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Thank YOU “We are incredibly proud of the service Miracles for Kids has provided to critically-ill children and their families within our community. Over the last decade, we have helped 1,000+ families, by providing critically needed financial support programs, housing assistance, food deliveries, clothing resources and healthcare access.�

~ Autumn R. Strier, President & CEO of Miracles for Kids

OUR mission To improve the lives of critically-ill children and their low-income families.


Miracles for Kids began it’s humble operations in late 2004 With a mission to provide critically-needed financial aid and other assistance to low-income families who have a child battling a life-threatening illness.

Last year, Miracles for Kids provided services to 200 families, touching the lives of almost 1,000 individuals through the many core and wellness programs.

In its first year of service, Miracles for Kids was able to give a grant to 31 families in financial crisis. Each family was struggling to afford basic necessities, such as food, shelter, utilities, and transportation, while their child was undergoing medical treatment for a lifethreatening illness, and in desperate need of help.

The financial support Miracles for Kids provides comes with great love and respect during what is likely the most difficult and challenging time a child and their family will ever face. As such, the organization believes having a stable, supportive family and home is an essential part of the treatment process for every child. This is why Miracles for Kids addresses the needs of the whole family, including siblings, parents, grandparents, caregivers and extended family members.

Today, ten years later, Miracles for Kids is honored to have served over 1,000 critically-ill children and families, giving monthly financial aid to cover basic needs, as well as several other programs targeting family stability.


The last decade Over the last decade, Miracles for Kids has built programs and services targeting the stability needs of families in financial crisis, struggling to survive while caring for their child undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness. To date, Miracles for Kids has supported families with children battling over 100 different illnesses, including* cancer (70%), rare orphan diseases (23%), and blood-based diseases (7%) - all life-threatening and all requiring constant care and support for survival. Families in need within this demographic are referred to Miracles for Kids through a social worker at one of the organization’s three affiliated children’s hospitals in Southern California.

Pictured: Sophia, born May 5, 2005. Diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Miracle Manor resident.

Children and their families who qualify for Miracles for Kids’ various programs live within close proximity to, or below, the national poverty level, and vary in race, ethnicity and religion. In it’s early years, the organization focused on operating one program – The Grant Program – which provided monthly grants for rent, utilities and other basic needs related to shelter and associated with housing. Still operating as the core program today, this lifeline creates stability for families when they are struggling with the combined financial and emotional devastation they encounter as they are forced to prioritize their time and efforts towards engaging in the fight for their child’s life. As Miracles for Kids has grown in its ability to meet the needs of families with critically-ill children,

programs have been added to provide year-round delivery of fresh, frozen, canned and dry food, home goods, cleaning supplies and seasonal items, as well as giving access to clothing, shoes, healthcare, wellness therapy, and summer camps for patients and their siblings. All programs and services focus on one core goal: creating stability for a family that needs to provide care to their child. Miracles for Kids is proud to have the unwavering support of the community, including over 800 volunteers and 65 corporate partners annually, who together assist the organization in delivering needed support and allows Miracles for Kids to dramatically increase its reach to meet the needs of more children and families in need. Through the power of relationships, collaboration and teamwork, Miracles for Kids has spent the last decade building an organization to effectively serve families with critically-ill children. It is through the strength of these relationships, and the belief in the need for additional solutions, that Miracles for Kids has poised itself to take on a new area of significant need – affordable housing for those within their demographic unable to remain sheltered and stable. It is an enormous undertaking, but one that Miracles for Kids knows is critically needed, and therefore must be addressed.


Who we serve Miracles for Kids supports families with children battling life-threatening illnesses - including cancer and blood-based, rare and orphan diseases that have little or no support in the community. Families are located in over 50 cities throughout the surrounding Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura Counties and beyond.

Diagnoses Gender


Cancer - 70%

Blood Based - 7%

Other - 23%

47% Male

53% Female

1% American Indian / Alaskan Native 3% Asian 5% Black / African American 75% Hispanic / Latino Less than 1% Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 9% White 4% Two + Races 2% Other

16% Ages 0-6


37% Ages 7-17 12% Ages 18-24 19% Ages 25-39 16% Ages 40-64 Less than 1% Ages 65+

*Data Pulled January 2015. Includes all family members.


Families in financial crisis Miracles for Kids’ families live in close proximity to, or below, the poverty line. In 2015, the federal poverty guideline for a family of four was $24,250/year*. However, for a Miracles for Kids family in 2015, their average household size was 4.6 and their average annual income was $20,200; over $4,000 below the poverty level.

Family Income Levels** 16% - Less than $10,000 32% - $10,000 to $20,000 39% - $20,001 to $30,000 11% - $30,001 to $40,000 2% - $40,001 to $52,000

Fund Use

11% Car Payments 1% Gas/Travel/ Transportation

22% Groceries 2% Medical Bills

8% Phone Bills

25% Rent / Mortgage

21% Utilities

10% Other

(Auto Insurance, Internet, Education, Mortuary Services)

*2015 Poverty Guidelines as set by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services ** 2014 Income levels of Grant Program recipient families.

