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Disinfection concentrate for useage in disinfection processes of drinking water and water supply networks The product Biostream® ZERO is an extremely effective biocide, which with the help of its chlorine dioxide content already in low concentrations in a wide pH-field, effectively destroys bacteria and viruses. According to the German regulation: §11 TrinkwV2001, paragraph: I c, the agent chlorine dioxide is approved and suitable for the disinfection of drinking water, only a small amount of it may remain in the drinking water after disinfection. In addition chlorine dioxide or Biostream® ZERO pH – a neutral agent, without chlorine is immediately useable, biodegradable and the production process has already been patented and registered in 16 countries. The active agent chlorine-dioxide has been used for over 50 years in Europe primarily for the disinfection of drinking water in water supply works and as such

has several times overturned chlorine and other known disinfectants that are known to cause several harmful side effects. Biostream® ZERO therefore cares for hygienic cleanliness of water and effectively destroys harmful biofilms in water supply systems and appliances for drinking water (water pipes, pouring and dosing appliances, machines intended for the enrichment of CO2 in drinking water, tanks for water and ice storage, etc.) while the recommended quantities are not dangerous for either humans or the environment. Due to the chorine dioxide content Biostream® products effectively destroy also viruses, fungi, algae, pathogenic bacteria and germs.

ÂUsage: after adding the solid component into the liquid component of the product

and after the reaction time of approximately 24 hours a disinfectant concentrate is created. This active solution should be stored in a cool and dark place and it is useable for approximately two months. After that time it disintegrates in a solution of kitchen salt and water.



 For water tanks  For water supply networks  For appliances for drinking and mineral water

In contrast to conventional water disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine products, the cost of disinfection with our chlorine dioxide Biostream® product is lower! Chlorine dioxide has namely a 2,5 fold oxidation power, which further reduces the cost of disinfection. Due to the deodorizing properties of the active properties in Biostream® it also enables the neutralization of unpleasant smells and the neutralization of eventual strange tastes in water. Because of the extremely fast effect of the product a minimal


For dosing apparatus for water


For vessels for keeping water

For appliances intended for enriching water with CO 2 For disinfecting pipes and fixtures

service time is enabled – after disinfection it is necessary only to rinse the treated surface with water. Biostream® products can be used anywhere that we want to effectively destroy bacteria and fungi. Thus, the scope is very wide, so we have only presented some of the main areas of application:

 Disinfection of drinking water  Disinfection of tanks  Disinfection of pipes and fixtures Â

Disinfection of different surfaces


Disinfection of apparatuss for drinking water


Disinfection in the form of ice

Chlorine dioxide for effective disinfection! Lower costs due to higher oxidative power!

View biofilm as a source of pathogenic germs: To better understand the phenomenon of biofilms see the picture below, that is populated, even with pathogenic microorganisms. When the latter, which multiply rapidly, are detached from the biofilms, water takes them through the water pipes to the end user - humans or animals Consequently infections also occur. It is a highly effective and safe disinfectant for biofilms degradation and the destruction microorganisms – germs. Therefore we present our BIOSTREAM ZERO. It is effective at low temperatures and over a wide pH range. Disinfection is fast and effective.

The advantages of chlorine dioxide, produced on a basis of a 2-component process, are as follow:


It is accordance with the German Ordinance on drinking water: TVO 2001 (in force since 01.01.2003) – it is manufactured in accordance to the European standard DIN 12671; Purification and disinfection of water supply systems is in accordance with worksheet W291 DVGW and fulfils the requirements of the technical regulation TRSK 501; It is pH-neutral for the skin and is free of released chlorine (*); It is biodegradable and stable during storage; It is very effective in all pH-values of water; It is a reliable virucide, bactericide and algaecide (also effective against bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, coliform bacteria, and the bacteria Legionella/Legionella pneumophila); Likewise it is also reliably destroys biofilms and fungi (germs do not become resistant) – it is at least 25-times stronger than hydrogen peroxide; It is even 10 x stronger than chlorine, it also reduces the formation of trihalomethanes; In just 5 minutes it reliably destroys bacterial colonies;; It is without AOX values and prevents the formation of chloramines,does not bind with ammonia (NH3); It can be is easily used, without expensive machinery or techniques (**); It can be used even at low water temperatures The product ensures safe use!

* At the time of producing the product the presence of chlorine could not be proven with known methods of analysis (AIETA)!

asteful rinsing to completely remove the disinfectant, which whic is not permitted in drinking water, is not required or necessary. ** Time consuming and wasteful rman ordinance on drinking water (TVO) small amounts of chlorine dioxide are permitted in drinking water. In accordance with the German

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