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JULY 2017

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Sherman Spars with Success by Fidencio Pampo

When you walk into Maxwell’s Boxing Gym just off Miramar Road, you get a warm, inviting feeling. It’s not that intimidating sense you get from the more high-tech gyms or the cross-fitness boot camps. It’s a boxing gym. And that’s how Sherman Sadsarin intended it to be. Maxwell’s is touted as a family owned and operated “boxing only” gym just off Miramar Road. It is co-owned by Ryan Acain and Sherman Sadsarin, a long-time resident of Mira Mesa. The gym has been in business for over a year. I’ve known Sherman since my days at Mira Mesa High School. I had already graduated, but was working there as a teacher’s assistant in the late eighties. Mira Mesa was dealing with a unique issue then: some of its bright, talented kids were getting involved in gangs. Sherman and his friends wanted to steer clear of the violence and promoted alternative activities through music and DJ’ing. The DJ crew Musique 2 Expose (MTX) and the high school organization, Positive Images, a project against gang violence, where Sherman’s contribution to make Mira Mesa a better and safer place for teenagers in the early 90s. So, I found a certain irony when I met up with Sherman years later. He had returned to Mira Mesa, and was looking to make another contribution to Mira Mesa. And again, it would involve a bit of violence - Boxing. To clarify, Boxing is a violent sport. But that’s not the premise being explored here or in most other gyms these days. It turns out that boxing and its SEE Sherman, page 6



2 • The Mira Mesa News • July 2017

From the Publisher MIRA MESA COMMUNITY MEETINGS Mira Mesa Town Council Ted Brengel, President Meeting: 1st Monday of the Month Mira Mesa Public Library No Meeting in July Mira Mesa Recreation Council Bruce Brown, Chairman Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of the Month Lopez Ridge Neighborhood Park No Meeting in July Mira Mesa Community Planning Group Jeff Stevens, Chairman Meeting: 3rd Mondy of the Month Mira Mesa Public Library No Meetings in July or December All Meetings start at 7pm Meetings Dates/Locations Subject to Change

Do You Need A Great Electrician? Expert Troubleshooting Same Day Repair Home Electrical Inspections Senior Citizen Discount

CLD Electric 619.638.0228 20 Years Experience

by Chris O’Connell

Happy July, and Happy July 4th here’s hoping for a safe holiday for all. Hard to believe here we are in the thick of the summer. This is a bit of a green edition as you can learn how to compost and how to save water. For all you parents there are some great opportunities for your son or daughter to earn some valuable work experience through a mentoring program with the City of San Diego (see page 4). There is also some information about community members who are looking to give back and gain some valuable training should disaster ever strike (see page 7). It goes without saying, there is always something happening with the MM Park and Rec Council. As you can see below the MMRC Chairman has a

calendar of events for the rest of the year as it pertains to the future of the neighborhood parks. Stay tuned or better yet attend the meetings and have your voice heard. I want to thank Fidencio for a great piece on page 1, I think the message is clear Maxwell’s Boxing Gym is a place of positivity and an asset to the neighborhood. As always, thank you to the readers, please recycle or better yet share this paper with someone else after you have read it through. If I can answer any questions or you have ideas for topics, stories etc. please do not hesitate to call or email. (858) 752-9779 or

Chris O’Connell, Publisher

Update from the Mira Mesa Recreation Council Chairman News for the Second Half of 2017 by Bruce Brown

On June 13, we held the second design workshop for the Walker/Wangenheim Joint Use Field.We hope to have the consultants return in November, 2017, for the final workshop. As there is no meeting in July, our next meeting will be August 8 at Salk Elementary.This will be the final workshop for the Salk/Maddox Park GDP. Councilman Cate will be in attendance to discuss his Neighborhoods First Coalition. At the September 12 meeting at Lopez Ridge, Hanson Aggregates will make a presentation on 3roots, their development in Carroll Canyon.The plan includes a proposed 23-acre Community Park.This park would be a replacement for McAuliffe Community Park (near Challenger Middle School), which has become unusable due to fairy shrimp.

On October 10th, City staff has requested a workshop and final vote on the Resource Park within the Canyon Hills Open Space. This meeting will take place at Lopez Ridge, and the City’s response to the design that was presented earlier in the year will determine whether we will take a final vote or make more recommendations. For the November 14th meeting, a nominating committee will be formed to select officers for next year.There will also be a Walker/Wangenheim final presentation, if the consultants are available.The location of this meeting has not yet been determined. Elections for the 2018 Mira Mesa Recreation Council Board of Directors will take place on December 12, at Lopez Ridge. Please put these dates on your calendar it will be extremely important that we must have good attendance by our membership at each of these important meetings.