“Miracles for Kids’ Grant Program has been a tremendous blessing to my little family. It has not only been a lifeline, but has also been our only line. The Grant Program blesses so many families at a time when most of us feel defeated and forgotten. The truth is, we are part of a team that no one willingly signs up for. Our new normal is hard and at times shakes me to my core. My kids and I thank God every single day for our ‘miracle.’ Without your program I honestly don’t know where we would be.” - Amanda Defour, Mom to Anaya Green, Grant Program Recipient


The vision is real MIRACLE MANOR In December 2015, Miracles for Kids began operation of its first shelter program through the acquisition of a 28,000 square foot, existing 12-unit apartment complex built in 1977. The apartment complex, originally offered at $3,250,000, was acquired in late December 2014 for $2,900,000. ‘Miracle Manor’ - as it was named by Board of Directors many years ago, serves as the organization’s first shelter facility. This represents an innovative approach to providing shelter and housing needs to Miracles for Kids children and their families. In some respects, Miracle Manor is an extension of the funding already provided to children and their families in the form of grants for rent, food, utilities and other basic needs related to shelter and housing through the Grant Program. Miracle Manor provides families with shelter and a warm home environment during their child’s treatment for a life-threatening illness at an affiliated children’s hospital. It serves families who have become increasingly unstable financially as a result of providing care for their child - and

who are at risk for being homeless. Located in the city of Orange, less than a mile from CHOC Children’s, Miracle Manor is situated in a secure neighborhood within walking distance to mass transit, grocery stores, pharmacies and other businesses. Miracle Manor is also conveniently located with easy access to major streets and freeways. Core to the organization’s long term goals, Miracle Manor will be a model for future Miracle Manors throughout Southern California. All 12 apartments underwent interior and exterior renovation to meet all the safety needs of a child battling a life-threatening illness. Interior remodeling include new flooring, surfaces, plumbing, drywall repair, carpentry, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets and appliances, painting, and windows. The exterior improvements include hard and soft landscape, new walkways, ADA accessibility for first floor units, stucco and roof repair, open play spaces, and fencing/wall installation. The estimated total cost of renovations is $1,500,000.

This year, approximately 15,452 people will be HOMELESS in Orange County, 13% of these families will include CHILDREN.* “Miracles for Kids families live in a constant state of financial crisis, placing them at risk for homelessness. Miracle Manor is a critically needed housing resource, located within close proximity to CHOC Children’s, providing access to shelter and stability that is otherwise not available to our families.” - Jordy Spiegel, Chair, Miracle Manor Executive Committee





Forming partnerships... RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION

PROJECT DESIGN KELLI ELLIS, miracle manor project designer • • • • •

ASHMORE, general contractor HCI, builder HOMEAID, renovation partner IREM, renovation partner • • •

All New Interior and Exterior Structures Electric Wiring Plumbing

Zero VOCs Color Theory for Respite and Calmness LED Lighting Energy Star Appliances Non-toxic Paints

"I'm so excited to see the end result. There's nothing more important than making it feel like home." - Kelli Ellis


...with our children’s health in mind LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE

SAFETY & SECURITY CHAMPION PAVING, security fence builder REDROCK SECURITY & CABLING, security provider • • •

BRIGHTVIEW, landscape installer LIFESCAPES, landscape advisor TARDIFF DESIGNS, landscape designer • • • •

Safe Fall Zones Natural Shade Drought-resistant Eco-conscious

Electric Security Gate Surveillance Cameras Cabling


The Campaign for Miracle Manor BY THE NUMBERS Over the last decade Miracles for Kids has proven its ability to continually rise to all challenges through effective management, collaboration, community engagement, and the passionate commitment of its team and community of volunteers.

Pictured: Alejandro, born May 1, 2009. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Undertaking the Miracle Manor Campaign is perhaps the most significant challenge Miracles for Kids has faced. Given its decade of steady revenue and programmatic growth trends, the Board and staff of Miracles for Kids are eager to continue to build on its successes. The Orange County community is in dire need of shelter for populations at risk for homelessness, and more importantly, Miracles for Kids knows that children and families need the help and support that is provided through programs like Miracle Manor.


Purchase of Miracle Manor


Renovations & Enhancements


3-Years of Miracle Manor Operations


Campaign-Related Expenses





Miracle Manor support services REHABILITATION & STABILITY Miracles for Kids operates critically-needed financial, food delivery, and other Core Programs that target the basic needs of children and families in crisis, as well as Wellness Programs aimed at improving their emotional and mental well-being. Miracle Manor families will have access to these support programs, as well as a number of additional resident resources, including: Financial Literacy Program: To provide a better understanding of asset management and ensure a more secure financial future for Miracle Manor Families.

