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A Look at fashion photographer Sante D'Orazio's new book

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What He Won't Say on TV

20 Rebels that are changing the japan’s coolest gadgets

STALEMATE Should Obama confront China?

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Drew Barrymore is one of today’s ten highest-paid actresses, a blockbuster producer, and a woman who’s lived her whole life in the limelight. Now, as she sets her sights on serious acting, Jonathan Van Meter finds out how this Hollywood bad girl turned out so right




There is no escape. Already relentless, the BOC hype machine has reached a hysterical pitch around the world, but who are they?


Emotional images taken by the soldiers who witnessed the war in Iraq first hand

68 30 DAYS IN THE LIFE OF THE CULTURE Good ol’ boys-The Dukes of Hazzard are back. Elissa Schappell reviews Michael Cunningham’s Specimen Days. Lisa Robinson charts the summer music festivals



A beautiful mess, but why?



From AC/DC to Green Day memorable moments that made music video history

112 NEW YORK STORY Lucy Sykes Rellie is making sweet, sophisticated clothes for the women of her adopted city

120 MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY Next time you see an Airstream cruising down the highway, check who’s behind the wheel; it might just be everybody’s favorite leading man, trying to get lost

132 what’s your girls worst habit Does she cheat? Gamble? Stay out all night? And what are you doing about it?

150 After the game 2

808 Magazine April 2010

Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno grabbed the world’s attention four years ago. For seventeen days this winter, he did it again. How does he spend his summer?

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His newest book, Barely Private, is exactly what the title would suggest, an uncensored and raw look at the fashion industry...Barely Private is a feast for the eyes and a rare look into a world most of us can only imagine.


A high-definition TV you can carry in your pocket. A remote you talk to. A dongle for bringing HDTV broadcasts to your laptop while you’re on the go. Sound great? Too bad, because you’ll have to cross an ocean to get them.


Bill is outspoken in every medium he’s explored, and he’s certainly explored a lot of them. He tours the country as a stand-up comedian. He’s written a novel (True Story) and now he completely opens up in our exclusive interview


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The renewal is just beginning — in the White House, on Wall Street, in our war zones, in your doctor’s office. Meet some of the people leading the way, our eighth-annual roster of innovators and renegade thinkers.



A high-definition TV you can carry in your pocket. A remote you talk to. A dongle for bringing HDTV broadcasts to your laptop while you’re on the go. Sound great? Too bad, because you’ll have to cross an ocean to get them.

Editor’s Letter

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^ Michael j. morgan

The crowds at this years SXSW festival gives hope for the future of the music industry


808 Magazine April 2010


His and Her home spa Share that natural organic good feeling of a sanctuary spa at home.

Farmaesthetics Rainwater Soap Right as Rain soap from Farmaesthetics uses melted snow, (frozen rain!) that is collected from winter to early spring, then carefully filtered & mixed with 100% natural ingredients. $13.00

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Malie Organic Body Polish Nurture the skin and relieve the soul with Malie Kauai’s exotic Body Polishes. Exfoliates with hydrating oils, beautifying your skin and transforming your spirit. $42.00

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808 Magazine April 2010

Created a visionary new sound An in-depth look at how they began.

Story By Janet Marion Photo By Leon Chew

In a rare face to face interview at their Scottish retreat, Boards Of Canada break their self-imposed isolation to scotch the myths that have coalesced around them.

The Bass Rock is barely visible in the late summer heat-mist, lying about three miles off the deserted coast near North Berwick. The crag rises 350 feet out of the turquoise sea, and faintly visible against its sheer cliff sides is a white lighthouse. A millennium and a half before the light was set on the rock at the beginning of the last century, a Lindisfarne monk, St Baldred of Bass, lived a hermit’s existence alone on the island, shuttered in a rain-lashed cell to confront alone his god and, doubtless, his demons too. Today gannets are the island’s sole visitors, as well as the occasional tourist boats ploughing through the surf to visit the martyr’s chapel. As I crunch along the Ravensheugh Sands with Boards Of Canada’s Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin, the guanostained Rock takes on a mythical hue: the distance and the sea mist cause it almost to melt into thin air, the wraith of a giant white molar on the horizon. There’s a Moby-Dick quality to it - you could spend a lifetime staring at it but it would remain eternally out of reach. “When I was a kid, about five or six years old,” Mike Sandison is saying, “a relative of mine had one of those tacky ceramic owls on their mantelpiece, and it had multifaceted diamanté eyes. I was totally obsessed with these sparkly glass eyes, for ages. I felt like looking into them was like looking sideways through everything, right through time. That’s what we’re trying to do with our music.” When you think about Boards Of Canada, the idea of hermits is never too far away. For the best part of a decade and a half now they have dwelt in what appears to be - to a London/urban-centric media, anyway – an isolated wilderness in Scotland (in fact, they’ve always lived within a half-hour’s drive of the capital city Edinburgh, not in the Highlands, as is often reported). Their interviews have invariably been conducted by e-mail. Since their wistful, queasily nostalgia-soaked electronic music began to appear in the mid-90s, they have only done a handful of face-to-face interviews, none of those on home turf. Careful managers of their own public image, even today their homes and studio are out of bounds, but they do willingly and generously drive us all over the stretch of coast and countryside that‘s close to the place they call home. Until recently they lived in the Pentland Hills, south