10 Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July Fireworks 1) Please have your pet’s microchip info up-to-date. Consider getting a tracking device “Tagg” (Smartphones track). Have or get an up-to-date collar w/ readable tag (too many pets around the neighborhoods that are lost or escape do not have an ID). 2) If traveling, harness/crate pet. Have their leash on when opening the door. 3) Exercise early to keep pet cool & wear them out. 4) If gone from home, please consider a Pet Sitter or neighbor. 5) Don’t attend or sit outside w/ pet during firework displays. 6) Use swaddle garments (Thunder Shirt) or leave w/ blanket or clothing with your scent in their safe place. 7) Turn TV or radio on loud enough to help drown out/distract from outside noises.

8) Know your poisons: Alcohol, matches, lighter fluids, Glow jewelry & Citronella candles are toxic to all animals. 9) Keep yourself calm: Pets feed off of your energy & vibes. A happy, calm parent means a happy, calm & content pet. 10) A few days before the event (if you can): Give treats/favorite toy after a particularly loud noise (Ad-Lib sounds) to help them associate noises in a positive way. Do not over treat. Many animals love massages or facials. I bet they enjoy them as much as we do! For more information visit: Keep your children and pets out of harm’s way, have a safe and Happy 4th of July!! Courtesy of “Your Pet Nanny Annie” p10

The Mira Mesa News • July 2017 • 3

House Fire Prevention Information on free smoke alarms for seniors National safety statistics show that in 2015 there were 365,500 home fires resulting in 2,650 deaths and 7 billion dollars in property damages. To protect your life and property, the Burn Institute urges residents to prepare for a home fire before it strikes. One of the best ways to improve your chances of surviving a residential fire is to ensure your home is equipped with operating smoke alarms. Having a working smoke alarm in your home reduces your chances of perishing in a house fire by 50%. They should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every floor of your home.“In a fire, seconds count,” said Susan Day, Burn Institute Executive Director.“Roughly half of home fire deaths result from fires reported at night between 11pm and 7am when most people are asleep. Home smoke alarms can alert people to a fire before it spread, giving residents enough time to get out.”

Senior Guide

Another invaluable fire safety tool each household should have is a fire escape plan. It can take less than two minutes for toxic fumes to overcome a child or an adult and knowing the most direct route out of your home can help save your life. To create your escape plan, identify two ways out of every room in your home and know the most direct route to outside. Set a designated meeting place that is a safe distance from your residence and is stationary, such as the light-pole or mailbox. Once you get out of the house, stay out! After you have created your escape plan, it should be practiced with all members of your family at least once a year. The Burn Institute offers free fire escape planning guidelines and grids at The organization also provides free smoke alarms and instillations to seniors, who are at a higher risk of perishing in a home fire. To qualify for this lifesaving program, you must be 62 years or older and own your own home. To sign up for an instillation or see if you are eligible, call the Burn Institute at 858-541-2277, ext. 18.

Rock Boulder Stone

Elder Law & Advocacy

1st Monday of the Month by Appointment Free legal advice for seniors, including basic estate planning, landlord/tenant issues, probate & much more. Starting in February. Call (858) 565-1392 Ask for the Legal Department


1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month Schedule your free Medicare counseling appointment today (800) 434-0222

Home Delivered Serving Seniors Lunch

Healthy home delivered meals, suggested donation $3.50 No eligible person shall be denied a meal. Ronda (619) 487-0707

Consumer Center for Health Education & Advocacy

2nd Wednesday Every Month 10am-Noon Help in navigating the healthcare system and information on Cal Mediconnect – a new healthcare option that brings your healthcare and home services into one plan. Viviana (619) 471-2733

Senior Mobile Technology Lab

One on one help with cell phones, email, Facebook & more (619) 471-2713

Serving Seniors Lunch

Monday – Friday Noon-1pm Ages 60 & up. Donation. No eligible person shall be denied a meal. For more information contact us at: 8460 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, 92126 (858) 860-5355




Thad Murwin • 619-252-0522 Resident of Clairemont Local References • Fully Insured

