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or this issue of Mirage we wanted to showcase a candid, refreshing side of who we are. Our second issue gives voice to personal experiences from our writers that shed a light on topics we may scroll through on social media without fully acknowledging. Since our last issue we have made some new additions to our overall magazine development. This spring semester alone we added another photographer (Hi, Austin!), created an Art Contest where artists on campus can submit work to be featured and developed layouts that focus on simplicity and illustrations. To say the least we have been a busy team, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being editor for this student organization has been such a fun ride and I’m so excited to see what the Mirage team will come up with in the future.


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be beautiful. be kind. WHY BE CRUELTY-FREE? W

ith animal rights awareness skyrocketing the last several years, it makes sense for certain companies to adjust their morals and improve products to satisfy their consumers. Veganism refers to the practice of living that does not use or contain animal products. This lifestyle has increased by nearly 360 percent in the past 10 years. People think differently than they did in the early 2000’s. This increase has led to 400 million fewer animals being killed for food in the last year compared to 2007. The food industry is slowly but surely changing, but it is still miles away from being cruelty-free. Clothing, furniture and beauty industries all have some version of a cruelty-free line. By definition, cruelty-free means manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. However, one that has grown significantly since the start of the fight is the makeup industry. With the makeup industry now at a greater place than ever before, animal rights activists, and the general public, are happier than ever. Animal testing is worse than you can imagine. Animals are subject to small confined cages, tortured and blinded. For most, death will greet them at the end of their journey as a test subject. Animal testing has become so common that many companies do not realize that it’s unnecessary, and not to mention unethical. Thanks to technology, we have found over 7,000 safe ingredients for cosmetics that don’t need to be tested. Also, cruelty-free makeup is healthier because of the more natural and non-toxic options they use to make them with. Animal tests correctly predict human reaction only 72 percent of the time. With science and technological methods and tests, that number increases to 90 percent. This information can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to start. Here are some amazing products Mirage team members are in love with to help you get started. 10

Pr o d u c t s t o Us e

Lush Dark Pink Color Supplement Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara BH Cosmetics Color Lock Matte Lipsticks bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks wet n wild MegaGlo Contour Palette The options include much than just this list. Some of the big brands that are known for their crueltyfree products are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Becca, Tarte, Elf, Hard Candy, NYX, Essence, Mineral Fusion, Colourpop, WetnWild, Annabelle and Hourglass. The best thing we can do as consumers is to encourage the growth and sale of these cruelty-free companies. When we start to buy from these brands rather than those who promote animal testing, competitors will eventually get the message. Research is also key. Making sure you know what you are buying not only helps save animals, but helps you to become more environmentally friendly.Animal testing is a long and sad path to travel down. It’s an unnecessary practice that shouldn’t just stop at makeup. Hundreds and thousands of industries and companies are at fault, and the only way to stop them is to make smarter choices as consumers.

Written by madison greer

best face forward A

merican culture is finally catching on to the renowned Korean skin care process. Korean skin care focuses on healing any imperfections and areas that need improvement while American culture has always focused on covering up those blemishes. Every step of this routine is not meant to be used every single day, rather you should find the areas that need improvement and use the products meant to target those issues. From cleansing the face to locking in its natural moisture, this 10-step beauty routine is meant to bring you closer to the dewy, clean skin you’ve always wanted.

Step 6: Serums, boosters and ampules

Serums, while more concentrated than essences, target a certain skin issue including enlarged pore, acne, dull and uneven skin.

Step 7: Sheet mask

Sheet masks are probably the most popular skin care products currently on the market. It is recommended for the product to be used two to three times per week for maximum treatment. The masks have serums absorbed right into them to also target specific skin care issues.

