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I Will...

My mom: A Maid and $100000000 so she doesnt have to worry about a thing.

My Dad: The power to keep his word to his self and stay out of trouble. Trinity: a big house and free utilities. Christian: A new house and anger management. evelyn: All the babie dolls in the world so she never has a real one. Dalton: a way back to me... Shep: A mute button for my mom. Blyss: all my pandas because she loves them. Jaymon: the second year of his life back to be with his mommy in that time. Bailey: her own room and space that she needs. Morgan: a full ride to any college of her dreams. Braxton: A automatic spot to play for the Bulls. Selena: more freedom. taylor: her own little pink hello kitty house. Allison: a clear relaxing day to not worry about all the stressing i know she has. ANd a name tag. elijah: enough shoes, hats and cloths to wear something different everyday for 20 years.and a pitching spot on any MLB team. tanner: a full ride to usc college for football and wrestling. and a chance to play catch and interview tim tebow.

n loving memory of Omari Q. McRelly.

Born: December 17th, 2011 to the parents of, Hailey Cannon and Teaven McRelly. Entered into rest: April 15, 2012. You were almost 5 months Big Boy. My little baby cousin. I only got the privilege to see your bright smiling face. Only one time to hold your tiny body in my arms. I only got to meet you once and you still made such an impact on me. You looked at a world so dark with eyes and smiles so bright and yet that was taken away too early. You will be loved and missed so much. Forever in our heart Big Boy.

Services: 10:00 A.M. Thursday, April 19th, 2012. First Baptist Church, Elwood, Kansas.


Selena: more freedom. Bailey: her own room and space that she needs. Christian: A new house and anger management. Shep: A mute button for my...