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MIRROR MiraCosta College

Information for Prospective Students • 2006

Digital arts student now designing for local surf and skate company If you shop at Surf Ride in Oceanside or Solana Beach, you’ll most likely run into work designed by Jason McCartney. The former MiraCosta student is the surf and skate store’s graphic designer and is in charge of creating the graphics and artwork for the company’s skateboard decks and wheels, stickers, t-shirts, advertisements, and business materials. “It’s like being my own art director,” says Jason. “I’m super stoked with it all.” When Jason graduated from La Jolla High School in 2002, he didn’t know what he wanted to study in college and wasn’t sure what type of career he wanted to pursue. “When I came to MiraCosta I didn’t have my heart set on anything. I really just wanted to figure out what I wanted to do,” explains Jason. “I knew I’d have a great selection of colleges to transfer to once I graduated from MiraCosta. So I decided to enroll.” Jason took a lot of general education classes at MiraCosta; however, it was a class taught by computer graphics and information systems instructor Jill Malone that sparked Jason’s interest in graphic design. “Jill was my mentor. She was my favorite teacher,” exclaims Jason. “Through her encouragement and after getting one freelance

job, I decided to pursue graphic arts.” After two years at MiraCosta, Jason transferred to the Art Institute of CaliforniaSan Diego, where he is currently working toward his bachelor’s degree in graphic art. Jason’s schedule can get a little hectic running between school and work, but he says that he loves it. “I get to be creative at work. I get to persuade the company to use my ideas. Plus, I get a comfy chair,” laughs Jason. After graduation, Jason plans to open his own design firm with friends. He still looks back fondly at his experience at MiraCosta, especially his graphic arts classes. For students thinking about attending MiraCosta, he offers some words of advice: “It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do because I didn’t know and most people don’t know. But MiraCosta is a great place to be and it can lead you to things you might not have known about before. I found my direction at MiraCosta. On top of that, it’s a good way to save money, parking is easy, and I really liked the ocean breeze.” MORE ON CAREERS > > > page 4

TRANSFER MiraCosta University Transfer Center: Your gateway to transfer success When asked what their education goal is, a high percentage of MiraCosta students say they want to transfer to a four-year university. If transfer is your goal, you need to know about MiraCosta’s University Transfer Center. “This is the central place for transfer information,” says Mary Jennings-Smith, University Transfer Center director. “Anything you need help on regarding a university and how to get there, we’ve got it here. If we don’t have it, we know how to get it.” Transfer Center counselors say students often don’t know where they want to transfer or what major they want. For those who are undecided, counselors will design an educational track that will fit any option. They will discuss students’ interest and preferences, working to help match them to a campus where they’ll feel comfortable. And

they’ll explain how MiraCosta’s transfer guarantees work. The Transfer Center also schedules tours to universities so students can experience the campus atmosphere and student life. Resources in the Transfer Center allow students to take virtual campus tours and obtain related information. For students who know exactly where they want to go and what they want to do, counselors make sure they get off on the right track by taking general education admission requirements. They’ll also help students decide what courses they’ll need to prepare for their major at the university they plan to attend. Students don’t have to wait until they arrive at MiraCosta as freshmen to get the transfer process

started. In the spring If transfer is majors, and numerous other issues. semester of your follow up senior year, ask your your goal, Counselors to insure you meet high school counselor critical deadlines and when testing will be you need to complete necessary offered for prospective forms. students and take “What’s nice those tests; the results know about about having a will help determine what courses you take MiraCosta’s University Transfer Center is the level of in the fall. During the summer after high University support that students get,” says Mary. school graduation, The University make an appointment Transfer Transfer Center to talk to a MiraCosta is tucked into the counselor or visit the Center. Admissions and University Transfer Records area of Center. Your first appointment will most Building 3300 on the Oceanside likely not be your last; students Campus and is available to students come back time and again to the Monday-Friday. Transfer Center Transfer Center to get help with services are available to students the university application process, at the San Elijo Campus by to discuss what to do if they change appointment.

MiraCosta drama student at home in UCLA’s theatre program As a student at Torrey Pines High School, Avalon Hernandez loved theatre and thought she might like to act. She got involved in the drama department and found instead her true passion was backstage, not on stage. She worked in stage management, on props, costume design, set construction, and other behind-thescenes tech work, and loved it all. Avalon continued to focus on technical theatre at MiraCosta, working in multiple capacities in many shows and was also a student employee at the theatre. She augmented her experience by working as a student ambassador, participating in the Drama Club and crewing shows at the Moonlight Theatre. All that hard work has paid off: Of the 204 applicants, she was one of 14 students nationwide accepted into UCLA’s prestigious theatre program in fall 2005.