Step 1: Makeup remover & oil-based cleanser Step 8: Eye cream

This step is crucial to remove makeup, oil and dirt that Eye creams give extra hydration to protect the skin, builds up throughout the day. which is more sensitive than the rest of the facial area, from discoloration and wrinkles. Step 2: Water-based cleanser These include typical foaming cleansers to remove oil Step 9: Emulsion, lotion or cream on the skin from the first cleanser. This gets rid of any This step creates that dewy look our culture is dirt or toxins that were missed in the first step. currently obsessed with. These moisturizers lock in

Step 3: Exfoliate

the treatments from previous steps and protect the moisture from leaving it.

Exfoliators are the perfect step to remove dead skin and toxins blocking the pores. They soften the skin Step 10: Sunscreen while also polishing. It is recommended to use this This step is probably the most looked over but the step twice a week because exfoliators can stretch most important. Sunscreen protects the face from your pores if used too often. dangerous UV rays and is needed even on days of brief exposure. It should be used in the morning to Step 4: Toner hold in moisture from previous steps and prevent The first three steps focus on cleansing the face, while the skin from aging. this step uses toner to prep the skin by hydrating and balancing the skin’s pH levels.

Step 5: Essence

The essence is a hybrid product of a toner and serum. This product continues the hydrating and balancing powers of the toner.

Written by Kristen Uppercue


blending in What it’s like to be excluded from the makeup world 12



illustrations by claire hemme


he last time I went to a Sephora, I cried. Not publicly; I waited until I purchased my items, left the store, got into my car and started the engine. I was irritated that I had yet again walked out of the store with an overpriced foundation that did not match my skin tone. I was embarrassed that I said nothing as the employee who tried to find my shade picked up product after product that I could immediately tell were either too light or too dark for my skin. I was hurt that the one other employee who looked just like me, skin tone, light freckles and all, bluntly told me that her shift was over when I asked her what foundation she used. And, overall, I was discouraged with the makeup industry. To give you an idea of what type of complexion I am, I’ll provide a few examples that Tinder boys, peers and absolute strangers have used to describe me: • caramel macchiato-toned • a warm latte • a honey espresso look And while these descriptions in itself are another whole subject, it shows that a medley of people can’t seem to place my skin tone. I can relate to other men and women who have darker complexions and, until companies like Fenty Beauty, had no real options. I’m at least fortunate enough to be able to blend multiple colors together and produce something similar to my complexion; but the experience still sucks. Being a woman of mixed ethnicity means that my skin is ambiguously toned. The closest foundation I’ve ever found was actually given to me by one of my friends with “Snow White-esque” features. She had been using the shade as bronzer. The product is called “dream VELVET” by Maybelline, in the color 90 Honey Beige. I was so happy when I tried it on because it actually seemed to match parts of my face. The new shade finally made me feel confident. Fueled by the high of finding a semi-matching shade, I decided to visit Ulta one last time to see if Maybelline held my true match. The next shade up was labeled “Caramel”, a word I’ve been associated with far too often, but unfortunately wasn’t a match...again.

Written by Jaz Brown

The never-ending cycle... My father is the shade

of iced coffee and my mother is the shade of beach sand. Literally, there is no better way to describe her skin tone. It is the lightest shade of brown with yellow undertones. Both parents are the farthest shade possible from my skin tone, yet, on the day before my mother’s wedding to my step-dad, my mom let me do her makeup. I didn’t expect any of the shades to match her; they shouldn’t match her, we look completely different. I found, as I swatched foundation after foundation on my mom’s cheek, that three of them matched her. My mother, who doesn’t even wear makeup was matched effortlessly with foundation that was meant for me and had been chosen for me by beauty store “experts”. As trivial as this issue may seem, it’s frustrating to not be able to have a positive experience with makeup. When I was younger, I used to never wear foundation, or makeup at all. Now, as a senior in college, I have stress breakouts, bags under my eyes and a scar above my lip from an accident three years ago. I want to wear foundation because it makes me feel more confident. It hides my blemishes that I’m selfconscious about... it makes me feel beautiful.