Tutoring Program: To increase student proficiency, and under expert guidance, get children on track for a bright future.

Bracken’s Kitchen Meal Program: To provide meals on a regular basis to lessen the financial burden of those in need.

Health & Wellness Support Program: To support parents/guardians returning to work more quickly, and improve behavior and academic performances in patients and siblings.


Year-round support services MIRACLES FOR KIDS PROGRAMS As part of the Miracles for Kids family, Miracle Manor residents will also have access to all programs and services offered year-round through Miracles for Kids, including: Grant Program: Financial Aid Basket of Miracles: Basic Necessities Fund-a-Family: Connecting Donors to Families Closet of Miracles: Clothing, Shoes and Home Goods Familycare: Healthcare Surf & Paddle Camp: Outdoor Summer Experience Cozies: Warmth and Comfort Objects


A heartfelt thank you MIRACLE MANOR PARTNERS 20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc. AAA Companies AAA Property Services Access Exterminator Service, Inc. Alpha Wave Investors, LLC Amin Law Group Ashmore Construction BrightView Caliber Paving Champion Paving

Daltile Corporation Dave Bang Associates, Inc. DRC Engineering, Inc. EMCOR Services GE Appliances Har-Bro, Inc. HCI Railing Systems HomeAid IKEA IREM Orange County

Kelli Ellis Design Leftbank Art Lifescapes International, Inc. Meier Plumbing, Inc. Mission Landscape Architecture Mohawk Flooring New Direction Home Designs, Inc. Perricone Farms Perricone Juices PPG Paints

Ranscapes RDM General Contractors, Inc. Red Rock Security & Cabling Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc. Sanders & Wohrman Corporation Sea Crest Nursery Shea Properties Shlemmer Algaze Associates Sitton Flooring, Inc.

Southern California Real Estate Services Strategic Business Partnerships, Inc. Structures Design Group Summit Plastering Transwestern TruTeam United Paving Co. United Production Framing

Urban Arena Urban Resource Valley Crest Landscaping Vista Environmental Consulting, Inc. Vista Paints William Hezmalhalch Architects Inc. WinDor Our sincerest apologies to any name or organization mistakenly not included.


In the words of the first CAMPAIGN DONOR “ONE MORNING YOUR LIFE SEEMS NORMAL, AND BY AFTERNOON, IT HAS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. That was the day our almost one-year-old son, Brian, was diagnosed with a lethal, prenatal cancer—a large Wilms tumor was growing on his kidney. Reeling from the shock and sadness, two days later I watched my wife hand our baby to the operating room nurses and the surgeons removed his kidney. After the successful operation, he was put on chemotherapy. We were very fortunate that we were able to afford the treatment and financially maintain our standard of living through the years we spent at CHOC helping Brian fight for his life. Now 32 years later, we’ve truly come full circle. Brian, now a real estate broker married with children of his own, is the one who found the building that will become MIRACLE MANOR, A SANCTUARY FOR SO MANY FAMILIES THAT ARE NOT AS LUCKY AS WE WERE. Many of the children’s families want to be there with their child during treatment, but financially cannot afford it. They come visit from miles away, have to maintain their jobs, and often face losing their home. THROUGH MIRACLE MANOR, MIRACLES FOR KIDS WILL ALLOW 12 FAMILIES AT A TIME TO BE THERE WITH THEIR CHILD EVERY DAY, while maintaining a sense of normalcy for the rest of the family. They’ll live next to CHOC at an affordable price. And hopefully, as a result of Miracle Manor combined with the excellent care and research at CHOC, many other “Brians” will live long and happy lives.”

Pictured: Brian Sperry with his wife, Danielle, and their two kids.

- Rand Sperry, Miracle Manor Campaign Donor and Long-time Miracle for Kids Supporter

Please help us do more YOU CAN MAKE MIRACLES


Be part of Miracle Manor NAMING OPPORTUNITIES $1,000,000

Miracle Manor Sponsor


Miracle Manor Building #1 Miracle Manor Building #2 Driveway off of Flower Street


Serenity Garden Playground Named Fund for Maintenance / Operating Reserves Community Multi-Purpose Room


Apartment Units (12)

Comes with the opportunity to decorate the critically-ill child’s room



Mural Wall


Staircases (4)


Carport Open Space Family BBQ Area Teen Lounge - Outdoors Garden Open Space Garage Doors (12) Laundry Room Playhouse

Naming opportunities and sponsorships are continually updating. For the most up-to-date Miracle Manor opportunities and details, please call 714.730.3040 or email

Miracle Manor Brochure  

Miracles for Kids is renovating a multi-unit apartment building that offers subsidized housing to families with children battling chronic or...

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