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Excavations at  the  base  of  the  third  level  of  Danta  pyramid  managed  to  detect  the   remains   of   the   wall   at   the   northwest   corner   of   the   platform.     This   platform,   the   most   massive   of   the   three   platforms   of   Danta   pyramid,   will   be   the   focus   in   future   seasons   to   adequately   expose   and   consolidate   this   architectural   behemoth.     The   work   was   supervised   by   archaeologists   Sheryl   Carcuz   and   Francisco   Lopez,   both   of   whom   have   extensive   experience   working   on   Danta   and   know   the   structure   well.     Excavations   by   Sheryl  Carcuz  also  explored  the  walls  of  the  southwest  corner  of  the  building,  revealing   the  recessed  corners  of  the  building,  as  well  as  artifacts  directly  on  the  terrace  levels  of   the  structure.  The  massive  stones  which  were  placed  with  the  long  axis  into  the  building   continues  to  be  the  standard  architectural  format  of  the  building,    and  the  corner  of  the   structure   indicated   Artifacts   are   consistent   with   the   Preclassic   construction   and   utilization  of  the  building,  with  an  overburden  of  debris  of  the  occupants  that  resided  on   the  building  nearly  800  years  later.          

Base   of   the   third   level   of   Danta   pyramid   with   consolidation   beginning   on   the   central  primary  stairway  (Photo:    R.D.  Hansen).                  

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FARES 2013 Annual Report (Long Version)  

FARES 2013 Annual Report (Long Version)