“I want to wear foundation because it makes me feel more confident.” As discouraged as I am, I’m not going to stop trying to find my shade. I’m no makeup guru, and I don’t pretend to be, but it’s clear that as the makeup industry takes two steps forward with companies providing wider shade ranges like Fenty Beauty, Lancôme and Maybelline, it also takes a step back with lines like Tarte’s Shape Tape. Things are looking up though, and companies are becoming more diverse. Hopefully, sometime soon, I’ll be able to walk back into Sephora, find my shade and leave without tears. Until then, I’ll just have to keep blending.


health & fitne ss 16




oes anybody really like grocery shopping? Of course we all love to eat, but it comes at such a cost. You have to expend the effort to not only walk to your car, but then to walk around a grocery store for what seems like hours just to ensure that you don’t starve or deplete your bank account over the next week. You just want it over with, so in your rush to get back home to your warm bed and favorite show, you pick up whatever is easiest. Buying things with words like “Low fat!” or “Natural” just so you feel a little better about eating a freezer pizza for the 10th time this week. It breaks my heart to tell you, but you’re living a lie. Every food company knows how to get around a FDA regulation. (Quite frankly, it isn’t that hard.) Words like “natural” and “organic” are loosely regulated, and sometimes not at all. What is even more frightening is that some of the foods that you think are too simple to be bad for you are sometimes the worst. Most people eat peanut butter pretty regularly. It’s just peanuts right? WRONG. Unfortunately, peanut butter is one of the most common foods to have hidden harmful ingredients. Most peanut butters include hydrogenated oils. A lot of people don’t know it, but an oil that is even partially hydrogenated is dangerous to consume no matter how small the amount. What is a hydrogenated oil? It is the process of chemically changing an oil that is a liquid into a solid or semisolid. You can probably guess that this requires some pretty hefty chemicals, but also results in trans fats, which are the worst possible fat to consume.

can cause problems. Some things that you need to watch out for specifically is heavy metals in your deodorant. It just so happens that heavy metals, like aluminum, are really great at stopping sweat. However, they are just as great at leaving toxins in your body, and harming your fragile sweat glands. Did you ever notice the part of the label on your toothpaste that says “If swallowed, contact poison control immediately”? That isn’t a joke. Toothpaste alone contains chemicals that can alter your taste buds, endocrine system, skin and much more. Just to be safe, try buying a brand that clearly lists its ingredients and what they do. All of this sounds overwhelming, but there are several things you can do to make sure you’re buying healthy products. Getting educated isn’t hard to do. There are several websites, like eatright.org, that are created to help you shop smarter. Some brands are even catching on to this trend and are creating products without harmful ingredients in them like Hello (toothpaste), Shea Moisture (hair care and lotions) and online shopping from sites like brandless.com. To make things even easier, you can get the app called Think Dirty. This app lets you know what is in a product, and how good or bad it is by taking a picture of the bar code. It’s really a life saver if you’re shopping in a hurry.

At first you might not see a huge difference between what you normally use and more natural products, but give it time. Buying things without harmful chemicals can improve emotional and physical health, and can also encourage you to make healthier choices in other areas. It might be a big step for now, but soon you’ll Other than foods, your cosmetics and toiletries can be a pro at grocery shopping with your new list. You also have dangerous ingredients in them. Anything might even be a little more excited about that trip to from tampons, to toothpaste and even your deodorant the grocery store.

Written by Claire hemme


more than a fad: adopting a self-care lifestyle F

rom bath bombs to moisturizers and fruit smoothies, a healthy lifestyle and self-care is all the rage on social media. However, taking care of oneself is more than just a fad. While it can be hard to watch influencers and your peers live healthy lifestyles online, it’s important to remember that everything is a process. It’s more than the photos you post online or the expensive products you use. Taking care of oneself is also focusing on building a new lifestyle.

the goal of healing your skin rather than covering it is a good step, especially if the products are composed of natural items that are good for your skin.

