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Modeled and painted stucco from the Casa Coral (see below) drawn by Brianna Hansen.

Work at Nakbe On December 10-17, 2013, the Mirador Basin Project launched a mini-project at the site of Nakbe to establish a new camp since the old one was placed directly on the first platform of the West Group at the site. A camp location near the heliport and the Cascabel causeway was selected for easier access from the helipad and closer to the important water source of Zacatal. Workmen cleared the area for the new camp, and project tents were set up for future research that will be conducted at the site. In addition, Project team members examined the site to evaluate conservation and stabilization necessities, and will be incorporating the needed consolidation requirements in the upcoming field season. Several key areas in need of pressing conservation needs are Str. 1, Str. 13, Str. 27, Grupo Codice Str. 103 and Str. 104, and the ball court in the East Group at the site. Monument 8 is also in critical need of roof protection. Team members included Enrique Monterroso, Josue Guzman, Beatriz Balcarcel, Adelzo Pozuelos, Pedro Cordova, and Dr. Richard Hansen. LATIN TRADE MAGAZINE- Bravo Business Association: Hansen named as one of 24 Individuals who “Changed Latin America.” In the November-December 2013 issue of LT Latin Trade magazine, the most prestigious and wide spread business magazine in Latin America devoted the entire issue to “Two Decades of Decisions that Changed Latin America: Interviews with the Corporate, Political, and Social Leaders Who Made Them” ( . The magazine cited the 24 individuals who “changed Latin America” which included Dr. Richard Hansen, President of FARES (p. 72) and Peruvian Albina Ruiz Rios (p. 70) as the two Social Sector individuals featured in the issue. Albina Ruiz Rios, founder and President of Ciudad saludable (Healthy City) received the 2005 BRAVO award as Environmentalist of the Year for Latin America and Dr. Richard Hansen received the BRAVO award in 2008. Hansen noted the

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FARES 2013 Annual Report (Long Version)  

FARES 2013 Annual Report (Long Version)