4 • The Mira Mesa News • July 2017

Summer Fun Café

How My Dad Taught Us to Save Energy During the 70’s ... One Liners

Prepared Lunches for kids through August 18th

No Cost Summer meals at no charge for kids & teens 18 and younger. No Registration Participation does not require any enrollment or identification. No Questions Asked There is no income verification or paperwork of any kind. *Cadman Park & Rec 4280 Avati Dr., 92117 Chesterton CYP 7427 Linda Vista Rd., 92111 12-1 *Kearny Mesa Park & Rec 3170 Armstrong St., 92111 Linda Vista Park & Rec 7064 Levant St., 92111 Madison High School 4833 Doliva Dr., 92117 *Mira Mesa Park & Rec 8575 New Salem St., 92126 *Miramar Teen & Youth CYP 2700 Moore Ave., 92126 Montgomery Middle 2470 Ulric St., 92111 Murphy Canyon Kid’s Connect 3493 Santo Rd., 92124 *Murphy Canyon CYP 4867 Santo Rd., 92124 *North Clairemont Park & Rec 4421 Bannock Ave., 92117 Pacific Beach Park & Rec 1405 Diamond St., 92109 *Serra Mesa Park & Rec 9020 Village Glen Dr., 92123 *Tierrasanta Park & Rec 11220 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., 92124 Twain High School 6402 Linda Vista Rd., 92111 Village @ Serra Mesa 84201/2 Krenz St., 92123 *Waterfront Park 1600 Pacific Highway, 92101


July 14

12-1 July 20 12-1 Aug 18 11:40-12:05 12-1 July 18 12-1 Aug 11 Call for serving times: 858-397-6600 12-1 11-12 Aug 16 12-1 July 21 12-1 12-1 Aug 17 12-1 July 25 11:50-12:10 12-1 12-1 July 19

*Indicates a summer BBQ, adults accompanying a child may eat for free at participating barbecues. For a full list of participating locations visit or Text ‘FOOD’ to 877-877 or Call 211

Be Aware of Rip Currents this Summer

Was my father into conservation or being “green” back in the 60’s and 70’s? Heck no, he just saw the bills coming in every month and wanted us to tone it all down. He had his subtle ways of letting us (me) know you are wasting energy (and trying his patience). During the winter when the sun set earlier, Dad would get up, walk outside look up at the sky, and then stroll back in,“Yup the planes have all landed …. maybe now can we turn some of these lights off?” After that it was,“Chris go check the sky for planes”, like a putz the first few times I did and he would be at the light switch where we shared a good laugh. Finally, he would just mumble “planes” or “call the control tower” and point. What can I say the old man had a unique way of getting his point across. Or the old whack on the bathroom door while someone was showering followed by “save some for the fish” that was the cue wrap it up. There may have been a few GD’s in there, but who can blame him times were tight and he had to remind us in his own way to cut back. I can recall opening the refrigerator door and just blankly staring into it trying to figure out what I was going to eat. I had no idea I was being watched and Dad walks over slides a chair behind me,“here have a seat I have seen this episode before nothing really changes from the last time, except the jelly gets warm, the milk spoils and you are not doing any favors to my beers down there”. It was just

his subtle way of telling me to get my head out of the clouds and close the door. I learned my lesson. When I come across these lists of how to conserve energy I always think back to my youth and what I put my Dad through, now as a homeowner I am way more aware of how to cut back. Here is a partial list of some obvious and not so obvious ways to save energy for more information and the entire list visit • Turn the lights off • Upgrade your light bulbs • Stock the freezer pack your freezer with more food or gallon containers of water • Use the cold cycle when doing laundry • During the summer close the blinds or curtains • Dim the TV Brightness • Lower the heat (ie put on a sweater another famous Dad one liner during cold New England winters) A lot of the entire list is obvious, but sometimes reminders help. Heck here in California even conserving costs more money as we all know. I’d like to think Dad would be proud that his sarcastic one liners actually worked. If growing up you were taught some not so obvious ways to save energy or money send them along maybe we can share in future editions. Email:

City of San Diego Summer Mentoring Program by Barbarah Torres

Always swim near a lifeguard. If you find yourself caught in a rip current, here are some survival tips: • Relax and stay calm. Do not fight the current • Swim parallel to shore. Do not swim against the current.