2 • MiraCosta College

What’s Your Major?

Want guaranteed admission to your favorite UC school? Then think about transfer agreements! MiraCosta College has transfer admission programs with seven University of California (UC) campuses: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz. What is a transfer agreement and how does it benefit you? A transfer agreement is a contract you sign with MiraCosta and the UC campus you wish to attend. It specifies the required courses you must take and the minimum grade point average you must earn. When you fulfill the contract, you will be guaranteed admission to the university as a junior. A transfer agreement helps you focus on the classes you need and takes the stress out of the admission process. The transfer admission program with UCLA requires participation in MiraCosta’s Honors Scholar Program (HSP). Students completing the required general education, preparation for major and HSP courses are given priority consideration for admission. If a transfer program sounds right for you, contact the University Transfer Center and make an appointment to meet with a counselor before you enroll in classes. The University Transfer Center can be reached at (760) 795-6880.

“I love it. There’s so much to do. Too much to do!” Avalon enthuses. “I can’t believe I’m at UCLA. It’s surreal.” Avalon says that moving to Los Angeles, getting used to the area, and finding her way around was tough at first. She’s working 35 hours a week to pay her rent and spending about 35 hours a week at school, “knee-deep in the theatre department,” managing a show. But academically, Avalon says the transition was really easy. “MiraCosta is so unique and great,” says Avalon. “It’s fantastic, the whole transfer program.”

Some students starting college already know their major but most students don’t have a clue! And that’s okay – you have some time to think about it and check out some fields of study that interest you. However, you do need to decide on your major by the beginning of your sophomore year, especially if you plan to transfer to University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU). Both UC and CSU require you to declare a major on your application and in most cases, take courses in your major before you transfer. So, what can you major in at MiraCosta? If you’re a transfer student, the answer is just about anything! As a transfer student your degree will be in University Studies with a major in a specific discipline. You may major in a discipline offered by MiraCosta such as art, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, engineering, English, math, history, psychology, etc. or any subject offered at your transfer university. For example, you could major in University Studies: Astrophysics, even though MiraCosta does not offer a class in astrophysics. What this means is you will complete your general education requirements and those courses required by your transfer university to prepare you to take astrophysics and other upper division classes necessary to complete your major and your bachelor’s degree. Sound complicated? It’s not really. MiraCosta counselors and the staff at the University Transfer Center staff are available to help you choose a major and develop your education plan to achieve your transfer goals. • If you want to major in an academic subject but are not sure if you want to transfer, it is still recommended that you complete your major in University Studies. By doing this you will earn an associate degree and also be prepared to transfer if you decide to do so at a later date. • If you have no plans to transfer but wish to complete an associate degree in an academic subject, you may major in General Studies and emphasize a specific field of study. Completing an associate degree in General Studies does not fully prepare you to transfer. • You can also major in a career or technical field and earn a certificate or associate degree (see page 5). MiraCosta College •


CAREER Shift your future into gear… Pursue an auto tech career at MiraCosta Picture yourself in the automotive career field and perhaps you visualize a greasy rag hanging out of your pocket and smudges on your face as you poke your head under the hood. If that’s what you’re imagining, your vision of the automotive career field may need a tune-up.

Rebekah Elliot earned a certificate in auto technology from MiraCosta and is now general manager of Richards Performance Muffler in Vista.

“Technology has changed so much and so quickly. You need to have math skills, verbal skills, critical thinking skills,” says automotive instructor Steve Vail. “What’s driving the automotive program is demand for qualified technicians in the field right now. I have people calling me every day, particularly toward the end of the semester when they know we’ll be having graduates.” Automotive instructor Paul Katson—a graduate of MiraCosta’s automotive program who went on to start his own business, Inspect-a-Car in Del Mar, before coming back “home” to teach at the college—stresses that working in the industry is not just about fixing cars. “When you slice and dice it, there are all kinds of different parts to the auto business,” says Paul. Rebekah Elliot, who earned a certificate in auto technology from MiraCosta in 2001, started off as manager of Budget Smog and Automotive in Vista and is now general manager of Richards Performance Muffler in Vista. She couldn’t be happier. “I love my job. It’s a great working atmosphere. Employees are supportive of each other… the boss encourages each person’s talents,” says Rebekah. “I encourage people even slightly interested to take one class or pursue an entire certificate.” MiraCosta’s auto instructors also encourage students to take advantage of the program—whether they are looking for a career or just interested in obtaining a little automotive knowledge.