If you’re not one who goes to the gym regularly, sanction off one or two days a week to begin. Join a yoga class or workout with friends to encourage you to keep going. It’s hard to start on a healthy track all by yourself when your bed is calling your name and all you can think of is your favorite unhealthy snack. As someone who neglected her body by not focusing Combining exercise and a healthier eating routine will on skin care, leaving my hair tied in a knot for days make you feel more energized and awake. and eating whatever I could find around, I felt insecure, bleak and even a little depressed. I had no energy for Taking care of one’s hair always seems to be at the the tasks I needed to accomplish. Because I have bottom of self-care to-do lists, leaving locks to suffer struggled with insecurities my entire life, I had never because of it. Do research and find products that are really taken care of my body. I always did what I had made of natural ingredients that will help your hair, not to do to get the body I wanted or achieve work-related strip it of its natural oils. accomplishments, from rigorous workout routines to all-nighters, completely ignoring my body’s needs. I’ve nowhere near mastered the art of self-care, however I know now that paying attention to what I am When the New Year began, I felt like I needed more putting in my body and taking care of it can make me than a quick detox to make me feel better. I needed an feel happier and energized. I’ve always neglected my overall lifestyle change. I had to examine the areas in my body by putting everything else first and leaving myself life that I needed to improve and started making small to suffer last. It’s finally time for me to let my body heal changes, not only for my mental health but also for my and put myself first mentally and physically. physical health. That included adding new products to my skin and hair routine and convincing my boyfriend to help me follow through with my gym membership. From famous personalities to friends with perfect skin care routines, I had many influencers in my life to encourage me to refresh my skin, which looked very dull and full of acne. I typically caked on pounds of makeup to cover up my blemishes. However, natural makeup looks have been a huge trend in the last few seasons. From sheet masks to charcoal products, the trend has been directly influenced by Korean skin care. Korean skin care routines are focused directly on healing any imperfections, while American routines have focused on covering up those blemishes with products, such as concealer. Finding products with 18

Taking care of oneself is more than just a fad.

Everything is a process and it will take time, but eventually you will thank yourself for reviving your selfcare routine. Claim your self-care, work with it and be proud of who you are. You’ll find you fall in love with yourself a little more each day.

Written by Kristen Uppercue


overcoming stigmas A

s a society, we tend to ignore the signs of mental health. The person that is suffering usually stays silent because it is easier than asking for help from others who might not understand how a mental illness feels. Because there are so many people that do not believe in mental health issues, it is hard to put yourself in a situation where someone can disagree or shame you for having a mental disorder. There is a stigma to mental health that many of us try to build awareness about, however even with this army of strong individuals, the mental health stigma still stands.

Mental illnesses and disorders aren’t pretty. They eat you alive. I personally have been battling a mental disorder since I was a junior in high school. During my time at West Virginia University, my mental health has not been on my side. There have been days where I lay in bed dreading social interaction. Most days I stay to myself because I am afraid if I speak out in front of others I will immediately become an outcast.

Many students like myself walk around campus everyday dealing with unbearable feelings. While those suffering with a mental disorder struggle Battling a mental illness or disorder in college is everyday with these thoughts and finding strength very hard to comprehend and live with. You are to go on, disorders like anxiety, depression and pushed into new surroundings, people and beliefs, eating disorders are romanticized and joked about which can be more than overwhelming. College is daily. Why has it become common for others to supposed to be the time of your life where you meet throw our disorders around like they are nothing? new people, have new experiences and get ready for your career, but sometimes it can be the exact Jokes and phrases have been surfacing about opposite if you’re dealing with a mental disorder. mental health. Anxiety isn’t fun. It isn’t something Unfortunately, college can allow students suffering that you are able to ‘lol’ about. Anxiety isn’t just with mental disorders to suffer silently. about ‘having a freak out’. You feel uncomfortable in your own home when you hear your family whispering around the house and somehow you convince yourself it is about you.