• Float on your back or tread water if necessary. • Wave to a lifeguard for help. I posted my own personal story online about my brush with a rip current at

For more news and information visit:

The City of San Diego is encouraging high school and college youth to apply for its Summer Mentoring Program. Summer has historically been a strategic time for students to gain fundamental workplace skills, and to be exposed to a field of work they would potentially want to pursue and develop a career. “Over seven hundred youth have gone through our Summer Mentoring Program since it began three years ago, and there are even more terrific and varied opportunities within City departments this year,” said Leslie McNabb Internship and Work Readiness Program Coordinator. There are two summer mentoring sessions offered, although the first session is already full, there’s still time to

apply for Session 2 which runs from July 17 through August 18. There are current opportunities available in City departments such as Park and Recreation, Library, Public Works, Public Utilities and more. For information and to apply, please visit rogram or call 619-236-5968.

The Mira Mesa News • July 2017 • 5

Top 10 Tips for WaterSmart Living this Summer With warm weather expected to continue through summer, the San Diego County Water Authority is reminding residents of simple steps for saving water during the hottest, driest months of the year. The region has a highly reliable water supply going into the peak

irrigation controller that automatically adjusts water times based on weather conditions. Rebates for a variety of irrigation equipment are at 2. Let it sink in. Irrigate mature trees once or twice a month using a soaker hose or drip system toward the edge

landscape by surfing WaterSmart Landscaping Videos On Demand from the comfort of your beach chair or sofa. Learn more at 8. Let your lawn grow. Set your mower to leave grass at least 3 inches high because taller blades reduce evaporation up to 80 percent and protect roots from heat. 9. Keep it clean. Patronize car washes that recycle water and save at least 15 gallons each time. When

washing at home, use a hose nozzle that shuts off when you release the handle. 10. Rinse right. Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of in running water. Afterward, pour the collected water on a plant. More information on how residents and business can use water efficiently, along with rebates, classes and other water-saving resources, is at

For more news and information visit:

water-use season, thanks to diversified water supply sources developed by the Water Authority and its 24 member agencies and heavy rain and snow last winter that broke drought conditions across most of the state. But NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts above-average temperatures across the West during July, August and September, underscoring the importance of residents and businesses to practice efficient water use. The good news is the region is continuing to Live WaterSmart no matter the weather. Although state-mandated water use reductions in San Diego County ended a little more than a year ago, regional water use from June 2016 through May 2017 was down 18 percent compared to the same months in 2013. Here are the Top 10 tips for using water efficiently this summer: 1. Check it out. Inspect irrigation equipment to eliminate overspray. Monitor soil moisture using a spade or soil probe, and only water if the top inch of soil is dry. Irrigate turf if it doesn’t spring back when stepped on. Better yet, upgrade to a “smart”

of the tree canopy – not at the base of the tree. Use a hose faucet timer (found at hardware stores) to prevent overwatering. Young trees need more frequent irrigation; consult an arborist or tree-care manual for details. 3. Maintain your mulch (and compost). Keeping a 3-inch layer of mulch around trees and plants reduces runoff, helps control weeds and protects soil from direct sunlight and evaporation. Keep mulch at least a foot away from tree trunks and several inches from the crowns of plants. Also, add compost to increase soil nutrients. 4. Drink responsibly. Keep drinking water cool in your refrigerator to avoid running the tap. Use refillable water bottles instead of buying disposable plastic bottles. 5. Put a lid on it. Pool and spa covers reduce evaporation, lower pool heating costs and keep dirt and other debris out of the pool. 6. Take a break. New plants need more water to get established, so wait until fall and winter for planting to take advantage of cooler temperatures and rain. 7. Go to summer school. Get started planning your WaterSmart

6 • The Mira Mesa News • July 2017

Sherman Continued from page 1

conditioning drills is an excellent way of staying fit and active. Sherman had learned to box from his dad, when they lived in El Centro. He vividly recalls getting his first set of boxing gloves when he was five. Sherman went on to compete at Murph’s Boxing Gym. I got the sense that his experiences in boxing had a positive influence on him - the way he talked about how he named the boxing gym after his son, Maxwell. “I wanted to create a place for him, whether he boxes or not, that had a positive culture.” Sherman affirmed.“A place where people worked hard and had respect for each other.” That interest in giving Maxwell a positive environment, in boxing of all things, has caught on with other children. Many of Sherman’s members are Mira Mesa youth. They learn every aspect of boxing from the gear and equipment they wear to proper technique. And the drills are fierce! The boxing instructors prepare intense drills so that students footwork and punches are almost pure reflex. Sherman says the kids thrive on