Discography Twoism

Boc Maxmia

Music Has the Right to Children

“If there’s no apparent facts or information about you, then what happens is stuff just floods in to fill that gap,” Geogaddi west of Edinburgh; without much fanfare they have moved eastwards since then, into the flatter terrain of East Lothian. “We’re not far away from where we were before,” explains Sandison, “we relocated, but we’re trying to let that slip by without anyone knowing about it, because we felt that if we made a big deal of it, it would start that whole thing again of the geography being more important than - the music.” “I always got this feeling that people were saying, ‘because they were surrounded by the Pentland Hills, this is why their music sounds this way’,” sighs Eoin. “And I don’t really like that, because it’s almost like saying, ‘you’re just like anyone else, and it’s just because you happen to be there’. That’s unfair - it’s not giving you credit for actually just doing music the way you want it to be.” For better or worse, the Boards’ ‘secrecy’ has endowed them with enigmatic status; the relative media silence has opened a space in which fans can speculate, myth make, invent and interpret to their hearts’ content- much of which happens in chat rooms and message boards, thankfully well out of harm’s way. But the pair certainly monitors these discussions and while they don’t take part in them, they do seem somewhat confounded by the kinds of rumors that have got out. As Eoin says, “lf there’s no apparent facts or information about you, then what happens is stuff just floods in to fill that gap, and very often it’s basically a flood of bullshit that fills in your silhouette. And we’ve really suffered from that.”

The Campfire Headphase

the know zone

The West’s Best Wines

The best bottles and winemakers to watch for. We sipped until we found them all. Our panel blind-tasted more than 180 bottles in three price categories. California is producing more and more amazing wines, and they’re not all Chardonnay.


special occasions


Dry Creek Chenin

Nickel & Nickel

Brassfield Estate Cabernet

Ancient Peaks

Clos LaChance


Blanc 2007 Aromas of honeysuckle, banana, orange peel and tropical fruit burst forward. (Clarksburg; $12)

Zinfandel 2006 Juicy flavors of raspberry, brambleberry, and black cherry unfold along a broad, seamless texture. (Paso Robles; $14)


808 Magazine April 2010

Medina Chardonnay 2006 The wine shows brilliant acidity and tangy green apple flavors, enriched with spicy, smoky new oak. (Russian River Valley; $45)

Grenache 2005 Notorious for its berry, cocoa, and vanilla flavors and aromas. Has enormous affection for food (Central Coast; $30)

Sauvignon 2005 There are lovely layers of cedar and cigar box surrounded by a roundness and soft tannic structure that lead to a lingering finish. (Monte Sereno; $55)

Chardonnay 2005 White flowers, pear and apple scents emerge as the wine opens. (Sonoma Valley; $65)

your guide

Tech Wars!

The verdict is in, Amy Zunk rates the Top 10 Gadgets, find out who the Winners and Losers are.

Apple iPad vs. hp slate APPLE IPAD HP SLATE

9.7 inch Screen Size 1.5lb Weight 10-12 Hours Battery Life 1,000+ Applications 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Hard drive $499.00 Price



8.9 inch 1.49lb 5 Hours 0 32GB, 64GB $549.00


5 Biggest Losers Android vs. iPhone

Zune It’s a clear number two in the mp3 department behind the iPod Touch, if that. Olympus FE-45 An Expensive Paperweight. The worst digital camera ever.


9.7 inch Screen Size 1.5lb Weight 10-12 Hours Battery Life 1,000+ Applications 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Hard drive $499.00 Price


808 Magazine April 2010



8.9 inch 1.49lb 5 Hours 0 32GB, 64GB $549.00


Windows Vista Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Sony BMG Music CDs Sticking the CD into your computer would turn your PC into a hacker’s delight. What were the thinking? OQO Model 1 Palm-size PC World’s smallest Windows XP computer—that was a big part of its problem. It ran hot to the touch, and at $1900 it could easily burn a hole in your wallet. Music • Technology • Art • Lifestyle • Design

808 Magazine  

a magazine about alot of stuff

808 Magazine  

a magazine about alot of stuff