November 7, throughout the 42 km which connect Staten Island to Manhattan. Two very special runners took part this year: Edison Peña, one of the Chilean miners who was rescued after over 2 months trapped in a caved-in mine, and Miranda Alliance associate Rodrigo Rendeiro Costeira.

PORTUGAL MIRANDA CORREIA AMENDOEIRA & ASSOCIADOS Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes, L 1 1600-196 Lisbon - Portugal T: +351 217 814 800 F: +351 217 814 802

Vitória - ES Av. N. Sra. dos Navegantes, 495 Centro Empresarial Enseada Rooms 509/510 - Enseada do Suá Vitória - ES CEP: 29050-420 T/F: (55-27) 3345-0036

GUINEA-BISSAU Av. Dom Settimio Arturo Ferrazzeta P.O. Box 127 Bairro de Luanda, Bissau Guinea-Bissau T: +245 320 68 00 F: +245 320 68 01

ANGOLA FÁTIMA FREITAS ADVOGADOS Luanda Edifício Monumental Rua Major Kanhangulo, 290 - 1st Fl D C.P. 954 - Luanda - Angola T: +244 222 372 030 / 57 / 92 F: +244 222 372 017

Distrito Federal SAUS Quadra 1 Bloco M Room 805 Edifício Libertas - Asa Sul Brasília - DF CEP: 70070-010 T/F: (55-61) 3226-2457

MACAO Av. Dr. Mário Soares, 25 (Edif. Montepio) AP. 25 - 2nd Fl Macao T: + 853 2838 2222 / + 853 2871 2668 F: + 853 2871 2633

Cabinda Rua de Macau, S/N Cabinda - Angola T: +244 31 24 179 F: +244 31 22 344 Lobito Ex-Edifício Veneza, Avenida Marechal Craveiro Lopes, 4 - 1st Fl F, Compão Lobito - Angola T: +244 272 226 705 F: +244 272 226 706 BRAZIL BICHARA, BARATA, COSTA & ROCHA ADVOGADOS Rio de Janeiro Rua do Ouvidor, 121 - 27/28/29º Fl Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ CEP: 20040-030 T: +55 21 3231 8011 F: +55 21 2224 5295 São Paulo Rua Bela Cintra, 904 – 1/9 Fl Consolação São Paulo - SP - 01415-000 T: (55-11) 3237-4588 F: (55-11) 3237-3051

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Av. da Amizade, 555 Ed. Macau Landmark, Torre do Banco Seng Heng, 15.º Fl Macao T: + 853 2838 2222 / + 853 2878 3396 F: + 853 2878 5266 P.O. Box 397

CAPE VERDE Travessa Luís de Melo, 9 - 1st Fl P.O. Box 958 Praia - Santiago - Cape Verde T.: +238 261 13 44 / + 238 970 33 99 F: +238 261 13 26

MOZAMBIQUE Rua Changamire Dombe (D. Diniz), nº 14 Bairro de Sommerschild Maputo - Mozambique T: +258 214 930 50 / +258 214 955 27/8 F: +258 214 930 42

EQUATORIAL GUINEA Rua Kenya s/n Malabo - Equatorial Guinea T: +240 222 255 375 / +240 222 540 002 F: +240 333 096 992

SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE Av. da Independência 392, II/III P.O. Box 1092 São Tomé - São Tomé and Príncipe T: +239 222 49 67 F: +239 222 63 54

GABON Libreville Hauts de Gué-Gué (Face à l’Ambassade du Liban) lmmeuble Poupina 1 - 3rd Fl B.P. 4882 T: +241 44 10 81 F: +241 44 10 82 Port-Gentil Galeries Corail (À côté de la Cité Corà Wood) T: + 241 56 89 50 F: + 241 56 89 51

TIMOR-LESTE Mandarin Díli - Timor-Leste T: +670 736 12 39 / +670 331 14 00 F: +670 331 14 01 USA (HOUSTON) MIRANDA ALLIANCE LLC Two Allen Center 1200 Smith Center, Suite 1600 Houston, TX 77002 - USA T: +1 713 35 33 977 F: +1 713 35 38 806

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