the challenge and camaraderie of the gym. Because of the intensity and physical results, Maxwell’s gym members opt for just the workout circuits. Like other contact sports, there is a concern of concussions that Maxwell’s Gym takes seriously. “We address the students and families about the importance of safety before they start training with us.” Sherman emphasized. The gym reviews required gear and how to recognize signs of concussion with students. Maxwell’s success has not been an overnight phenomenon; Sherman had his fair share of struggles when he started the boxing and coaching business. Maxwell’s Boxing started in Sherman’s backyard and the limited space there meant the workout equipment competed with his dad’s tropical trees and plants. Some of his first boxing programs didn’t pan out as planned too. Keeping the gym in operation means long days for Sherman. He rattled off a list as if he was hitting the speed bag. “There’s advertising, marketing strategies, finances, cleaning the gym, lesson plans, event planning, and of course, coaching.” Add to that, he has to compete with larger and more established boxing gyms. But he likes that challenge. “We relish the ‘underdog’ label to maintain and keep the fire burning.” Sherman responds. It’s a sure bet that Sherman’s entourage pitches in to help keep the place moving. This is where Sherman’s DJ crew, MTX has figured in prominently. When he and Ryan set up shop, the MTX crew banded together and helped them build the boxing ring. They set up the spin tables and cranked up the jams to keep the energy flowing. It was like playing garage parties back in the day. The DJ equipment stayed there ever since. And while Sherman is enjoying the success of Maxwell’s, he’s adding more positive activities to his schedule. Maxwell will have a summer program

for youth, a Ladies-centric event, and even a Comedy night. It is amazing to see how far Sherman’s fight to build the boxing business has gone. It seemed not long ago that the training was pouring out onto his neighborhood streets. Now, he has a bonafide ring and the members that believe in his sport and coaching. Even with his success, Sherman is a humble man. He wants those who have helped him along the way know he is grateful. “I have my loving mom, dad, wonderful sister Sheryl, Joe, my children, Addison Reese, Shaun Maxwell and their mother, Effie to thank.” Sherman attests.“I’m also grateful for my added strength, love and inspiration in Marielle, close friends Cyron, Phil, Andrew, and my awesome coaching staff, good friend and business partner Ryan Acain.” Maxwell’s Boxing is open Monday through Saturday, and is located at 7090 Miramar Road. You can also visit or call 858-761-8006 for more information

Miramar College Transfer Student to Attend Yale University Twenty-four year old Miramar College graduate Summer Lee admits to not taking her education very seriously as a student at Torrance High School.“I wasn’t very passionate about education back then, and admittedly, I didn’t put forth much effort,” said Lee. Not the type of statement you’d expect to read from a soon to be Ivy League student. Fast forward 6 years and Lee has been accepted to Yale University as an Eli Whitney Student after completing an associate of arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences this past May. The Eli Whitney Students Program is designed for individuals with high academic potential who have had their education interrupted, at some point during their educational careers, for five or more years. Yale accepts between 2 and 9 Eli Whitney Students a year. In Lee’s case, she graduated high school and pursued a career in the Marine Corps ascending to the

rank of sergeant. After 4 years and a deployment to Afghanistan and Qatar as a comptroller, Lee enrolled at San Diego Miramar College.“I was not from San Diego, but through research, I became aware of the high transfer rate and incredible support Miramar College provides to its student veterans,” said Lee. While at Miramar College, Lee used that support to excel in her studies posting a perfect 4.0 GPA. She also served as the treasurer for the Student Veterans Organization and used the College’s Vets-2-Jets program to assist with the purchase of textbooks. This fall she will enroll at Yale and begin pursuit of her bachelor’s in economics hoping to start a non-profit organization to help veterans excel in academia.“After Yale, I’d like to go to business school and earn my MBA. I am also excited to pursue an internship next summer with Goldman Sachs as an analyst.”

Lee learned about the Eli Whitney Students Program while attending the Warrior Scholar Project at Harvard while stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The one-week academic program assists veterans transitioning from the military to college.“It is such a great honor to be accepted into the Eli Whitney Student Program and I believe my military service played a crucial role in this transition. My time in the Marine Corps served as a sufficient preparatory period to gain confidence in my academic abilities. I owe most of my academic success to the Marine Corps and its leaders who shaped me into the student-veteran that I have become today. Additionally, I feel very lucky to have met such incredible staff and faculty during my two years at Miramar College and Mesa College. They work tirelessly to ensure academic success of their students and deserve every ounce of praise and

recognition.” Lee will spend this summer touring the country until she begins classes at Yale in August.“I’m excited to continue my academic journey at Yale and a bit nervous about the transition.”