Why has it become common for others to throw our disorders around like they are nothing?

Depression isn’t ‘I am sad today’. For me, depression is where you physically cannot get out of your bed to brush your teeth even if it was the most important day of your life. It makes you feel as if you aren’t worthy to take another step. My battles have been affected by others around me, so I know others are having the same feeling. According to Active Minds, a resource for college Personally, it’s disheartening to see your disorder students to seek support and understanding on that you struggle with everyday thrown around like mental health concerns, 26 percent of college a game piece. students suffer with a mental health disorder. However, this is only the percentage of students Think again before you try to joke or romanticize a that are diagnosed. Many students are suffering disorder that you may or may not be affected by. with mental health problems, but are not diagnosed Someone, maybe even a friend, family member or or do not have access to the proper resources. It peer, may be battling a mental disorder. Nothing is is also reported that suicide is the second leading more important than showing them the respect that cause of death in college students. we all deserve. 20

Written by Madelynn Wood

breaking the cycle


uring health courses in middle and high school, all teens are educated about the dangers of being in a physically abusive relationship. We are taught to spot the signs, seek help and leave immediately when things become violent. There is a major flaw in this type of education that doesn’t prepare teenagers for types of abuse that aren’t as obvious. Emotional abuse is a hidden and virtually unheard of abuse that many young adults are unaware of. The signs are less obvious and the abuse can be just as damaging as physical violence. Emotional abuse is when one partner tries to lower the other’s self-esteem and can be very detrimental to the victim. It disintegrates one’s sense of self and personal value. Typically, the abuser uses verbal offenses and subtler tactics to manipulate and intimidate their partner causing serious psychological damage to one’s mental state. This type of abuse can be equally shared by men and women and typically the abused does not recognize they are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Signs: They refuse to admit any wrongdoing. The abuser tries to make their partner feel guilty about past problems to manipulate them into following the abuser. The abuser turns blame onto others. The abuser controls aspects of the victim’s life like what to wear, who to hang out with and finances. The abuser uses tactics like teasing and sarcasm to bring their partner down.

Realizing that you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship is an important step to breaking the cycle of abuse. It is also really important to find a good support system of friends and family to talk to and decide the right course of action. When thinking about whether to leave or stay, there are a couple things you should take into account: Think about what you need. Have you been missing out on experiences with friends or family because of this relationship? Are you still happy and comfortable around your partner to try and resolve the issues?

The abuser has difficulty apologizing.

If your partner would be willing to change and if change is possible. It is important to realize you cannot “fix” someone. It is often difficult for people with entitlement and abusive behaviors to change. However, it is possible.

The abuser easily becomes jealous when the victim is splitting time between them and other friends/ family.

Whether physical or emotional, abuse is never okay. If you or someone you know is being effected by any type of domestic abuse, seek out help from loved ones, or call the national domestic abuse hotline for confidential talks and live chats. 1-800-799-SAFE(7233).

Written by Kayse Ellis

The victim feels the need to ask permission to go somewhere or do something.

