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HALLOWEEN At I.E.S Mirador del Genil On Friday the 28th of October I.E.S Mirador del Genil celebrated Halloween from 11:30 till one. Halloween as it is celebrated these days is a pale representation of its rich and multicultural history. It is not, as some would call it, a celebration of the devil, but rather folk traditions that told the day when the veil between the living and the dead would lift and ghosts would walk among the living. From many traditions, coming to us from the Celts, the Roman rituals and catholic traditions, we get stirrings of what would eventually become Halloween. Halloween at I.E.S Mirador del Genil started just before break, when everyone who wanted to had the time to put on their Halloween costumes before the celebrations began. When the break time bell rang everyone headed to the assembly hall which was surrounded by all the exhibits sitting on chairs made by years 1 and 2 for the crafts competition and all the posters placed on the wall made by year 2. In the middle of the hall there were three tables filled with cakes made for the competition held for years three and four. After people had finished trying the cakes they all slowly started drifting out to enjoy their break. When break had finished everyone made their way back to the assembly hall for the fancy dress competition. There were lots of different costumes to choose from, including the zombies from year 2, the Goths from year 3 and the pirates from year 4. Some teachers also participated in the competition by dressing up as witches. When everyone who’d dressed up had been on stage an English fourth year came on to do his part. He read a spooky story in English which was repeated afterwards by another fourth year student in Spanish. The story they told was about the school being haunted, and they ended it by them telling us about a ghost that will come back to the school on the day we celebrate Halloween every year. After the story had been read in both English and Spanish they announced that winners of the fancy dress competition were the pirates from year four. Everyone then went back to their class to take off their costumes and face makeup ready for the next lesson. The fun wasn’t over yet though. The year four students had created a house of horrors upstairs to follow on the story we had been told earlier. Once the bell for the fourth hour had gone they began to let students into their house of horrors, class by class. They had decorated the whole of upstairs by attaching ripped materials to the celling and covering the windows to make the classes pitch black. Once each group of students had made it through the classroom door they had to battle their way around the room finding many obstacles such as the year fours that were grabbing their legs and jump out at them. The piercing screams from upstairs could be heard throughout the school.

Whether they were just pleased to miss class or if they really enjoyed eating cake, dressing up or just enjoyed the celebrations, it would seem that all of the students at I.E.S. Mirador del Genil really enjoyed this year’s Halloween party.

halloween report