The Mira Mesa News • July 2017 • 7

Beers by the Bay Duck Foot Brewing – Gateway Brewery by Brian Riehm

Introducing craft beers to your friends who are accustomed to mass-produced pilsners like Budweiser can be a challenge, especially here in San Diego, home to the intense West Coast IPA style. Duck Foot Brewing, located at 8920 Kenamar Drive, Suite #210, 92121 is the perfect destination for the uninitiated. Duck Foot brews all of their beers gluten-reduced, but

vision for the future. They will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary on July 8th with a party featuring the release of Mega-Duckzilla Triple IPA (tickets available on their website). Along the way to this milestone, they have already expanded their facilities twice to accommodate their growth. They are operating with a 15 barrel system and 200 barrel fermenter capacity. Their location, in a cluster of breweries that includes AleSmith and Ballast Point has certainly helped, along with the local appetite for gluten-reduced beer. They have also launched a barrel-aging program. Many of the barrels will be tapped for the anniversary party, but they were mum on what’s cooking; but I would

Duck Foot Brewing Matt and Brett

that’s not why their core line up could have the motto “No craft beer drinker left behind” according to co-owner Matt DelVecchio. Because all of Duck Foot’s beers are gluten-reduced, a core group of their new customers are people who haven’t been able to drink beer for some time. For this reason, both Matt and his co-owner Brett Goldstock ensure that their core line-up, the left side of the board at the tasting room, is balanced and “approachable.”The right side of the board is much stronger, with more experimentation. This makes Duck Foot line-up the ideal gateway brewery to introduce friends and visitors to San Diego’s craft beer scene. Gluten-reduced means that some specific proteins from wheat and barley have been removed from the beer after the brewing process. Unlike, sugar-free or fat-free, the term gluten-reduced doesn’t indicate lack of taste. In taste tests conducted by Dr. Chris Hamilton of Hillsdale College in 2014 using the same processes as Duck Foot, there was no impact to taste from gluten-reducing process. I talked with Brett and Matt at the Duck Foot tasting room in Miramar to learn more about their work and

bet on some stouts, at the least. The tasting room itself has a friendly layout that lets the visitor see the brewing equipment, if one is so inclined. The scene is dominated by round wood pub tables and the tinted windows to a surprisingly green exterior view. Food trucks service the brewery Wednesday through Saturday evenings. There are snacks such as nuts, chips, and jerky available as well. I found it to be a very relaxing venue. Matt DelVecchio set me up with a flight of tasters. The Looker Great is a great summer blonde ale, crisp and light with a bit of honey, decent body. The first time I tried The Rojoe I thought it was a Märzen, but it’s more of a mix of amber and red styles. It is malty, with coffee and nut flavors, more bitter than a Märzen. “Choco Nut Lust” Chocolate Hazelnut Porter is sweet and very mellow, with no bitterness at all. This is a nice desert type beer with lots of caramel and chocolate. The Contender was my favorite. It is a bit sweet up front from the caramelized malts, but the grassy, piney hops kick in. The hops really dominate the overall. Leaves a dry aftertaste that was memorable. Duckzilla is the Duck Foot’s big IPA, a very interesting blend of wheat ale

Firefighters and Citizens Working Together to Build Safer Communities During the first few hours and days after a disaster strikes, emergency services could be overwhelmed, leaving families, neighborhoods and businesses on their own for hours or days. After the devastating Cedar fire of October 2003, the City of San Diego sought new solutions to meet this vital need. A new community based program called Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was developed by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. CERT San Diego helped citizens become a part of the solution in their own communities.The program took advantage of the outpouring of volunteers who offered to help in disasters, such as the Cedar Fire, earthquakes and 9/11. San Diego Fire-Rescue personnel train and empower citizens in safe, effective neighborhood CERT teams. CERT San Diego instructors teach citizens to take life-saving action to help families, neighbors, businesses and communities get through the first few hours or days when emergency services are overwhelmed. How to Join CERT San Diego To join our CERT team, you must live within the city limits of San Diego (this

and IPA styles. The hopping is well balanced, balanced out by the wheat ale flavors. It’s not that bitter for a double IPA. London Calling Imperial Porter is one of the big beers on the menu and San Diego International Beer Fest gold medalist. You really taste the roasted grain and burnt chocolate first, but then some vanilla kicks in. This is another excellent chocolate desert beer from Duck Foot. Duck Foot brewing has moved far beyond just making great tasting gluten-reduced beer; they can be that