The abuser punishes the victim for not obeying, such as withholding sex. 21

empowering body & mind I

h a v e never believed in the New Year’s Resolution hype, but this year I did make a promise to better myself through self-love and self-care. It is averaged that 41 percent of Americans make News Year’s Resolutions and only 9 percent claim to have achieved the end goal. It shouldn’t take a new year, life-changing event or a birthday to change a lifestyle. I have been reflecting on my college career a lot this past semester as a junior; focusing on the obstacles I’ve faced and accomplishments I’ve made. In this reflection, I’ve noticed that in my three years at college, I’ve always been my happiest when I was fit. Working part-time, being active in two student organizations and being a full-time student definitely put restrictions on how much free time I have. Adapting and working towards this lifestyle goal, I have put aside time every Wednesday to meet my friend at the gym for a cardio workout and then a body pump class after. Body pump is a groupbased barbell class that works all major muscles in high repetitions using light weights. Progression is key to get the most out of this strength training, so you should start with your most comfortable weights and then build strength to use heavier equipment. In this class, the instructor plays music to create a healthy and positive environment and she uses encouraging words to really empower everyone individually. Not only do the positive vibes from the space boost my confidence but also seeing real results of a stronger, healthier body has completely changed my attitude about my body. I go once a week, as my schedule allows, but I also like to fill some of my free time with short abdominal and arm workouts. After the realization that I am my happiest and most confident when I’m active and staying fit, I have made it imperative for me to work out every week at least once. When I can’t make it to body pump, I do at-home workouts. This keeps me feeling confident, happy and in control of myself and my appearance. I have no excuses not to be proud of my progress and the future progress. There’s no reason not to achieve the highest level of self-love. Body pump helps me gain the strength mentally and physically to keep climbing the ladder of self-love. 22

Body pump helps me gain the strength mentally and physically to keep climbing the ladder of self-love. Written by Jordan Bigelow

Lifestyle: Laundrymat

Lifestyle 23

Signing off I

t goes without question that social media consumes much of our daily lives. We’ve become a slave to the technology that was once a fun way to show who we were, rather than the platform that creates selfdoubt as it is today. While social media has become a natural and daily thing, it has created this toxic, harmful mindset for many people. Numbers and outside appearances have become so important in today’s society which leaves some people sitting for hours deciding whether to post a photo or tweet, obsessing over whether it will generate likes, retweets and follows. Is the world of social media really going to end up like an episode of Black Mirror, leaving society to rate our worth based off of our social media presence?

We end up presenting who we want to be rather than who we really are.

Our social media presence is considered our brand and the way we represent ourselves to those we do not know online. Our ideal self is what our society promotes or the person we think we should be portrayed for our best interest. Our real self is who we actually are, our true thoughts or how we act. This What’s more important: living in the moment or is our “candid” self. documenting the entire thing and possibly missing a key moment? A huge struggle within the modern As social media continues to grow, so does the amount generation is identifying that weakness and finding of people who are paying attention. CareerBuilder. ways to work through it. com did a study in 2016 regarding what employers are looking for in our social media. It estimates that We should focus on the amazing opportunity of 70 percent of employers have used social media for being the unique individuals that we were destined screening and informational purposes. A startling 54 to be. Being authentic is always in style. As users percent of employers said that they found content on of social media, we should focus more on making social media that caused them not to hire candidates. strong social connections through the profiles we It was reported that 38 percent of those social posts create to represent our true selves. Employers aren’t included drinking which turned the companies away. just stalking our social media to look for dirt, they’re If you’ve found the balance of what to post, when to post and how to post, you’re still in a pickle. You’re now addicted to being on your phone. This digital technology has taken over our public skills and communication between ourselves and other people.


looking for information that sets us apart and gives us an edge or advantage. Bridging that gap between your social media self and your authentic self while staying true to who you are might be what impresses your future employers the most.

Written by Kayla Landsberger

do your part why you should shop fairtrade H

ave you been seeing the words “fair trade” frequently in the grocery store? If you’re still a bit lost on the whole concept, don’t worry. It’s a social movement that is becoming bigger and bigger. Fair trade’s goal is to promote sustainable farming and secure better working conditions. There are a few basic principles in fair trade. The biggest is that the production of goods must be free of forced labor or poor working conditions. When it comes to food production, which is what a majority of it does, the crops must be raised through sustainable methods and cannot be genetically modified. Another pro to this system is that regardless of the market specified, crops cannot be sold below a certain price. This market steadiness helps protect small farms and communities from falling victim to market fluctuations and buyouts from large farms by paying farmers what they deserve for their product, helping increase farmers’ knowledge about the market, and the protection of workers’ rights and the environment.