Health Care: Where the jobs are! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 10 out of 20 of the fastest growing careers in the next decade are in health care services. Not only are the prospects great for finding a job, working in health care can also be an extremely satisfying career to pursue. MiraCosta offers several health care programs ranging in length from eight weeks to two-year associate degrees:

“MiraCosta has taught me so much...and there are plenty of opportunities and resources outside the classroom to learn more,” says Micha Staten, whose ultimate goal is to become a registered nurse.

4 • MiraCosta College

•Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

•Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

•Medical Assistant

•Occupational Therapy Aide

•Phlebotomy Technician

•Physical Therapy Aide

•Surgical Technology


At MiraCosta, you can learn the skills you need to start a career in a year or less! Earn a certificate of achievement (fewer than18 units) or a certificate of competence (18 units or more) in a wide array of career fields. You can also earn an associate degree and in some fields, transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Computer careers are hot!

Take a look around and it’s pretty obvious that computers are not going away— they are now used in almost every industry and can be found in more than 60% of American homes. This increase in computer usage means that computer careers are booming, too. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor says that computer careers will be among the fastest growing occupations through 2014. “As computer technology continues to grow the need for qualified computer employees continues to grow,” explains Steve Isachsen, a MiraCosta computer information science instructor. “From computer programming to simple data entry to computer applications specialists, the possibilities are endless.” Of course, those who keep up-to-date with the latest “As computer technology have the greatest opportunities to begin and advance their careers in this growing industry. If you technology need training, then MiraCosta College is the place for you. MiraCosta can help you prepare for well-paying, continues to entry-level careers in the computer industry in just one or two years. Or, you could start working toward grow the need your bachelor’s degree. MiraCosta also offers classes for those people who just want to improve their computer for qualified skills for use in other fields. Choose from business office computer applications; graphics, internet and computer web design; multimedia; networking (CISCO, Linux, Unix, Windows XP, SQL); programming; forensics and employees security; and much more. MiraCosta also offers both traditional as well as online continues to and flexible computer class formats. For example, MiraCosta’s Computer Information Science Flexible grow.” Learning Program is designed for those students who want to fit a computer class into their busy schedules. Students can choose between lab or lecture or online instruction at any time throughout the class. “You can come and go whenever you please, as well as work at your own pace.  Assistance is always just a hand-raise away.  It’s the most convenient class I have ever had,” says MiraCosta student Chris Turnbull. Computer careers are here to stay and are hotter than ever. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing industries in the nation! For information on MiraCosta’s computer programs and classes see:

ACCOUNTING Accounting Billing, Cost and Accounting Assistant Bookkeeping Income Tax Preparer ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE Law Enforcement ARCHITECTURE Architectural Technology AUTOMOTIVE Automotive Alignment, Brakes, and Suspension Automotive Electronics Automotive Technology Automotive Quick Service Assistant Basic Engine Performance BIOTECHNOLOGY Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant Biotechnology Manufacturing Operator Biotechnology Research and Development Technician BUSINESS Business Fundamentals Entrepreneurship Management Marketing Retail Assistant Retail Management BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY Data Entry General Office Medical Transcription Office Assistant Office Manager Secretary/Administrative Assistant Virtual Assistant CHILD DEVELOPMENT Assistant Teacher Child Development Associate Teacher Child Development Entrepreneurship Child Development Master Teacher Child Development Site Supervisor Child Development Teacher COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Advanced Routing and Switching Computer Applications Computer Internetworking Fundamentals Computer Network Administration E-Commerce Microsoft Certified Office User (Proficient Level) Microsoft Office Expert UNIX Administration COSMETOLOGY DESIGN DRAFTING TECHNOLOGY Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Computer-Aided Drafting Mechanical Drafting DRAMATIC ARTS Design and Technology HEALTH OCCUPATIONS Medical Insurance and Coding Specialist Medical Office Personnel Physical Therapy Aide Surgical Technology HORTICULTURE Agri-Business Management Arboriculture Floral Design Assistant