(photo Courtesy of City of San Diego)

does not include Chula Vista, Del Mar, Poway, or Imperial Beach, for instance). Next, please sign up to attend one of our academies. These are held one to two times per year and have limited seating. Once the dates are announced and the registration form is released, seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis for City of San Diego residents. If all the seats are not filled by City of San Diego residents, then applicants from outside the city will be given available seats on the first day of the academy. Tentative dates for Academy 35 are October 21st and 22nd and November 4th and 5th of 2017. Please sign up at to receive the date confirmation and application for Academy 35. Once the dates are finalized, an email announcement with the Academy 35 registration form will be sent. Or for more info email

gateway brewery that gets your friends hooked on craft beer. Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog ( Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog (

8 • The Mira Mesa News • July 2017 LoloLovesFilms

This Month:

Cars 3 by Lolo & Big J

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Lightning McQueen is forced to reevaluate his future as a racer when the newer, younger crop of high tech cars starts to out-perform him. “Cars 3” is the latest installment in Pixar’s lowest rated franchise. It is directed by Brian Fee in his directorial debut. Owen Wilson returns as the voice of Lightning McQueen, who also returns to being the central focus in this third installment. Larry the Cable Guy also returns to reprise his role as Mater, though this time around, his screen time is massively reduced. A cocky rookie named Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer, starts to overtake McQueen, who is beginning to fade as his career seems to be winding to a close. New to the cast are Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez, a high tech trainer responsible for ensuring Lightning’s comeback, Nathan Fillion as Sterling, the wealthy business car that buys the company Rusteez, & Chris Cooper as Smokey, the grizzled old trainer responsible for teaching the late Doc Hudson since the days of dirt track racing. When Disney/Pixar announced they would be making “Cars 3,” we were surprised, especially considering “Cars 2” holds the distinction of being the only Pixar movie with a splat rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe the company was looking for a way to apologize for making Mater the main focus of that wacky spy film with little resemblance to the original “Cars.” Everyone involved in this third entry is clearly looking to get back to the roots of the franchise. The first installment was about Lightning McQueen as a young rookie who had to learn respect for veteran racers while gaining an appreciation for quaint, small town America. Now, McQueen is the veteran racer who is losing his ability to keep up with the competition. He must regain his mojo by training in quaint, small town America. The first teaser trailer for “Cars 3” showed McQueen slowly crashing in a dramatic fashion. It certainly piqued our interested. The reality of the situation is this premise doesn’t go much of anywhere. The crash is a small footnote in a much larger underdog story as McQueen must drive his way back to the top of his game to prove to everyone he’s not just some ol’ timer who values naps more than racing. McQueen is forced to train with Cruz, who wants to get him back into tip top shape slowly & steadily from the ground up, mentally & physically. Of course, McQueen has to explain why his way of doing things is better & fight her at every turn. The two have to come to an understanding with one another in order to finally become the best versions of themselves....or something like that, we almost nodded off, so it’s hard to tell. “Cars 3” didn’t really grip us. Like all Pixar films, it is very well animated & it has its heart in the right place in a few instances, but overall, this movie is extremely bland. It lacks any real emotional punch. Even Owen Wilson & Larry the Cable Guy’s voice overs sound tedious & uninspired, though newcomers Alonzo & Hammer do give excellent vocal performances. We found ourselves quite bored for most of the movie, & even some of the kids in the audience looked at their phones from time to time. All of this comes before the ending, which to us

feels expected, dishonest, & unearned, on top of being opposite of the message it is trying to convey. In the end, the best thing we can say about “Cars 3” is at least it’s not “Cars 2.” We wish Pixar would go back to taking bold, interesting risks to make bold, interesting films instead of playing it safe for the sake of selling merchandise. Our rating: 2.5/5 stars. “Cars 3” stars Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Armie Hammer, Larry the Cable Guy, Nathan Fillion, & Chris Cooper. It is rated G for showing several car crashes. Visit our blog at for more reviews, and follow us @lololovesfilms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for extra content! For inquiries or comments, please email:

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Danger: Birds & Glass Windows by Susan Lewitt

It is important to protect wild birds from needless dangers, but threats to birds are many, including house cats, motor vehicles, electric transmission lines, windmills, agriculture and habitat loss. The biggest threat? Windows! Birds may see indoor plants through windows, or reflections of outdoor greenery, and try to fly there. They may think their reflections are rivals. Night migrating birds may be confused by lights near windows. Upon impact, many birds die immediately, while others seemingly recover, only to die soon after. We can prevent this. First, identify problem areas such as large picture