This practice is better for the environment since it supports practices that are minimizing our environmental footprint. By enforcing rigorous environmental standards for farmers, like no GMOs allowed or practices like crop rotation, it helps them better protect their farms’ ecosystem and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. And most importantly, workers are guaranteed safe working conditions and sustainable wages. The simple choice for you between a fair-trade coffee brand is really a complex one; you are making a difference in the lives of the people who produce with fair trade. Still have questions? Check out fairtradecertified.org, you can find more educational material and shopping guides to help you get started.

Fair trade is based on three simple things: dialogue, transparency and respect. Like this practice, we need to support farmers and craftspeople the best we can. Look for fair trade when you’re shopping, particularly in the grocery store. By participating in this, you too can help empower your community. You are also guaranteed higher quality goods with close detail by shopping with these principles. You might still be thinking, why should I buy into this? For one, it ensures fair and impartial trade practices at every level of the supply chain. This makes it clearer for consumers to see what’s happening, instead of an invisible third person. License fees generate funds, which are then given to fair trade communities to help their economic and social growth.

Written bY Chelsea Harper


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Photography by Kristen Uppercue


pulling fro

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Behind the illusion


usic festival season has arrived and with it comes along hair braids, glitter, endless sunshine and plentiful good vibes. Summer brings a special ambience to concerts, especially when 50 plus performances are included within one four-day pass. As you walk into the gates of the festival you enter a world that is only known to those in presence. This world is a magical reality for avid festivalgoers, but one thing is for sure: after your first festival, you’ll 40

forever want to go back. Music festivals are a life-changing experience, but you must do your homework in order to get the full effect. With doing homework comes preparation, which many first timers forget. The experience is easy to get caught up in, leaving many to overlook potential risks or dangers. Here are several tips to keep in mind before attending your first festival.

Written by Melanie Smith illustration by Bree McCullough


Water is the most underrated beverage during festival season. The combination of sun rays, dancing and booze may leave you feeling dehydrated. There are usually water fountains located throughout festival grounds, so bring a water bottle. Alternate every beer or mixed drink with water so you keep your body hydrated with proper fluids. Bathroom lines are a drag but worth it to avoid risking health problems.

Illegal Substances

Festival culture may include the consumption of illegal substances for some goers so it’s important to know the risks and dangers to stay safe while consuming.If you choose to consume illegal substances recreationally, know what you are bargaining for. Health is your number one priority during a festival event. If you still choose to go down this road- stay in a group, stay hydrated and never walk alone. Write your bestie’s phone number on your arm in big black letters just in case.

Personal Space

The closer you are to the stage, the more clustered the area around you will be. If someone is too close, you have every right to let them know. Your personal space at festivals should never be mistaken for an opportunity to be harassed or inappropriately touched. If this happens, notify festival authorities immediately.


Have a meet up spot in case some people in your pack get lost. Plan to meet there between sets so you are keeping tabs on your friends at all times. Cell phone service may vary depending on location, so consider bringing portable phone chargers or walkie talkies and batteries so you never lose contact. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep tabs on your personal items.

Extra Tips

Fanny packs are key. Dress light, you will dance your booty off. Wear comfortable shoes because you will likely walk over 20,000 steps a day. Don’t forget your sunglasses, glitter, positive energy and most importantly, to have fun. 41

ED’s picks

Beauty secrets can be costly and time consuming to come by, so our Ed team got together to gather up some of our favorite secrets to bring to you. We’ve discovered everything from skin care to entertainment and style. Feel free to indulge and enjoy in our finds, and share your secret beauty finds with us @wvu_ed on instagram. 42



CON TEST This issue we decided to hold an art contest in order to really showcase some of the area’s amazing talent. We really enjoyed going through the submissions, and it was incredibly hard to choose. However, the winners definitely deserve this recognition. Check back in next issue to find more local creations.



RUNNERS UP 2nd Robert Simmons & Shelby Thoburn 3rd Ronni Taylor