Floriculture Golf Course/Sports Turf Management Irrigation Technology Landscape Architecture Landscape Assistant Landscape Management Nursery Assistant Nursery/Horticulture Crop Production Wine Technology HOSPITALITY Front Office Operations Hospitality Management Rooms Division Management INTERNET AND MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY Arts and Technology Digital Publishing Internet and Multimedia Technology Multimedia Production Print Publishing Video and Animation Visual Communication Web Design Web Management MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Insurance and Coding Specialist Medical Office Professional MUSIC Advanced Digital Audio Computerized Audio Production Digital Audio Guitar Music Technology Performance Technician Recording Arts/Record Production Sound Reinforcement NURSING Certified Nursing Assistant Certified Nursing Assistant/ Home Health Aide Health Care Fundamentals Licensed Vocational Nursing Physical Therapy Aide PHYSICAL EDUCATION Movement Specialist PSYCHOLOGY/SOCIOLOGY Research Fundamentals Volunteer Services REAL ESTATE Real Estate Property Management Real Estate Appraisal Real Estate Assistant Real Estate Entrepreneurship Real Estate Finance Real Estate Sales RESTAURANT Catering Operations Dining Room Operations Food Service Operations Restaurant Management SPANISH Career Spanish SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY Surgical Technology TOURISM Travel and Tourism Management Travel Reservations and MiraCosta College •


SERVICES Get a jump start on your career at MiraCosta’s Career Center A visit to MiraCosta’s Career Center pays off—not just now, but in the future, too. “The Career Center should be a student’s first stop, not their last,” says student worker Christy Hexberg. The Career Center provides instruction, guidance, and resources and helps students make successful career transitions. “The Career Center has tools available to help students discover what type of career and major they want to pursue,” explains Kit Hudnutt, career services coordinator. “We also help students prepare their resumes, find internships, and participate in cooperative work experience education.”

For those students undecided about their major and career goals or who are concerned about their future, a visit to the Career Center’s professional counselor is always helpful. “As a career counselor, I help students identify both their major and career options and what type of study and work brings them satisfaction,” says Robbi Rosen. The Career Center also offers workshops that help students develop their own resume and cover letter. This service not only helps those students looking for a job or internship, but also helps those wishing to transfer. Many universities require resumes in the application process and the

Career Center can help make sure yours is in top shape. For students who wish to participate in an internship or want to receive college credit for working, the Career Center offers the Internship and Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) programs. Internships are designed to provide students with workplace experience and new skills. The Internship Program offers students opportunities for mentor relationships and adds significant work experience to their resumes. The Cooperative Work Experience Program combines work experience with college instruction. The program is a

unique plan of education designed to develop skills and knowledge and to improve self-understanding by combining classroom study with planned, supervised work experience. Students find that both programs really pay off. “Students gain work experience, develop contacts in their field of study, and can even earn wages to help pay their tuition,” says Career Center Director Donna Davis. “Overall, students gain a competitive edge when they’ve finished their degree and are searching for their first professional position.” For more information on the Career Center call (760) 795-6772 or visit http://www.miracosta. edu/Instruction/CareerServices/

Daytime, nighttime, anytime… work on your own time in MiraCosta’s online classes

For more information on MiraCosta’s online program visit

For the past twelve years, MiraCosta has delivered online courses to its students, allowing them to take classes whenever and wherever they want. “CyberCosta,” MiraCosta’s online program, is especially convenient for those students who have a busy schedule and have their own computer with Internet access. “When the floodgates open for enrollment, the online classes are the first to fill,” says Brad Hinson, who manages the college’s CyberCosta Program and also teaches web development. “I think the main reason students take