San Diego Gulls to Host 2017-18 Gulls Girls Auditions The San Diego Gulls of the American Hockey League (AHL) club will begin their selection process for the 2017-18 Gulls Girls on Saturday, July 8 beginning at 2:30 p.m. The auditions, consisting of on-ice evaluations and panel interviews, will take place at Poway Ice Arena. A panel of Gulls staff members will assess each participant’s on-ice personality and enthusiasm. Following on-ice evaluations, select candidates will be asked to engage in a panel interview with Gulls judges. Select candidates will move on to the formal interview process and will be contacted at a later date. Gulls Girls responsibilities include greeting fans, on-ice maintenance

throughout Gulls games, assisting with on-ice and in-arena promotions, and ensuring Gulls fans have a memorable experience. Additionally, Gulls Girls serve as a representative of the Gulls organization at community events, watch parties, media events and other social engagements. Candidates should visit in advance of the July 8 auditions to complete an online application. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the 2017-18 Gulls Girls auditions. Although skating experience is encouraged, it is not required. Skates will be available for rental for on-ice auditions free of charge.

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windows, sliding glass doors, paired windows at right angles, and feeders close to windows. View these from a bird’s perspective to see the reflections as birds see them. Next, please make these windows bird friendly. Vertical marks, 2 inches apart or less, will deter most birds

including hummingbirds. Have some fun with tempera paint or window markers. Use lots of decals, or ABC bird tape which is already spaced out for bird safety. Acopian or Zen curtains (vertical ropes) can be custom ordered to fit your window, and are easy to use. Outside mosquito screens are a good deterrent. Another option is small mesh netting mounted on frames and pulled tight, install these three inches from the window. One-way transparent film that lets you see out, but blocks the inside view from outside, is also helpful. Many of these are available online. After that, you can safely place bird feeders by these windows. Also at night, turn off unnecessary outdoor lights. For more details and to help bird victim, go online to “Why Birds hit Windows and How you can help prevent it” ( Also, keep the contact information for the nearest rehab center handy for emergencies. Please help protect our birds. August: Toyon

Free All About Worms Composting Workshop Vermicomposting (worm composting) is an environmentally-friendly way to turn your food waste into nutrient rich castings for your plants or garden beds. Learn all about how easy it is to compost your food waste with red wriggler worms at this interactive presentation. Join Solana Center for this 2-hour presentation where you will learn the basics of vermicomposting (composting with worms). Using trial-tested advice and interactive demonstrations, our expert educators will teach you all you need to know to get started with a bin that fits your needs and lifestyle. This workshop will cover the following topics: • How to feed your worms and which foods are suitable for worms • Learn about the biology of worms so you can keep them healthy and happy • How to make your own worm bin

• What tools and materials you’ll need July 8th, 2017 10:30 AM through 12:30 PM North Park Recreation Center 4044 Idaho St. San Diego, CA 92104 United States Main Phone: (760)436-7968 Main Phone: (760)436-7968 ext. 707 Email: Email: Or register directly online:

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Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center is proud to introduce our new veterinarian Dr. Ashley Young

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Adoptable Pet of the Month

Name: Navi Age: 6 years old Gender: Neutered male Breed: Russian Blue ID #: 244885 Adoption Fee: $25 Navi, a 6-year-old Russian Blue cat, is looking for a new family to love. This dashing boy was a beloved family member in his last home and he loved following his humans around the house, snuggling on their laps and getting his chin scratched. When their new baby came, he loved snuggling close to her, but unfortunately she was very allergic so they had to make the difficult decision to bring

Dr. Young received her veterinary degree from UC Davis and has extensive knowledge in feline medicine. Dr. Middleton and now Dr. Young strive to provide the best care for your cat. Stop by our clinic to meet Dr. Young!

him to the shelter. Navi has made friends with everyone he meets because he’s so outgoing and social. He enjoys chasing lizards and bugs, staring out the window and playing with toys. His adoption fee includes his neuter, permanent microchip identification, current vaccinations, 30 days worry free insurance from Trupanion Insurance and a certificate for a free veterinary exam! Navi is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 E Valley Parkway. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (760) 888-2275. ADOPTION HOURS: 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

We offer: dentistry, surgery, wellness exams, senior exams, vaccines, imaging, laboratory screening, prescription diets, boarding and more ...






Must present coupon. One cat per household. expires 8/31/17

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