Free tutoring helps MiraCosta students make the grade Stuck on a problem? Don’t understand a concept? Need some assistance putting your thoughts on paper? Don’t stress, help is available in nearly every subject at MiraCosta. Best of all, it’s free! MiraCosta offers tutoring in 268 courses in 49 disciplines. Tutoring is available Monday through Friday, day and evening hours, at the Oceanside Campus, the Community Learning Center also in Oceanside, and the San Elijo Campus in Cardiff. MiraCosta Tutors are available by appointment for individual help offers and on a drop-in basis. Students can receive either onetutoring in on-one tutoring or group tutoring. Students can also take advantage of “cybertutors” who 268 courses help students in need of technical assistance in their online or regular courses. Students seeking assistance simply go to in 49 MiraCosta’s web site, where they can find online forums, chat function, and discussion boards. In the very near disciplines. future, students will also be able to get discipline-specific help online—and they’ll even be able to make an appointment to “talk” online with a cybertutor. For those students who seek help with writing, MiraCosta’s Writing Center tutors offer their expertise. At the Writing Center, students can get assistance with any writing assignment, whether it’s for English, biology lab, nursing, computer information science or even math. Writing “consultants” at the center can help students with any stage of a project, including brainstorming on how to address an assignment, revising a draft or making a few final edits. The Writing Center offers one-on-one appointments and a walk-in service for students who want help. The center arranges writing groups for students who are struggling with writing as well as for advanced writers seeking an audience. Services are also available for learning disabled students and non-native speakers. Part-time, paid jobs are also available for students qualified to work as writing consultants. For more information on all of MiraCosta’s tutoring programs see:

Need money for college? Applying for financial aid is a multi-step process that can be confusing and a missed step can lead to frustration and stress. But don’t worry—help awaits you in the Financial Aid Office! Between tuition, books, and supplies, you might find yourself a little short on cash. We in the MiraCosta College Financial Aid Office may be able to help you. Whether it is with an enrollment fee waiver (BOGW), a Pell Grant, or a book loan, we want to assist you. But we can’t do anything until you tell us that you need help. We have bilingual staff including counselors to answer your questions five days a week. Evening hours are available four days a week. Why not come in and get some help and maybe some money? Let us help you stay in school and be successful! For more information about financial aid, call (760) 795-6711 or visit our web site at StudentServices/FinancialAid

MiraCosta College Give us a call! The following offices may be contacted by calling (760) 757-2121 and the extensions listed below.

the courses is for convenience. When it’s online, they don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time.” With more than 100 classes to choose from, students find that “CyberCosta” offers variety and flexibility while still providing them with the same course content, course credit, and course quality as traditional classrooms. For those students wishing to combine the flexibility of working online with a classroom environment, there are MiraCosta’s self-paced courses. These courses are conducted in an open-entry, open-exit format on computers in campus labs and are geared for students who would like to finish a course quickly, or for those who have a hectic schedule and would like to take two semesters to finish a course. Remember, both online and self-paced classes are not “easier” than taking classes in a traditional classroom; they simply offer a different way to learn the same material.

OFFICE EXTENSION Admissions and Records 6620 Career Center 6772 Counseling 6670 Disabled Students Program & Services 6658 EOPS/CalWORKs 6680 Financial Aid 6711 Scholarship Office 6895 Student Accounts 6835 Testing Office 6685 Tutoring/Academic Support Center 6682 University Transfer Center 6880

MiraCosta College •


Check out for past and future issues of the Mirror and for more information about MiraCosta College.

Oceanside Campus

San Elijo Campus

1 Barnard Drive • Oceanside

3333 Manchester Ave. • Cardiff-by-the-Sea

MiraCosta’s first and largest campus serves nearly 7,000 students

The San Elijo Campus serves nearly 3,000 students. The primary

in the college credit program. Students may prepare to transfer in

mission of the campus is to prepare students for transfer. Students

most majors offered by the University of California or California

may also choose from a variety of computer courses and complete

State University, or complete a certificate or an associate degree

certificate programs including computer networking, accounting

in a wide variety of career and technical programs.

and real estate. Students also enjoy a variety of studio art and

Oceanside Campus Highlights: Park-like setting three miles

dance classes.

from the beach on a 121-acre hilltop location, with views of the

San Elijo Campus Highlights: Small classes with personal

coast and mountains, small classes, plenty of parking, and active

attention, beautiful campus facing the lagoon; and a recently

student government and clubs. The new Library and Information

expanded and remodeled Library and Information Hub, which

Hub opened in 2003, and the Child Development Center, opened

includes tutoring, math and writing centers as well as computer

in 2002, offers preschool programs and learning opportunities for

labs; plenty of parking; and active student government and

child development students.

clubs. Outside the 760 area code, call us toll-free: 1-888-201-8480 Oceanside Campus • (760) 757-2121 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056 San Elijo Campus • (760) 944-4449 3333 Manchester Ave., Cardiff, CA 92007 Community Learning Center • (760) 795-8710 1831 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054 The hearing impaired may call us at the following TTY numbers: (760) 795-6707, (760) 439-1060 message phone

Mirror Newsletter - 2006  

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